15 Free Christmas Email Templates To Rock 2021 And Boost Sales

Looking for some free Christmas email templates to boost your sales? This holiday season, Moosend, the red-nose cow-deer, has got your back!

christmas email templates

This is the most wonderful time of the year to send beautiful holiday emails to your email subscribers and boost your sales.

To do it, you’ll need two things: a free email marketing platform with a super easy-to-use email builder and some amazing free Christmas email templates.

I bet you already have a Moosend account. No? Don’t worry! I’ll give you a moment to sign up for a free account. Registering is faster than Santa!

If you’re ready, it’s time to hit the holiday jingle!

Moosend’s Free Christmas Email Templates

Let’s get into the holiday spirit with Moosend’s fully-customizable Christmas newsletter templates.

To get Moosend’s responsive templates, you’ll need to follow some very easy steps:

  • Sign up for a Moosend account
  • Log in to your Moosend account with your credentials
  • Go to “Campaigns” and hit the “Create new campaign”
  • Go to the Editor and click on the Template Library
  • Select or search for Christmas Templates
  • Hit the “Use Template” button and make some holiday magic

1. The Christmas Card Email Template

free christmas template for holiday emails by moosend

Why you need it:

The Christmas card template is a wonderful way to wish your email subscribers happy holidays and give them an amazing holiday present.

A promo code is the best way to boost your eCommerce sales. Just make sure to use Moosend’s editor to customize your template colors, copy, and CTA to match your branding!

And if you want something spicier, Moosend’s editor lets you add advanced elements like a countdown timer to add urgency to your message even if you get the free plan.

2. The Christmas Promotion Email Template

Moosend free christmas email templates

Why you need it:

A Xmas gift in the form of an amazing coupon will give your subscribers all they need to engage with your brand and boost your holiday sales.

This Christmas email template by Moosend is the perfect combo to share the Christmas spirit and give your audience a reason to be jolly. Add your holiday copy through the editor and let your images, videos, or gifs shine brighter than a diamond.

Also, don’t forget to come up with an equally converting Christmas subject line for better open rates. You can make the most out of them by using our AI-powered subject line tester, codename: Santa’s little helper, to ensure that your subscribers will click no matter what!

Stripo’s Free Christmas Email Templates

If you want to join the Christmas party with some free Christmas email newsletter templates, Stripo is the right tool for the job.

The service has a variety of templates you can grab for free. What you need is to join the service by creating a Stripo account, find your Christmas templates, and start editing.

To export your holiday creation to Moosend, you have to integrate your Stripo account with Moosend.

The process is straightforward: create a new template and then click on the “Export” button from the menu.

There, you need to choose Moosend from the ESP section and enter the API key. You can find that in your Moosend account under the “Settings” option.

If you’ve got more questions, just make sure to check the video below:

Now let’s check out Stripo’s awesome holiday email templates for your business!

3. The 7 Days of Christmas Email Template

free christmas email template by stripo
Why you need it:

This vibrant Christmas email template plays on the famous “12 days of Christmas” to a Christmas discount. Using colors associated with the holidays like red is perfect for promoting your sale and attracting attention.

Also, using social buttons on your Christmas email campaigns will allow you to integrate your email marketing and social media marketing efforts for better engagement during the holiday season.

If you need to edit this email template to boost your brand identity, you can also edit Stripo’s template through Moosend’s drag-and-drop editor and add more advanced elements. Just don’t forget to create your Moosend account; otherwise, you won’t be able to integrate and edit your holiday template!

4. The Santa’s Here Christmas Template

Christmas email template by stripo

Why do you need it:

During the holiday season, your competitors will create and send their Christmas campaigns to convert your subscribers.

An eye-catching email subject line and a better value proposition will do the trick, but did you know that your visuals will also contribute to your sales?

Even if you don’t make your Christmas email template all about your discount, creating a beautiful email marketing campaign with high-quality images and playful gifs is all you need to catch your audience’s attention.

In this case, this Christmas email template has the right amount of sweetness to show that the Christmas season is upon us and reward subscribers with a surprise Christmas gift.

