80+ Halloween Email Subject Lines To Boo-st Sales [2023]

80+ Halloween Email Subject Lines To Boo-st Sales [2023]

Published By Tea Liarokapi
September 11, 2023

Need a few Halloween email subject lines for your seasonal email marketing strategy? We’ve got you! As October begins, your audience will start searching for the perfect Halloween deals. So, it’s up to you, email marketers, to align your content marketing tactics with the holidays to increase conversions.

Leveraging the spooktacular buzz of the season with converting Halloween email marketing campaigns will give your brand the boost you need! Of course, to show them your special offers, your audience first needs to open your email!

Today, we’ll give you some amazing subject line examples to inspire you and analyze 26 more to show you why they work!

Want to start creating your Halloween email campaigns early? Try Moosend’s email editor and premade Halloween templates to craft the spookiest messages for your business!

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Best Halloween Subject Lines

Before we begin, check some of the best Halloween email subject lines for the pre-Halloween, Halloween, and post-Halloween season:

Pre HalloweenHalloweenPost Halloween
  • This is not a trick…
  • Halloween Hair Inspo Inside
  • Arrrre You Going to Be a Pirate This Halloween?
  • Halloween 🎃 30MM Breachers!
  • Get These Spooky Best Sellers Before They Ghost!
  • Halloween beauty to fright and delight
  • Have a Fang-tastic Halloween
  • Let’s get spoooky! 👻
  • Callin’ all Halloween hawties!
  • The Halloween Edition 👻 🎃
  • Treat yourself to a spooky good deal now
  • Tricks + Treats + More
  • 🎃 All Your Cosplay Faves Ready for Halloween! 🎃
  • 🕷️💀🎃 Are you ready for Halloween? 🎃💀🕷️
  • Halloween Inspo: Euphoric Vibes ✨
  • A b🎃🎃tiful style guide
  • More Spooktacular Savings 🎃 Hurry In!
  • Scary good savings 🕷🩸
  • Boo-reaking news: Halloween’s here! 👻
  • Happy Halloween! Our treat to you…
  • Boo! A Halloween treat for you!
  • Go bananas this Halloween night
  • Last Chance: SAVE BIG this Halloween!
  • Scarecrow Festival is Here
  • Ends tonight! 31% OFF
  • SURPRISE EXTENSION! 25% Off Sitewide
  • Happy Halloween! Special Treat Inside!
  • 20% off is on the web 🕸️
  • Happy Halloween! A spooky brew inside 🎃 🦇
  • 🎃 Ready for Halloween?
  • 🧟 Ends today! Reveal your Halloween deal
  • Delivery fees are like ghosts. Dead. 💀
  • Don’t Miss Out on 31% OFF
  • Scarily effective cleansers for Halloween 👀
  • Hurry! Spin our magic deal wheel before it’s gone
  • LAST CHANCE before the Halloween Collection disappears!
  • Ends Today! 20% Off Kids For The Spooky Season
  • Don’t ghost this sale
  • 30% OFF Halloween Gear
  • ENDS TOMORROW 🎃 30% OFF Halloween Gear
  • Last chance to get your hands on our spooktacular deal!
  • 👻🎃Final Hours!
  • Final Hours! No Tricks, Just Treats!
  • Don’t wanna scare you, but it’s your LAST CHANCE!
  • 30% OFF for 6 Hours Only!
  • Drop Your Razors, It’s No Shave November! 🧔🏽
  • This deal’s waiting on you
  • Fright night discounts await — don’t miss out!
  • 👻 Ghoul, treat yourself with these recipes
  • ‼️Last Chance! ⏰ Final Hrs $1 One Day Shipping‼️
  • 😻 30% Off This Week! 😻

How To Nail Your Halloween Email Subject Lines

To create fang-tastic subject lines for your audience, you have to keep a few things in mind.

  • Copy: Use the power of puns and wordplays to come up with unique copy that will intrigue your subscribers
  • Length: Your subject lines should be between 20-40 characters.
  • Emojis: Attract attention with spooky emojis for better open rates.
  • Spam words: Avoid spammy words to stay far away from the spam folder.
  • Preview text: Use your preview text to give your list a seamless experience.

Creating the best email subject line is difficult, even when being meticulous about each step. Thankfully, here’s where tools like Refine, a free subject line tester, enter the scene to help you make sure your subject line can stand out in a full inbox.

For instance, let’s use the following example to see what Refine has to say about it.

Subject line: Need a simple Halloween look? 🎃

Refine Analysis:

Halloween email subject line

You can use the tool to see how your Halloween email subject lines will perform based on your industry and the number of your email subscribers. Also, it will provide you with valuable suggestions on how to make them better! For instance, Refine might suggest using an emoji, personalization, or a sense of urgency to increase your open rates!

It’s all up to you!

Now that you know what it takes to come up with eye-catching subject lines, we’ll analyze some additional examples to see the above tips in action. Let’s get this Halloween party started!

1. MAC Cosmetics

Subject line: Down to Clown🤡?🤡Get this spook-tacular Halloween look!

