6 Best Constant Contact Alternatives for 2020

Constant Contact is an email marketing and marketing automation platform that has been around for a long time, way longer than the alternatives to Constant Contact have.

As long as 24 years, if we’re exact since the platform first went live in 1995.

constant contact alternatives

Throughout that time, it managed to earn more than 600.000 customers, created a quiver full of diverse special features that not many of the competitors have, such as event management tools, however, it seems that a whole lot of people are looking to make the change and go for something different.

And while it’s a pretty nifty tool that can prove to be of great help to SMEs and non-profits, as they seem to favor it the most, we’re not too sure that it’s still relevant in the 21st century.

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constant contact competitors table

What is it that makes Constant Contact popular?

If you’re a small business or an NPO that runs events, then Constant Contact can prove to be a great tool, as there are not many Constant Contact competitors that can provide options like event invitations management.

Constant Contact is also quite popular due to its easy UI and attractive set of email templates and integrations that will make the user’s life a little easier.

Another interesting thing about Constant Contact, however not a special feature that will set them apart is the great deliverability rate. But that’s just about it, as there are plenty of tools that can guarantee success on better terms, both automation- and price-wise.

It’s worth mentioning that Constant Contact is not a free email marketing service like some of the ones we will be showcasing below.

So, let me introduce you to the 8 best Constant Contact alternatives for 2020!

1. Moosend

Moosend is one of the youngest and most eye-catching email marketing and marketing automation tools on this list -oh, and spoiler alert: it’s a free Constant Contact alternative.

Due to both its unique design and some responsive email templates and video email marketing options, but this is not the only thing that makes this Constant Contact competitor as attractive as it is.

constant contact vs moosend

(I’m being objective here, guys!)

There’s a free forever plan that plans to remain free and includes almost all of the platform’s features. You can sign up here today!

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Well, there’s also a fantastic new landing page feature for all of you out there who want to give your marketing game a competitive edge!

And with super affordable prices and special discounts for startups and NPOs, Moosend is one of those Constant Contact alternatives that can help you reach your A-game in no time and help you convert like crazy!

But let’s take a better look at those features first.

What about the features?

Moosend’s features are always up-to-date, sophisticated and way too easy to use, without any complex interface.

But let’s get more specific here:

  • Free newsletter templates that go hand in hand with the easy-as-pie editor
  • The same easy-as-pie editor goes for our brand new landing pages feature as well
  • Integrations that’ll last for days
  • Triggered emails to boot
  • Out-of-this-world AI

Oh and the best part? If you want to test it and try our features, go right ahead. We don’t even need a credit card, FYI.

What about the pricing?

Moosend can offer you a wide variety of alternatives price-wise when it comes to more things than just the free plan.

More specifically, prices start at $10 and you can add as many or few lists as you want-Moosend charges on a subscriber-only basis.

Oh, and mind you, more than most features of the platform are available for the free accounts, including the fantastic subject line tester, aka Refine.

And last but definitely not least: Moosend’s logo won’t appear anywhere. Free plan or otherwise, your recipients will only see your name up there.

How does Moosend compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs Moosend
BEST FEATURE Event management features Balls-to-the-wall automation and next-level personalization options
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies eCommerce, all kinds of agencies, publishers
CONS Not many automation options No pop-up based opt-in forms
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $10/month
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. Yes. Forever – Sign up here!
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Webinars, video tutorials, knowledgebase, phone, email, live chat, and ticket support, for all plans.

2. Mailchimp

One of the giants of email marketing and marketing automation tools, Mailchimp is definitely the most popular choice.

constantcontact vs mailchimp

This is one of the alternatives to Constant Contact that promises very good, very up-to-date features, with beautiful email templates, a free plan (that can get pretty pricey if growth is what you’re aiming for), nifty integrations and pretty good segmentation options.

It can also offer tools that’ll help with your social media platform posts, a marketing CRM, even an address finder feature that will help you create campaigns without needing to add an email for the umpteenth time.

But let’s get into more detail.

What about the features?

Mailchimp offers a feature-packed platform that can boost your business but won’t always work like a charm, due to its salty prices. But I’ll let you decide for yourself. So, you’ve got:

  • Fantastic A/B testing options
  • A very helpful tool of real-time analytics
  • Social media integrations and metrics to keep track of everything
  • Customizable signup forms that will match your brand’s tone
  • Predictive insights to keep you right on track

But apart from the features, I know that there’s one other thing you’d like us to discuss…

What about the pricing?

There we go. Mailchimp is a free Constant Contact alternative -at least if you’re aiming for a specific number of subscribers and emails per month- which is not exactly what you’re looking for if you’re aiming for some serious growth. This is mainly because Mailchimp has some hidden fees, such as additional charges for going over the contact limit.

