10 Best Halloween Email Subject Lines for Bewitched Audiences (2021)

The spooky season is upon us, and I’m pretty sure you’re in desperate need of an idea or two about the best Halloween email subject lines, am I right?

halloween email subject lines

Spooky Intro Time!

Hello fellas! It’s the beginning of October, the time of year when spooky Halloween things are taking over Google searches.

Now, while most audiences are looking for “spooky Halloween costumes”, “how to make a jack-o-lantern”, or “how to buy Halloween treats in bulk”, marketers and entrepreneurs are looking for a way to align their content marketing tactics with your searches.

If you’re one of those marketers, but you don’t quite know how to get there, you’ve come to the right place!

Leveraging the spooktacular buzz that surrounds Halloween with a bewitching Halloween email marketing campaign is something that can give your brand the boost you need, provided you do it correctly. And here’s why:

halloween email marketing stats


Utilizing email marketing, using some boo-tiful  Halloween-themed email templates, and sending Halloween marketing emails to dedicated subscribers can boost your open rates, your CTR, and, coupled with a frightfully good offer, ensure your Halloween sale’s or promotion’s overall success.

Or you know, make you the coolest email marketer in the trick-or-treating business!

Click on the company name to read why those subject lines made a difference – or just scan through them if you don’t have the time:

  • “Trick or treat! Try a spooky stay” – AirBnB
  • “Need to calm a sugar high?” – Lush
  • “The treats still keep coming!” – Rogue + Wolf
  • “Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you!” – ModCloth
  • “Is Fortnum’s haunted? 👻” – Fortnum & Mason
  • “Le freak? C’est chic!” – WeTransfer
  • “Enter this castle at your own risk…” – EmailMonks
  • “You can still be a unicorn!” – Etsy
  • “Halloween makeup inspo: Mystic Mermaid 🧜‍♀️” – Kat Von D Beauty
  • “Fall into these sweet new features” – Vimeo

The 9 Best Halloween Email Subject Lines (Plus One for Good Luck)

… Complete with an explanation on how and why those email examples worked!

1. AirBnB Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“Trick or treat! Try a spooky stay”

Why it worked: By keeping its Halloween email subject line simple and to-the-point, Airbnb created a great Haloween email that holds no surprises. Those that will open it will truly be interested.

The Newsletter:

airbnb halloween email marketing campaign

2. Lush Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line: 

“Need to calm a sugar high?” 

Why it worked: This email subject line aims to do more than just celebrate Halloween and create offers around it. The clever wordplay indicates something that is meant to calm a parent’s little monsters’ trick-or-treating sugar high with a nice, relaxing bath.

The Newsletter:

Halloween email marketing campaign lush

3. Rogue + Wolf Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line: 

“The treats still keep coming!”

Why it worked: Treats on Halloween – treats as a part of the brand’s extended spooktacular deals (excuse my pun, I just had to!). The subject line is Halloween-themed without being over the top, and the recipient knows what it’s about, right off the bat.

The Newsletter:

email marketing halloween subject line newsletter

4. ModCloth Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you!”

Why it worked: This is one of the best email subject lines because the email’s content is plainly obvious: Shop your Halloween attire early. That’s all, and it works like a charm!

The Newsletter:

halloween email modcloth

5. Fortnum & Mason Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line: 

“Is Fortnum’s haunted? 👻”

Why it worked: Fortnum & Mason could very well be haunted, since it’s one of the oldest department stores in London. But while the title makes the recipient stop and think of an answer, the little ghost emoji steals the show.

The Newsletter:

halloween newsletter by fortnum and mason

6. WeTransfer Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“Le freak? C’est chic!”

Why it worked: Using one of the most popular songs of the late ’70s is a power move. This is one of the best Halloween email subject lines, due to the popularity of the title. Oh, and the fact that freaks roam the streets in Halloween!

The Newsletter:

wetransfer halloween email campaign

7. EmailMonks Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“Enter this castle at your own risk…”

Why it worked: This is one of the best Halloween email subject lines because it’s so haunting and straightforward at the same time. It gives off spooky ghost vibes and is enticing enough to click.

