Every Manager’s Dream

Comprehensive, precise and easy-to-manage reports that save you time and support fast, accurate business decisions.

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Bird’s Eye View

Gain complete control of your campaigns with a quick and thorough overview of your campaigns’ progress. Track unique and total open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards and unsubscribes and hold all the email marketing aces.

Their Activity Reported

Let Moosend be your eye in the sky. Gain full access to your recipient’s every move, all clustered in one tab, and plan your next email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Put Them On The Map

Waldo would hate this. Learn your customers’ location, see which countries have the highest engagement and target your audiences effectively by customizing your newsletters accordingly.

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Know Your Users’ Devices

Concentrate your testing and efforts on the devices and browsers your customers actually use, analyze trends and identify opportunities to offer unique user experiences to all your users.

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Powerful Analytics, Powerful Decisions

Squeeze your emails out with Moosend’s powerful analytics tool that measures your efforts in detail and helps you keep the real juice of your email marketing in real time. Cheers!

Put Your Customers’ Clicks, Pauses And Scrolls In Context

Find the click that does the trick with a click heatmap that comes with all your designs. Learn how users navigate your emails and site and gain valuable insights to better understand your audience.

Own Your Reports

Export, download, share and use your reports any way you like. They’re all yours!

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