10 Free Email Marketing Services to Kick Start 2020 and Save Money

I know I know, a lot has changed since the last time we spoke (you missed me, admit it!). Perhaps you’re a dedicated five-to-niner trying to focus on your new enterprise and you’re looking for free email marketing services.

free email marketing services hero

You may already have a small list of subscribers. But is it small enough to be managed through conventional email services like Gmail or Outlook? No? Oh, what are you going to do now?

How are you going to entice them? Why would people take turns receiving your email newsletter?

I’ve got a handy guide for you right here, don’t worry about it! So, let’s just go!

Free Email Marketing Services: What to Look For

You’re not reading this guide just for the sake of it. Also, we’re not used to name-dropping without some kind of explanation.

So, let’s see what you should be looking for in general, when it comes to those free email marketing services.

First of all, you’ll need to check out the number of subscribers you’ve got and how many free emails you can send through the free email marketing campaign services you’re looking at. What do they enable you to do?

Would you perhaps like to use some pretty free email templates, as our own Moosend can enable you to do? Or maybe SendInBlue’s free email marketing plan’s daily cap of 300 free emails sounds just about right?

Take a look at the comprehensive comparative table below. It shows the top free email marketing services compared, and find out for yourself; I’ll get into more detail in just one second!

Free Plan No. Of Emails Best Feature Ratings
Moosend Up to 1,000 subscribers
(Sign up here)
Unlimited Free email templates,
Drag-and-drop editor
SendInBlue Free for unlimited subscribers 300/Day,
SMS personalization features,
Page tracking
HubSpot Up to 2,000 email sends 2,000/Month Personalization and Automation
MailerLite Up to 1,000 subscribers 12,000/Month A/B testing options,
Embedded sign-up forms
Mailchimp Up to 2,000 subscribers 10,000/Month Behavioral targeting tools,
Facebook Ads
MailJet Unlimited subscribers 200/Day
SMTP Relay,
SendPulse Up to 500 subscribers 15,000/Month Resend to non-openers,
EmailOctopus Up to 2,500 subscribers 10,000/Month Statistics stored for 30 days,
Unlimited campaigns
BenchMark Email Up to 2,000 subscribers 14,000/Month Live engagement reports,
Drag-and-drop editor
CleverReach Up to 250 subscribers 1,000/Month Reminder emails and autoresponders,

Tell me, was this good or was this great?

Or maybe -just maybe, I don’t know- you need more info?

Because if you do, I ain’t one to keep things hidden from you. Especially when you’re looking for free email marketing software online!

Let’s go get a little bit more comprehensive and delve deeper into the best email marketing services that can give you powerful features for zero dollars.

1. Moosend

Starting off with our very own Moosend, the free email marketing and marketing automation service -or our pretty nifty free forever plan, call it what you will!- can give you pretty much anything and everything you may need.

email marketing free services moosend


Through Moosend, you can manage your email campaigns, know what’s what when it comes to email templates that are responsive and optimized and… You know what?

I won’t babble too much, just register and see for yourself already! [Register for free here]

Moosend’s got free email marketing campaign services to last a lifetime. If, of course, growth is what you’re aiming for.

If you’re okay with up to 1,000 contacts, we’re okay with you sending as many emails as you want. To each contact. Every day until the end of time, really.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

…A bunch of features at zero price. Let’s take a more thorough look at what Moosend can provide and how it can help you supercharge your email marketing game!

So what is it that you should look for when you’re not sure of the free email marketing platform you should choose?

  • The number of subscribers the free plan allows you to have
  • The number of emails that can be sent daily and/or monthly

Not being careful with the above could result in you paying a hefty price. Quite literally so.

What does Moosend offer in those terms?

