14 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today

Wondering how to get more out of your email marketing and drip campaign/s?

We’ve compiled and analyzed 14 email drip campaign examples to dig deeper and get more by doing less!

drip campaign

The primary goal of an email drip marketing campaign is to attract the right subscribers.

And send subscribers highly relevant emails that encourage them to commit to your call to action.

However, the usual “sign up to receive my newsletter” opt-in box won’t cut it anymore. Nor will sending subscribers emails intermittently about topics they didn’t sign up for.

Therefore, striking the perfect balance while list building and keeping your subscribers engaged allows you to appease your target audience, which is crucial in a sustainable email marketing strategy.

To consolidate both needs (building a mailing list AND user engagement at the same time), one way to do this is by launching drip email campaigns.

What is a drip campaign?


Drip marketing is an email marketing strategy composed of multiple emails sent out at specific times and dates. Upon signing up to your email list through a form, they will receive the emails in a timely fashion until the campaign ends.

Implementing a Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns are implemented using marketing automation so you can set up the emails and schedule when each will be sent to the subscribers.

This campaign type is what our marketing automation feature will help you achieve if you signed up for an account with us (if you haven’t already).

What makes drip campaigns creative compared to other types of email marketing tactic is they combine the ability to build your list while sending them emails that they signed up for in the first place.

As a result, there is a greater chance for more sign-ups and a lower risk of people unsubscribing.

If you have no idea how to come up with a drip program for your business, then you’re in luck.

Below are different examples of successful drip email campaigns to help inspire you to come up with your own.


What makes a drip campaign successful?

To create an effective email drip campaign, first, you need to pinpoint your pain:

  • Do you need more checkouts?
  • Drive back to your website your one-off website visitors?
  • Do you need to increase engagement among your existing subscribers?
  • Or onboard users smoothly so that they set up their accounts and start using your service?

All of these can be automated via the right drip campaign!

On Moosend’s platform, there is a growing list of preset drip campaigns to jump-start your list-building and that’s one of the features that make us one of stand out against other MailChimp alternatives, automate your checkouts, and deal with every possible problem your business is facing.

The secret to creating the perfect drip is to revisit it along the way; feed your insights and results into your existing drips and customize them accordingly.

This way, you will streamline every single aspect of your business – automatically!

Why drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns are an excellent way to achieve consistent growth and automate time-consuming, demanding, or delicate manual tasks which otherwise could incur mistakes.

Drip campaigns by industry

If you are wondering “Do I need to set up drip campaigns?”, the answer is “Absolutely!” if you are in:

Drip campaigns for Real Estate

Realtors need exceptional management and monitoring skills, and a team running secondary administrative tasks and scheduling. Stay ahead of the curve and don’t get swallowed up by follow-up calls, viewings and so on; drip campaigns take care of these, as well as all recurring processes.

Have automation triggered when users click/don’t click a specific/random link, for instance, and send them more information on the same house, or a different house altogether, and so on. The sky is the limit, really. Drip campaigns do the work for you.

Drip campaigns for the Blogging Business

Unsure how famous influencers and bloggers grow their fanbase? No, they don’t have a team of 10 because they don’t need it; they can run everything themselves with a little help from drip campaigns.

One of the top drip campaign examples for bloggers is that of Website Re-engagement, to drive users back to the website.

Another email sequence example is the Welcome drip campaigns, a series of emails that show the subscriber around the blog and help them get familiar with the actions they can take.

Drip campaigns for the Fashion Industry

Chances are that if you are in Fashion Marketing you have already implemented drip campaigns.

If you haven’t, your competitors have, for one thing. Set up drip campaigns to send out Happy Birthday emails to every subscriber, send out carefully crafted surveys, or website re-engagement drip emails, to name a few.

Also, I take it that you will love our amazing fashion marketing tips. I wrote it based on my personal (and hard-earned) experiences in the exciting world of Fashion Marketing, and I tried to squeeze everything in!

Drip campaigns for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

Keep track of and (automatically) reward your most loyal customers, upsell and cross-sell on auto-pilot, or send weather-based recommendations; all of these (and many more) are readily available as drip campaign templates in your Moosend account.

But you can always create your own automation for custom actions! Bonus: I’m sure you’ll find our How-to guide on successfully using email marketing in the beauty industry extremely useful!

Drip campaigns for Ecommerce

Need I say anything more than Cart Abandonment drip campaigns, Repeat Purchase Reminder drips, VIP Customer Reward campaigns, and Upselling/Cross-selling drips? I thought so.

If you own an e-shop and haven’t set up drip marketing campaigns yet, you are *losing* money as we speak.

You can register with us and start email marketing completely free up to 1,000 unique subscribers!


14 drip campaign examples to steal today


1. Drip Campaign – Sark eMedia’s 30-day blogging challenge

Blogging can be frustrating if you don’t have a clear goal in mind. With Sark eMedia’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge, you will learn the different ways on how to write content for your blog while targeting a particular objective.

Just like email marketing, blogging is not necessarily about creating the longest content and driving the most traffic – it’s all about increasing your conversion rate so you can make money off your blog.

Upon signing up, you will receive emails from Sark eMedia for the next 30 days.

