10 Valentine’s Day Email Templates To Boost Sales [2023]

10 Valentine’s Day Email Templates To Boost Sales [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
September 13, 2023

If only I could find the perfect Valentine’s Day email templates…

Like Thanksgiving and Black Friday, February 14 gives brands the perfect opportunity to promote specific products and organize amazing sales for their love birds.

So, since V-day is near, we’ll help you turn your email marketing strategy into a conversion-loving machine.

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Creating Custom Valentine’s Day Newsletter Templates With Moosend

A converting email design is all you need to attract your subscriber’s attention on this special day. However, to make it work, you need the right tools!

From your visuals to your copy and CTA, Valentine’s Day requires a particular theme and time sensitivity. So, if you want to target your email audience, you’ll need the help of a digital cupid, i.e., your email marketing automation platform!

Moosend’s user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and V-Day email templates are all you need to set the conversion gears in motion.

Valentine's day email templates

A tool like this will allow you to:

  • Create your email template and save them
  • Use pre-made email templates from the library
  • Import templates from other websites and customize them
  • Add advanced elements like timers, GIFs, product blocks, and more
  • Leverage marketing automation and personalization

As you can see above, we quickly made a beautiful template to promote our fictional cat supply store using Moosend and Canva.

You can try Moosend for free before creating your next big template for February 14th! Also, since V-day is an annual event, you can save your custom template in the library and reuse/update it to save time.

Below, you’ll find the best Valentine’s Day templates to add to your email marketing platform for better conversions! Let’s see!

Moosend’s Valentine’s Day Newsletter Templates

To access Moosend’s Valentine’s Day templates, you need to sign up for an account and click on create a new campaign.

When you access the email builder, you can find the holiday designs in the Template Library.

1. The Love at First Email V-Day Template

valentine's day email templates

Customize it!

Why you need it: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and with this responsive email template, you can achieve it! The colors create a beautiful harmony that will encourage your recipient to interact with your email. Also, the animated heart at the center will be a nice addition to share the love and win them over.

While this template doesn’t rely on product images, targeting your email list with a simple and focused message will give you better results. Versatility is key when it comes to ready-made templates. So, with this one, you can create your next Valentine’s email campaign to boost your sales in a breeze.

2. The Sweetest V-Day Email Newsletter Template

v-day email design

Customize it!

Why you need it: If you want a traditional Valentine’s day template, then this one is the perfect one for your audience. This elegant newsletter template is designed for every brand regardless of industry. The heart visuals and colors will keep your V-day campaign relevant, helping you create a stunning sale email without performing numerous customizations to match your branding.

Regarding structure, this template is perfect for organizing your product blocks and offering numerous suggestions to your email list. Moreover, if you choose this template and customize it through Moosend’s editor, you can also set up conditional/dynamic content to display specific recommendations to subscribers based on contact tags.

Stripo’s Best Valentine’s Day Email Templates

Stripo is an email template builder that offers the widest selection of ready-made templates out there. The builder has 26 (HTML) V-Day email templates, both free and premium.

To get them, you’ll first need to create a Stripo account and select the template that better fits your business and audience. Then, you can easily export your V-day template to Moosend by integrating your two apps.

Here’s the process:

  • register with Moosend and Stripo for free
  • choose your Stripo template and select “Export”
  • copy your API Key from the “Settings” option in your Moosend account
  • select Moosend from the ESP section and paste the API Key

For more information, you can always check the video below:

Now, it’s time to help your subscribers get their loved ones the best V-day presents!

3. The Sweet Valentine’s Day Sale Template

stripo valentine's day email templates

Why you need it: Here, you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day email template to impress your target audience. From the colors to the picture of the pug, this design is perfect for making your email list feel the love. And while this template is created for a pet shop, you can easily tweak it to reflect your branding.

For example, you can easily change the product blocks before you import your design to Moosend to give your audience relevant recommendations. Moreover, don’t forget to give it a memorable Valentine’s Day subject line to boost your open rate.

4. The Romantic Gift Guide Template

Stripo v-day template for email marketing

Why you need it: Ecommerce stores aren’t the only businesses using Valentine’s Day newsletters to charm their customers. Bloggers can equally send some beautiful V-day email campaigns to help readers on this big day!

With this free template, you can create a romantic holiday email to help your audience pick the best Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. On top of that, the email design is ideal for boosting your readership since it favors an extended Z-pattern layout.

While this V-Day email template has the right elements to work, you could customize the calls to action to make them stand out a little more.

Don’t forget to register for your free Moosend account and integrate it with Stripo to send your sale email to your lovebirds.