  • Moosend’s platform allows up to 1,000 unique subscribers. This means that no matter the number of lists one subscriber appears to be in, their email still counts as one.
  • No daily or monthly cap when it comes to the emails you send. If you need it, you can send it.
  • Marketing automation features, like onboarding sequences and abandoned cart sequences.
  • Email list segmentation, A/B testing options, and SPAM testing, just to make sure you’re top of your game.
  • Zero branding on your free emails. People will pay attention to your content and that alone.

What you pretty much need to know about the platform is that the features not included in this free email marketing tool are actually less than those included. Anything an SMB or a five-to-niner needs, we’ve got it. Just register for free here, you won’t regret it!

Moosend’s Pros

Moosend really is up there with many of the free email marketing software giants (not my words, check out the other email marketing services reviews and you’ll see for yourself).

Not to brag, but our free plan provides you with tools as fancy as an email-delivering, cape-wearing super-calf:

  • A Drag-and-Drop editor that is super easy to use and create beautiful designs. You can choose between ready-made templates or create your own with zero knowledge of HTML.

So, our DnD looks like this:

drag and drop editor free email marketing

As you can see, all of the elements you will need are there on the side of the page. You won’t need to look for anything. What is more, you won’t even need to leave the page if you want to see what your email newsletter looks like on different devices.

  • Clear, precise reporting and analytics that will keep everything in order and will allow you to focus on all of the important things you need to take care of.
  • Subscription forms to generate leads like crazy. Our drag-and-drop email builder is designed for those as well:

subscription forms free email marketing services

You can pick out the type of form that works best for you and your website, choose from one of the available templates and start creating your lead-gen machine!

  • Integrations to last for days and un-tie your hands if you need to complete a task in zero time.
  • Automation options that you can create yourself. If you’re unsure, you can always try our own ready-made recipes!

Moosend can offer more for less, seeing as more than most features are included in the Free plan.

Moosend’s Cons

Ah, I wish I could say there are none, but this would’ve been a blatant lie. And you’re not here to read fake reviews on free email marketing tools.

So, let’s make the cons list:

  • There are not as many integrations as with other free email marketing services (working on it, so stay tuned!)
  • Moosend doesn’t offer any SMS marketing automation options but can help you integrate your CRM platform with your Moosend account. So, there is a workaround, if your crowd checks SMS messages more often than emails.

The TL;DR Comprehensive Table

Service Free Plan Subscribers Best For Industry Customer Support Summary
Moosend Up to 1,000
(Sign up here)
eCommerce, Agencies, Publishers, SMBs,
Knowledge Base,
Moosend Academy,
Email Support, Live Chat Support
A platform with a powerful Drag-and-drop editor, short learning curve, and more than most features included in its free plan.
Perfect for those that need sturdy features and beautiful design combined in a cost-effective option.

What About Industries and Customer Support?

Overall, Moosend is a very good free email marketing tool for businesses that would like to take advantage of advanced features like spam testing, A/B testing, and unlimited custom fields.

It’s also a great free email marketing service for SMBs and NPOs that could do with unbranded emails and would like to get more for less.

Customer support is a non-issue. Like all the best free email marketing platforms, Moosend offers all customer support channels to all plans. From a great and perfectly organized knowledge base to webinars and our brand new Moosend Academy, and from email to live chat support.

2. SendInBlue

Moving on with one of the well-known ones, SendInBlue has been around for quite some time.

As a matter of fact, this free email marketing platform started out as a transactional email platform. Afterwards, it expanded its reach into email marketing and marketing automation.

top free email marketing services sendinblue


So, SendInBlue is here for you. If up to 9,000 emails per month and up to 300 emails per day is your thing. Also, if you want zero limitations when it comes to the subscribers your free email marketing platform can support.

SendInBlue is for you if you don’t want a wide variety of email templates but care about them being mobile-responsive. But let’s get a little more specific.

SendInBlue’s Pros

SendInBlue’s automation is pretty nice and the free email marketing platform is actually very “social”: It can provide options for social media, SMS marketing, and email marketing.

