Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Webinars

Power up your knowledge on Email Marketing and Marketing Automation with our super-explanatory Webinars! If you want to create the next perfect email marketing campaign for your business take a look below.

Valentine’s day customer retention: Turn your fly-bys into suitors

Learn how giving love to your customers in various different forms can keep them coming back for more. Nail the meaning of customer trust and loyalty this Valentine’s day, while ensuring you have all the right tools to do so.


All they want for Christmas: Sell anything with newsletters designed to convert

Learn how to create high-converting designs specifically for the holiday season with the ultimate goal of getting your audience into the Christmas spirit and boosting your sales.


Last-minute email marketing: The Black Friday edition

Learn how to power up your Black Friday sales and conversion through email marketing, even if your campaigns are set and ready.


Hot weather, hot sales: how to fire up your summer email marketing strategy in the midst of COVID-19

Heat up your summer marketing strategy and promote your brand through smart email marketing campaigns for sizzling 2021 sales!


Gateway to CRM: Using Moosend’s new features to connect with your audience

Discover new engagement possibilities with the help of Moosend's advanced member features.


Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Making love out of nothing at all

You don't need to be a believer to make February 14 work for you. Simply believe in your email marketing powers!