8 Best Email Marketing Services You Need to Know All About in 2020

Oh, I caught you looking around for some of the best email marketing services you need to know about, didn’t I?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

You came to the right place.

best email marketing services

We just handpicked the best email marketing services for 2020 and we are happily presenting them to you in this article.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are We Checking out This Time?

The whole point of all email marketing services is to provide some sort of service that will make things easier for you.

An ESP (Email Service Provider) aims to actually help you get in contact with your subscribers in a way that they’ll actually receive your email and they’ll actually listen.

But let me make this a bit clearer-even though you probably know already:

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail and all that jazz aren’t built to send out email messages that have to do with any marketing purposes.

Also, they’re not services built to send emails in bulk.

This is why you need email marketing platforms.

That way, you’ll be able to make sure that ISPs won’t mark you as spam for sending out too many emails, as they know and they realize that you’re using a platform to send out marketing emails to people who have willingly shared their data with you.

So, let’s see…

Price/Month Free Plan Unique Feature Ratings
Moosend $10/month Yes(Sign up here) Refine-Subject line optimizer
SendInBlue $20/month Yes SMS marketing options
ActiveCampaign $9/month No Event tracking options
Mailchimp $9.99/month Yes Multi-step custom workflows
Constant Contact $20/month No Event invitations management
AWeber $19/month No Email testing across devices
MailerLite $10/month Yes Opens by location
BenchMark $11.89/month/user Yes Easy-to-use editor

So, as you can see, we’re talking facts only. But I’m sure you would love to hear some more, as sometimes, boards and facts don’t quite cut it. So… Oh, where do I begin?

Yeah, I begin right at the top of the best email marketing services.

Let’s go!

1. Moosend

As far as the best email marketing services are concerned, Moosend is right there at the top and it can give you features and options to last for days.

And the platform-not to brag or anything-is one that can power up your business, no matter what your needs are.

best email marketing services

If you need something that can provide everything a business needs, despite its size and growth rate, then Moosend’s really got it

So, starting off with marketing automation features that need to be a staple in any marketer’s and company’s arsenal, like landing pages and online forms and going into more advanced features like AI and powerful segmentation.

Moosend can prove to be a valuable tool for all, regardless of the budget.

Favorite Feature

It would be hard just to pick out one feature, but my favorite would have to be somewhere between Refine, the free subject line tester, and the absurdly easy drag-and-drop editor that can help you create beautiful email newsletters without requiring any knowledge of code whatsoever.

Oh, and you’ll also get landing pages, just to keep up-to-date with all the best lead-gen and sales tools

The email marketing automation features are just as powerful. But perhaps the best part is the fact that the platform is packed with integrations as well, just for your convenience.

So if you need to delve into SMS marketing, for example, don’t worry because we’ve got integrations to support that.

Overall Features

So we talked about the landing pages, the easy as pie editor and our brand new online forms feature that will definitely amaze you.

But what about the overall features of a platform that has proven to be one of the best and most affordable of its competitors?

  • When I mentioned AI before, I was talking about a really powerful AI system that can distinguish patterns and create segments so small, you won’t even have to worry about hyper-personalization anymore.
  • You can get triggered emails after the user proceeds to some sort of action. So, this means that you get your cart abandonment emails, your welcome emails, even special occasion or “last chance to unsubscribe” emails. All that, without even trying too hard.
  • Moosend’s free plan is free. Actually, there is no need for a credit card if you want to sign up.
  • All knowledge is at your fingertips, with our knowledge-base and, most recently, our Moosend Academy section that can help you out with video tutorials.
  • But let’s not forget the classics: FAQs and our fancy support team that will be right there to answer your queries through emails, live chat or the good ole’ telephone.
  • And deliverability? Well, if you must know, we can score pretty high on that one, too!

And Now for the Cost of Service

Moosend is actually one of the most affordable platforms out there.

The free plan remains there and includes more than most features if you’re okay with 1,000 subscribers.

Oh, and a subscriber counts as one subscriber, even though they may be a part of multiple lists. Still one.

If you want to have everything the paid plan can offer and you’ve got up to 2,000 subscribers, the fee would be as high as $10-I know, right?-and it offers everything you’ll need.

Moosend offers special prices for NPOs as well, and the highest price, for 1,000,000 subscribers (wow!), is at $3,650 per month.

The campaigns are unlimited and the emails you can send as well, no matter the price.

Sounds good? If so, give this a click!

2. Mailchimp

Oh, Mailchimp. The one that everyone wants to be like and be labeled as a great Mailchimp alternative, as a result.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in this article-and worldwide-and there’s a pretty good reason behind that.

email marketing software

Their platform’s design is intuitive and fun and it’s got an admittedly short learning curve, but that’s not the only reason behind its popularity.

