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Your Customers at a Glance

Tracking and managing your contacts with ease from one place is not a sci-fi scenario. Build segments that support targeted marketing campaigns and find what you need on the spot.

Cart Abandonment Doesn’t Hurt Anymore

Win your customers back every time by jogging their memory with Moosend’s all-powerful cart abandonment email automation and recover lost sales with timely and relevant newsletters

Recommendations That Fit Like a Glove

Satisfied customers means devoted customers. Tip your prospects from one-timers to loyal fans by adjusting your ecommerce content to their needs. Let Moosend’s product recommendation tool pave the way to satisfaction street and send the most surprisingly timely and relevant newsletters in the market.

Match their similar tastes

Customers are simpler than you think. Send product recommendations categorized by your users’ similar tastes and hit home every time.

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Cross-selling made easy

Make your customers spend more by recommending useful products to go with their last order. Who doesn’t need a case for their new smartphone after all?

Keep them stocked

One month since they last bought toner? Several weeks since they last purchased their favorite shampoo? Prevent catastrophe and notify your subscribers it’s restock time. From you!

repeat purchase
similar users
repeat purchase

Put a Tail on Them

We do the dirty job so you can keep your customer management goals all clean and tidy. Chart your customer’s journey, smoothen internal processes and improve targeting with Moosend’s single customer view set up to highlight all that is useful for your business.

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Shoppable Emails Automatically With Product Blocks

Save time and create unique shoppable experiences at the click of a button! Display buyable products and all their details from your store straight to your newsletters and create eye-catching email annotations for Gmail Promotions Tab automatically.

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

No matter your plan, easily integrate Moosend with any e-commerce platform, website or CRM without any HTML knowledge.

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Walk a Fine Subject Line

Skyrocket your open rates with Moosend’s revolutionary tool Refine that creates the smartest subject lines around. Just pop in your idea and we will show you the most effective version of it.

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