21 Newsletter Examples That Really Make a Difference

I’m a newsletter addict, I won’t hide it, and as such, I am the perfect person to show you some of the most inspiring newsletter examples that have arrived in my inbox lately.

I sign up for newsletters like crazy. My curiosity is always the same and my expectations are always high.

Every day I get dozens of emails. Some are good, some are bad, some are simply amazing. And let me tell you, creating an engaging email newsletter is not that easy.

Newsletter examples

Email marketing is an art, that’s why you should always keep your eyes and mind open for those that are completely unique, crazy effective, or even have the power to create a new trend.

Yes, a strong CTA is a key to high conversions, but no one will push that button unless your email newsletter is eye-catching, bold, or has something to say.

From eCommerce to publishers, email design, copy and the right subject line can go a long way to enforcing your marketing strategy.

This is exactly why I’ve created this collection of the best email newsletter examples.

To show you how the game is played today, and motivate you to push your boundaries and create something beautiful now.

After you read the whole post, that is.

Why You Need To See These Newsletters Examples

The first email marketing blast was sent in 1978, by Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, also billed as the ‘Father of Spam’, promoting DEC machines to 400 users.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since.

Email marketing today is considered one of the most popular distribution channels, with 9 out of 10 marketers using it to distribute content organically.

Email newsletters have become much more mobile-friendly, newsletter design is evolving with interactive emails becoming more and more popular.

But most importantly, anyone can create a cool, professional email newsletter today. Drag & drop editors are here to stay so your zero coding skills are not an excuse anymore.

You can create one from scratch or use a newsletter template (we’ve got tons of beautiful ones by the way), just make it happen.

Get ready for yet another crazy adventure in the chaotic land of my inbox with some neat newsletter samples!

A Few Perfect Newsletter Examples

1. Trade

Subject line: Your Coffee Questions, Solved!

Ask trade newsletter example

Coffee is timeless. Coffee is a favorite habit. But, coffee can be complex too.

To trust a coffee brand, or even give them a try, especially when you only get the chance to order online, it’s important to show to your audience that you are an expert in your field.

To show that you understand coffee lovers and you know how to so answer all their questions.

Trade plays a nice little Q+A game making their newsletter both informative and unique.

The questions answered interest a lot of people so they keep the reader engaged, and the answers include links leading to the company’s blog.

Questions being answered through newsletters is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately and I frankly love the idea.

Keep them coming!

2. Love Cocoa

Subject Line: 💝 Thank You, Teachers! 🍫

clever love cocoa newsletter example for ecommerce

If you’ve got such a versatile product in your hands like chocolate, consider yourself blessed.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your next email newsletter.

And even if you are out of ideas, just take a better look at what’s going on around you.

Who loves chocolate? Everybody does. (Except for a few people, I’m looking at you with disapproval, guys.)

Who needs chocolate? People who had a bad day. Or a few bad months. Love Cocoa creates a newsletter aiming to give their chocolate another reason to exist and help you make a nice present out of it.

Creating an email marketing campaign focused on a specific group of people is very clever, very effective, and kudos to those who make the most of it.

3. Equal Parts

Subject Line: On Our Menu: A Summer Soup for your Stovetop

equal parts email marketing as an example

“What an idea!”, I exclaimed when I opened this one. And it certainly makes for one of my favorite newsletter examples of the year.

Equal Parts is a cookware company that not only offers great products but a top-notch newsletter too.

When signing up you know what you’ll get. “From tips and techniques to events and new products, we’ll only send you emails when we have something to say.”


A cookware email newsletter doesn’t only have to promote it’s…cookware. You can be as imaginative as everyone else and intrigue your subscribers.

What the brand does here is to offer a summer recipe, (and we all know how people adore recipes wherever they come from), while also recommending the kitchen essentials you’ll probably need to make it. Or at least some of them.

It feels like an indirect promotion and that’s exactly what I love about this email campaign.

4. Polaroid

Subject Line: Photographers put the new Polaroid Now to the test.

a polaroid email with nice design

Your reputation is your everything.

Because people trust reviews and social proof more than you think.

According to research, 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.

And what better way to help your audience make up their mind than deliver some good reviews straight in their inbox?

One of the most simple, clean-cut, and inclusive newsletter examples of this list, this email is a great example of how you can make your reviews work for you.

Just remember to include a wide variety of different comments that cover the whole spectrum of your product’s advantages.

5. Toms

Subject Line: We’ve got a story to tell

toms email newsletter with storytelling

First, let me admit that until now I was convinced that there was definitely a Tom behind the brand.

So, thank you Toms for making that clear for me.

Moving forward, let’s not forget that digital marketing is all about storytelling.

So if you have a story to tell, then please do.

This Toms newsletter in my opinion offers some great email content. There’s the story behind the brand, and then there’s also the photographs to support the story.

People love stories, people love brands with a story and so Toms does a great job of reminding their subscribers why they should keep loving them.