5. The Show, Don’t Tell Email Template

Stripo free holiday email template

Why you need it:

Have a big Christmas time sale going on? Instead of telling your subscribers about it, how about showing them?

This Christmas email campaign focuses on the “show don’t tell” practice to get Christmas shoppers intrigued. The email images, different CTAs, and copy will give your subscribers all the right reasons to buy from your eCommerce store.

Make sure to highlight your best products to give your customers the best incentive to check them out!

6. The Christmas Wishes Email Template

free christmas email template for wishes by stripo

Why you need it:

Not every Christmas email of yours needs to be about a sale! Instead of throwing another discount or coupon at them, engage with your loyal customers through a heart-warming email campaign.

With beautiful visuals and a great email copy, you can create the best Christmas email template to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Of course, using videos is also a must to promote the holiday spirit. This email design is so beautifully crafted to give your subscribers some Christmas vibes and make them feel appreciated.

You can add your videos and more advanced elements through Moosend’s editor as well! So don’t forget to sign up for a free account to get the most out of your templates!

7. The Christmas Fashion Email Template 

christmas templates for fashion by stripo

Why you need it:

Classic and warm, this template is perfect for displaying your offers in a Christmassy way. The 25% discount at the top of the template is a great way to catch your subscribers’ attention. And drive them to your store!

The use of vibrant colors and white space will also let you create a responsive email template for the holidays, which is perfect for eCommerce email marketers who want something special for their mobile-first customers.

8. The Holiday Food Email Template

new year email template for retail by stripo

Why you need it:

This is one of the best email templates you can use, especially if you have a retail business. While this is a New Year template, you can easily customize it for Christmas. Why? The beautiful visuals and use of white space will allow you to show your holiday shoppers your amazing discounts.

What’s more, the “Contact Us” section is a great addition to promote your in-store sales and let customers know where to find you. Of course, to create your product blocks, you’ll need an ESP that supports them. Moosend will give you such functionality, which you can use even if you register for the free plan.

Balanced, with a splash of holiday colors and sweet visuals, this email template is ideal for promoting your retail store like a pro.

BEE Free Christmas Email Templates

BEE is one of the template builder tools I frequently use to create amazing visuals without HTML or CSS knowledge.

The tool has various templates you can use to create everything your heart desires, including cool Christmas email templates.

To get your holiday creation from BEE to Moosend, you need to visit BEE’s website and locate the Christmas email templates found below.

When your template is ready, click on the “Export” option and then download the ZIP file with the HTML email template and your images.

Now, you can use your files in any email newsletter software you like!

9. The Feel The Holiday Cheer Template

Holiday email templates by BEE

Why you need it:

This a beautiful Christmas email example that combines beautiful colors and minimalist email design. Also, if you’re bored of red, this green/light peach holiday template will remind subscribers of the good old Christmas tree and make you stand out in the Christmas clutter!

Don’t forget to use your email copy to spread the holiday message and give your audience something to remember! Your products are also your brightest stars. So, use this elegant Christmas email template to make them shine!

10. The Christmas Super Sale Template

free christmas email template by BEE

Why you need it:

This bright red Christmas template is one of the best email templates you can use to attract attention. The structure will also help you place your products in the middle of the action and boost your click-through rate.

Furthermore, this template will stun every subscriber looking at the little holiday details like the white and red snowflakes that make the email look almost magical.

Keep in mind that when you create vibrant emails, you need equally vibrant CTAs to avoiding overshadowing them. Moosend’s editor will allow you to choose from any color on the color wheel to achieve an attractive result! All you need is your color-matching skills and a free Moosend account!

11. The Happy Hanukkah Email Template

hanukkah email template by BEE

Why you need it:

If you have a few more information about your subscribers, you can deliver a personalized campaign to celebrate the holidays. Instead of the usual “Merry Christmas” email, you can use this email template to diversify your brand and engage with subscribers from different backgrounds.

This brilliant template has all the right elements to invite your subscribers into a Hanukkah party they won’t forget!

Pro tip: To target your audience with the right holiday campaign, you need to leverage the power of segmentation.

