14 Festive Holiday Email Newsletter Templates For Better Seasonal Campaigns [2023]

14 Festive Holiday Email Newsletter Templates For Better Seasonal Campaigns [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
February 23, 2023

Looking for some festive holiday email newsletter templates to create fabulous messages for your seasonal customers? Let us help you!

Seasonal marketing is a big deal, mainly for eCommerce store owners and online retailers. To benefit from it, you can craft appealing holiday email marketing campaigns to give your audience amazing discounts and special offers.

Here’s what Santa brought for you today:

  • Halloween newsletter designs.
  • Christmas and New Year newsletters.
  • V-day email templates.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday layouts.
  • Easter newsletter templates.

Moosend’s Holiday Email Templates

Moosend’s holiday design collection is completely free to customize and use when you sign up for an account. To find them, you need to:

  • Click on the “Campaign” tab and “Create new campaign.”
  • Access the Email Editor.
  • Click on the Template Library.
  • Search for the holiday template you need.
  • Customize it to your heart’s content.

Ready to capture your audience’s attention and make it the best holiday ever?

1. Halloween Holiday Email Newsletter Templates

Halloween always sets the mood for some spectacular marketing campaigns. Take advantage of the spooky holiday theme to design eye-catching emails for your scary good deals!

Casper’s Halloween Newsletter Design

holiday email newsletter templates

Use this template

A very simple holiday newsletter template that you can grab and customize in a matter of seconds.

Why you need it:

Use this simple design to create a truly astonishing Halloween campaign for your subscribers. Add some boo-tiful visuals to promote the spooky spirit and leverage the color scheme to make your CTAs stand out brighter than the sun.

Sleepy Hollow Free HTML Email Template

Take advantage of the Halloween theme to “trick or treat” your recipients. Give them amazing discounts and promote your seasonal goods in the best way possible.

Why you need it:

Another great layout to turn your CTA button into the star of your email marketing campaign. Combine it with holiday-specific images like Jack-O-Lanterns, bats, candy corn, and ghosts to provide your email list with an authentic experience straight outta Sleepy Hollow.

Bewitched Holiday Email Newsletter Template

witch halloween email design

Last but not least, you can use the Bewitched design to provide your subscriber with focused CTAs and additional information.

Why you need it:

This layout is simple enough, allowing you to add extra elements like countdown timers, GIFs, videos, or even tutorials for better engagement. Also, don’t forget to craft the perfect Halloween subject line to ensure high open rates and conversions! It will definitely be a treat for your business!

Need more designs to “scare” your audience? Here are some more Halloween email templates to capture their attention!

2. Christmas Newsletter Templates

Christmas is indeed the busiest and most profitable time of the year for all marketers! To make an impression and beat your competition, though, you need to plan your Christmas email marketing strategy way ahead of time.

Below are two essential designs you can start customizing ASAP. Let’s see them!

Happy Holidays Responsive Email Design

christmas holiday email newsletter templates

Everyone wants to receive festive Christmas cards during the holiday season! So take advantage of this tendency by designing a thoughtful holiday campaign that’ll increase your small business sales!

Why you need it:

Make the most out of the holiday season with an attractive template that you can set up in a few minutes. With the above design, you can create pretty much everything. Use festive colors to promote the holiday spirit and furnish it with eye-pleasing graphic design elements to “jingle bell rock” your Christmas marketing campaign!

Christmas Gift Festive Newsletter Template

christmas promotion email design

Customize this design

Make use of the above holiday newsletter template to give your Christmas shoppers some inspiration, amazing discounts, gift guides, and more.

Why you need it:

Grab the opportunity to engage your seasonal shoppers with an attractive Christmas message that will be hard to forget. The header will allow you to insert some joyful images to share the holiday spirit and make a great impression. Also, use the existing content blocks to wish them happy holidays, provide them with some last-minute offers, or gift cards to save Christmas! And as always, don’t forget to create some magical Xmas subject lines to increase your open rates!

Need more? Don’t forget to check out our amazing Christmas email template collection for better seasonal campaigns!

3. Valentine’s Day Newsletter Designs

Can you feel the sales tonight? Help your customers nail this Valentine’s day with relevant gift recommendations for their significant other.

Get ready to create sweet email campaigns with some amazing V-day email templates!

Heartbeat V-Day Newsletter Design

valentine's day animated email design

Use this newsletter template

Need an eye-catching template with advanced elements to grab your loverbirds’ attention? The cavalry’s here!

Why you need it:

The Heartbeat template is perfect for spreading the love with an eye-pleasing color palette and geometric patterns. Also, the best thing about it is the animated heart that makes the whole V-day campaign come to life. With the right Valentine’s day subject line, this design will turn into a major salesthrob!

Sweet Love Holiday Email Newsletter Template

valentine's day responsive email newsletter

Choosing something extravagant is great but sometimes choosing a more traditional design will give you equally good results.

Why you need it:

Create a short and sweet campaign to entice your V-day shoppers. The layout is great for eCommerce stores that want to promote specific products in a simple and linear way. Also, the use of white space will work in your favor, helping your CTAs stand out in the best way possible. Just choose the right color and you’re ready to roll.