Its automation options are quite advanced and sophisticated. They can prove to be a good solution for small business owners as well. You’re allowed to set and test campaign workflows with plenty of variants.

What is more, its UI is pretty straightforward. If you want a personalization option or two for SMS and email -you can get both through SendInBlue-, you can always get these through the free plan.

Oh, and they’ve got some real-time reporting for you as well.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

Not as many features as one would’ve liked, but it’s a pretty good and solid option. The number of subscribers is ideal, as it’s unlimited. However, the number of free emails that one can send is pretty low: Only 300 per day and 9,000 per month.

But remember, not all free email marketing platforms will give out exactly what your business needs.

Another great feature you can get through SendInBlue’s free email marketing campaign services, is the great page tracking tool and a workflow editor.

Speaking of editors… SendInBlue’s editor is one of the easiest to use and can be used both through desktop and mobile. I need to admit that this is an option one won’t come across every day.

What is more, SendInBlue’s free email marketing platform allows transactional emails and SMS notifications. Do you need to use the transactional platform as well? This is one of the few free email marketing services that can offer things such as transactional emails and SMS messages or some core API features.

SendInBlue’s Cons

I find a daily sending limit to be meh anyways. Now, a daily sending limit when it comes to transactional services is not something I would’ve wanted, had I needed to use a transactional platform in the first place.

Another con I would have to state when it comes to this free email marketing campaign service? There may not be a limit to the contacts you can upload, but there sure is a limit to the contacts you can use for one marketing automation workflow.

Which is a limitation both for the free plan and for the lower-tier plans.

Lastly, I consider the lack of variety of free email templates to be less than ideal.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

Overall, SendInBlue’s free plan is a great option for those businesses that need transactional emails and SMS marketing to get things done.

Also, it’s a pretty solid option for those that won’t need to send as many newsletters and prefer trigger-based emails.

If you don’t mind the limitations, which I, personally, find to be pretty restrictive -if we sit down and have all the top free email marketing services compared, of course- then SendInBlue can prove to be a pretty good option.

Now, as far as customer support is concerned… Those taking advantage of the free plan can reach the customer support team via email only.

3. HubSpot Email Marketing

If you want a tool that will fuel your entire marketing funnel, HubSpot is the one for you.

HubSpot is an all-in-one growth platform that helps you grow and scale your business.

top free email marketing services hubspot

What’s interesting about HubSpot’s free email marketing software is that it comes with a bunch of other marketing tools that make your email marketing all the more powerful.

HubSpot is known for their CRM and powerful marketing automation platform that is designed to give you insight into your audience and how your marketing efforts are influencing them.

Apart from the CRM, you also get beautiful signup forms and popups to capture leads, a customizable landing page builder, social media, and ads management, on top of all the optimization and analytics tools to help you improve your strategy.

HubSpot’s free marketing solution is easy to use but also deeply powerful for more advanced users, as you upgrade.

HubSpot’s Pros

As we mentioned earlier, HubSpot’s biggest benefit lies in its full-stack growth suite. No need to have your email marketing siloed from the rest of your marketing tools.

With HubSpot, all of your assets, data, and analytics live in one place, seamlessly connected with each other so you can get a more complete picture of how your marketing is performing.

HubSpot comes with tools to power your whole email marketing strategy: CRM for deeply personalized emails, forms to capture those contacts, and email automation so you can spend more time on human tasks, and much more.

You can start using it for free to quickly send kickback emails or personalized marketing campaigns like your welcome emails.

The user interface is easy to use and will even give you tips on how to improve your strategy as you go.

The tool is supported in 6 languages so if you and your team prefer working in another language, you can do that. 

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

A lot more value than just email! You get goal-based templates for every type of email you will need. You will be able to send up to 2,000 emails per month, create 25 static and 5 smart lists, and review basic analytics reports.