Through your subscription forms, you can collect information about your audience and then use the data to send the right message to the right person at the right moment.

TOPOL Free Christmas Email Templates

It’s raining Christmas templates! Hallelujah!

Another great email template builder that has some cool Christmas templates is TOPOL.

You can create your own templates from scratch or choose from the fine holiday template library!

To get your holiday templates from TOPOL to Moosend, you’ll need to create an account with TOPOL and then choose your template.

To export them, you can free download the HTML and images or download the template with hosted visuals.

Then, all you need is to go back to your Moosend account (don’t forget to sign up for one!), add the code through the HTML option, and see your HTML email campaign appear in front of you!

12. The Family Christmas Email 

Christmas email template by topol

Why you need it:

Christmas is about sharing moments and gifts with family and friends. If you want to create something special, make sure to get into the holiday spirit with playful visuals and a gift for everyone.

Help your indecisive subscribers pick the right gift for their family members with cool product recommendations.

This template has everything you need to create a beautiful message with last-minute life-saving gifts!

13. The Heart-Warming Email Template

free topol christmas email template

Why you need it:

This holiday season, don’t forget to share the love, joy, and happiness with your subscribers. How? Through this heart-warming email/Christmas card!

The beautiful visuals and colors make this email template a great idea to deliver your company’s warmest wishes.

Also, make sure to invest in a great email copy that will remind them that you are a business that cares and appreciates them.

14. The Traditional Christmas Template

Traditional holiday email templates by TOPOL

Why you need it:

Need something a little more traditional? Then this Christmas email template is just for you.

The blue tones will give your email a more serious look. Which is perfect for an older audience who appreciates a more traditional-looking email.

Create a short and sweet message to brighten their day, and don’t hesitate to make this email more personal by adding your subscriber’s name or even yours!

You can personalize your emails through Moosend’s marketing automation features. Everything you need is in there, even if you sign up for the free plan!

15. The Happy “Howlidays” Template

Christmas email template by TOPOL

Why you need it:

So, here’s what happens when you combine cute animals with Christmas! If your brand is all about kitties and doggies, this email template is all you need to engage with your pet-loving subscribers and put a smile on their face.

If not, just think about how unique a Christmas campaign like this will be. This template teaches us is that when you draw inspiration from your niche, you can really create something your subscribers will love.

A campaign like this might translate into a lot more clicks. And don’t forget to add a cool subject line to boost your open rate like “Happy Howlidays” or ‘Have a Meowy Christmas!”

Bonus: Free New Year Email Templates

A great Christmas email template isn’t the only thing you have at your disposal to boost your holiday sales.

So, if you found the perfect Christmas template to stun your holiday shooter, why not send them an equally stunning New Year email campaign to excite them?

Below you’ll find some awesome templates to wish your subscribers a Happy New Year and give them amazing offers!

1. Warm Wishes New Year Email Template

new year email template by Moosend

Why you need it:

Moosend might not have dedicated New Year templates, but as you can see in the example above, you can easily customize your Christmas email template to create something equally wonderful.

Of course, with a little help from Canva, you can create free visuals to enrich your templates and wow your customers in a breeze.

Again, everything you’ll need to create this amazing result is completely free. So, get your Moosend account and Canva to create professional-looking emails in a breeze!

2. Fancy New Year Email Template

New year email templates by Stripo

Why you need it:

This amazing New Year template by Stripo will help your eCommerce business show its new collection and boost sales. Using your products as part of your holiday email marketing campaign is a must to boost customer engagement.

Like before, using one of the best email marketing services like Moosend will allow you to add targeted product recommendations that will turn your New Year templates into a holiday miracle!

3. Glamorous New Year Email Template

New Year email template by topol

Why you need it:

Thank your subscribers for their contribution with a glamorous New Year email template.

Black and gold meet in this campaign by TOPOL to help you get your holiday email marketing to the next level.

Apart from your wishes, you can also give your email subscribers a New Year offer to get your campaign to the highest heights!

4. New Year Specials Email Template

new year email template by BEE

Why you need it:

A rather lengthy New Year template by BEE that you can use to deliver multiple CTAs to your email subscribers.