Mailchimp is thought to be one of the most generous email marketing services, when it comes to its free plan, especially seeing as their Essentials plan is only at $9.99.

However, there’s a very basic problem with Mailchimp. It’s a fantastic platform, it does offer a free plan, but… Oh well, let’s take it from the top:

Favorite Feature

This ESP comes with a series of automation features that are pretty fantastic. However, if I had to talk about one and one alone, it would have to be… *drumroll, please*

The multi-step custom workflows!

This one’s a new one and I can see it becoming a classic in no time, as it can give users the opportunity to build email and marketing automation workflows, event-based automation, even onboarding series in a jiffy while nurturing campaigns.

This tool can definitely help out with customer loyalty and it can definitely make a user actually remember a brand.

But is it included in every plan? Or is it something that’s gonna cost extra? Well… You’ll have to wait and see!

Overall Features

Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing services for a reason, as I mentioned at the beginning.

And this reason lies in its very well-thought and intuitive tools that promise to help out.

  • Advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting are staples included in all of Mailchimp’s plans. However, one cannot get unlimited custom event data. Every plan has its own time limitations.
  • There are predicted demographics and the pretty handy purchase likelihood tool that will definitely give a knowledge boost to those able to purchase the standard or the premium plan. The same goes for the lookalike audience finder.
  • Landing pages, Facebook and Instagram ads and of course social posting are on the table for all plans.
  • While its editor and newsletter templates are very nice, there’s again the branded emails issue for the free plan, which could prove to be ineffective.
  • A/B testing options for all the paid plans, to make sure that nothing will go amiss.
  • The customer support is sadly not included in the free plan. There is chat and email support on all paid plans, however, there is no phone support-unless you go forth with their premium plan, of course.
  • And as for deliverability, according to Email Tool Tester, it’s at 81.6%. Not stellar, but not terrible either.

But let’s see what’s what when it comes to the price.

And Now for the Cost of Service

Mailchimp’s got a free plan, sure, for up to 2.000 subscribers and up to 10.000 contacts per month, which is not exactly ideal if you need to grow and grow fast.

There’s a number of penalties and hidden charges, such as additional charges if you go over the contact limit.

And the features are not all included, but I could say that the ones that are included are pretty useful.

So, if you want to use landing pages, check out newsletter signup forms that are a little fancier, and you don’t really care about the costs-or want to test your luck with their Essentials plan-you’ll get it at $9.99. The price of the Premium plan starts at $299/month.

3. SendInBlue

Coming up as one of the email marketing services that you’d like to keep an eye on, is SendInBlue.

And it’s one of the ones that can definitely help you out if you need something with a more holistic approach.

email marketing platforms

With SendInBlue, you can have automation that can cover the social media aspect of your marketing plan, with the implementation of tools for social media ads, SMS marketing tools and all kinds of emails.

You can also get a free plan with unlimited contacts but limited daily emails sent, prices that won’t get you way over budget and features that include the use of CRM, segmentation options and an interface that’s bound to make the learning curve shorter.

Favorite Feature

This email marketing platform has plenty of great features for one to choose from. So, there is email automation and you can also play around with landing pages, but more about those in a second.

My favorite one on this email marketing service would have to be the SMS marketing options it can provide.

Granted, SMS marketing is up and running and very hot and trendy nowadays, so it would be a fantastic option for you if you want to delve into that part of marketing as well.

And as useful as SMS might seem for marketing, it’s got a use or two that are more than marketing-related and they could help your overall marketing plan out like it’s nobody’s business.

I’m talking about, of course, transactional SMS messages that most people expect, especially after completing an order or a transaction with their bank.

Overall Features

So, apart from SMS marketing, what other features can you get with SendInBlue? What is it that makes it special enough to land a position in our list of email marketing services to know all about in 2020?

  • All of the statistics you need, just to make sure that your campaign is not just up and running, but it’s working, too.
  • A pretty handy Facebook ads feature that can help you create and launch ads straight from your account and retargeting ads options, to leave no lead unused.
  • Landing pages and marketing automation packed with workflows and tracking tools that will help you send the right thing at the right time, to make them convert.
  • A landing page editor that will convince even the most difficult people that creating something with zero coding is actually possible.
  • Segmentation tools that will help you out with creating the right thing specifically for the right person.
  • Email and phone support, for most of the plans. Just in case something goes amiss. Sadly, not all plans can enjoy this luxury.
  • On deliverability… It’s got some very very high rates, not going to lie… You can’t call 95.4% low-according to Email Tool Tester’s tests.

