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“Guess who” doesn’t suit your game. Send the right email to the right audience by breaking up your lists into endless segments based on any criteria you choose.

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Up close and personal with the simplest of segmentations…

You don’t need to sweat to create an effective segmentation. Take the easy road and segment your email list by demographic information like their age and gender.

…or Highly Relevant With Extreme Segmentation

Reach higher heights by dividing your subscribers based on complex segments like past purchases times they viewed your products and surprise them with the most relevant newsletters of their inbox.

Personalize Your Content While They Act

Our segments update real time, so you can leverage user behavior! Make the most timely and impactful decisions about your marketing strategy on the spot with the “freshest” segmentation every time.

Their Preferences Become Your Campaigns

There’s nothing you can’t do with Moosend’s segments! Add every little detail of your subscribers’ actions in your criteria and make the best targeted campaigns of the market.

New rules? New segments

Moosend’s Audience Discovery allows you to turn tags into clever segments that get updated constantly. Laser-target and make your eCommerce campaigns shine!


Power Up Your Campaigns With Our Segmentation Suggestions

Fuel your segmentation inspiration with some powerful grouping examples that we’ve created for you to use.

Endless Grouping

Group your heart out and boost your sales effortlessly with all the filter parameters you’ll ever need.

Date Added

Create a segment based on when a subscriber signed up.

Recipient Name

Find all the people with a particular name for a special name-day offering.

Recipient Email

Find all the email addresses that contain a particular keyword.

Number of Campaigns Opened

Fetch those who have opened your newsletter any number of times or who have never opened any campaign during a specific period of time.

Number of Campaigns Clicked

Find subscribers who have clicked your email campaign any number of times.

Opened Campaign Name

Group your list based on which campaign your every subscriber opened.

Link URL

Send an email to all the people that clicked on a URL of your newsletter.

Device Type

Group recipients based on whether they open your campaigns through their mobile phone or their desktops.

Operating System

Filter users based on the operating system they are using.

Email Client

Narrow down your users according to the Email Client they are using to open your campaigns.

Web Browser

Filter recipients according to the web browser they are using.

Mobile Browser

Group your recipients based on the Mobile Browser they use to interact with your newsletters.

Subscription Method

Filter recipients according to the way they were added to your mailing lists.

Specific Campaign Sent

Send a follow-up newsletter to those that have received a certain campaign you’ve sent.

Date Updated

Divide your users according to who updated their personal information recently.

Other Mailing List

If you use multiple mailing lists, create a segment with information that exists in another list.

Specific Campaign Opened

Find all the users who opened a specific newsletter from your campaigns.

Opened Any Campaign Titled

Group your list according to users that opened any of your titled campaigns.

Added a Product To Cart

Send a special newsletter to all those who visited your e-store and added something in their cart.

Viewed a Product

Find all the users that viewed a product from your e-store and didn’t proceed.

Purchased a Product

Reach all your subscribers who made a purchase.

Opened Any Campaign

Group your emails based on subscribers that opened any of the campaigns you’ve sent.

Verified for Double Opt-In

Fetch the people in your list that verify their email address and give permission to be added on your mailing list.

Specific Campaign Clicked

Track the recipients whose action took place on a specific campaign.

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