Also, there is limited use of its features-however generous, in comparison to other Constant Contact alternatives’ free accounts -provided you can get one instead of a free trial- such as only one audience per list.

Its free plan can cover up to 2.000 subscribers and up to 10.000 contacts per month and its paid plan starts at $10 per month and covers from 500 up to 1.500 contacts.

How does Mailchimp compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp
BEST FEATURE Event management features Ready to use campaign templates
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies Agencies
CONS Not many automation options Not affiliate marketing friendly, hidden fees
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $10/month
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. Yes (with plenty of limitations)
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Only guides and tutorials for the free plan. Paid plans also include email and chat support. The premium plan also includes phone and email support.

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of the youngsters on this list, as it’s been around since 2013. And, like all youngsters, it’s been growing rapidly and has been hanging around with some of the “cool gang” kids.

constant contact vs convertkit

Okay, let’s be serious for a second. ConvertKit’s main target group is content creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, designers, whathaveyou.

This Constant Contact alternative comes with a very specific purpose in mind: To empower SMEs and creators and help them not only grow their audiences but also retain what they’ve already got by sending targeted emails and providing automation and segmentation features at a reasonable price.

What do I mean? Well, let’s take a look…

What about the features?

ConvertKit comes as one of the feature-packed Constant Contact competitors, and it comes with a promise: To revolutionize email marketing for these creators that need something strong but reasonable.

But let’s get a little more specific here. If you’re a blogger or content creator (or not, your call) and want to use ConvertKit, you’ll get:

  • Customizable CTAs that’ll match all your efforts
  • Most helpful template management to always have everything in order
  • Event-triggered emails that’ll help you win your crowd over and over
  • Easy, customizable opt-in forms
  • Analytics to always be on top of your game

But are these features worth the price? Are they appealing enough?

What about the pricing?

For being small business and content creator-friendly, ConvertKit sure does come at a salty price, as it starts at $29/month for up to 1.000 subscribers.

There is no lower tier, which means that people that haven’t reached the 1.000 subscribers milestone yet, will face a real issue, price-wise, but there is the option of unlimited emails, as the pricing is subscriber-based and not email-based.

Also, the bad news is that there is no free plan and the good news is that there is a free 14-day trial option.

How does ConvertKit compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs ConvertKit
BEST FEATURE Event management features Easy-as-pie rule builder
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies Bloggers, content creators
CONS Not many automation options Pricey for what it can offer
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $29/month
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. No. Only a 14-day free trial.
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Email and live chat support and migration support. Free concierge support for plans of over 5.000 subscribers.

4. BenchMark Email

BenchMark Email is one of those Constant Contact competitors that favor SMEs and NPOs a bit more than the rest of their crowd and it’s one of the email marketing tools that have clients all around the globe.

constant contact vs benchmark

With fifteen countries in their list and nine supported languages, the BenchMark email crew can easily claim that they’ve got international service that is fast and effective all over the globe.

Their automation features and advanced tools aim for customer engagement, while fast navigation and plethora of supported languages make them a Constant Contact alternative that offers plenty of options.

Let’s see how.

What about the features?

BenchMark email does have a basic set of features, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as basic doesn’t equal not enough -depending on what you need it for, of course. Let’s take a look at their best ones:

  • Easy and straightforward mailing list management
  • Drip campaigns to let no opportunity go to waste
  • Behavior-based email campaigns to get prospects while they’re hot
  • Customer surveys that’ll help you make the right decision every time
  • Mobile optimization that’ll help with your conversion

These features are fantastic for someone that needs to go through pretty basic things in regard to their email marketing. But are the tools worth it in the end?

What about the pricing?

BenchMark email does come as a free Constant Contact alternative, however, it’s not nearly as generous as what the other Constant Contact alternatives can provide.

BenchMark email’s free plan supports up to 250 emails per month and a total of 2.000 contacts per month, which is not exactly ideal if you’re aiming for growth.

Their pricing scheme is based on a per month-per user model and the prices start at $13.99/month/user, which can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly.

But let’s be fair, the free plan includes most features (excluding A/B testing, targeted emailing, data security, pin master and sub-account options) and of course, there is significant differentiation when it comes to the Pro plan.

How does BenchMark Email compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs BenchMark Email
BEST FEATURE Event management features Easy-to-use editor
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies SMEs
CONS Not many automation options Not very good deliverability rates
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $13.99/month/user
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. Yes (supports only up to 250 emails/month)
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Phone, email and live chat support for all plans.

