120+ Black Friday Email Subject Lines & Tips [2023 Update]

120+ Black Friday Email Subject Lines & Tips [2023 Update]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
September 12, 2023

Ready to boost your open rates and revenue with some of the best Black Friday email subject lines out there?

This holiday season, we’re making sure you communicate your Black Friday deals more effectively.

The majority of brands are already busy coming up with email designs for their Black Friday deals. You probably are, too.  So let’s make it a bit easier by showing you some of the best subject lines out there.

Pre Black FridayBlack Friday DayPost Black Friday
  • 🔥BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW🔥 30% Off Full-Price + Up to 50% Off Sale
  • It’s HERE: 30% Off Black Friday Week
  • Up to 50% Off – Black Friday Sale
  • we’re giving you up to 50% off gifts
  • SALE STARTS NOW: 20% OFF everything
  • BLACK FRIDAY is fashionably early—YES! 🙌
  • Early Access to the Black Friday Sale: Up to 40% Off Sound Tools
  • Enjoy 30% off sitewide, and don’t miss out on your free gift!
  • Up to 40% Off – Black Friday week is here
  • Moo Something BIG is coming…
  • Black Friday Deals On A Monday? Absolutely!
  • BIGGEST Sale of the Year!
  • Our Biggest Sale of the Year + Early Access = 🥳
  • Get Ready For These Black Friday Specials! 
  • T 🎁 M 🎁 R R 🎁 W
  • Don’t snooze on this Black Friday PJ sale 😴
  • 🎁 Grab these BLACK FRIDAY Deals 🎁
  • Get 30% off plus a five-piece set
  • VIP EARLY BLACK FRIDAY 🎄 Save Up to 30% Sitewide
  • 🎁 Holiday Shopping, Now More Affordable
  • Black Friday Came EARLY ⏰
  • More lines added to the Blacklist | up to 50% off
  • Hurry! up to 40% + Extra 5% off for Black Friday
  • The hottest hues of fall are 40% off + new doorbusters!
  • 🔥50% OFF EVERYTHING!!🔥Black Friday Starts NOW‼️
  • Don’t wait until Friday: 30% off + a Free Five-Piece Gift
  • Get Ready for Our Biggest Sale of the Year with These Hot Tips
  • Top-Rated Gift Ideas + Black Friday Savings
  • You’re In On The Secret: Black Friday Deals Are Live Now!
  • 40% OFF! Early Access To Black Friday Sale
  • What a relief! You get early access to our Black Friday Sale
  • Black Friday is here
  • Our Black Friday Collection is here.
  • Extra 20% off sale now on: Black Friday is here
  • Black Friday starts now! Up to 40% on all products
  • BIGGEST sale of the year!
  • 50% off boots for the fam for Black Friday! Drops 🎤
  • Black Friday savings of up to $400 off PCs.
  • Knock, knock: Up to 60% off doorbusters!
  • [FREE Towels +25% OFF] TGI Black Friday 🤩
  • [TODAY ONLY] 30% OFF + EXTRA 10% 💥
  • Hope you saved room for 30% off!
  • It’s Time for 35% OFF! 🛒😵
  • It’s an all-caps SALE! 🚨
  • Black Friday just got better—save up to 45% 🤗
  • 🙌 BLACK FRIDAY: 30% Off Full Price + up to 50% Off Sale
  • ⚡BUY 2, GET 1 FREE ⚡ (yes, you heard that right)
  • Best Day Of The Year Is Here
  • Black Friday = Still Friday, just better.
  • 3…2…1…BLACK FRIDAY! 🎉
  • Black Friday SALE for 3 Days! New Designs Updated
  • Best FRIYAY ever!
  • Ready, set, SAVE
  • Moo, 25% Off Ends TONIGHT! 🚫
  • Re: Order Dispatched 💌
  • UNLOCKED: Black Friday is LIVE‼
  • 👆👆 Better Than Their Deals👇👇
  • 🔮 The Fun Doesn’t Stop! 🎉
  • Choose BLK & Bold this #SmallBizSaturday
  • Cyber Monday Early Access: Up to 50% Off Sitewide 🤯
  • Ready for round 2?
  • Your favourites are ready to ship 🚚
  • Black Friday Event ENDS Tomorrow! 🏃‍♀️💨
  • 30% Off EVERYTHING – the Party is Still Going
  • The Apple Shopping Event is still on.
  • It’s Not Over ’Til It’s Over… Black Friday Continues
  • 50% off all weekend
  • ✨ BLACK FRIDAY – flash sale #4 ⏰
  • Shop Fast! 48 Hours Left for 30% Off Black Friday
  • Ends today! 40% off select favorites + 30% off sitewide
  • You have until midnight
  • Ends today: Black Friday Target Deals.
  • YOU’RE NOT TOO LATE. Save 30% off and more
  • Cyber Monday Early Access: 40% off select faves + 30% off sitewide
  • You last-minute3 shoppers play a risky game! Black Friday ending soon!
  • Save up to 50% off on your entire order for Black Friday Extended
  • It’s now or never! Black Friday Sale ends in a few hours!
  • oh no! just HOURS left for all the deals.
  • Black Friday Extended: 40% OFF Sitewide
  • It has to end eventually
  • It’s now or never! Black Friday Sale ends in a few hours!
  • Status update: Going fast.
  • ❗️REMINDER.❗️
  • KNOCK KNOCK, It’s 30% Off All Weekend
  • ❌5 Hours Left for 70% OFF! ❌
  • ENDING SOON💫 Don’t Miss 40% Off High Beauty!
  • It’s now or never
  • Last Chance for Black Friday Deals!
  • DON’T MISS OUT ◆ Save Up to 75% Off this Black Friday