5. The Hungry For Love Valentine’s Day Email Template

Stripo best valentine's day email templates

Why you need it: This free email template is the perfect example of creating something Valentine-y and brand-specific.  Now, if you have a pizza place, don’t forget to add a few hearts and pizza emojis to make it one of the best Valentine’s Day email subject lines around.  What’s more, just because this is all about pizza, it doesn’t mean that only restaurant owners can leverage this template!

Whether promoting heart-shaped bath bombs or cakes, you can easily change the visuals to create a promotional email that converts. If subject lines aren’t your strongest suit, you can use an AI-powered email subject line tester to test your creations and see how they perform!

6. The We-Love-You V-Day Email Template

Stripo free valentine's day email template

Why you need it: What if I told you that you don’t have to bombard your list with thousands of elements to convert them? A simple “We love you” is all it takes to show them your appreciation! And with the above free template, you can create one of the most simple yet most effective Valentine’s Day email campaigns for your email list.

Furthermore, the newsletter image will give your V-day campaign the right amount of love to boost your click-through rate without trying too much. Now, the only thing left to convince your audience is to give them an irresistible V-day promo discount! This template will give you the right blueprint to create and deliver something special for your loyal customers.

And if you want to give them an extra incentive, why not add a countdown timer to add urgency?

7. The V-Day Wingman Email Template

Stripo v-day email template

Why you need it: Your subscribers are very busy, especially on Valentine’s Day! So, if you want to make them interact with your email campaigns, you need a clever Valentine’s day email template like the one above. As you can see, the template has a Z-pattern layout that offers the subscriber useful tips. Similarly, you can use the structure to help your audience plan the perfect V-date or pick the right gift for their loved ones.

Also, if this template is to your liking, don’t forget to check and use some of the top email marketing best practices that email marketers use to craft high-converting email marketing campaigns for their brands. With the right messaging, visuals, and CTAs, you can make your audience fall in love with your brand!

BEE Top Valentine’s Day Newsletter Templates

BEE is another great email template builder tool to create email designs without coding skills. If you want to send your love notes to your email list, import them to Moosend’s platform.

To do that, you’ll need to find and click the “Export” option and download the ZIP file with the HTML email template and visuals.

8. The Minimalist Effect V-Day Newsletter Template

Beefree valentine's day email templates

Why you need it: This free animated Valentine’s Day email template is perfect for attracting your subscribers’ attention. From the vibrant colors to the minimalist structure, recipients can easily digest the message and click on the CTA. What’s more, the little animated hearts will add to your messaging the right amount of charm they need to convert.

On top of that, the excellent use of white space will give your products an extra flair, convincing your email list to check them out. Didn’t I tell you that V-day is all about cuteness? Well, with this email template, you will surely win their hearts! The gift card section at the end is also perfect for late-minute purchases. Trust me; late shoppers will thank you for this instant solution!

Finally, always check whether your templates have an unsubscribe link to minimize hurting your email deliverability and avoid getting flagged.

9. The Product Star V-day Template

Beefree valentine's day email templates

Why you need it: This V-day template is ideal for placing your products at the heart of your email marketing campaign. From the colors to the background image, this template can be modified to accommodate any brand. Moreover, your subscribers will likely get overwhelmed by the V-day emails they’ll get. So, to win them over, you should try to make their life easier by picking a simple template to show them exactly what they need and how to get it.

Interestingly, the template is also similar to the previous template in terms of color and structure. So, if you plan on using this template, you can also create a drip campaign series combining the two! This way, you will target your audience with two separate campaigns to boost your special offers and coupons.

To set up a drip campaign, you can register for Moosend’s platform, hop into the workflow builder and create your sequence based on specific actions/time intervals and more.

10. The Classy Valentine’s Day Template

Beefree premium valentine's day email templates

Why you need it:  Now, not everything has to be bright pink or have tons of hearts! If your brand has a more serious character or targets an older audience, you can use a classier Valentine’s Day email template to catch their attention.

First of all, the above email design has a blue/purple base you can use to promote your products/services on Valentine’s Day in an elegant fashion. Of course, the neon red visuals add something special to the template to fit the seasonal theme without being excessive.

Elegant and beautiful, this email template is a great solution for an older audience that appreciates the little things in life.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

We hope the above ready-made templates will save you valuable time and help you create the perfect Valentine’s day email marketing campaign for your audience.

Of course, before you deliver your little “love notes” to your email list, export it to your email platform, add any advanced features to power it up and then schedule it for the right time!

Creating a free Moosend account will give you all the time you need to try out all the email marketing tools you need to get started!

If you’re serious about your V-day email marketing strategy, though, you should consider getting one of the paid plans starting at $9/month.

Time to share the love, one charming V-day template at a time!

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