14 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Skyrocket Your Sales This Holiday Season

Have yourself a merry little Christmas marketing ideas! Let your branding shine! From now on, your seasonal troubles will be out of sight!

Christmas! The perfect time of the year to engage new and old customers and spread the holiday spirit around!

Not only that, but you can also create stronger brand awareness by responding to changing seasons in a way that resonates with your brand’s core identity and values.

Today, we are here with an early gift: the best Christmas makeover ideas to make this holiday season the best season ever.

So, without further ado, let the Christmas inspiration begin!

Christmas Email Marketing Ideas

Start the Christmasification process with email marketing! Why?

Because your emails are not only your most profitable channel with an ROI of $54 but also the most easily-customizable tool to target the holiday theme!

What we are looking for is a sense of continuity that takes account of the season – a tweak, not a radical, total overhaul.

With this in mind, let’s see what you can do to give your email marketing a Christmas vibe.

1. Create A Christmas Email Campaign 

If this is the first time you’re incorporating Christmas marketing into your marketing plan,  let’s see how you can create a simple yet effective Christmas email.

What you’ll need:

  • An email marketing platform like Moosend with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and advanced elements.
  • A responsive Christmas email template to save valuable time and get you inspired.
  • Beautiful images and an irresistible value proposition.

The first thing you need now is to sign up for a free Moosend account and select a new campaign.

Moosend email marketing platform

Then, add a cool subject line (we’ll talk about them later on) and choose the right segment to deliver your Christmas email campaign.

When on the editor, you can click on the Template Library and select one of the responsive Christmas email templates.

From here, you can customize every element of your template, add advanced elements like countdown timers to increase urgency or social buttons for email/social media cross-promotion.

Moosend christmas email template ideas

Moreover, if you’re pressed on time, the image picker will fetch you a quick visual from popular stock photo sites or your Instagram account!

When you are ready, save your Christmas email and move on to the spam and delivery tests to ensure that your email won’t end up in any spam folder.

Last but not least, Moosend lets you schedule your Christmas emails. That’s pretty handy for all you busy email marketers!

Moosend Christmas email delivery

If you are serious about boosting sales, you can also leverage the power of marketing automation. This way, you can target your audience with a Christmas campaign based on their online activity and engagement with your brand.

Pro tip: If you need more info about creating and sending an email, make sure to check our amazing Moosend Academy tutorials!

2. Add Christmas Email Subject lines

Building Christmas into your subject lines doesn’t mean a motley collection of ho-ho-ho puns and wishes for this winter holiday.

An appealing, attention-grabbing subject line will give you better open rates. The secret recipe is to address customer pain points that will get your audience to open and click-through your Christmas emails.

Of course, when you add your subscriber’s name into the mix, your subject line will give you better results, so make sure to leverage personalization to take them to the next level.

Know what else can work Christmas miracles? An emoji!

A reindeer, snowman, or Santa emoji will help your email stand out in your subscribers’ inbox.

Here’s a sneak peek into mine. See how MVMT uses emojis to bring attention to their holiday sale?

MVMV christmas marketing ideas for subject lines

If you want to find out how more Christmas email subject lines, don’t forget to check our 56 amazing examples for inspiration!

Also, here are some cool subject lines you can use to boost your open rates and make a great first impression:

  • They’re Here! 🎁 Holiday gifts for everyone on your list! (Function of Beauty)
  • ⏰ Last Chance 2Day Shipping for 12/24 🎅 (Bellami Hair)
  • A Christmas gift for you, Marilia! 🎁 (Slurp)
  • Awesome news – London has some last-minute deals! (Booking)

Pro tip: Having trouble with your email subject lines? No worries, a lot of email marketers have trouble finding the perfect combo. If you want a helping hand, make sure to get your hands on a subject line tester! It will make your life easier and your subject lines more converting!

3. Design Festive Visuals

No Christmas email is complete without some festive newsletter images!