5. SendPulse

SendPulse is an email automation software that is here for all those businesses that have to do with tourism, eCommerce and the banking sector.

constant contact vs sendpulse

Packed with plenty an automation and versatile tools, this Constant Contact alternative offers contacting options that others don’t: SMS notifications that can be personalized, different types of automated emails for every user action (feedback, cart abandonment, even custom events) and a pretty easy-to-use editor.

Also, SendPulse works with more than 800 cell phone network providers globally, making sure that those SMS notifications will be delivered every time.

You can segment based on activity and their paid plans are more on the affordable side if we’re honest.

But let’s go into more detail.

What about the features?

Like I mentioned before, SendPulse’s set of features is actually quite unique and versatile, making it at least worth a shot. Especially if you’re one of those people that would like to try and contact their audience through all available channels.

But let’s see what happens in more detail:

  • Personalized SMS messages that can hit the mark
  • SMS autoresponders to make sure your prospects will get the message
  • The resend to non-openers feature that will increase conversion
  • Contact your subscribers via Viber messages
  • Statistics on each email parameter you may need

You can see for yourself that SendPulse, as one of the Constant Contact competitors, can and will help you reach your prospects through traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.

And the fact that it can reach prospects via something as personal as an SMS message is what makes it so popular with the banking sector as well.

But enough of the features. Let’s see if it’s worth a shot.

What about the pricing?

This is one of the alternatives to Constant Contact that provides a free plan that can be deemed feature-packed. But for a free Constant Contact alternative, it can prove to come at a hefty price, when it comes to your growth.

For example, you can only get 10 free SMS messages with your free plan and you cannot lose the branding. Also, you can get only three sender addresses and just 20Mb of storage for the pictures and media you need to use.

The free plan can support up to 2.500 subscribers and up to 15.000 emails per month, which is quite a fair deal.

Its prices start at $9 per month and can get you all the professional features but for only 500 subscribers.

How does SendPulse compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs SendPulse
BEST FEATURE Event management features SMS messaging feature
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies Tourism companies, banks
CONS Not many automation options Branded emails for the free plan
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $9/month
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. Yes (with limitations for its basic features)
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Phone support that supports 6 languages, email, knowledge base and live chat support.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is our final one for today, but it’s definitely a very good tool, as it’s an affordable and feature-packed option.

constant contact vs getresponse

With this Constant Contact alternative, you can get a wide variety of optimization tools that you’ll find to be user-friendly and you can customize everything that comes with your brand, allowing you to create and keep your brand’s tone.

It can help you increase traffic and boost conversion in an easy, intuitive manner and with its tracking options, you won’t need to worry about what’s what.

Now, let’s get more specific.

What about the features?

GetResponse is one of those alternatives to Constant Contact you can trust, if you need something intuitive that has a bunch of features that will help you with all of your efforts, especially if you want to practice inbound marketing, more than outbound.

Let’s take a more thorough look:

  • Pretty flexible web forms that allow you to focus on customizing
  • Powerful segmentation for your marketing efforts
  • A/B testing and Analytics for your landing pages, so that nothing goes amiss
  • Event-triggered emails that’ll help your conversion
  • Autoresponder tool that will help you focus on your tasks

It’s obvious that this is one of the feature-packed Constant Contact competitors that can help your brand grow at its own pace, using the resources it needs to use and the tone your prospects love.

But at what price?

What about the pricing?

GetResponse doesn’t offer a free forever plan, however, its prices are not as salty as the rest of the Constant Contact alternatives’.

It can provide a free 30-day trial that is valid for all email plans, from the Basic to the Professional plan (sadly, the Enterprise plan is not available for the free trial).

Its prices start at $15/month and it can support up to 1.000 subscribers for the most basic plan.

How does GetResponse compare as a Constant Contact alternative?

Constant Contact vs GetResponse
BEST FEATURE Event management features Spam testing
BEST FOR INDUSTRY Event management agencies, PR agencies Publishers, eCommerce
CONS Not many automation options Bad deliverability rates
PRICE Starts at $20/month Starts at $15/month
FREE PLAN No. Only a 60-day free trial. No. Only a 30-day free trial is available.
CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone, email and ticket support for all plans Email, livechat, tutorials


So, while Constant Contact is one of those email marketing and marketing automation tools that has been on the market for years on end, it seems that it’s not exactly what’s best for everyone.

Brands and marketers are always on the lookout for alternatives and luckily, these are not hard to find.

The point is to manage to find the one that will work best for you and your brand and that will meet your specific, individual needs without costing a fortune.

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    • Tea Liarokapi says:

      Hello Jeilan!
      Thanks for your kind words! I hope you’ll find our master table of Constant Contact alternatives just as helpful!

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    I like Constant Contact but switched to Moosend as it has more features and integrates faster and easier with our marketing apps.

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