6. Stuart Weitzman

Subject Line: The Summer 2020 Collection: Official Trend Report

unique newsletter content

Now that’s what I call a bold marketing newsletter.

Of course, you can also choose the safe way and just include a few nice pictures of your products.

Or, you can be innovative and create an email newsletter design that makes the difference.

Instead of showing the summer color trends through using lifestyle photos, Stuart Weitzman votes for “Less is more”.

The whitespace and minimal copy help the reader focus on the colored circles and digest all the information they get from this email newsletter. Brilliant.

7. Lewis

Subject Line: Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Next Week!

sneak peek email design

Have you ever sent a sneak peek email newsletter? If not, you should. It’s one of those good emails that all big brands do and it can go a long way to engaging your customers.

Lewis, is the ultimate minimal email design example as it offers a product-focused email newsletter with a preview of what’s coming next.

Look at those patterns, look at those details! You know you want to find out more, right?

Sneak peek email newsletters are a surefire way to get your subscribers excited about making a purchase when they get a chance and it also reminds them of the value of receiving your newsletter in the first place.

Build excitement among your subscribers and see how your open rates will explode on your next email campaign!

8. Interview

Subject Line: Earthly Delights 🌿

newsletter example for publishing industry

Publishers’ newsletters can’t be too unique, right?


Interview, Andy Warhol’s magazine is artistic, provocative and one of a kind.

Their strong identity is the reason behind their popularity, so staying on brand should be their first content marketing goal.

And I take my hat off to whoever created this email template.

I love getting the Interview email newsletter in my inbox, not only because of it’s articles but also because of its great email newsletter design.

Yes, one might say it’s too risky to use such a font in a newsletter, but digital marketing is all about experimenting. Fortune favors the brave, it seems.

9. Casper

Subject Line: What’s different about Casper? Good question.

another great example from casper marketing

I love the way Casper does marketing. I’ve already admitted that on a previous post.

And that includes their newsletters.

What they do is use a diverse sequence of emails in order to keep their readers engaged.

This one takes you for a ride inside the company, with a mix of information and quotes from people working at Casper, making the newsletter more credible.

The employees’ pictures breathe life into the newsletter design, while the video at the bottom is one of the design elements that can boost your rates in no time.

10. Beauty Bay

Subject Line: The £5 Blemish Paste is here 😱

newsletter example for cosmetics

Beauty Bay’s newsletters are always a charm. And this is one of their best newsletter examples.

Today it’s all about ingredients. Especially for beauty lovers, it’s super important to know what their face cream is made of, and with the right newsletter design, you can easily boost your leads by emphasizing on your product’s ingredients.

I think the way they introduce their products is genius and very helpful to readers while vivid images do a great job catching your attention.

The circular cropped images are nice touches that help you focus on the product and the CTA’s are easy to spot. Well done, Beauty Bay!

11. Wine Enthusiast

Subject Line: Score! $20 Off Our Best-Selling Corkscrew

how to introduce a special product with email marketing

As a wine connoisseur, you may know how to use an electric opener/aerator/sealer. I don’t.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to buy one. I just need someone to show me how cool and easy it is to use.

Oh wait! Maybe a newsletter could help with that!

When your product is something as special as this, explaining to your customers how it works is definitely a good idea that will bring you leads.

To promote their electric corkscrew, Wine Enthusiast attaches more weight to large explanatory pictures that serve as a step-by-step guide that readers solve any questions that may come up around what this product does and how it works.

Moreover, they leave room for a customer review that strengthens the reader’s experience and gives off a tone of credibility to the company.

Time for a photo shooting maybe?

12. Agent Nateur

Subject Line: The Miraculous Mineral Defense Everyone Needs Right Now

an example of making a newsletter more personal

Brilliant in its simplicity, another of my favorite newsletter examples does a great job of building trust.

Written directly from the founder of Agent Nateur with a sweet and friendly tone that won me, it’s one of my favorite newsletter examples because of how effortlessly it humanizes the company.

Products are for people, people with needs, and you should never forget that, even when selling.

There are many different ways to do so, and sometimes showing your human faces and getting closer with your audience is the best path to achieve your goals.

Sometimes one picture is stronger than a bunch of them and a more personal approach to marketing works wonders towards encouraging engagement.

Agent Nateur makes a wonderful newsletter that’s like an actual letter and makes reading easy by using bullets, small paragraphs, and bold text.

13. Creative Boom

Subject Line: Creative Boom’s Weekly Newsletter – 21 July 2020

an eye pleasing email design

Creative Boom is a brilliant magazine for the creative industries and I love getting their newsletter in my inbox. Not only because they fill my day with great articles and inspiration but also because they do it in an easy, eye-pleasing way.

They have great use of fonts to add personality while still keeping it clean.

Also, the colored background behind every photo might seem like a simple thing but it’s actually a great trick to enhance readability and inject some style in your email design.

