The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Marketing

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This holiday season you’re getting a free design upgrade for your company’s Christmas marketing.

We tried and tested some dozens of software programs and this is a design list you can trust.

But we took it a step further.

As always.  Uhm, not the right time to brag.

christmas marketing ideas

How to execute your Christmas Marketing Ideas

Executing your marketing ideas is a daunting task that requires resilience and patience especially if you are tasked with running Christmas Marketing Campaigns.

Christmas is a very important season not only for eCommerce stores but pretty much any retail store out there, therefore we’ve prepared a kick-start guide to help you launch your next Christmas Marketing idea!

Here is a quick preview of what this guide is going to provide you with:

  • Goal-setting before plan execution
  • Six design tool hacks for your Christmas marketing – beyond email
  • Tips, tips, and tips: we drop them like they’re hot!
  • Five tips to have everyone think you hired a design pro (coming up)
  • Two free templates for your email marketing (coming up)

Let’s get started!

Set your marketing goal

‘A goal properly set is halfway reached.’

You can start as many times as you wish. If you have no idea where you’re going or how you’re getting there, you’ll get lost every time.

Setting a goal is essential to realizing your goals.

Practice saying: “Well, it took a few hours’ works, but it was all worth it”.

Yeah, a little before that.

Practice saying: “What I most wanted to do was to…” — Hold it right there.

This is the first question any marketing guru or consultant will ask you:

“What is your goal?”

So, before we begin, grab a piece of paper and write it down.


Lead nurturing for the Christmas season

Lead nurturing is business nurturing.

Leads are people interested in your business, first-time visitors, returning customers, and so on.

The challenge for every SME is to retain them and build meaningful relationships with them.

The next step is to engage with them and gradually turn them as excited about the product as yourself!

How is lead nurturing related with the holiday season?

Our consumerist societies will provide every buying-power person with the opportunity to spend. Spend some more. And then some.

From a cultural viewpoint, holidays are approached from the angle of connecting with others through gift-giving processes.

Delving deeper into this, the fast pace of our lives does approve and deem logical the symbolization of feelings through the exchange of gifts – which is quicker, for that matter.

This has implications for every business.

You must ask yourself: is this vigorous consumerism patient enough to wait for my website to load?

Are busy 30-year-old men and women eager to check out my products in-store since I don’t have a full collection uploaded or eshop options?

Having an eshop gives people the opportunity to shop from you. But they first must get to you, and then, be reminded of your offering and offers.

On the occasion of Christmas, taking a lead from Black Friday, people will come flocking to your website. It’s fast to do so and is available for browsing and shopping on a 24/7 basis.

This is flexibility at its best!

But you need to hold on to these people: they are interested in your offering, they are engaged, they are relevant.

And you don’t want to risk losing them and having to track them down all over again.

Track customer behavior on your website

To someone who is not very tech-savvy the above could sound like pie in the sky, or creepy.

It’s not pie in the sky: Everyone visiting your website leaves a trace. Let’s imagine snails, but, like, fast snails.

They go from one page to another, they stumble upon some pages, they add to their carts, they remove from their carts, they browse specific categories.

Website analytics let you peer through customer journeys.

By setting up Moosend’s website tracking, every visitor who leaves their email address to get a 20% discount or a $10 coupon code, is assigned a random code which is then matched to the buying behavior of that person.

It’s exactly the same thing as when you earn credits at the supermarket with the card they provided you with.

Website tracking, beyond simply tracking people’s actions, will automatically segment those people to a separate category.

For instance, you’ve noticed that a significant number of website visitors drop out of the checkout process. You suspect it’s high shipping fees.

So, you set up website tracking with a single click, and head over to the automations library from where you get a template to send to those whenever this occurs.

Your smart automations segment those who dropped out of the checkout process into a group. This group receives the email you have selected.

The magic happens when the recipients of your email get either free shipping for their purchase or a discount if they spend X amount of money or more.

And you’ll be thrilled to see how many people return to your site to complete their purchase and convert: up to 50% of them, to be exact.

It’s not creepy: you don’t get the personal details of people, other than the ones they choose to share with you when they fill in the fields in the forms.

It is thanks to these details that they get personalized and timely offers. Their details are all law-protected.

Christmas marketing ideas to increase online sales

The end-goal of your Christmas marketing plan is to increase your sales right?

If not then you might want to give it another thought, the following section covers some marketing channels you must take advantage of this Christmas season.

Start with Email Marketing

Taking it up a notch?

Provided you have set up your automations, a basic set of automations awaits: Welcome email, Thank you for your purchase email, Cart abandonment email.

The next level of selling through email is to set up upsell/cross-sell automations, weather-based product recommendation workflows, and website re-engagement campaigns.

Here’s how to sell more to your existing customers

You can increase your sales by setting up upselling and cross-selling automations, you can set up specific emails to be triggered for specific product recommendations.