30 Black Friday Email Subject Line Examples Analyzed

The first rule of Black Friday email marketing is to have a unique subject line that’ll boost your open rates and, ultimately, your click-throughs. To do it, we analyzed 30 spectacular examples to get you inspired before the biggest sale of the year.

Without further ado, let the Black Friday countdown: Subject Lines Edition begin! Or you can get started ASAP using a free Subject line tester that will help you create a unique and intriguing subject line from zero!

Pre-Black Friday Subject Lines

When is the best time to send your Black Friday email campaigns? The answer: the earlier, the better! In this section, we’ll see some of the best examples sent before the Black Friday weekend.

1. Dell

Subject line: You were chosen for our early Black Friday flyer!

Why it works: First of all, Dell delivers this email 4 weeks before the Black Friday sale starts. Which is a clever tactic to give your audience a teaser and show them sneak peeks of your Black Friday deals and upcoming Cyber Monday sale. The brand uses every word carefully to make it look like the subscriber was selected for an exclusive first look.

Pro tip: Use this subject line with a beautiful design to get more seasonal sales. Moosend’s Black Friday newsletter templates are perfect for the job!

2. Diesel

Subject line: Be Ready, The Black Friday Sale Is Coming…

Why it works: When we saw this Black Friday subject line by Diesel, we couldn’t help but think about the famous meme “Brace Yourselves, Winter Is Coming.” This smart allusion to Game of Thrones hints at a great Black Friday sale battle equal to the Battle of Blackwater! Moreover, Diesel’s subject line also prepares its shoppers for the crazy holiday shopping, prompting them to have their wishlist ready.



Why it works: That’s a big statement from MVMT, which sent this email a week before the actual Black Friday sale. While you might have already heard us saying that all caps can look spammy and even hurt your email deliverability, the brand uses it to share its excitement. Of course, the use of emojis adds urgency (hello FOMO, my old friend!) and leads recipients to “stop everything” and open the email.

