25+ Christmas Subject Lines Ideas to Steal in December 2019!


It’s the most wonderful time of the yearyou just sang that as you read it, right?

Whether you’re crossing t’s and dotting I’s in your Christmas marketing campaigns, or just starting out to design your actions, take a quick glance at our new article.

We thought that there are not enough original Christmas subject lines to go round.

christmas subject lines

So, we decided we should get our hands dipped into the Christmas pudding!

What we are giving you is not a list of used, re-used or pre-used Christmas subject lines.

They are a brand new, original, and exciting list!

And you can get is simply by downloading our bonus content on your right.

In our exclusive cheat sheet you’ll find three categories of subject lines:

1. Christmas newsletter campaigns

2. Christmas sale newsletters

3. Α subject line builder with Christmas-related vocabulary and powerful words that do not trigger the spam filter!

Come on, grab ’em!

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So, why use Christmas-specific subject lines, again?

Because… All things Christmas!

Your email marketing performance relies on deliverability, spam filters, user performance history, and sender details, on this word sequence: the email subject line.

No matter how awesome your content is, you need to get past the email subject line challenge first.

Is there a gift inside for those who open the email? Are you giving 90% off all items?

We’ll never know.

This all goes away if you don’t write a Christmas email subject line to help your email stand out.

A cool subject line is not a cure-all, either.

We must take into consideration that your history performance counts, too.

If you have been sending spam emails or promising things you don’t live up to later, you need more than subject lines.

But you can rely on these subject lines to work your way up to your customer’s positive perception.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

You must perform at all times and give your subscribers the premium-quality content they signed up for in the first place.

Every departure from this is a step away from your reliability.

Without further ado:

How to use Christmas subject lines in your communication

Have you grabbed our Christmas subject line cheat sheet yet?

If so:

  1.  Head over to the second tab to browse Christmas subject lines or the third tab to get Christmas sale inspiration
  2.  When picking subject lines, consider the tone and brand personality of your brand (brand alignment)
  3.  Make adjustments where you see fit. For instance, you might want to consider making a pun. We, at Moosend, instead of “My holiday shopping” would go for “Moo holiday shopping”, after our mascot, Moo.
  4.  Adjust the copy of your newsletter content to that of the subject line, or vice versa.

You can also use our free Subject Line Tester that helps you increase open rates!

Christmas subject lines and Email Automation

christmas subject lines

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and ’tis the season to welcome all the clients flocking to our website following out mega-launches and marketing/ Christmas sales/growth actions.

This is a massive opportunity for every eshop owner: your eCommerce site is about to experience a stunning increase in traffic.

Which is all going to go away once the holiday season is over.

What a pity!

Well, not if you are on Moosend!

Integrate your eshop platform today with Moosend and get free access to our website tracking code!

The tracking code helps you transfer your eshop insights over to your Moosend account Moosend where all this is actionable.

From there, you have automated campaigns triggered every time a specific event occurs.

Simply head over to our pool of automation workflows through your dashboard and choose the right templates for you.

Customize them in seconds, not minutes, and let the platform take care of the rest.

How to Prepare your Welcome Emails for Christmas

christmas subject lines

  1. Set up an opt-in sign-up box where users can sign up for your newsletter and get 20% off their first purchase.
  2. Funnel them down with a welcome sequence which then gives its place to an onboarding sequence.
  3. Sprinkle some Christmass dust all over your Welcome drip campaign!

Here’s how:

“Welcome, Jane! Let’s have some eggnog!”

First Welcome Email:

-Make sure there are enough Christmas designs and copy elements

-Show [Jane] what your offering is: product categories, services, etc.

-Offer [Jane] a discount valid for a week.

-Show a menu with options: Gift card, Social media accounts where you can connect, Store locator, etc.

-Free shipping (ideally)

-Keep a friendly, casual tone throughout your communication.

Second Email:

“Thanks for signing up! Here are your new perks! And cookies.”

-Showcase one product category/service of the ones you offer with a clear CTA, e.g.: “Ho Ho Wow!”

-This is also a good point to communicate your awesome services, such as Customer Support or other.

-Add a secondary section to display another category/service to increase the odds of the user engaging with the email.

Third Email:

“Here’s your id”

-Inform your subscribers of your loyalty program and reward system.

-Provided you have set up a reward system with automation workflows on your Moosend account (see Loyalty sequence pt.1 and pt.2), that’s all you need to keep track of their purchases and purchase total!

Fourth Email:

“Pay it… forward!”

-If you are doing any special actions, e.g. fundraising for a selection of local charities, this is the point to invite them to join you, and communicate your corporate values at the same time.

-One good idea to consider is to send a promotional newsletter with the specific items, part of the proceeds of the sale of which go to a charity. Complement the concept with a Christmas-y item or decoration.

-Also, at the end of this action, you can communicate the total funds raised through it, e.g.: “We’re giving $2,000 on your behalf. Thank you!”

Fifth Email:

“Don’t hang up!”

-Let your subscribers know that Christmas sale starts in a few days, and prompt them to make their wishlist on your website.

-At the same time, run other promotions on your website, i.e. of lesser discount value to excite your visitors further!

Sixth Email:

“The Countdown”

-Add an email countdown timer to increase excitement among your subscribers.