4. Black Friday Email Templates

Black Friday marketing is essential to give your business a sales boost regardless of your industry. And as you can imagine, the best marketing tool for the job is a simple yet converting Black Friday email campaign!

Black Friday Email Newsletter Design

black friday newsletter example

Did you know that most Black Friday emails use dark colors and bright CTAs to connect their designs with the actual holiday?

Why you need it:

As mentioned above, most Black Friday campaigns favor dark colors and vibrant graphic design elements to capture the recipient and lead them a step further down the sales funnel. With this layout, you can instantly benefit from this trend, creating an equally converting and pleasing campaign for your shoppers.

And don’t forget to add an urgent subject line to ensure high open right!

Stripo’s Holiday Season Email Templates

If you want more email newsletter templates for the holidays you can import some wonderful designs from other email template builders, customize them through Moosend’s editor and then show them to your customers!

One of these template tools is Stripo, which offers a wide variety of pre-made designs to choose from. So how can you send your Stripo templates to Moosend? Like this:

  • Sign up for a Moosend and Stripo account.
  • Find the Stripo template you like and export it.
  • Copy your Moosend API Key from the “Settings” section.
  • Back to Stripo integrations, choose Moosend from the ESPs and paste your API Key.

Having trouble connecting the two? Check out this tutorial and get ready to grab those templates!

5. Cyber Monday Email Newsletters

Who said sales have to end with Black Friday? Take advantage of Cyber Monday to give your late shoppers more amazing deals and supercharge your sales in the process!

Cyber Monday Sales Email Design

cyber monday sales template

Excite your audience with amazing deals that will make them click on your CTAs without second thoughts.

Why you need it:

Inform your customers about your holiday sales with a cool and clean design. Quickly customize Stripo’s template to show them your special offers, add bright CTAs, and high-quality product images to seal the deal. Just don’t forget to export it to your Moosend account!

Urgent Sale Holiday Email Newsletter Template

cyber monday responsive holiday template

Successful sales rely on how clever your marketing messages are. To give them a boost, don’t forget to use urgency to get your shoppers to act.

Why you need it:

This is an elegant design that you can customize and send to your email list in a couple of minutes. Take advantage of the color palette and bright graphic design elements to intrigue them. Also, keep the countdown timer to make your email campaign more urgent and converting!

6. New Year Newsletter Designs

Along with your Xmas emails, you can craft messages to wish your shoppers Happy New Year and promote your end-of-year sale! Below you can find some festive designs to make it happen!

New Year Responsive Email Template

new year email newsletter

Make this New Year more special with a charming email campaign. Promote different incentives to get your audience excited and lead them to action.

Why you need it:

Stripo’s template is versatile, meaning that you can customize it to suit your needs whether you have a small business, eCommerce store, or even a Nonprofit organization. Play around with color and graphic design, add festive visuals and let your audience celebrate the holiday like never before.

Gold New Year Email Newsletter Design

new year responsive email design

Need an eye-pleasing holiday email newsletter template to capture your eCommerce store audience? Let the above design help you out!

Why you need it:

This is a very simple and beautiful layout to show your potential customers your new products or promote exclusive offers. You can customize it on the spot, changing the color scheme to match your branding. The content blocks are also neatly organized to increase readability and lead your subscribers to your store.

7. Easter Holiday Newsletter Templates

Easter will equally offer you the opportunity to increase your revenue, engage your customer base, and give them a nice digital experience. Here are some great designs to help you out!

Egg Hunt Email Design

easter email template design

Did someone say egg hunt? This Easter, take advantage of the holiday theme, bright colors, and cheerful copy to excite your customers.

Why you need it:

This template is perfect for creating an amazing email campaign that will get your seasonal shoppers to click. Use your favorite colors and bright CTAs to promote the spring vibe. Also, don’t forget to add valuable copy to lead your audience back to your product pages!

Essential Easter Holiday Newsletter Template

easter newsletter layout for your business

Need some traditional holiday email newsletter templates for your eCommerce store or retail business? Here’s the solution!

Why you need it:

Get your hands on this elegant design to create a converting email campaign for your audience. Its simplicity and versatility are ideal for creating something unique to entertain your audience regardless of industry. Also, if you want some quick yet beautiful visuals, you can grab them from some popular stock photo websites!

Design Tips For Holiday Campaigns

To nail your seasonal campaigns, you need to make them as stunning and valuable as possible. Here are a few tricks to rock them:

  • High-quality product images: The better they look, the more they’ll excite and convert your seasonal shoppers.
  • Festive colors: Pick color palettes that correspond to the holiday you’re targeting. For instance, red and gold are perfect for Xmas campaigns, while green and pink will make your Easter emails pop.
  • Short copy: Avoid large chunks of copy to keep your audience engaged. No one wants to see a long newsletter in their inbox during their break.
  • Bright CTAs: Make sure they stand out with vibrant colors and, of course, compelling copy.

Power Up Your Holiday Sales

Your holiday campaigns don’t need to be boring!

If you’re having a hard time or you are pressed on time, choose one of the above email templates, customize it according to your needs, and wow your audience.

And don’t forget! All these templates are free and ready to use after you sign up for a Moosend account!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your holiday email marketing strategy early on to save time and, when the time comes, have some peace of mind!

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