Free Halloween Email Newsletter Templates For 2021

My oh my, look who’s digging around for some free Halloween newsletter templates to use. Hello, stranger, and welcome to my realm.

halloween newsletter templates

We both know that your email marketing campaigns are turning into Halloween email marketing campaigns, and we both know that you’re in for some witching design that you can customize and make your own.

So, marketers, let’s take a look at what I’ve got for you, shall we?

The Free Halloween Newsletter Templates that Moosend Built

They’re spooky, they require zero knowledge of HTML and they’re perfect for a themed newsletter – and seasonals are themed.

By registering for a free Moosend account, you can access our wicked good Drag-and-Drop editor, pick out a free Halloween newsletter template and get to work.

Oh yeah, our templates are editable, too. Forgot to mention that.

Just log on to your free Moosend account – or create one – and click on the “Campaigns” button. Select “Create a new Campaign”. And then the rest, as they say, is history.

Now let me present to you our fancy, bewitching free Halloween newsletter templates!

1. Jack-O-Lanter Newsletter Template

halloween newsletter template jack o lanter

Where to find it: Perfect, popping and so Halloween-y, you can get this in Moosend’s template library, accessible once you’ve logged into your free account.

2. Wicked Witch Newsletter Template

halloween email template wicked witch

Where to find it: As mentioned above, hop on to your free account and you’ll be amazed by Moosend’s responsive free newsletter templates! Just click on the “Take me to the Editor” button, after accessing campaigns.

3. Ghost Theme Newsletter Template

ghost email newsletter template for halloween

Where to find it: My personal favorite, I would use this free Halloween newsletter template without a second thought. And again, Moosend’s free template library and our newsletter editor is where the magic happens!

I bet you want to see some more magic, don’t you? Well, I won’t keep you waiting!

halloween template for email marketing
email marketing halloween template

The above two are examples of what we created. By using Moosend, you can be just that kind of Halloween fancy.

Or, you can always use a different service, like Stripo.

You can sign up completely for free and take our Newsletter Editor and template for a spin no credit card required!

Stripo’s Free Halloween Newsletter Templates

Stripo is one of the services that drew my attention because of its ease of use and pretty fancy-free newsletter templates that are fit for more than most occasions.

Halloween newsletter templates included!

If you want to access Stripo’s library, just create a free account – or log in with your Google account -, pick out your favorite template and just start editing!

When you’re done, just hit the “Export” button and pick what fits you best, between HTML and exporting your Halloween newsletter template straight to Moosend – or your ESP of preference.

From there, the procedure is pretty simple. Copy the API key, paste it, hit export and… You’re all set!

Got more questions? Well, the video above is here to answer them!

4 . Happy Halloween Newsletter Template

spooky email newsletter

Where to find it: If you love this little number, log on to your Stripo account, select “Halloween” from the drop-down menu and pick out this template right here!

5. Halloween Sale Newsletter Template

halloween discount email template for ecommerce

Where to find it: Zombies and a witch’s house. To find this undeniable classic newsletter template, the steps are the same as described above. You only need to log in to your Stripo account.

6. Trick or Treat? Halloween Newsletter Template

trick or treat email template

Where to find it: Stripo’s template library seems to be like the ideal place. Oh, and if you’re unsure about your design, you can always save it for later!

7. Happy Halloween Sale Newsletter Template

halloween sale email

Where to find it: Orange is for Fall and Halloween, but if you want to do it with a twist, Stripo’s editor allows you to change some editable blocks from its editor or your ESP’s.

Now What?

Well, now you go and get your free Moosend and/or Stripo account, access Moosend’s editor, choose a free Halloween newsletter template and see the magic happen right before your eyes!

Super Pro Tip: For scary good results, use a free subject line tester, like Refine, and see Halloween email subject lines open rate skyrocket!

Now ride the witch’s broom!

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