And Now for the Cost of Service

You’ve got your free plan, of course you do. With some limitations.

I’ve already mentioned how much I disagree with branded emails on the free plan, but this is not the only limitation you’re going to come across.

Each plan has its own limitations, apart from the premium plan, as expected.

The prices start at $19/month. This is the email marketing service’s Lite plan that includes all the basics but will still get you branded emails.

What is more, you get unlimited landing pages but only at the price of the Enterprise plan. In order to get that, you’ll need to contact SendInBlue and go forth with an arrangement or two.

The most popular of their plans is the Premium plan, starting at $49/month if you’re okay with 120,000 emails/month.

And I’ll need to remind you that for each and every plan, you get the added benefit of unlimited contacts, despite the limitation in the number of emails.

4. Active Campaign

On this list of email marketing services, ActiveCampaign could be one of the most popular ones, with around 90,000 customers saying that they’ve found their ESP of preference after using it.

ActiveCampaign could be one of the email marketing platforms that can guarantee to give you everything you’d like to get from that kind of tool, and then some.

ESP (Email Service Provider) Active Campaign

The benefits of ActiveCampaign are multiple, but more than most of its customers swear by its advanced automation features both when it comes to purely marketing reasons and when it comes to its CRM system as well.

What is more, you can utilize your contacts in the best way possible while using ActiveCampaign’s CRM system, seeing as you’re able to set up appointments, DM contacts, and use labels and notes.

There are also many other little, beautiful things that we’re going to discuss in the section below. So, let’s see what makes this ESP great!

Favorite Feature

My favorite would absolutely have to be one that people don’t come across that easily: the event tracking option.

Basically, what you can do with this tool, is that you could track some specific actions of your contacts.

Those actions will send data to the email marketing platform and that data will be used in hyper-personalization efforts, making your marketing message loud, clear, but most importantly effective. Why not use it when you can do it like EasyJet?

In case you don’t know, let me tell you what happened: EasyJet’s email personalization campaign from 2015 actually established the company’s presence.

So, use tracking options and gather data! By doing this, you can create a message that’s based on a specific action.

This message will ring a bell in the prospect’s mind, and it will reason with them, leading them to the following action. One that will benefit you.

Overall Features

Of course, it’s only logical that you won’t care just for the event tracking option, but you’ll need to know a thing or two regarding all of the tools this email marketing service can give you.

Why is it amongst the best email marketing services for 2020?

Well, here’s why:

  • ActiveCampaign’s integrations are plenty and they can cover a wide variety of reasons why one would need them. So, from lead-gen to analytics, ActiveCampaign has integrations for that.
  • Automation to last for days. The good thing about ActiveCampaign’s admittedly great automation is that it can be used both for marketing and for sales purposes, as they can be extended into a sales CRM. At a fee, of course.
  • Predictive content for the Professional and Enterprise plan, just to make sure that you’ll send the right thing at the right time, every time.
  • A very easy drag-and-drop automation builder that will help create the automation flows that you need, without needing you to stay into a learning curve for too long.
  • All plans will give you access to email and live chat support, which is all fine and well, but if you’re a fan of the telephone, you’ll need to go Enterprise on your plan. The same goes for unlimited one-on-one training-a very basic selling point of this specific email marketing platform.
  • And as for deliverability. Again, according to Email Tool Tester’s tests, there’s a 90.2% chance of success.

And Now for the Cost of Service

Free plan? Nah, not in this email marketing platform, honey. You can get your free trial, no doubt, and then decide if you’d like to go forth with this email marketing software or not.

The prices range from $9/month for the Lite plan and can reach $229/month for the Enterprise plan.

The payment is annual, which is pretty convenient if you ask me, but the issue is that the most useful features are included in the Enterprise plan only.

There is also an added limitation when it comes to the use of some features, apart from the Enterprise’s unlimited possibilities.

All in all, it’s not that ActiveCampaign isn’t affordable. It’s that it can get pretty pricey if you need everything.

5. Constant Contact

And here we’ve got another one of the leaders of the pact. In fact, Constant Contact might just be the oldest email marketing service in this post, as it’s been around forever. Or since 1995, if we want to be exact.

And we all know that in the tech world, 25 years is forever.

email marketing platform

SMBs, NPOs, event management agencies and everyone in between can see great benefit in this ESP. In fact, it’s one of those that will make other email marketing platforms say “I want to be one of the Constant Contact alternatives!”