This holiday season, you want to keep your email recognizable. For Christmas, use seasonal imagery like bags of presents, Christmas trees, and so on. Also, around your emails, alter or add a touch of snow, a sprinkle of tinsel, a Santa hat. Pretty much everything that alludes to Christmas!

For MeUndies, the online store uses this Christmas boot visual to promote its Christmas-themed products and shower its audience with gift cards:

ideas for christmas marketing by meundies

Clever and unique, this is one of the best Christmas marketing ideas you need to keep in mind!

You can get as creative as you like! But don’t forget, your visuals should speak to your audience rather than follow a popular trend. Just take a look at this email by SteelSeries:

Christmas email visual by steelseries

This visual is perfect for the brand’s game-loving audience. For MeUndies, though, a visual like this would seem absurd.

Pro tip: Images are great but have you met GIFS? Using videos and gifs will make your emails more unique and fun to interact with.

To get them into your Christmas emails, though, you need an email marketing platform that supports them. Moosend’s advanced editor is the right tool for the job! Just make sure to register for a Moosend account first and then, it’s time to create!

4. Write Christmas-Oriented Email Copy

Christmas themes extend to the copy of your email too. So, if you want to promote the ultimate Christmas sale for your eCommerce store you need to create something special and memorable.

Before creating your Christmas season copy, you need to keep in mind that a B2C and B2B holiday marketing strategy is a bit different.

For B2B, that might mean sending a short text email to wish your email subscribers Happy Holidays. This way, you can engage with your audience during the holidays and show them your appreciation and trust in your brand.

Here’s a simple example by SessionStack that looks like a beautiful Christmas card:

Sessionstack christmas email card

For B2C, though, things are a little different. Both eCommerce stores, small businesses, and retailers will often create a campaign showcasing potential gift ideas and sharing gift guides.

From the subject line: “Gift Guide: Check out our stocking fillers,” to the beautiful visual, Guess is a prime example of how B2C companies can leverage their email copy to increase conversions.

Christmas marketing campaign for B2C by Guess

As you can see, the brand gives its subscribers the promise that they “can’t go wrong” when they choose a Guess gift for their loved ones.

If you ask me, that’s all shoppers want to see when they search for the perfect Christmas present!

Christmas Ideas For Your Website

Your website is the first thing your visitors will see when they search for specific products. So, why not give it a holiday makeover to make it more memorable?

From cozy through timeless to heart-warming and fun, it is about hitting the right note with a sense of style.

5. Add A Christmas Website Image 

One of the easiest Christmas marketing ideas you can implement right away is to change your website image into something Christmassy.

For Coca-Cola, the king of holiday storytelling and clever Christmas marketing ideas, this hero image has the right amount of heart-warmness to remind visitors of the core values of the brand.

Coca cola brilliant christmas ideas for your website

Of course, you don’t need to be Coca-Cola to share the holiday cheer!

Little changes like adding snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santas, and festive bows throughout your site will equally excite your potential customers for their Christmas shopping.

Moreover, if you want to give your website the same sense of urgency and scarcity (like your emails!) make sure to craft an image that will incentivize visitors to make a purchase.

Here, Total Wine uses wine bottles and Christmas lights to get a very elegant visual to promote their limited-time specials.

See how the “Limited-Time Specials” features above the call-to-action in the form of an arrow? That’s an amazing way to lead customers to click and convert.

Total wine website simple christmas idea

Also, extra points for the brightly colored CTA button! Not only does it reflect the Christmas mood but also catches the brand’s visitors at first glance!

6. Make Christmas Newsletter Signup Forms

Your website alone isn’t the only thing you can use to boost your Christmas sales!

Your newsletter signup forms are already part of your website to help you boost your lead generation.

So, instead of displaying a generic popup with a discount offer, why not Christmasify the peppermint out of it?

You can use a Christmas-themed popup or different ones to catch your potential shoppers’ email addresses during all 12 days of Christmas!

