7 Spooky Halloween Newsletter Templates For 2021

If you’re looking for some free Halloween newsletter templates for this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place!

First of all, creating the perfect Halloween email marketing strategy is essential to boost your seasonal sales.

And with a beautiful design, converting copy, and beautiful visuals, you can create a fangtastic result to get your customers excited.

So, marketers, today we’ll look at 7 Halloween newsletter designs to help you craft the perfect email marketing campaigns (and save time!).

Let’s go!

Moosend’s Free Halloween Newsletter Templates

Moosend will equip you with various holiday newsletter templates to target the festive season like a pro!

More specifically, the Halloween-themed newsletter templates are spooky, fully editable, and require zero knowledge of HTML, which is more than ideal if you have no coding skills. To access them, you need to:

Now that you know how to get them, let’s see what Halloween email designs you can use for your spooktacular marketing campaigns.

1. Jack-O-Lantern Newsletter Template

halloween newsletter templates

Catch your subscribers’ attention with an email design that promotes the Halloween theme and spooky vibe!

Why you need it:

The Jack-o-Lantern layout is perfect, popping, and so Halloween-y. You can instantly select the design from the Template Library and then customize it to your needs.

On top of that, the simplicity of the newsletter design and bright colors are perfect for exciting your Halloween shoppers and leading them back to your website or seasonal landing pages!

Design tip: Since the design is simple, you can add extra elements like GIFs, social media buttons, video tutorials, or product blocks to increase engagement and conversions.

2. Wicked Witch Halloween Email Design

email template for Halloween by moosend

If you want to provide your audience with all the relevant information, make sure to pick the above Halloween email layout to keep them up-to-date about your deals and special offers!

Why you need it:

Compared to the previous Halloween newsletter template, you can use the Wicked Witch to give your recipients more details about your store, products or even announce something new! The vibrant color scheme follows the Halloween theme, and it’s perfect for using it as your monthly newsletter since Halloween is on the 31st!

Intrigued? You can customize this template and check Moosend’s advanced builder capabilities.

Design tip: Use your copy wisely to avoid overwhelming your recipients. Remember that sales email marketing copy is all about communicating the value of buying from you and solving customer pain points!

3. Ghost Theme Newsletter Layout

free halloween newsletter templates

A simple and eye-pleasing newsletter template to get your subscribers back to your haunted house, i.e., your store or website!

Why you need it:

My personal favorite! I would use this free Halloween newsletter template without a second thought as it is simple, to-the-point, and will make your call-to-action button stand out without trying.

Now instead of dropping a design tip, let me show you what you can craft by customizing Moosend’s responsive newsletter designs:

moosend halloween email campaign example

email marketing halloween template

The above two are examples of what we created. By using Moosend, you can be just that kind of Halloween fancy.

Just don’t forget to sign up for your free account and take our Newsletter Editor and template for a spin!

Stripo’s Halloween Newsletter Templates

Stripo is one of the popular email template editors you can use to grab a free design for your business, Halloween email newsletter templates included!

If you want to access Stripo’s library, just create a free account, pick your favorite design and start customizing it!

When you’re done, just hit the “Export” button and pick what fits you best, between HTML and exporting your Halloween layout straight to Moosend – or your ESP of preference. From there, the procedure is pretty simple. Copy the API key, paste it, hit export, and you’re all set!

Got more questions? Well, the video above is here to answer them!

4 . Happy Halloween Email Newsletter Layout

spooky email newsletter by stripo

A free Halloween template to deliver a first-class haunted house experience to your subscribers’ inbox!

Why you need it:

Stripo’s layout is both unique and eye-pleasing, favoring Halloween visuals to excite seasonal shoppers. The bottom half of the layout is ideal for making your email copy and CTA button stand out. All you need to do is pick a bright color, and you are ready to roll.

Design tip: Use high-quality images to give your audience the best experience. Along with your Halloween images, you can also insert product blocks to showcase your seasonal goods and increase conversions.

5. Halloween Sale Newsletter Design

halloween discount email template for ecommerce

Zombies and a witch’s house. There’s no better Halloween combo than that!

Why you need it:

Now, this eerie Halloween newsletter design reminds us of a cool Halloween flyer! This is great because it will make your recipients think that something grand is about to come. You customize this design to power up your eCommerce email strategy and increase your Halloween sales effortlessly.

Design tip: Don’t forget to use the right fonts to make your message pop out. Also, make sure to add converting CTAs that will intrigue and convert your recipients.

6. Trick or Treat? Halloween Newsletter Template

trick or treat Halloween newsletter template

Black and white are always an exceptional combo to create elegant email marketing campaigns for your Halloween email strategy!

Why you need it:

As I mentioned, black and white are a great combo to avoid overwhelming your audience with colors that might prove to be too much for them. Also, you can leverage this palette to make your CTAs stand out! This way, your subscribers’ eyes will instantly catch your button!

Design tip: CTA colors matter more than you think, so when you have a layout like this, go for bold colors like red, yellow, or orange to ensure that your recipient will notice yours!

7. Happy Halloween Sale Newsletter Template

halloween sale email design

Here’s your classic Happy Halloween email template with scary pumpkins and autumn vibes.

Why you need it:

Orange is for Fall and Halloween, but if you want to do it with a twist, Stripo’s editor allows you to change some editable blocks from its editor or your ESP’s. Also, you can insert links to your website and product pages by taking advantage of the section on top. Nevertheless, try not to overdo it as it might distract your subscribers!

Design tip: Use autumn colors to reinforce the Halloween spirit and pick images that will spook your audience. Orange and yellow are some of the best options!

Tips For Better Halloween Email Campaigns

When it comes to your Halloween email campaigns, there are a few things that you need to know before you get to newsletter creation:

  • Add relevant images: Use visuals that reflect the Halloween theme like pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, etc. Your subscribers will be waiting for them!
  • Create valuable copy: Show your audience the value of interacting with your campaigns. Don’t hesitate to create clever wordplays to make them more entertaining.
  • Pick the right colors: Halloween is a holiday connected with orange, yellow, brown, and black. Use them to boost the spooky theme!
  • Add urgency: Your competitors will also be targeting your audience, so make sure to use urgency to make your potential customers act fast.
  • Craft spooky subject lines: Use your best puns to create Halloween subject lines that will intrigue your recipient to open your email. Halloween-themed emojis will also work miracles! For scary-good results, use a free subject line tester, like Refine, and see your open rate skyrocket!

Time For Spooktacular Email Campaigns

Holiday email marketing is always a great opportunity to boost your sales and promote your business.

With the right newsletter templates, you can create email campaigns that will excite and convert your customers.

Now you go and get your free Moosend and/or Stripo account, access Moosend’s editor, choose a free Halloween newsletter template, and see the magic happen right before your eyes!

Time to ride the witch’s broom to conversion land!

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