But what is it that makes it so special? Well, apart from a great deliverability rate, that is. This is logical, considering it’s been around for so long, it can make other email marketing software look like a baby-service.

But is experience enough?

Favorite Feature

Constant Contact’s event invitations management options are what make it so special. This is one of the email marketing platforms that offer an integration that helps with event marketing but also offers a very handy tool.

I am talking, of course, about the RSVP tool that will help out with your efforts on promoting your event marketing and getting it out there.

This tool allows marketers to get RSVP responses straight from the email they’ve sent out to their audience, which is not something everyone has and which can prove to be life-saving when you need to hit that inbox in a way that’ll be just right.

Overall Features

There’s the free trial, yes, that will help you make sure that this email marketing platform is for you. So here’s what they’ve got to offer:

  • Lead-gen tools like various website pop-up forms and list segmentation to keep all opportunities from sliding through your fingers.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads and insights that will help you out with all of your social media ventures
  • A mobile app, just in case you need to customize and create something on the go.
  • Automated “Resend to Non-Openers” option, just to make sure that you target those who just happened to miss an email.
  • Welcome and behavioral emails that would be perfect for your audience, hands down. They’re included in the “Email Plus” plan.
  • There is customer support for both plans and through all channels, making resolving your problems easier.
  • And I bet you’re wondering about deliverability… Well at an 89.4% according to Email Tool Tester, things are not bad at all.

And Now for the Cost of Service

Constant Contact’s pricing is somewhere in the middle. Its tools are very nice and it can help a lot with all of your marketing demands.

However, there are plenty of email marketing platforms that can offer the same features at a way better price.

This doesn’t mean that Constant Contact is not an affordable service, though.

It simply means that there are other, better options that could also provide free email marketing services, for a specific amount of contacts and a specific amount of emails.

Constant Contact’s pricing starts at $20/month and there are only two plans, the other one starting at $45/month.

6. AWeber

If you’re a marketer in need of a platform that will give you as many integrations as you need, in order to be perfect with your marketing efforts, then checking out AWeber is a pretty good choice.

This email marketing platform is one of those that can provide plenty of automation options that can help you create, curate and send marketing emails and targeted messages that will impress and entice.


AWeber can be used with some of the best eCommerce platforms-like Magento-and its price is not exactly salty.

So, at a very reasonable price, it can help you with more than most of your demands, mainly because it plays well with others-ie, it can integrate with pretty much anything and the combined use of the integrations is seamless.

But can it make the cut?

Favorite Feature

It would have to be the email testing across devices option AWeber can provide through its integrations. That one can be pretty useful.

By testing the way your emails look across all email clients and devices, you’ll pretty much make sure nothing will get clipped.

This feature can more or less ensure the quality of your email and how well it can look.

After all, what is an email marketing platform, if not a tool that can, down the line, ensure that your marketing efforts won’t go amiss?

Overall Features

I mentioned the plethora of integrations that come with AWeber, but what else is there for you, if you choose to go forth with this email marketing platform?

  • Well, the emails you can send are unlimited for all of the plans of this ESP, which is a great thing. If you’ve got up to 500 subscribers, that is.
  • Stock photos in the gallery, that will definitely help out, especially on those days where you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Email templates included in all of the pricing tiers. You don’t need to know how to design or code with those guys, just use one of the ready-made ones.
  • You can also use sign-up forms and up your marketing game. These are included, much like all of the features, in all pricing tiers.
  • Their customer service is rumored to be one of the most complete ones overall, with email and live support as well as a great knowledge base and webinars.
  • Now for the deliverability, this is one of the best email marketing tools, according to Email Tool Tester, with an 85.4%.

And Now for the Cost of Service

The good thing about AWeber’s pricing is the fact that the only reason to change pricing tiers is the number of subscribers and that’s it.

You won’t need to change your marketing budget according to the features you need. Rather, you change as you grow. And if you want to make sure this email marketing service will be a good fit for you, there’s always the free 30-day trial option.

So, the prices start at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers. $149/month is for 10,001-25,000. If your audience is larger than that, then you can always get a custom quote.

7. MailerLite

MailerLite is one of those considered to be amongst the best email marketing services, especially for SMBs, since the platform is considered to be one of those with the simplest UI and a great pack of features.

You’ll also get a pretty nice HTML editor, a rich text editor, a drag-and-drop editor and all the tools you need.

And if you don’t feel like creating something on your own, you can definitely do well with MailerLite’s email newsletter templates to create amazing newsletters.

email marketing services

You can check out if this email marketing service works for you, by subscribing for its free plan first and create and send your heart away. But is it all worth it? And what about its pricing?

Let’s go ahead and see!