In addition to the free email marketing software, you get a free CRM that not only stores your contacts’ information but also logs every activity your contact engages in with your company, whether that’s on your website or with your online ads.

Information is power, and with it, you can personalize your emails so each and every one of your recipients will feel a connection to your brand, no matter how many you are sending an email to. 

HubSpot’s Cons

As with most free email marketing tools in this list, you will need to pay to remove the HubSpot branding on your emails. You get basic templates for free, but you need a paid plan to access the more beautiful designs.

The biggest con, is that most of the features that make HubSpot awesome (like A/B testing and automation) are available starting only at the Pro tier, which is priced at $800 per month.

The value you get from the entire Marketing Hub suite at that price is great, but this can be very expensive if all you’re looking for is a free email marketing software

HubSpot also has limited eCommerce functionality. Features such as product recommendations and abandoned cart notifications will require integrations with other products. Luckily, HubSpot has plenty of integrations for eCommerce.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

HubSpot is a great fit for almost all industries. It’s ideal for marketers who prefer having all of their marketing in one place, whether that’s for blogging, SEO, social media, email marketing, or marketing automation.

If you need help using the tool, their extensive knowledge base and academy courses are often more than sufficient for finding the answers you’re looking for.

For more personalized help though, they have an in-app live chat, as well as phone and email support.

4. MailerLite

Another SMB-friendly free email marketing platform, MailerLite is right there to give you a no-fuss experience, providing exactly what one may need.

free email marketing services mailerlite


It’s one of those with the most features included in the free plan, thus helping everyone: SMBs, bloggers, solopreneurs and everyone who needs to cut down on their budget and still get great results when it comes to business.

If you don’t mind having up to 1,000 contacts and sending up to 12,000 emails per month -not too shabby, right?- then maybe you should give this free email marketing tool a try.

Also, as I’ve already mentioned when I was talking about MailerLite as a Mailchimp alternative, I love the fact that they allow users to create PDF brochures.

MailerLite’s Pros

The whole point of MailerLite is to create a simple, seamless experience and help businesses grow through their features. Not dazzle through a pretty but complicated platform.

Their interface is pretty simple. If you’re only a marketer and have zero design skills other than your ideas, then it should be easy for you to create something out of nothing.

Their marketing automation options are all included in their free plan, so the only issue is the contacts and emails/month limit.

The good thing about MailerLite is that it can really allow those that work on a strict budget -and maybe don’t have a marketing budget to begin with- to do more than send out a newsletter or two.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

… More than most of its competitors, for sure. But let me be a little more specific. You know, seeing as this is what I promised and all!

We talked about the contacts (up to 1,000) and emails per month (up to 12,000) and the numbers are not too bad for someone who’s at the early stages of growth. Could be better, though.

So, it’s time for us to sit down and do some real talk. MailerLite offers most of its features on the free plan. For example, one of the best lead-gen tools, aka the landing pages, are included (albeit limited for both the free and the premium plan).

But this is not all.

The free email marketing option of MailerLite offers things like pop-up subscribe forms, as well as promotion pop-ups, A/B testing and segmentation tools. Also, there is a very handy drag-and-drop email builder for your emails.

MailerLite’s Cons

While ready-made templates are included in the free plan, they’re not exactly as many as I would’ve liked -only 25+? Come on, people- and there is no option to create some custom ones in their free email marketing option.

But not as far as the newsletters are concerned. The free email marketing service doesn’t include this in their free plan. Huge bummer.

While there is analytics, their heat map analytics option is not included in their free plan. This would’ve been a very nice addition, if I’m totally honest.

And the one thing I really don’t like: Branded emails. I consider that to be a huge con, so I’ll include it in this section.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

As mentioned above, MailerLite is one of those options that will give out most features in their free email marketing plan.

So, SMBs, bloggers, solopreneurs, NPOs that are just starting out and have no budget to spare, all these are good candidates industry-wise.