Here’s a simple and effective example by Bath & Body Works:

Bath & Body Works email newsletter signup form

This amazing holiday addition will attract some attention to your form and increase your newsletter signup rate.

Also, for better results, add a Christmas discount offer to boost your visitors’ holiday shopping desire! Trust me, 20% off will work like a charm!

You can easily boost your lead generation with Moosend’s subscription forms! All you need is to sign up for a free account!

7. Have Christmas-Themed Landing Pages

Creating additional landing pages for Christmas shoppers is one of the best ideas you can implement for boosting your conversions!

Seasonal landing pages can target holiday consumers or offer holiday-themed giveaways.

If you do not normally use countdown timers on product pages, this is one of the simplest Christmas marketing ideas you might have missed out on!

(Remember, FOMO is your holiday marketing strategy’s best friend!)

To make Christmas landing pages, make sure to choose the right landing page template, add Christmas visuals, colors and craft the perfect value proposition!

Check this example out by Omega Watches to see what I mean:

holiday landing page example by omega watches

To mimic Omega Watches’ example, get your hands on a landing page builder that will give you all the creative freedom you need. Out there, you’ll find numerous free landing page builders.

If you are serious, though, I recommend getting a landing page builder as part of an all-in-one marketing tool. This way, you’ll save yourself from creative inconsistencies between emails, landing pages, and signup forms.

Moosend already offers landing pages as part of its lead generation tools. To get them, you’ll need to signup up for an account and then purchase one of the available paid plans. The cheapest one starts at $8/month.

8.Update Your Product Descriptions 

Another clever Christmas marketing idea you can use is to tweak your product descriptions!

If you are using a gift guide or other content marketing techniques to support purchase decisions, keep the copy in sync across your product descriptions too.

You can also use seasonal prompts across product descriptions where appropriate. Finally, consider adding a touch of seasonal sparkle to your product images.

Ideally, you will funnel your audience from email through landing pages to products and then to checkout with every stage preserving the same aesthetic.

Here, you can see how HappySocks uses a festive description to get the holiday message across and boost their SEO product descriptions:

Happysocks christmas marketing ideas for product descriptions

Simple and effective!

Christmas Ideas For Social Media 

Of course, social media couldn’t be absent from your best Christmas marketing ideas!

First of all, social media are more accessible compared to your email campaign, where customers need to sign up.

A single post can easily be the first point of contact for many leads, or if you have dedicated audiences on Twitter and Facebook, or Instagram, it makes sense to get seasonal there too.

To get your hands on social media Christmasification you can do the following:

9. Create Christmassy Social Media Posts

The perfect Christmas social media post should be unique and fun to engage with to promote engagement and shareability.

To marry Christmas with social media marketing don’t forget to create a stunning visual (adding your product in there will boost engagement!).

Furthermore, you need to invest in a heart-warming social copy that reflects Christmas, and don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags to increase discoverability.

Check out a great example from MAC Cosmetics’ Instagram account from last year:

Christmas social media marketing post by MAC

As a general tip, stay true to your core values and, if you want to engage your loyal followers more, throw a nice giveaway to surprise them!

10. Get a Christmas Cover Photo

Altering the background images of your social channels to reflect important events is also a no-brainer.

The task is simple: use pictures or custom graphics that have a mix of images and words that convey your seasonally-appropriate value proposition.

Check out how Starbucks changed their usual cover photo on Facebook for a Christmas one as early as early November!

Starbucks social media idea for christmas marketing

Changing your background images switches up the feel of your whole page. Also, it is very simple to do in most social channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer straightforward instructions.

Bear in mind that the size and shape of these graphics can be a little weird, so be prepared to do some resizing before you set them up.

Keep in mind that nothing says unprofessional like an obviously stretched banner image!

11. Create Christmas Paid Ads

People chilling next to the Christmas tree (or taking pictures of it and posting it on Instagram) will scroll down their social media feeds for interesting posts.

That’s the right time to strike with an amazing ad.