4. Bruno Magli

Subject Line: Big Friday: VIP Early Access

Why it works: Bruno Magli is another eCommerce business that leverages the pre-Black Friday hype to boost its seasonal sales. The brand’s subject line is very clear, letting subscribers know that they have early VIP access. When they open the message, customers will come across an amazing incentive of 30% off everything sitewide. A great discount code if you ask us!

5. Argos

Subject line: Surviving Black Friday

Why it works: Argos created a unique email marketing campaign with a very effective email subject line. As you know, Black Friday can be very stressful! So, to put customers at ease before the Black Friday shopping spree, the brand creates a Black Friday email marketing campaign with hints and tips to get them prepared. The use of “Surviving” in this Black Friday subject line makes the email more intriguing.

6. Bed Bath & Beyond

Subject line: 3 Words: 1️⃣ Black. 2️⃣ Friday. 3️⃣ Deals. More coupons enclosed!

Why it works: Bed Bath & Beyond has a reputation for its amazing deals and coupons. And with this Black Friday subject line, you already know that something amazing is about to happen! To make it more effective, the brand creates a subject line that looks like a countdown using emoji numbers. From the choice of words to the value, Bed Bath & Beyond has the perfect early access subject line to boost open rates and celebrate the busiest time of year with exclusive coupons!

7. Cellular Outfitter

Subject line: 🛑 It’s the Last Day 🛑

Why it works: Following in MVMT’s footsteps, Cellular Outfitter leverages the stop sign emoji to attract its recipient’s attention. The use of “Last Day” sends a clear message to early access shoppers who want to benefit from early Black Friday savings. Using urgent language, the brand shows its subscribers that it’s their last chance to take advantage of the early exclusive deal. Furthermore, the use of FOMO will effectively lead them to open and click on the CTA, boosting the brand’s profit.

8. Ray-Ban

Subject line: Time is running out // Black Friday Early Access

Why it works: We’re sure you might have already seen emails starting with “Time is running out,” right? This kind of phrasing is very common in cart abandonment emails. Ray-Ban’s choice, though, isn’t random as it uses the same tactic to add urgency and convince its audience to act. This Black Friday campaign is also a prime example of using your subject line and timers to make the message stand out!

If you want to create campaigns with advanced elements, make sure to sign up for a free Moosend account, grab an email template, and give the countdown timers a try!

9. Casper

Subject line: Can’t wait until Black Friday? Save now.

Why it works: Casper’s Black Friday email subject line works because it’s one of those that give customers what they want in a single line. The eCommerce business uses a direct question to address the subscriber’s impatience and offer a solution. The brand’s subject line also has the best email copy to support it and an amazing early bird special discount to excite customers until their Black Friday sale email arrives.

10. Leesa

Subject line: ⏰ Doorbuster one-day-only offer: $400 off the Hybrid + 2 FREE pillows

Why it works: Leesa is a master crafter of emails with amazing deals, especially drip campaign examples with converting email copy and visuals. In this Black Friday subject lines example, the brand leverages emojis to add urgency to their one-day-only pre-Black Friday offer. The use of “doorbuster,” a common tactic used by retailers to promote limited-time supplies, makes this email campaign almost irresistible.

11. IKEA

Subject line: Moo, escape the Black Friday chaos

Why it works: IKEA has a slightly different approach to the Black Friday madness. Instead of adding a discount or using FOMO, the brand opts for a personalized subject line to boost its open rates. Using the subscriber’s name, IKEA manages to catch the recipient’s eye, offering “an escape from the Black Friday chaos.”

Black Friday Day Subject Lines

The most famous sales time of the year is finally here! So, let’s take a look at some amazing subject lines from campaigns sent on Black Friday day and why they work.

12. Burt’s Bees

Subject line: Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS—today only!

Why it works: Why waste your Black Friday email subject lines informing your recipient that Black Friday is here when you can cut to the chase? For Burt’s Bees, informing its audience about the incredible one-day shipping is what will give them the most opens and clicks. The brand cleverly uses its subject line to communicate the benefit of shopping from them, which is no other than beating the infamous shipping costs.