As far as customer support is concerned; Users of the free email marketing plan can have access to MailerLite’s knowledge base, video tutorials and 24/7 email support. No phone, no live chat.

5. Mailchimp

If email marketing was Mean Girls, Mailchimp would’ve definitely been the icon more commonly known as Regina George. Or almost.


free email marketing campaign services mailchimp

For real now, though, Mailchimp might just be the most popular platform out of those on this list. And while it’s pretty darn powerful, its hype surpasses the actual abilities of its free plan. So, here’s what I mean.

Mailchimp is one of those that offer more for less (or almost). It’s a pretty well-thought-of and intuitive free email marketing platform.

There are your usual options -templates, pretty good A/B testing and even a built-in CRM that can help out with your venture.

Their limitations are neither here nor there though. You can get up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails, which is a pretty generous deal. However, Mailchimp isn’t for all SMBs and solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

In other words, it can get pretty pricey, pretty darn soon. Depends on what you need, of course.

Mailchimp’s Pros

As mentioned above, we’re talking about a pretty powerful, pretty intuitive platform with a great UI and great design. Mailchimp’s biggest pro really is the fact that their platform is not as dry as most email marketing and marketing automation platforms.

But onto their free email marketing plan. Some would argue that Mailchimp is the best free email marketing service. Not me though. However, I cannot deny that one can see great benefit.

Their main tools and features are included in the free plan, which is definitely a pro, and can offer something pretty close to a holistic solution when it comes to email marketing on a budget.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

Plenty of features, really. You can get the basic templates you’ll need. You’ll have the limitation of up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails, as I already mentioned. This is more than what other free email marketing services are willing to give you. You’ll even get one audience as well. “Audiences” is fancy tool that will help you with collecting and managing your contacts (subscribed, non-subscribed, and unsubscribed).

What you can also get is a CRM tool, segmentation options, and some very nice behavioral targeting tools.

And the last very handy feature is their new “Websites” feature. It is still in beta version but available for the free email marketing service and it allows users to build and publish a website, along with analytics.

Hopefully, this feature will remain part of the free plan after losing its beta status.

Mailchimp’s Cons

There have been many users claiming that the interface is not the friendliest environment on the planet. However, this is not my major concern in this case.

One of the big cons, at least in my opinion, would be that you’re allowed are the basic templates only. You don’t get to create custom-made ones either. And this is yet another free email marketing tool with branded emails on its free plan.

However, the biggest con when it comes to Mailchimp is that it can get, like I mentioned in the beginning, pretty pricey, pretty fast. If you’re aiming for growth -and who doesn’t?-, Mailchimp’s not that generous, as you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

And you will pay a few extra bucks for it.

Oh, and since Mailchimp’s Terms of Use are more than strict when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not allowed at all, so if this is something you want to explore, this free email marketing service is not for you.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

If you’re an eCommerce-r, an agency or a publisher/blogger, you’ll find that Mailchimp is one of those tools that could potentially work for you, despite the branding. But only if you keep your growth to a minimum.

If you need integrations and managing CRM tools, then it is a very solid option.

As far as support is concerned now, you’ll get 30-day email support and access to their knowledge base but that would be all. Phone support is reserved for the premium plan only.

6. MailJet

MailJet is one of those options that are cost-effective when it comes to their paid plans. It also started out as a transactional email platform. Later, it evolved into a (free) email marketing platform. MailJet can prove to be pretty useful, especially if you don’t care too much about sophistication.

email marketing free services mailjet


This is one of the free email marketing services that can provide solutions through a pay as you grow plan, though. Which can be pretty beneficial if you’re low on budget.

However, if you’re looking at this guide, I bet there is no budget to spare. So, let’s continue with everything you need to know.

MailJet’s Pros

MailJet’s free email marketing plan is pretty generous, as it offers the option of unlimited contacts, which is a very nice thing to do.