For example, if you wish to promote one product over another, even after the purchase has been completed, you could set up an automation that offers to upgrade the purchase.

With free shipping, of course, or another motive.

One idea could be to offer the Premium version of your product for free over a limited time period before switching to the regular version.

This is a common way to softly upsell customers into upgrading their product.

Another way is to send an email to your most highly engaged subscribers and even half-way through their subscription offer them a feature upgrade for much less.

One common example of upselling is when booking air tickets:

Even after you’ve booked your seat you are presented with extra leg space options, priority boarding options, or getting your auto insurance by Travelers, etc.

Here’s how to sell based on the weather in every area

By setting up a weather-based product recommendation automation, you can send out real-time item recommendations which are weather-specific, e.g. umbrellas, scarves, etc.

Suppose you sell seasonal or weather-specific products.

This means that you must sell out all your current stock as it might not be marketable next year.

Sending a weather-based product recommendation email can inspire people to buy from you. You’re tapping from the inside of their mobile screen asking if they need rain boots.

You get to them before anyone else does.

Come up with a sassy subject line, like “We don’t like rain either. But we love this year’s rain boots.”

Stay relevant in the minds of your subscribers.

And if you want to check your subject lines we’ve created Refine, our A.I powered suggestions tool!

Here’s how to get more subscribers to try other products on your website

By setting up a website re-engagement email, you can reach out to those who have made a purchase from you in the past X months but haven’t returned.

These are hot leads which have gone lukewarm.

Essentially, our objective is to remind them what your brand means to them and get them to re-engage with your website once again.

The fastest way to their hearts? An exclusive discount coupon for their next purchase.

Even if they don’t make a purchase, they are more likely to keep your brand top-of-mind in the future.

This way, you boost brand loyalty with your customers.

Setting up Facebook and Instagram Ads

With a growing number of users signing up for Facebook and Instagram, it’s time to consider advertising on these platforms – if you aren’t already!

Launching your Christmas social media plan today, you’ll need the following:

Write a series of teaser posts – These will be diffused in the days counting down to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Repost user-generated content or create content yourself with your users’ purchases – This will spruce up user engagement and spur more purchases.

Enrich your current, consistent, and ongoing post plan with a few Xmas-y posts – Draw a seamless social media plan that reaches a climax of Christmas-ness as the days are closing in.

Depending on the platform, focus on copy or creative or a combination of the two.

For instance, Facebook puts a limit of up to 20% text in an image. Consequently, it is wisest to invest in short, compelling copy and beautiful imagery.

Instagram, on the other hand, is more flexible: no text-limitations (yet!), but it is clear that imagery is king and queen.


Boost Brand Loyalty with our magical reindeer flight formula

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is your way of extending your thanks.

There are unlimited possibilities!

  • Give out a discount coupon – for no reason!
  • Send a special anniversary bonus – a week or two before Christmas, to celebrate 1 year 5 months and 14 days since you opened your store! Look for reasons to celebrate!
  • Send personalized emails: name tags, weather tags, dynamic content – you name it!
  • Provide excellent customer support and customer service – however challenging and tough this can be to squeeze in.
  • Start a loyalty program – make it meaningful and rewarding for your users to continue buying from you. You can also set up a loyalty sequence (pt. 1 and pt. 2).
  • Send a Christmas e-card! And a Day-after-Christmas e-card! And how about a Will-Ferrell-in-Elf-excited Two-days-after-Christmas e-card? Wow, can’t wait!

Offline Marketing to get your Christmas spirit on

Online offers and website tracking are nice and all, but, at the end of the day we need some more tangible aspects for our experience.

  • A simple keyring from your brand can go a long way into the daily life of your customers!
  • Throw a Meet & Greet party! And then engage all social media channels, post teasers, reveal some surprises, create a facebook event, update it with real-time photo updates from the party, throw in an extra discount for those who make purchases on that day, and so on!
  • Depending on the type of business you are in, and the audiences you are targeting, it would be a good idea to create a mood board with user-generated content!
  • Slip in a Christmas card in their shopping bags – or in their baskets! It is Christmas after all, let the Christmas spirit take over!




Easily design ornaments for your own Christmas marketing branding

The section is dedicated to providing your design with Christmas flair, along with copy ideas. As always.  Not the right time to brag, either? K.

Even if you’ve never afforded to hire a designer, if you bear with us today, we’ll get you there!

One way or another, everyone is taught to perform tasks. No kind of knowledge is innate.

Give life to your Christmas marketing ideas with these 4 design tools

Tool #1: Canvacanva user interface ui

Simple, intuitive, straightforward design of the platform.

It is a boundlessly creative design tool!

We love it because it makes our Christmas marketing ideas do-able! Aaaand it comes with a guide complete with tips!

