5 Tips to boost your email marketing strategy

5 Tips to boost your email marketing strategy

Email as a communication channel is thriving. It’s globally accepted as a communication medium, it’s familiar and it’s extremely flexible. As a brand, you’re probably going to useMoosend’s email marketing software as a channel to boost your communication with your audience, understand your clients better, interpret analytics and generate more revenue.
The team here at Moosend has comprised a list with some tips that will help your email marketing strategy perform even better:

1. Get more subscribers!

This sounds trivial, yet it’s what everyone is searching for. Relevant audience with minimal filtering. As a brand, you’ll need to analyze the places your customers are already engaging with your brand. If this is Facebook, you can create a separate list for Facebook leads through their Custom Audiences tool. If your customers are using tablets or smartphones, you’ll need an optimized sign-up form. If you are a brick-and-mortar shop, provide a small sign-up form near the counter and the entrance.

2. Optimize for mobile

Mobile open-rate is skyrocketing. If you don’t optimize your email, chances are it will end up in trash.  Therefore, put in some extra effort and optimize your emails for mobile viewers from your initial welcome mail to ensure your customers will have a pleasant experience.

3.Target (and re-target)

Moosend offers a great set of customizable tags, A/B testing and list segmentation options. Use them to create data points like name, gender, geolocation and platform to improve your communication with the customer.

4. Make it personal

Analyzing your data points can help you create more relevant and personalised emails. Creating an email based on data points to target customers can increase conversion rates by 15%-25% and click-through rates by 25%-25%

5. Forward to a friend

Facebook and Twitter made sharing and re-sharing easy but the original “share” was a button named “Forward”. Make your emails “forward”-worthy using special combo-deals, better prices, and discounts for referral traffic.

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