Compared to your Christmas organic traffic efforts, paid traffic will help you get your products in front of more eager eyes.

So, if you have a Christmas sale to promote, creating a festive ad is one of the best Christmas marketing ideas you can leverage to skyrocket your holiday sales.

From Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, you can create beautiful visuals with irresistible value propositions to make high-converting ads.

A great example comes from the Dollar Shave Club, who used this visual as part of their carousel Facebook ad to promote their shaving products in a hilarious way:

Dollar Shave club christmas facebook ad

The brand went for the unexpected, which was enough to attract attention to their Christmas campaign labeled “The Perfect Gift for Almost Everyone!”

Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Content

Content marketing is powerful. Make it seasonal, too!

After your Halloween content and Black Friday and Cyber Monday guides, it’s time for your festive Christmas content.

Consider search intent and need, not just keywords, and create posts that will help your readers through the rocky waters of the super busy holiday season.

Remember, it is about providing real value!

Also what lesser content marketers forget: it is not just blogging!

Regardless of your company type, creating holiday content will give you a boost in engagement and show your customers how much you care about them.

While both B2C and B2B content focuses on engaging one’s audience, there are different ways to approach them.

Let’s see!

12. B2C Christmas Marketing Content Ideas

For B2C, gift guides and how-tos make you accessible and friendly to new visitors.

First of all, gift guides are, undoubtedly, one of the best lead nurturing tools to show your products and solve one of the most important pain points: selecting a gift!

For MVMT, this is the perfect addition to help your website visitors find the perfect gift for their loved ones:

mvmt holiday ideas

Moreover, to get your gift guide out there, seek to develop a cross-promotion strategy, mainly with your email marketing, to spread the word!

This way you’ll make gifting easier for everyone!

13. B2B Christmas Content Ideas

Right now, businesses have specific seasonal concerns depending on their industry, but all geared ultimately around consumer behavior at Christmas.

Whether you have a small business or a SaaS company, creating useful seasonal content is the best way to engage your audience and help them out.

Moreover, don’t forget to promote your B2B holiday content through different channels! A beautiful assortment of Christmas articles delivered right into their email is a beautiful way to help and engage!

A beautiful Christmas video is one of the most effective Christmas marketing ideas you can use to show them your appreciation!

And some other times, a hilarious Christmas idea is all you need to entertain and surprise them like this one by Compressed Air Equipment:

compressed air equipment b2b christmas video marketing


The more iconic and recognizable a logo, the more profitable it is to alter and adapt it to the seasons! Just ask Nike, Coca-Cola, or Google. Which by the way has already turned its logo into a colorful spectacle:

ideas for christmas logos by google

However, even if millions do not know your brand (yet), that does not mean you cannot use the same tricks!

Seasonal visual vocabulary offers you some room to move and stay recognizable. Red, white, and green are the most popular color choices. You can also try plain tricks to make it work.

For instance, try and add a small crown of snow to your logo to get a good effect.

Or like Webjet, add a Santa hat to make your logo embrace the Christmas spirit:

Webjet christmas marketing idea for logos

You do not have to throw the whole Christmas collection at the logo, just make it look nice and simple!

Changing your logo to suit the needs of a Christmas campaign isn’t the biggest change you can make.

But, then again, your logo is just the most memorable thing about your brand!

Get Ready For Christmas!

Christmas is getting closer, so you and your brand need to be ready as soon as possible!

The above Christmas marketing ideas will get you inspired and show you the most important channels you need to target.

Also, invest in social media and content marketing to provide solutions to customer pain points and increase your seasonal sales!

Email marketing is your precious Christmas ally to boost your holiday sales and increase engagement with your audience. Just make sure that you have the right tools for the job!

If you’re still searching for a robust email marketing platform, make sure to sign up for a Moosend account and see what Christmas miracles you can create together!

Now, get out there and create a recognizable Christmas marketing campaign to take your business to the next level!

I’ll be waiting for it!

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