-Reveal some of the product categories or items that will go on sale. Use language accordingly, e.g.: “Don’t miss out!”, “Be the trendsetter!”, “Be the first to […]”.

-Remember to add a compelling CTA, such as “THREE LEFT!”, etc.

Set up the rest of the emails in the same spirit!

Email Marketing Stats you must know for Christmas

How many email campaigns are sent on average during Christmas? How often? What is their impact?

Did you know how big a driver email marketing is? In fact, it’s responsible for 20% of online holiday site visits?

Whatsmore, according to eMarketer, the total eCommerce growth during the 2018 holidays was 16.7%.

Were you aware that in 2015 70% of consumers looking for deals learned about them through email, 64% from online search, 56% online ads and 38% social networks”? And that consumers showed a tendency to appreciate the brands who promote their deals well before the weekend of deals?

With the Christmas sales during those days leading to Christmas reaching a peak on the 22nd and 23rd of December, we need to build an email schedule stretching out to these days.

Here are some very interesting stats, regarding reasons why eshop visitors drop out of the checkout phase:

cart abandonment statistics

So, let’s make sure your Christmas marketing is on point!

Here’s a quick checklist to increase checkouts:

  • Make checkout super easy
  • Offer guest checkout that does not require signing up for an account
  • Be open about costs and extra fees
  • Add shipping options (standard, expedited)
  • Feature a lowest price guarantee
  • Ensure there are no price discrepancies between currencies on your website
  • Add payment security logos
  • Ease of payment
  • Add an estimated delivery date
  • Be clear about your returns policy
  • Ship to all countries
  • Provide reliable delivery information, considering holiday season workload
  • Add user reviews and testimonials
  • Invest in mobile responsive design (Almost 50$ of holiday shopping visits takes place through mobile!)
  • Offer free shipping above a high amount (This practice has been proved to encourage users to spend more.)
  • Enable price comparison or feature comparison among products
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Feature your customer support service

Cart abandonment emails for Christmas

Your website is seeing a 30-45% increase in traffic.

The holiday-induced shopping splurge is bringing over many consumers, but some of them are the people you are looking for.

So, be quick to grab their emails, and have a cart abandonment sequence in place to make sure they all get reminded of the products they added to their carts.

As discussed above, while many online shoppers visit your website, not all of them intend to make a purchase.

Some of them may be checking out the prices on your website, shipping fees, or even wrapping costs before they make a decision.

These are some of the reasons they could be dropping out of the checkout phase.

Setting up a Cart retention automation to face cart abandonment rates on your eCommerce store is a great solution.

Here’s what’s even better:

Cart abandonment blocks

The template option

Hop over to our template library on Editor (you’ll have to register to Moosend for free first) and grab the Cart Abandonment template.

Start customizing it on the spot:

Cart Abandonment template

This is a preview of what your cart-abandoners will get – without the images, of course, as we could not decide on the color of the fishnet parachute, and sarcasm detector, we’re all out, as you might guess.

What you’ll be seeing backstage is this:

Cart Abandonment template structure

By adding or removing Cart Abandonment blocks to your Cart Abandonment template, you essentially show the respective details of every subscriber’s added-to-cart products.

You can bring in up to 10 products from every cart.

If there are, say, 12 items in the cart the choice of products displayed will be random, but the “Take me to my cart” button will safely lead all your subscribers to their full carts!

The free-style option

Another idea you can try is to make the real-time display of one’s cart a part of an automaton that resembles a newsletter.

For instance, you can set up an automation to be triggered every time someone leaves items in their cart for more than 1 hour, to get a newsletter-like email, the lower section of which features items from their cart.

This is a discreet and sophisticated way to remind users of their carts. Aaand possibly just the right time to slip in a 10% discount, maybe!

Product Recommendation Blocks

Why not spend another 2 seconds to drag-n-drop a Product Recommendation block in your email design?

Choose from 3 different types of product recommendation blocks:

  • Most viewed product(s): Which product is the most viewed one? You can now bring in up to 10 of the most viewed products on your site.
  • Most revenue-generating product(s): Which products on your website are the most profitable for you? Show more of these in every newsletter, or in the Christmas email sequence!
  • Most purchased product(s): Which products are the most popular across your customer base? You might want to showcase more of your trending merchandise to spur purchases!

What’s more, you don’t really need to decide on a single one! Instead, you can put together your own combination in various proportions of one to the rest!

Christmas subject lines increase email open rate- what about your CTR?

Okay, so you chose your favorite subject lines, you tailored them to your business and brand, and got the open rate to count fast thanks to Refine!

And now… the click-through rates. What’s it going to be? The plot thickens. Scary music kicks in.


This CTR is too important to leave it up to luck.

How about shaking things up a little with an email countdown timer?

countdown timer christmas subject line

Showing the expiry date approaching? Saying “One day, Jose”?

Yep. You got it right.

With all these competitive offers deluging your customers’ inboxes, you want to make sure your subscribers are reminded in time.


That concludes our Christmas subject lines special article.

Make sure to follow all of our tips and you will not regret it!

While you are at it do you see that BONUS box on the right side of your screen?

Click the “Get it!” button and start building Christmas subject lines that drive results! *pinky promise*

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