Pricing: FREE basic product. 30-day free trial and then you can upgrade to Canva for Work for $13/month or $9.95/moth for the yearly subscription. Get your hands dirty now! 

canva user experience ux

We asked one of our marketing co-workers to put something together. In 10 minutes. Not bad, huh? user experience red background wreath christmas

And that’s another design from a non-designer, but designer-loving co-worker!

Tool #2: Get stencilornaments and sugar canes "that uber Christmas list" title

This is the result of our 60-seconds challenge to another marketer

It is a clean and simple design tool.

We love it because it makes it intuitive to go about designing something from scratch!

Pricing: If you get started with the Free plan, you can create up to 10 photos every month. If you choose the yearly plan, you get Get Stencil for $9 or $12 per month!

Design Tool #3: Coolorscoolors

It is a fun tool to match colors.

We love it because we save time matching colors before it’s too late!

Pricing: Free!

Tool #4: Google fontschristmas google fonts

It is the shortcut to finding the right font for the

We love it because There is a great variety of layouts, designs and

Pricing: Free!

Tool #5: shutterstockshutterstock template

It is a rich library of images, styles, and patterns.

We love it because there’s a great array of everything. It also serves as an inspiration bank!

Pricing: Free browse account – you can find more plans starting for as low as $49 for 10 images

More reasons to launch our Christmas Marketing Ideas?

Why accessorize for Christmas?

Why we never thought we’d have to explain why you should dress up for Christmas!

What’s next? Ask us why we drink pumpkin spice latte?!

If we must, here’s a couple of reasons we drafted off the top of our heads:

You should do the Jingle Bells special because

  • it’s Christmas
  • you’re not the Grinch
  • you can’t wear the same look throughout the year
  • you can’t afford to be current

What essentially has come to mean that your business is obsolete because it does not keep up with major holidays or the holiday season is the greatest takeaway for businesses.

Far beyond “just another trend”, getting Christmas-y and all is everything in 2017.

What to accessorize?

  • logo across your social media accounts
  • the cover photo on facebook
  • shopping bag
  • shop window
  • impulse-buy shelves (yep, those bric-à-brac-dedicated stands next to the cashier’s!)
  • website – here’s a Christmas-y one for WordPress we really like
  • ordering vinyl Christmas stickers with your festive logo
  • making Christmas temporary tattoos with your brand on it

Anything that exits your store or inventory and bears your brand name on it! Just make sure your logo and brand are still recognizable!

What accessories to use?

Here it goes:

  • snowflakes
  • Santa’s sack
  • ribbons
  • cute penguins
  • polar bears
  • wreaths
  • baubles
  • Santa’s beard and belt
  • mistletoe
  • sugar cane
  • bells
  • gingerbread
  • wrapped gifts
  • stockings
  • reindeer
  • elves
  • sleighs
  • mittens
  • ugly Christmas sweaters


christmas icons

Can’t decide what you should go for?

Christmas Marketing campaigns ran by top companies

#1: Don’t do what you did last year – even if everyone loved it

starbucks coffee designs years 2009 to 2015

#2: Play with nostalgia and tactile-like elements

nostalgia marketing packaging
#3: Choose a family of designs for different usescoke zero christmas packaging#4: (Pumpkin)Spice up your content

Make this holiday all about what makes your business unique: the people.

Put together a series of posts on the blog or on one of your social media accounts.

Make it personal by communicating your team’s favorite Christmas, or their favorite Christmas customs.

People engage with people, not things.

People have better stories to tell, than things.

The best marketing in the world cannot beat the authentic, fuzzy feeling of a heartfelt Christmas story, one that more people can relate to.

Sprinkle some Christmas throwbacks

If this sounds mambo jumbo to you, we’re gonna play the name-dropping card: “Nostalgia Marketing”.

But really, there is no Marketing subdivision that does not reflect the real needs of people.

It’s purely human.

People like to be reminded of past times; if they were happy times, they’ll get a sweet smile on their face, if not, that’d mean their better off now, which is also a sweet thing to realize.

So, engaging with your customers on an effective and reflective level, there are quite a few things you could try:

If you are in the food industry, you can do a Christmas special: ask your top chef(s) for their favorite recipes, and the most popular one(s) will make it to your menu.

Alternatively, you can run a different recipe every other week, for the weeks counting down to Christmas.

Those who are in the fashion industry, you can do a “70’s, 80’s, 90’s” Christmas special: in which members of your staff share their ugly sweaters or extraordinary hairdo’s in the decades.

If you are in the SaaS industry, you can do a feature of your favorite video games when you were little, along with photos of the consoles, and screenshots from the game.

You’ll be surprised at how many you can find online!

Last, for the air tickets industry, run a “Time travel special” with top destinations at Christmas in the previous decades.

What industry are you in? Send us an email at and we will send you more ideas for your industry!

We’re here for you. As always. ❤

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