Favorite Feature

My favorite one at this stage should be the opens by location feature, that not too many email marketing services have, and it can help you set up and optimize your overall marketing plan.

By knowing where your most engaged customers are located, you’ll get better insight on the types of offers you can come up with and the type of products that would bring you better conversion overall.

Not only that, but you can also use that data to create some real-time content. For example, is there a great event coming up in the country with the most email opens? Well, you can create some content and sell and engage around that fact!

Overall Features

With MailerLite, you get a pretty nice set of features overall, that can definitely help you out with your marketing game. So…

  • You’ll get built-in photo editing options, just in case you need to get some hands-on work right there and then.
  • Drag-and-drop and custom HTML editor that will help you out with everything while creating a newsletter.
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting, just to make sure that nothing will go amiss.
  • Landing pages and pop-up forms that will help you increase your newsletter signup rates like it’s nobody’s business.
  • A/B testing options that will help you make sure that everything will work in your favor.
  • As far as the customer service is concerned, MailerLite can offer a very detailed knowledge base, tutorial videos and 24/7 email support for both the free and the premium plan. Live chat support and priority support are things that only people that have a premium plan can enjoy.
  • And for the deliverability thingie… MailerLite is not very good on that aspect, with Email Tool Tester’s tests showing that it scored only 78.4%.

And Now for the Cost of Service

If you’ve got up to 1.000 contacts and won’t be planning on sending more than 12.000 emails per month, then you will be just fine with the free plan.

However, it doesn’t include my favorite feature and its branded emails… Well, I won’t repeat myself.

If, on the other hand, you need all useful features and better customer support, then the paid plan is not a bad idea. Its prices start at $10/month and you can send unlimited emails.

The pricing on this email marketing platform, as you understand, is per contact.

8. BenchMark Email

BenchMark’s international customer service scheme is something to truly marvel at. After all, you don’t come across customer service teams that can support nine (!) different languages, every day!

The features of the platform are pretty useful as well, and their free plan is actually very generous.

email marketing platforms

BenchMark is one of those email marketing services that favor SMEs above all else, and their free plan can actually offer more for less.

But it is true that the more features offered in the free plan, the more the limitations on things like subscribers and emails sent per month or day. But let’s go see what you can have with BenchMark.

Favorite Feature

BenchMark Email’s editor is one of the most useful ones, admittedly. With plenty of options on how to create an email campaign through BenchMark, you can use a fancy drag-and-drop editor or you can use the classic editor-whatever suits your needs best.

The “preview email” function and “send test email” from within the editor can be quite useful, even though it may sound counter-intuitive, not going to lie on that one.

Also, the huge bummer of the otherwise great platform is the inability to preview the email for a mobile device. It’s desktop only, folks!

Overall Features

BenchMark email’s email marketing platform has got all of the basic features you may need to utilize all email marketing and marketing automation tactics.

  • You can check your lists’ hygiene with BenchMark email’s special feature that is included in both the paid and the free plan.
  • You can get up to 10 MB of free gallery storage-not too much, but it should be better than getting zero.
  • Automations that get triggered by email engagements, just to make sure that you know what makes your audience and prospects tick.
  • A fancy and brand new landing page builder that can help you generate and utilize new leads, both when it comes to list building and creating and selling.
  • Pop-up forms and one of the most discreet and easy-to-use online form builders that, according to BenchMark Email’s website, can offer “chameleon-like customization“.
  • Customer support is something that you can get for both free and paid plans, in the form of email and live chat.
  • Deliverability is not something that will work for you though… As fancy and likeable as this ESP is, a 45.2% rate-again, according to Email Tool Tester-is not good at all.

And Now for the Cost of Service

BenchMark email is one of those email marketing services that offer a free plan-provided, of course, there is no need to send out more than 250 emails/month. You can get unlimited subscribers though, which is a pretty good deal and makes it one of the best email marketing services.

Other than that, if you need something a little extra, prices start at $11.89 for up to 600 subscribers and could go as high as $37.39 for up to 3500 subscribers.

If you need something more, you could always check out the send-based plans. Oh, and around here I should note that the free plan may offer most email marketing features, but… That’s about it.

What Next?

So, that’s about it on my side and I hope that this post will help you a lot in your quest to find the email marketing software that will better meet your needs and will help you turn your marketing game from good to stellar.

Of course, there are more than just eight email marketing services that could be deemed to be the best ones and everyone has their own favorite.

So, don’t forget to tell us about your own favorite in the comments below, share the knowledge and, if you’re feeling frisky, try out Moosend for free.

Just hit the register button-promise you’ll love it!


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