13. Apple

Subject line: Our four-day shopping event is here.

Why it works: Black Friday might be just for one day, but for Apple, this is the perfect chance to extend it to a four-day shopping spree. Instead of promoting deals, the brand informs its customers that they aren’t going to lose any offers to the Black Friday one-day craziness. And to top it off, the subject line perfectly complements Apple’s email, intriguing subscribers and customers to click on their call-to-action and go to the brand’s landing pages.

14. Rothy’s

Subject line: We heard you like metallic shoes. ✨

Why it works: Rothy’s Black Friday subject line is the best example to show you how you can profit from the special day without, well, adding it into your subject lines. Instead of highlighting the deals, Rothy’s informs its customers about a fascinating limited edition product they have been waiting for all along.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to create an intriguing newsletter to go with your subject line to be one step closer to Black Friday success!

15. Chubbies

Subject line: hey, you

Why it works: Well, this is definitely not the usual Black Friday subject line you expected, right? For Chubbies, though, this subject line resonates with their target audience more than you can imagine Why? Because Chubbies has a particular subject line strategy, delivering unique subject lines like: “It’s Restocktober,” or “We’re.”

16. H&M

Subject line: Happy Black Friday: 30% off EVERYTHING!

Why it works: First of all, this email subject line from H&M almost sounds like “Happy Birthday,” which piques the subscriber’s interest. Not only that, but apart from wishing its audience, the brand injects its Black Friday subject line with an irresistible discount. H&M lets them know that the deal is for 30% off EVERYTHING.

If you need some inspo, here are some of the best Black Friday email examples we found to give you a hand.

17. Under Armour

Subject line: Oh, It’s ON. 30% OFF Sitewide, ALL Orders $50+

Why it works: Under Armour is famous for its energetic vibe and cool campaigns. So, to promote its Black Friday sale the brand came up with a subject line that embodies its competitive spirit. By using “It’s ON,” it shows its eagerness to compete with all the other brands out there. Which is only fitting for a brand selling sports gear!

Don’t forget to sign up for a free Moosend account to start creating your campaigns as soon as possible.

18. SassySpud


Why it works: From all the subject lines in our inbox, this one from SassySpud was the most creative. Not only did the brand take Black Friday and turn it into something special, but it also managed to distinguish itself in the Black Friday pandemonium. Subject lines like SassySpud’s are a great example of how small eCommerce businesses can use creativity to promote their products during a huge shopping event.

Pro tip: With the right email template for the holiday, this subject line can perform marvelously! Want a trustworthy email builder to create your Black Friday design? Try Moosend for free and start crafting the best messages for the holiday season!

19. Motorola

Subject line: Our largest price drop on Moto G7!

Why it works: While other brands in our list opted for an X% off sitewide subject line, Motorola created a Black Friday email subject line and campaign focused on a single product. The subject line makes it clear that this isn’t a usual product promotion. This is the “largest price drop” its audience has seen so far.

20. Saatchi Art

Subject line: Black Friday Sale Continues | Shop Vibrant Abstracts

Why it works: Sending multiple email campaigns on Black Friday is a very common practice to place your deals on top of your subscribers’ inbox. For Saatchi Art, this is the second email we received after their first campaign with the subject line “Bring Home Abstracts this Black Friday.” The brand uses a series of campaigns to keep its email list engaged, letting subscribers know that the sale continues.

21. Kate Spade

Subject line: black friday deals on deals: up to 75% off everything

Why it works: Imagine if you had deals on deals! Wouldn’t that be like the craziest thing? For Kate Spade, letting her potential shoppers know that the already discounted items have an extra discount will get them back to her website for more shopping. Furthermore, injecting the subject line with a “75% off everything” is a huge attention-grabbing technique to make recipients open the Black Friday campaign.