Why it works: If you favor creativity, you can create a unique Halloween subject line that will stun your audience. MAC takes advantage of its brand (make-up products) to intrigue its subscribers, offer solutions, and promote its products in the smoothest way possible.

2. AirBnB

Subject line: Trick or treat! Try a spooky stay

Why it works: By keeping its Halloween email subject line simple and to the point, Airbnb created a great Halloween email that holds no surprises. Those who will open it will truly be interested in making a booking through their website.

3. MasterClass

Subject line: Get in the Halloween spirit on MasterClass!

Why it works: Masterclass uses a simple Halloween subject line with the classic “get in the (holiday) spirit.” This is perfect for exciting your subscribers, as the subject line hints at something that will help them get in the spooky mood! Overall, this example is pretty straightforward to give your audience an idea of your email content.

4. Rogue + Wolf

Subject line: The treats still keep coming!

Why it works: Rogue + Wolf’s subject line is Halloween-themed without being over the top, and the recipient knows what it’s about right off the bat. Pair that with a fang-tastic email campaign, and you’ll see your audience returning for more!

5. Bellami Hair

Subject line: Don’t get ghosted👻LAST DAY to grab 15% Off Hair Extensions

Why it works: Bellami Hair uses the word “ghosted” along with the corresponding emoji to incentivize seasonal shoppers to get their “Halloween treats.” Of course, the immediate benefit (15% off) is right there before their eyes!

6. Topshop

Subject line: BOO! Get 20% off everything! 👻

Why it works: Your Halloween email subject lines don’t need to be too long or full of emojis to get noticed. Here, Topshop’s example conveys its message in a short and beautiful way, using a spooky salutation (BOO!) to get the recipients into the right mood and promote their Halloween flash sale!

7. EM Cosmetics

Subject line: Get Halloween READY 👻

Why it works: When it comes to Halloween email marketing, you need to discover what customers want and when they want it. Some will be looking for Halloween costumes, gifts, hot deals, etc., earlier than expected! So, like EM Cosmetics, create a subject line that will solve their pain points using actionable words and emojis!

8. A Beautiful Mess

Subject line: My Halloween Tour (and ghosts of Halloweens past)!

Why it works: Here, we have a Halloween subject line by the A Beautiful Mess blog. As you can see, this example leverages the first person to make the subscribers feel like this is a personal message from the blogger. Just make sure to pick the right blog email newsletter template to present your content and promote engagement!

9. MeUndies

Subject line: Last Chance: 35% Off Halloween Prints 🎃🎃

Why it works: Urgency is a powerful weapon to incentivize your email list to interact with a piece of content. For your subject lines, you can use specific words like MeUndies’ “Last Chance” to motivate your indecisive customers to act faster. Of course, showing the immediate benefit (35% off) will also supercharge your Halloween email subject line!

10. Walmart

Subject line: Ellen DeGeneres’s faves for Halloween! 🎃🎃

Why it works: Walmart uses a celebrity’s name to attract attention. The logic is simple: the brand wants to promote its collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres and, at the same time, use it as a powerful social proof weapon to get subscribers to interact with the campaign. Clever, right?

11. Julie Blanner

Subject line: Tricks AND TREAT

Why it works: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and Julie Blanner’s example embodies that! Instead of coming up with complex subject lines, you can follow this example and show your subscribers exactly what your campaign is about. Do that by leveraging the famous “Trick and Treat” line, and you are ready! Want to find what truly resonates with your audience? Sign up for a Moosend account and use the A/B Testing feature to do just that.

12. LARQ

Subject line: Happy Halloween!👻15% off ENDS TODAY! 🖤🖤

Why it works: LARQ goes for a more traditional Halloween email subject line wishing its audience “Happy Halloween” first and then showing them what their email campaign is all about. The brand also uses a ghost and heart emoji to grab their attention and incentivize them to click on it.

13. Jack Daniel’s

Subject line: Try Halloween Drinks So Good You’ll Scream!

Why it works: Jack Daniel’s has created a beautiful subject line example that combines their product with the holiday spirit. The copy gives their subscribers the promise of something new that will be too good to be true. All they have to do is open the email and find out more!

14. Sanshee

Subject line: The Afterlife of Our Sale is Approaching!

Why it works: After a while, subject lines can feel repetitive, especially if your audience has signed up for multiple email newsletters. To stand out, Sanshee takes a different approach to the classic “Sales ending soon.” As you can see, this example is unique and totally in line with the holiday theme!

15. BareMinerals

Subject line: Planning a Halloween cat eye?

Why it works: BareMinerals uses this question-form Halloween subject line to make its message more direct. The brand uses it to address common subscriber paint points during the holiday season to make recipients click on the campaign and find a solution.

16. Zillow

Subject line: 5 ways your house might be haunting you

Why it works: Now Halloween isn’t only for eCommerce stores but for bloggers, agencies, and even real estate agents! Thus, you can easily create some spook-tacular subject lines to increase your engagement like Zillow. All you need to do is use Halloween-related words and a beautiful real estate newsletter template, and you’re ready for the holidays!