Also, their drag-and-drop editor has proven to be one of the easiest ones. If you’re a novice, you’ll find this to be a pretty big benefit, as it won’t require a big learning curve that could potentially stall you.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

… All the basics. Which is a very good option, but still, it is what it is: Basics. And now, let me elaborate.

You can get unlimited contacts and that’s a fact that will help with your growth for sure. However, “unlimited contacts” doesn’t mean “unlimited emails”, and there’s a very tight daily limit of 200 emails.

However, you can get SMPT relay, webhooks and APIs, the email editor that I mentioned before, which is super easy to use and a variety of email templates, albeit a small one.

Oh yes, and email statistics are also part of the free email marketing platform.

MailJet’s Cons

MailJet is one of those free email marketing services that go for the branded email thingy as well. But let’s keep that aside for a bit.

Generally speaking, this is one of those free email marketing campaign services that don’t really offer sophistication and its segmentation options are a little bit on the limited side and not available for the free plan. It’s good for beginners, but not good for an advanced user. The same goes for the automation option.

Finally, it may have that unlimited contacts option, but let me tell you about the sending limit: Apart from the daily 200 emails per day cap, there is a monthly 6,000 emails limit, which isn’t stellar.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

Industries that have to work in a clean, precise manner without a learning curve involved, small internet and SaaS ventures and perhaps a business involved in transactional emails but not with too many transactions to juggle, could find MailJet to be of great benefit.

Now, as far as customer support is concerned, this free email marketing tool doesn’t offer online customer support for their free plan.

7. SendPulse

If you want to go multi-channel fast and easy and have all the tools for that (mostly) available, then you’re looking at the right free email marketing tools, as you can get more than just… Well, email marketing tools.


sendpulse free email marketing tool

SendPulse offers options for SMS marketing, Viber marketing, transactional emails and so on and so forth. But, is everything you may need to be included in this free email marketing tool?

Well, its features may be versatile and useful for a variety of industries, but there are some limitations I wasn’t a huge fan of. Let’s go see.

SendPulse’s Pros

You’ll get quite a few of the features you may need through its free email marketing services, I’m not going to lie. All the personalization and segmentation options are there and the platform is quite easy and intuitive to use, according to some of the free email marketing services reviews I checked out.

Apart from that, SendPulse may have those limitations I mentioned before, that I don’t really agree with (branded emails being one of them, as per usual), but an SMB that would find benefit in multi-channel options would love it.

If your audience would benefit from SMS or Viber marketing, this is a free email marketing service worth checking out.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

More than one would think. You’ll get A/B testing for your email campaigns, a resend to non-openers feature, an SMS/push option to add to autoresponders, and multiple email lists to juggle if you want.

Its free services can also get you more for less -or almost- when it comes to tools like subscription forms and email scheduling. Also, 15,000 emails per month doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

I wish I could say that their editor is as great as the features this free email marketing service provides, but word on the streets is that it’s not exactly easy.

Oh, and you can get the Automation360 tool as well if you sign up for the free plan. This tool enables you to capture email and push notification subscribers from your website and then use your data for marketing purposes.

However, you can use it 5 times and that’s it.

SendPulse’s Cons

Apart from the email editor and the branding on their emails that I already mentioned, my main issue would be the fact that you can get only 500 contacts and that’s the limit when it comes to this free email marketing tool.

Another issue would be that you can’t get enough storage volume for files -only 20 Mb? Come on!- and that you can get only up to three sender addresses.

Of course, these are not serious limitations compared to other free email marketing services.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

Industries that want to go multi-channel on a budget are those that would adore this nifty little tool, I’m not going to lie.

So, small eCommerce companies that need push notifications, tourism companies that would benefit from some Viber marketing and perhaps those SMBs that use transactional emails would find this tool to be exactly what they need.

And as far as support is concerned, there are the options of phone, email and live chat support, as well as a knowledge base and video tutorials.