22. Converse

Subject line: Last hours of Sale!

Why it works: There are hours left before Black Friday ends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t target your audience with a last-chance-to-buy email. In this subject line example by Converse, the brand grabs the opportunity to engage its audience with a last-minute deal before the day ends. Simple, with a touch of urgency, Converse knows how to grab those last-minute shoppers searching for a good deal.

23. Tone It Up

Subject line: The Clock’s Ticking ⏰

Why it works: Speaking of Black Friday sales ending, Tone It up uses a familiar subject line tactic (ahem, cart abandonment!) to increase its open rates. The copy and the clock emoji perfectly reinforce the fear of missing out on the brand’s special deals.

Consider using an email tool like Moosend to furnish your campaigns with advanced elements (gifs, countdown timers, etc.) and rock your Black Friday email marketing! Make sure to sign up for a free account and get started ASAP!

Post-Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Black Friday might be over but let’s be honest, the sale doesn’t stop at midnight!

In the following section, let’s see how brands turn the weekend into an amazing Black Saturday and Black Sunday, preparing the ground for their Cyber Monday deals day!

24. Morphe

Subject line: You’re not gonna believe today’s deals!

Why it works: It’s Saturday morning. You wake up, have a cup of coffee, and check your email. And then you come across Morphe’s email, and you’re like: “What!? There are more deals today?” Well, yes! While simple, Morphe uses its subject line to inform its recipients about a new round of deals.

25. Function of Beauty


Why it works: While subject lines like Morphe’s are more elegant, Function of Beauty uses an all-caps subject line to re-hype its audience. Using the word “SURPRISE!” and a celebration emoji, the brand makes sure that its customers notice the extended sale campaign. Along with the copy, Function of Beauty’s subject line is one of the best email subject lines to grab attention.

Pro tip: Make sure to check your campaign, from the copy to the subject line for spammy words! You can easily do that by utilizing some of the best email testing tools out there like a subject line tester!

26. Walmart

Subject line: 💥 EXTENDED: Black Friday deals (but not for long!)

Why it works: This Black Friday subject line by Walmart starts with a boom! The emoji perfectly fits the subject line, which has the right amount of FOMO to make the retailer’s recipients click on it. Like the rest of our FOMO-infused subject lines, Walmart uses a successful technique to capture shoppers’ attention and boost its retail marketing efforts by leveraging the biggest sales event of the year.

Pro tip: If you have a physical store, make sure to promote deals through email. According to Black Friday stats, 77% of shoppers will visit a shop on Black Friday to take a look at the products. So don’t miss the chance to boost your in-store sales by giving them exclusive offers.

27. Timberland

Subject line: 👇Better Than Their Deals☝️ Up To 40% Off

Why it works: Isn’t it obvious? Timberland has crafted one of the best Black Friday email subject lines to beat its competitors and increase sales. As you can see, the hand emojis are meant to point to different promotional Black Friday emails from other brands. Unique and clever, this might be the one subject line you might want to steal to boost your Black Friday sales.

28. Clarks 

Subject line: Start your Sunday with 40% off

Why it works: Clarks uses a great post-Black Friday subject line to greet customers and help them start their Sunday with an amazing 40% off deal. While there’s nothing too fancy here, this subject line has the right incentive to put a smile on a sale-hunting subscriber’s face.

29. Mejuri

Subject line: Go gold before it’s gone ⚡️

Why it works: Everyone loves good wordplays, and for Mejuri, its Black Friday subject line comes in to blow its subscribers’ minds away! The use of the lightning bolt emoji also adds urgency in the cleverest and most creative way possible.

30. Happy Socks

Subject line: You deserve something special ❤️

Why it works: Happy Socks’ subject line goes against the usual “last chance to buy” examples we saw so far. Instead, the brand goes for a heartwarming message. The use of words like “deserve” and “something special” makes the subscriber feel valued.