17. Death Wish Coffee

Subject line: This mug is to die for

Why it works: Here’s a product-oriented Halloween email newsletter subject line to give your audience all the information they need to open it. Death Wish Coffee leverages its brand name to create an interesting wordplay that will intrigue its audience during Halloween.

18. Lush

Subject line: Need to calm a sugar high?

Why it works: This subject line by Lush aims to do more than just celebrate Halloween and create offers around it. The clever wordplay indicates something meant to calm a parent’s little monsters’ trick-or-treating sugar high with a nice, relaxing bath.

19. Home Chef 

Subject line: Enter, if you dare, to see your mystery sale🎃

Why it works: This is a very straightforward example that uses actionable language to get subscribers to interact with the campaign. What stands out here is the use of the jack-o-lantern emoji at the end. You can use emojis like Home Chef to make your Halloween subject lines more playful and connect them to the holiday theme.

20. ModCloth

Subject line: Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you!

Why it works: This example by Modcloth offers us one of the best email subject lines out there because the content is obvious: Shop your Halloween attire early! That’s all you need to get your email subscribers interested. To make it more effective, you can also add an emoji to make it stand out in your subscriber’s inbox!

21. Fortnum & Mason

Subject line: Is Fortnum’s haunted? 👻👻

Why it works: Fortnum & Mason could very well be haunted since it’s one of the oldest department stores in London. But while the title makes the recipient stop and think of an answer, the little ghost emoji steals the show. Also, using questions can make your subject line more direct and intriguing!

22. WeTransfer

Subject line: Le freak? C’est chic!”

Why it works: Using one of the most popular songs of the late ’70s is a power move. This is one of the best Halloween email subject lines due to the title’s popularity. Oh, and the fact that freaks roam the streets on Halloween! Smart move, WeTransfer!

23. EmailUplers

Subject line: Enter this castle at your own risk…

Why it works: Another Halloween email subject line that’s equally haunting and straightforward at the same time. It gives off spooky ghost vibes and is enticing enough to click. This example, along with EmailUplers’ (formerly EmailMonks) eye-pleasing newsletter design, is the perfect combo to win your subscribers.

24. Etsy

Subject line: You can still be a unicorn!

Why it works: This email subject line by Etsy sneakily utilizes a good old email marketing tip: time sensitivity. Using the word “still” isn’t a matter of chance, as it pushes for that last-minute Halloween purchase.

25. Kat Von D Beauty

Subject line: Halloween makeup inspo: Mystic Mermaid 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

Why it works: Simple and elegant, Kat Von D’s Halloween email subject line states the content of the email itself. Need inspo for your DIY costume and your makeup? You open this email, and you’re good to go. Also, the cute mermaid emoji speaks for itself!

26. Vimeo

Subject line: Fall into these sweet new features

Why it works: In an inbox filled with Halloween puns, sometimes simple and minimal is what’s best. The words “fall” and “sweet” are more than enough to create a fantastic Halloween subject line, make this announcement email justice, and help Vimeo’s campaign stand out in a “witchy” inbox.

Halloween Email Marketing Campaign Tips

Email marketing is supposed to engage, using various techniques. As you already know, you will need to understand how to create an email list before your holiday email newsletter campaign.

But how will you entice your subscribers and lead them one step further down your marketing funnel? Let’s see:

The Dos

The short answer would be an email design that will scream “Happy Halloween,” but this is too generic. To win, you’ll need some extra help:

  • GIFs to capture the attention of your readers
  • Halloween-themed videos
  • Landing pages that will host your Halloween deals (or free gifts)
  • Advanced segmentation to make sure that you send the right message to the right person
  • A drag-and-drop email editor, like Moosend’s and automation tools

If you want to start creating your Halloween campaign, you can sign up for a free Moosend account, hop into the editor and work your magic!

Of course, none of the above will matter if your Halloween email subject line isn’t the best one your audience has seen. Remember, they receive tons of emails every day, and emails full of Halloween ideas are not any different.

As we’ll see below, the trick is to avoid common rookie mistakes and use your email testing tools to create subject lines that will convert without landing your email in the spam folder!

The Don’ts

While the “Do’s” are relatively straightforward, the “Don’ts” of the perfect email subject line are a little more complicated. So, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Forget your goals: This should be a no-brainer; however, you should not forget your KPIs.
  • Leave out personalization: Personalized emails draw more attention and generate more opens as they look and feel friendlier.
  • Forget your branding. Your email subject line needs to be in line with your brand tone and email content.

Create Converting Halloween Email Subject Lines

A good Halloween email starts with a unique Halloween email subject line! So create cringe-worthy puns, intriguing Halloween content, and don’t hesitate to use a subject line like “Scary savings for bewitching Halloween decorations” to increase your open rates!

But before you do all that, create your free Moosend account to make all your boo-tiful email marketing dreams come true!

Then, you can start working on a Halloween-themed email template, add some spooky visuals and give them some frightfully good offers and spooktacular deals that’ll ensure your Halloween sales or promotion’s overall success!

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