8. EmailOctopus

What started as a feature off Amazon’s SES service, EmailOctopus has proven to be one of those little tools you can’t help but “Aw!” at.


free email marketing platform emailoctopus

EmailOctopus doesn’t have a whole lot of features but those that it does have, are pretty nice for an email marketing tool that just started out as an independent service.

It may be a pretty useful platform with a great interface, but what else is there for what seems to be the newest free email marketing service off this bunch? Do you need to have Amazon SES to use it?

What can it do for you, in the end?

EmailOctopus’ Pros

Yes, we’ve got the top free email marketing services compared in this guide, however, if you’d like to move with a paid plan and don’t have too many requirements, this one is one of the most affordable.

But that’s another story.

EmailOctopus doesn’t have a lot of features, but what it has is more than enough for someone who needs a newsletter service and that’s that. Their drag-and-drop editor is rumored to be super easy, for example.

Oh, and it’s pretty generous with its contacts and its emails when it comes to the free plan.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

A pretty great amount of things, if I’m honest! Again, if email newsletters are what you want and you don’t really have too many requirements.

So, as part of the free email marketing service this platform provides, you’ll get up to 2,500 contacts and up to 10,000 emails each month, which is not bad at all if you need just the basics.

Your statistics are tracked and stored, sadly not for ever but for only a month’s time -which is not necessarily bad.

Oh, and what it lacks in features, it makes up for in integrations, as it does have as many as you would need -but not an ounce more.

EmailOctopus’ Cons

Its simplicity can prove to be a major con, seeing as not everyone is happy with just sending newsletters and more often than not, they need a free email marketing platform that comes with a more holistic approach, at least on some things and some level.

Oh, and the EmailOctopus branding on emails bit didn’t really make me happy.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

Well, if you already use Amazon’s Web Services, then you have a pretty great tool in your hands. Other than that, industries that won’t send transactional emails and don’t need, say, push notifications, will be pretty happy with said service.

And as far as the customer support is concerned, it’s available for both paid and free email marketing services, when it comes to this platform.

9. Benchmark

Benchmark is clearly an SMB-loving program, as I’ve already mentioned in our Constant Contact alternatives article. It is one of those free email marketing services that have a strong presence in more than fifteen countries.


email marketing benchmark email

This tool is very simple. Super-simple, one would argue. But simple doesn’t mean bad, and surely, Benchmark’s free email marketing tool is one of the best-known out there. Let’s go ahead and figure out why.

Benchmark’s Pros

Its editor. Its editor is almost too simple to use for those of you (us) that don’t want to get too technical with your email marketing campaigns and all the other features you need.

So, combine the editor with the easy-as-pie software of this free email marketing platform and you’ll get a fantastic tool that can help out with everything, for people who have zero technical knowledge and can not afford to have someone who does on their team.

Oh, and their templates -you can choose from a pretty broad variety if I’m honest. Which is pretty cool, all things considered.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

First and foremost, the free email marketing service can allow you up to 2,000 contacts and up to 14,000 emails per month. Which is definitely not too shabby, especially for an SMB or an entrepreneur/solopreneur that’s just starting out.

Another benefit is that Benchmark’s free email marketing campaign services offer more than enough email marketing tools. So, you’ll be able to use the editor (of course!), you’ll get responsive templates and basic drip campaigns.

You’ll also be able to take a great look into your data, with Google Analytics tracking, heatmap reports and reports on email opens by device.

Video storage is unlimited, list management and list segmentation and hygiene are also part of the free deal and lastly, live engagement reports to never go wrong.

Benchmark’s Cons

While video storage is unlimited, you can get only 10 MB of free image gallery storage, which, especially nowadays, is just not enough. Also, there are no A/B testing and targeting options when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

Another con, and a quite large one at that, is the fact that the free plan doesn’t include any marketing automation tool.

