10 Marketing Automation Statistics You Need to Know

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marketing automation stats

Whether you have already discovered the added value of marketing automations or are in the process of, here are some very useful statistics that will give you a quick understanding of your benefits to be gained!

Before you start developing your marketing strategy, you need to gather data on your customers. Knowing who your subscribers are is essential as it will insert a safety-net to all your marketing actions. To that respect, employing a marketing automation campaign and making it a successful one will turn out time-tested, data-driven decisions which can guarantee a flawless flow.

1. 75% of Email Revenue is generated from Personalized Campaigns

Much of marketing automation relies on emails to jumpstart lead generation, nurturing, and sales. But rather than having an one-size-fits-all strategy that treats all subscribers the same, you need to develop personalized campaigns that are built around your subscriber’s identity and details.

For example, where are they in the sales funnel? Are they new subscribers who know nothing about your brand, or previous customers looking for more products? Did they make a direct inquiry or come from organic search listings? If possible, run a survey that gets to know your subscribers on the surface level and returns important data on them.

Understanding your customer’s journey is critical for successful marketing automation. If you have a firm grasp as to what your audience wants, based on how you develop your sales funnel, marketing automation helps increase your conversion rate by 53% and growth rate by 3.1% compared to non-users according to an Aberdeen Group Study.

Since marketing automations ensures that you can provide subscribers with relevant content through your automated processes, Moosend can help you segment your email list and create specific workflows for each type of audience in just a few steps!

2. Triggered Emails have Higher Open and Click-Through Rates than Routine Newsletters

Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

…so, surprise your subscribers!
By now, you should already have an email marketing strategy that involves releasing timely newsletters to promote your content. Doing so helps maintain brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. However, regular newsletters quickly make routine newsletters, which have a dismal record of low open and click-through rates, especially for general updates and promotions that users don’t care about.

According to the Epsilon Email Institute, triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate and 152% higher click-through rate than generic email newsletters. And, who doesn’t want higher open and click-through rates? Exactly.

In marketing automation, triggered emails are sent whenever the audience performs a specific action or qualifies for a particular condition.

When devising your marketing automation campaign, identify key scenarios that warrant an email follow-up. For example, a person who visits a specific page on your site may qualify to receive a triggered email. Verified buyers may also receive triggered “thank you” emails that express your gratitude. Also, even shopping cart abandoners should receive an email asking them if they’re still willing to complete the purchase.

3. Marketing Automation Users Experience a 451% Increase in Qualified Leads*

Marketing automation has always benefited lead generation. Studies indicate that companies using marketing automation software are 2x more effective in lead generation than those using only blast email software.

A blast email software is your typical platform that allows you to send bulk emails to a large number of people. It lacks the segmentation and automation aspects that allow you to set up triggered emails, and construct workflows.

An older *report from the Annuitas Group shows that using marketing automation to nurture leads is 451% more efficient. This is mainly because automated materials provide the information they need to move down the sales funnel and make a buying decision – shortening the sales cycle.

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4. 86% of Marketers Look for Ease of Use in Automation Platforms

Automation Platforms

Planning marketing automation workflows should be kept easy and straightforward by picking a no-frills, intuitive platform, according to a study conducted by Regalix. Sure, you have to ensure that the platform is equipped with all the features you need, but you should also consider the practicality of its design, which will invariably influence your daily experience.

Moosend’s interface and quality of service are the golden sections of what every email marketer needs. All workflows are designed through mere clicks on drop-down lists; it literally takes minutes to rid yourself of hours of manual setups. This leads to the next statistic you should know:

5. Revenue growth (85%) and sales productivity (69%) are the top reasons why organizations must implement lead nurturing

At work, time is of the essence.

If there is a faster way to get things done, then, by all means, do that.

This is especially true in the world of personalization in marketing, in which the only way you can stand out from the competition is by humanizing your brand and establishing a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

However, personalization is only effective if you have a lead-nurturing strategy in place, which allows you to get in touch with your subscribers on a more human level. By talking to them via email about their dreams and aspirations in relation to your business, you can convert fairweather visitors into long-term clients and supporters.

The strategy of this magnitude requires you to develop, launch, and track your progress to see which tactics are effective. By identifying methods that work in your lead nurturing process, you can drive more leads and conversions to your business.

Marketing automation platforms can help you with all your lead nurturing needs. In fact, the result of increased speed and ease of implementing your lead nurturing strategy leads to higher revenue, according to a study conducted by Gleanster Research.

They help carry the workload of implementing and getting the results of your campaign. Therefore, it is easy to see how most would use marketing automation for the sheer reason that it makes their jobs faster and easier, thus producing better results in the process.