The Newsletter:

emailmonks halloween email newsletter promo

8. Etsy Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“You can still be a unicorn!”

Why it worked: Maybe I am biased, as I’m known for my fascination with unicorns. This email subject line, however, sneakily utilizes a marketing tip: Time-sensitive content. Using the word “still” isn’t a matter of chance, as it pushes for that last-minute Halloween purchase.

The Newsletter:

halloween email marketing newsletter etsy

9. Kat Von D Beauty Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line: 

“Halloween makeup inspo: Mystic Mermaid 🧜‍♀️”

Why it worked: Simple and elegant, this Halloween email subject line states the content of the email itself. Need inspo for your DIY costume and your makeup? You open this email, and you’re good to go. Also, the cute mermaid emoji speaks for itself!

The Newsletter:

kat von d beauty halloween subject line

10. Vimeo Halloween Email Subject Line

The Subject Line:

“Fall into these sweet new features”

Why it worked: In an inbox filled with Halloween puns, sometimes simple and minimal is what’s best. The words “fall” and “sweet” are more than enough to create a fantastic Halloween subject line, make this announcement email justice, and stand out in a “witchy” inbox.

The Newsletter:

vimeo halloween email newsletter and subject line

Halloween Email Campaigns: The “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

As evident by the email examples above, the whole point of any email campaign – let alone a seasonal email marketing campaign – isn’t just to sell. Email marketing is supposed to engage, using various techniques.

As you already know, you will need to understand how to create an email list before your holiday email newsletter campaign. But how will you entice your subscribers – old and new -, and how will you make those interested, click on your email, read it, engage and, in the end, convert?

What to Do

The short answer would be an email design that will scream “Happy Halloween”, but this is too generic. You’ll need to use:

  • GIFs to capture the attention of your readers
  • Videos, especially videos that will lead them to a Halloween-themed landing page that will be hosting your Halloween deals – or maybe a free gift? Your call.
  • Interactive games or quizzes to keep your recipients entertained
  • Super advanced segmentation to make sure all recipients are interested in receiving your Halloween email
  • A super easy Drag-and-Drop email editor, like Moosend’s, and automation tools that will put your Halloween emails on a “set-them-and-forget-them” mode.

Of course, none of the above matters if your Halloween email subject line isn’t the best one your audience has seen. Remember, they receive tons of emails every day, and emails full of Halloween ideas are not any different.

What to Avoid

While the “Do’s” are relatively straightforward, the “Don’ts” of the perfect email subject line are a little more complicated, and they can get you the exact opposite of an open email. So, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Forget your brand’s tone. Your email subject line needs to depict that in unison with your email’s content. And people don’t like misleading content.
  • Forget your goals. This should be a no-brainer; however, I will remind you that our eCommerce discount campaign sometimes turns out to be just another Haloween decoration. You can’t afford to forget about your KPIs.
  • Long email subject lines. You need your audience to be able to scan their inboxes in a rush. That way, they’ll pay attention to your subject line – because they won’t have to open the email right on the spot!
  • Lack of personalization. Personalized emails draw more attention and generate more opens, as their look and feel seems to be custom made for each individual.
  • Lack of proper tools. Creating the best email subject line is difficult, even when being meticulous about each step. Here’s where tools like Refine, the free subject line tester, enter the scene, to help you make sure your subject line can stand out in a full inbox.

Do you have a better idea of the steps behind the best Halloween email subject line? Well, probably. But I bet you’d rather see some real-life stuff. So, without further ado, may I present…

A Good Halloween Email Is Not Just Witchful Thinking

See what I did there?

A good Halloween email starts with a great Halloween email subject line. Create cringe-worthy puns, kitsch Halloween content and don’t hesitate to use a subject like “Scary savings for bewitching Halloween decorations”.

But before you do all that, make sure to create your free Moosend account and make all your boo-tiful email marketing dreams come true!

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