And lastly, Benchmark’s deliverability… Let’s say that it’s not as high as one would’ve hoped.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

If you’ve got a business that doesn’t need the extra storage for photos and would like to explore an option that can pretty much give them the basics that they’re going to need either way, then go for it.

Bloggers and SMBs would find this free email marketing tool to be quite beneficial if I’m honest.

And let’s not forget the customer support aspect… Only paid accounts get premium support.

10. CleverReach

Last but not least, we’ve got CleverReach. This platform is one of the free email marketing services that started out as something else -in this case, a technology service provider for email marketing- and has come to be one of the free email marketing tools to talk about.


free email marketing tool cleverreach

But is CleverReach as clever as it claims to be when it comes to its free email marketing tools? And why would you check this one out instead? Let’s see…

CleverReach’s Pros

This free email marketing service is one of the easiest ones, in terms of interface, like Benchmark. It even allows you to import templates you’ve created through other email marketing platforms and convert them to CleverReach templates, making the transition seamless and no-fuss.

But there’s another pro, one that not many free email marketing tools have: you can send your campaigns through secure data and server locations within Germany and the EU, as CleverReach is one of the members of the CSA.

This Free Email Marketing Tool Offers…

First of all, a pretty handy little feature called “Automatic bounce management”, which will delete your bounces for you automatically, saving you time and effort.

Of course, you’re getting your subscribers and total number of emails sent: up to 250 contacts and up to 1,000 emails per month, to be exact.

You’ll also be able to edit links after you’ve sent a campaign, you’re getting basic reporting options and segmentation options for your recipients’ list, as well as a free tool that can enable you to keep your recipients’ list clean and tidy.

CleverReach’s Cons

The automation tools included in the free plan are very limited, especially when compared to other free email marketing services that can offer more for less. Also, there are no A/B testing options when it comes to newsletters.

Another flaw is the fact that you cannot evaluate the email clients your recipients use and there should really be an option -perhaps a lite version- of setting autoresponders for behavioral emails.

Oh and something that I’d like to point out here, which is a very big con if I say so myself: the outgoing emails that are part of the free plan will have a small ad in their content that cannot be removed.

What About the Industries and Customer Support?

One of the huge benefits of this free email marketing service is that it can count for emails that are fully GDPR-compliant. This is a huge pro when it comes to industries and businesses within the EU.

Now, as far as the support part is concerned, you can get free email support. Anything else is part of the premium plan.

Email Marketing Services: Free Trial

I’ve left a couple of platforms out of the equation, haven’t we? You didn’t see platforms in here like AWeber, Constant Contact and Active Campaign.

The reason is that there is no free email marketing tool with these ones. However, there is a free trial period, where you can access and test all of the features, in order to make sure that you do want a purchase with that.

So yeah, there are email marketing services with a free trial. And here are the ones worth testing out:

  • AWeber: Worth giving it a shot, especially if you’re using WordPress.
  • Constant Contact: Very quick onboarding and perhaps the oldest email marketing platform.
  • Active Campaign: Promises to enhance customer experience through SMS as well as email.
  • ConvertKit: For online content creators.
  • MailUp: If you’re not so much about speedy email marketing
  • MoonMail: If you want to leverage the power of Amazon.

I bet you’re thinking: “Why would I test those out if I can benefit from a free email marketing tool?”
Or perhaps, “You’ve compiled a list with the top free email marketing services compared, ya nuts?”

Ah, I don’t know… I need to tell you everything, and ultimately, it’s your call.


Yeah yeah, it’s a long and perhaps a little tedious process until you manage to decide which free email marketing service suits you best. However, this is why we’ve got the master table up there at the top!

The main key here is to make sure that you’ve got something that can offer you as much liberty as you need, without any hidden charges. So be adamant when you’re doing your research.

Make sure that the one you’re going to pick out is one that will get you where you need.

But look at its pricing as a whole as well. You’ll want to be able to hold on to when you stop being a five-to-niner and start calling yourself a fancy businessman!


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