See? You don’t have to do much to make an effective newsletter yourself!

14. Equa

Subject Line: Must try this summer

equa's minimal newsletter

Equa is a sustainable water bottle company known for its super-chic design. Because of this, email design is an important part of the brand’s identity.

Seamlessly blending promotional and informational, providing a simple recipe to guide their reader’s decision, with the help of one beautiful product picture.

True to their branding, they use a familiar color palette while the cta button is hard to miss but still discreet.

I love this newsletter example because it shows how instead of pushing your products you can provide a value-add that will create a pleasing reading experience.

15. Chobani

Subject Line: A whole new drink experience is here

how to introduce a new product with email marketing

Product launch announcement?

Watch and learn.

Chobani always does an amazing email marketing job, offering great content in various creative ways.

Their visual brand identity is bright, cheerful, and energetic, while also keeping their design high-quality at all times.

In this specific newsletter, I love how they use a single column layout for their product announcement, including a clear message and CTA.

Fun to look and easy to read, it’s a great newsletter that gets straight to the point while giving off a natural feeling that is completely in line with the brand.

16. Boogaloo


storytelling is important in newsletters

Boogaloo is a swimwear company, creative and fun. Just like their newsletters!

See what they did here?

They went for a newsletter that may be promotional but is more than product and explanatory captions. Instead, they crafted a little story.

This newsletter reminds me of the photo romances I used to read as a little girl, and their take on presenting a fashion item made me smile while scrolling down.

I must admit I’d love one more picture to close the email. We need more stories in this world!

17. Coconut


coconut targets it's audience's needs with this email

This email marketing strategy is as clear as it gets. And that’s why I love this email example.

When in the search for your new favorite cosmetics, you usually know what you want. But you don’t know what you need.

Coconut, using a simple yet informative tone targets the subscribers’ needs and offers a guide on what you should buy next.

They also use a sleek color palette that matches their brand and dedicate enough white space to help the design breathe and the reader focus on the products.

Minimal for the win!

18. Revolve

Subject Line: @sincerelyjules is #outfitgoals 😍

how to use instagram for your email marketing

Instagram is the king of social media and engagement. And Revolve decided to do something about it.

Did you know that ads based on user-generated content receive 4 times higher click-through rates compared to average ads?

Maybe it’s time you followed Revolve’s newsletter example!

In fact, what they did here is very simple, yet effective. They decided to promote their products by using not just professional photos but also photos of various Instagrammers wearing clothes you can get at Revolve.

This makes the newsletter totally modern and much easier for readers to identify with.

Another thing I particularly like about this newsletter is the subject line using an Instagram account to draw attention.

19. Framebridge

Subject Line: A cassette tape? TRL tickets? A classic book cover?

adress your subscribers' questions like this email example

One product, endless possibilities!

I would love to frame my favorite concert ticket. Or that BFF note my best friend gave me at high school. And many more things that until now I didn’t know I wanted or could frame.

What a lovely idea indeed, Framebridge!

The best thing about this newsletter is not that it answers a question a lot people may have about this specific product but the fact that it introduces a new way to use it.

Imagination is a key factor when it comes to newsletters, so get down to work.

20. Starbucks

Subject Line: Our stores now require facial coverings

email marketing for covid

With the coronavirus at the front of everyone’s mind, businesses of all kinds are asked to shift their approach in order to follow the strict guidelines and keep everyone safe and happy.

You need to inform your customers about the new measures you’ve taken and make sure you do it the right way. With style and sincerity.

Starbucks delivers a pristine newsletter with a classic format to inform its audience about something very important.

They use a single font that matches the occasion and instead of images, there’s a minimal illustration that catches the eye and helps you understand immediately what this email is about.

When you have something as important to announce, keep it simple. This way you get your message across and refrain from confusing your audience.

21. theSkimm

Subject Line: Pleased to meet you

an effective welcome email example from theskimm

This list would be incomplete without at least one proper welcome email.

theSkimm is a newsletter delivered in your inbox every morning to give you all the news you need to start your day. It’s widely popular because of its fun-to-read style and minimal design.

What I love about this particular newsletter is how it explains to me what to expect next.

When signing up for a newsletter I usually expect the first one to be delivered to me straight in my inbox. But that’s not always the case. And I just want to be prepared for that!

They also inform me about their app, which will make my life easier as well as what being a Skimm’bassador means, which otherwise I might haven’t paid attention to.

Extra point for the icons used in every section and the clever use of color in line with the brand. That’s how it’d done!

That’s a wrap!

What a bunch of brilliant newsletter ideas, huh?

Full of different emails, a marketer’s inbox is always a great place to fuel your inspiration and I’m always glad to share my best newsletter examples with you.

But, creativity reaches new heights every day. So I urge you to subscribe to as many newsletters as you can, no matter the industry.

Make a habit of checking your inbox every morning, even if that’s only for ten minutes. Trust me, your email marketing will see the difference 😉

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