6. 49% of Companies are Now Using Marketing Automation

Automation Platforms 49%

The online business world is a very competitive place. If you want your company to stay afloat, you need to keep up with the ongoing trends and strategies. Implementing marketing automation technology should be one of your priorities now that 49% of companies are already ahead of you –55% if you’re in the B2B industry.

In online marketing, aim to be an early adopter to stay ahead of the competition – not only in marketing automation, but in content marketing, SEO, advertising, and social media as well. After integrating marketing automation with your business processes, be on the lookout for new strategies that can give you a competitive edge.

Read this guide on engaging social media as a business by our friends at Legendary Lion.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t adopted a marketing automation platform yet, you can start by using Moosend. For those without any subscribers yet, using our platform allows you to design creative email campaigns using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can track and measure the results of your campaigns to see which one yields the best results. You can then scale your success to boost your campaign performance and engage more subscribers, if not convert them into customers!

7. 58% of Marketers Use Marketing Automation for Upselling

According to 58% of marketers, opportunities such as upselling are second only to saving time, when speaking about the most important gain of marketing automation. Upselling is the practice of introducing more expensive products or add-ons that boost profits from the same customer. For example, when you purchase a phone from the store, a competent salesperson will present you with offers such as VR goggles, phone cases, or another phone with much higher specs.

By designing your website to show related products on specific pages, you have the opportunity to upsell and make transactions more profitable. According to Amasty, the three opportunities for upselling are before the purchase (e.g. category pages, product pages, catalogs), during the purchase (e.g. checkout page and abandoned cart emails), and after the purchase (e.g. thank you emails and post-sales newsletters). This is where marketing automation comes in.

For online businesses, marketing automation makes upselling possible even after the customer has left your site. Modern marketing automation platforms include the condition of completing a sale for triggered emails, so you should take advantage of this feature to make the most out of your sales even after when customers have left your site.

8. 63% of Companies are Outperforming Competitors with Help from Marketing Automation

Outperforming Competitors

Due to the sustainable benefits of marketing automation, 63% of companies are more successful compared to their contemporaries, according to the “2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study” conducted by Lenskold Group…

The statistic proves that marketing automation permeates through your entire marketing process. The ability to score leads and measure engagement with your target audience is a distinct advantage that a marketing automation platform will provide your business with. Also, as opposed to your competitors who are not leveraging the benefits of marketing automation, you can definitely get ahead of the pack. The early bird gets the worm!

You can literally set your Email Marketing to autopilot with Moosend’s marketing automation, so you can focus on optimizing your campaigns and tasks. Besides its already established email marketing service, Moosend lets you develop workflows so the platform will execute commands based on how your visitors respond to your site. Having the ability to automate your sales process allows you to see its performance and make the necessary changes on the fly to improve it further.

9. B2B Marketers Using Marketing Automation Increased Their Sales Pipeline Contribution by an Average of 10%

Every action of a successful marketing campaign is geared towards making sales. By consistently generating profit with your marketing actions, you can spend more on growing your company further.

Therefore, you need a sales pipeline to help you focus on attracting leads and converting them into paying customers. Without developing one, you won’t be able to effectively close your leads, which leads to lost revenue.

If you already have a sales pipeline, then you are on your way to success. However, if you want to double-down on your marketing, you need marketing automation to increase your sales further. An increase of 10% in your sales pipeline according to Forrester may not mean a lot to some, but such increase can result in substantial revenues, especially if your business already has a proven sales pipeline.

Having a well-defined (yet, flexible) sales process is necessary before using marketing automation. Make sure that the stages of your sales process are established so you know which stages you need to improve on to increase your conversion rate. Also, identifying the different channels where you drive leads is crucial so you can develop your sales process for each. With marketing automation, you can simplify the process by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on the bigger picture.

10. 36% of Marketers Use Marketing Automation to Shave Off Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive Tasks

As marketers, you’re often required to take on a long list of responsibilities in a short period. Not only will this compromise the quality of your output, but it also results in sloppy work that does not reflect your potential or productivity performance.

With marketing automation, you can lessen the workload of marketers by automating repetitive tasks. According to a report by TFM&A Insights, 36% of marketers do this to make room for more meaningful and exciting projects. 30% also believe that using marketing automation will improve their lead targeting strategies.


Adopting marketing automation is a great way to take your company to the next level. You just need enough data to develop effective strategies that will take your audience to meaningful journeys, and which you will feed into the automations again to leverage your performance! And if you want to deep further in other marketing statistics this infographic from NCC shows everything you’ll need to know.

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