The simplicity and holiday vibe of the template makes it perfect for giving warm wishes and promoting your best-selling products.

Now that we saw all those wonderful Christmas and New Year email templates let’s fuel you up with some holiday design inspiration!

Christmas Newsletter Template Inspiration

We are thrilled to share our creative approach for your Christmas newsletter design, way past ordinary!

In the latest “anything goes” design mood, designers broaden their horizons, considering extended color palettes.

Moreover, holiday season themes are extended to include more and exclude less.

Moving towards a secular commercial approach, the Christmas and holiday season has been extended to include Thanksgiving, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Veterans Day, and New Year’s day!

Are you ready for some of the best holiday campaigns of 2019 to get your 2020 design inspiration running?

1. Starbucks’ Product-Centric Approach

christmas email marketing campaign example by starbucks

What is your advertising focus building itself around this Christmas?

Is it one specific product category, or is it more of them?

Slip the memo over to your creative team and show them this creative brief by Starbucks!

Your products are your biggest stars this holiday season! Just don’t forget to throw in a Christmas-y word or two in your copy.

2. BarkBox’s Crafty and Friendly Approach

holiday email campaign example by barkbox

We love how this simple Christmas email newsletter design comes to life with this lovely collage feeling.

Another addition I fell in love with was BarkBox’s CTA button with the witty copy!

If you are a small business, don’t get frustrated that you can’t afford this.

Just look for the talent in your business and hand over the “Art Attack” challenge!

3. Cratejoy’s Reductionist Approach

holiday email campaign by cratejoy

Less is more!

And you don’t have to create a monster email template to spark that Christmas-shopping feeling to your subscribers!

Like Cratejoy, adapt the season’s spirit to your brand’s style and make a newsletter that tells all with a beautiful image and a CTA that stands out. Voila! Jolly simple and effective!

You can mimic this beautiful Christmas email campaign by jumping into our editor. All you’ll need is your amazing visuals, and of course, an account you can get for free!

4. Oasis’ All-in-One Approach

Oasis Christmas email

There is no need to create several Christmas newsletters for your holiday campaign.

Play smart by “packing” all your festive goodies in one email and make them shine like Oasis through simple copy and beautiful images with clickable links.

Everything’s a matter of perspective! So, it’s time to show them yours!

5. Betty’s FOMO Approach

holiday email campaign example by betty's

Yes, Betty’s email is gold, and yes, the whole thing screams of “luxury.”

But what really does the trick here is the last order dates at the bottom of the page.

This simple yet powerful addition to your Christmas email template can create a sense of urgency, making your subscribers start shopping before it’s too late!

Know what else can add urgency to your emails? A countdown timer showing them the time or days they have to get your holiday deals!

Just sign up for a free Moosend account and make sure to add them when you customize your Christmas email templates through the editor.

6. Fortnum & Mason’s Prestigious Approach

Christmas email campaign example by fortnum and mason

Rid of the red-green-gold triptych color palette like Fortnum & Mason to get an unlikely Christmas newsletter template which looks classy and cozy.

Not-at-all Grinchy, as one could expect! Instead, this darker-tone selection endows the campaign with a touch of prestige and classiness.

Using a similar email newsletter design will definitely make you stand out in your subscribers’ inbox!

7. The Gift Guide Approach

Leesa holiday email gift guide

It might be a week or two before the calendar shows Christmas.

However, that doesn’t stop you from creating a pre-holiday campaign to inspire your audience.

Be the first to engage with your subscribers with a gift guide campaign that’ll get them excited about your Christmas sale.

Leesa’s pre-Christmas is a great example of making your audience notice you and make their holiday shopping a little easier!

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

Start your ESP’s engines because the holidays are drawing near!

Grab these amazing templates, customize them, and share the holiday spirit with your audience to boost your sales and engagement beyond expectations!

And remember! If you want to use our Moosend to customize and send the beautiful Christmas email templates we saw above, don’t hesitate to create a free Moosend account and start designing!

Let the holidays come! You’re on the “ready” list!

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