Our 30 best Black Friday email subject lines might be over, but we aren’t done yet!

7 Black Friday Tips For Your Email Campaigns

Below, you’ll find some Black Friday tips to help you create amazing emails for the biggest event of the year! Let’s see!

1. Use Color

Adding a splash of color to your campaigns is an excellent Black Friday email idea! And while we know that black is a fan favorite, using vibrant colors will help your campaign stand out from your competitors. Whether you go full-on color or use it on your CTAs, keep in mind that a splash of red, yellow, or orange will make your emails more appealing.

2. Make Urgent Subject Lines

First, write a stunning subject line and add urgency. Here is a list of words and phrases to do that:

  • Use actionable language: [Going]+ fast
  • Give them a deadline: Sale ends in 2 hours
  • Add a time constraint: Sale running for 30 mins
  • Be playful: Tick. Tock. Goes the sale!

3. Play Around with Tiles

Everyone loves neat emails! To deliver the Marie Kondo equivalent of your Black Friday campaign, make sure to leverage the power of tiles!

This style will give you a scannable overview of the product category and increase your subscriber’s engagement with various products.

Here’s a great Black Friday example by Topshop using tiles:

topshop email tiles example

If you want to use the power of tiles like Topshop, hop over to our Editor to create your own amazing Black Friday campaign, or choose one of our lovely Black Friday newsletter templates to save time. All you need is to sign up for a free Moosend account and get started!

4. Create Intriguing Copy

Spend more time writing a copy that is clear, concise, and valuable.

But don’t forget that adding a feature photo of the sale is equally important to convert your subscribers. Below, you can see an example of a converting single-photo structure:

Make sure to edit a photo of your merchandise by adding text. Now your Black Friday campaign just acquired some character!

5. Add a Countdown Timer

To spruce up excitement and user engagement, set up a countdown timer to go off at 20:00 or 21:00 on the same day to create a sense of urgency.

To take advantage of timers, you need to get an email marketing platform that will have them! Choosing one of the best email marketing platforms like Moosend or Mailchimp will allow you to infuse your emails with advanced elements to boost your conversion rates.

Craft an equally urgent Black Friday email subject line to make it more effective and say hello to more sales!

6. Create Segments to Reward VIP Customers

Reward your most loyal customers by segmenting them into a VIP mailing list. Then, give them exclusive early access to your pre-Black Friday sale.

As we said before, you can segment your subscribers by choosing an email contact management tool that will group your subscribers based on their engagement. What’s more, craft compelling copy that is personal and urgent to get them to open the email: e.g., “John, this is just for you. Tick. Tock.”

For better results, make sure to segment your customers based on their online behavior to deliver tailored content that will convert them no matter what. To get started, you can sign up for a free Moosend account and give our segmentation features a try!

7. Leverage Social Media Buttons

Make it easier for your subscribers to check you out on their favorite social media channels! Ensure that the content you share across platforms is relevant but not identical to that of your newsletter. It should offer additional information, not repeat it.

And if you follow the above Black Friday email marketing tips, you’ll come up with something like this:

moosend email newsletter for black friday

Customize the template

What About Cyber Monday?

Are you more of a Cyber Monday deals fan? Well, in that case, you should show your audience that you are participating in the Cyber Monday celebrations just before Black Friday kicks in.

This way, your competitors won’t benefit from your absence on Black Friday. While you are at it, send out a newsletter and promote your Cyber Monday deals for a few days. This way, whoever is interested in your products will keep some of their budget aside to purchase from you.

Black Friday Email Subject Lines For The Win!

Now you are ready to craft some beautiful subject lines that will intrigue and convert your shoppers!

And don’t forget! To create the perfect Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns, you’ll need the best tools to design them!

If you feel like it, you can sign up for a free Moosend account and see how our editor can help you nail the holiday season!

Now you are ready to ace your Black Friday marketing strategy!

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