You will be asked to write content and develop pages on your blog to help you master the complexities involved in blogging.

30 day blogging challenge

The online course is an excellent example of a drip campaign that is highly focused on a particular subject.

Subscribers won’t expect any other email except the blogging challenges, and Sark eMedia doesn’t disappoint.

The emails are jam-packed with valuable information so you can set up your blog the right way.

2. Drip Campaign – Leah Kalamakis at Freelancing to Freedom Project

Leah Kalamakis has made a living as a freelance web designer. She wants to impart her knowledge and success to other people, which is why she set up the Freelancing to Freedom Project School.

Through this online course, she offers paid subscribers access to exclusive content that contains blueprints to her success that they could emulate.

To get a taste of what she offers, you can sign up to receive Leah’s Freelancer’s Toolkit.

From there, she will send emails on a regular basis to upsell her online course.

freelancing to freedom project

However, what makes Leah’s drip marketing remarkable is the personal tone she sets on each email.

She shares her day-to-day musings with her subscribers and manages to connect events in her life with her online course.

It’s a pretty smart strategy on her part; by opening up and being more personable, she gains the trust of her subscribers, giving them more reason to shell out cash for her course.

3. Drip Campaign – Drift’s welcome drip marketing campaign

Let’s step back from the drip campaign ideas and look deeper into the parts that make an automated email sequence.

One of those parts is the Welcome email, which is the first thing subscribers receive after signing up to the list.

These are important because they set the tone for the rest of your email campaign.

If it doesn’t resonate with your audience, there’s a good chance that they’ll click the unsubscribe button then and there.

Therefore, you have to get this right if you want to retain your subscribers and bring them down your sales funnel.

One of the better examples of a welcome email is from Drift, a live chat application that can be embedded on your site.

Usually, welcome emails take the form of a landing page that thanks you for signing up and the benefits you’ll get while signed up.

However, Drift foregoes the formality by getting down and dirty with what truly matters is useful content.

drip campaign example: Welcome email
Upon signing up to their blog, you will receive this email from them that curates the best blog posts that you need to read.

There’s an icon for each of the popular posts, and the number of views each has accumulated since it was first published.

Since many people read it, it means that there’s probably value in the post, which is an incentive enough for you to read.

More importantly, the beginning of the copy sets the tone of the email and perhaps the succeeding emails you will receive in the future.

It says that Drift is unlike any other tool and dives directly into the meat and the bones of the subject.

Their welcome email is a fantastic example of how you can approach your drip campaign because it is so simple yet so effective.

You can replicate this type of email for your drip sequence – all you need to do is write a compelling intro and links to your best posts.


4. Drip Campaign – Twelve Days to Trello

If you want your drip campaign emails to generate the conversion you’re expecting from subscribers, then you might as well try a more aggressive sales approach as well.

By featuring the overwhelming benefits of your products or services, you might persuade subscribers to give in and become one of your customers.

An interesting and unique approach to this method was implemented by Trello recently through its Twelve Days to Trello.

The campaign was launched during the holiday seasons, and the title is a play on words to the song “12 Days of Christmas.”

twelve days to trello newsletter
The email contains links to pages on how to use Trello not only as a project management tool but also as a productivity tool to help you become more efficient in life, especially during the holidays.

The approach also matches well with the holiday season, which is the perfect fit for what Trello was trying to achieve with this email.

By creating a timely email as part of your drip campaign, you can maximize your sales and generate more interest in your product.

5. Drip Campaign – Smiley Cookie’s cart abandonment recovery

If you’re running an eCommerce site, then you’re fully aware of the difficulties involved in closing a sale with potential a buyer.

Even if you shortened the sales process, it still leaves you with at least one more step too many in closing a transaction.

One of the biggest pitfalls of e-commerce is cart abandonment.

There are many reasons why people abandon their carts – it is up to you to prevent them from forgetting about their carts.

The best way to combat cart abandonment is by sending them an automated email reminding them that they forgot to check out their shopping cart.

In fact, you may need to send out more than one email to convert these deserters into buyers.

The idea behind this campaign is to encourage people to close the transaction by not only reminding them about the abandoned cart but also offering a much larger discount as time passes.

As valuable as cart abandonment recovery is, you should never condition buyers to leave their carts on purpose for the discount fee to kick in.

For a much more recent example, take a look at this cart abandonment recovery email from Holstee.

cart abandonment recovery email from holstee
The e-commerce site for inspirational products takes a minimalist approach with their email.

However, the substance more than makes up for its straightforwardness.

The polite and good-natured tone of the email plays into the site’s branding.

It also asked if there are any problems with their checkout process and sought advice on how to improve the shopping experience.

6. Drip Campaign – Becca Cartice’s free “step-by-step” workshop

Are you holding a series of instructional or how-to videos? Some resources require a higher level of commitment on the user’s part, as well.

So, you want to make it as easy as possible on subscribers to check out your new content and remain as engaged as possible.

This drip campaign example is the first of the email sequence I signed up for on Becca’s website.

This email is immensely personable, like actually meeting her in real life!

Why is personal tone so important?

Because, at a time when the average user receives anything from 10-50 newsletters a day, your newsletters must stand out.

For instance, yesterday alone I received some 34 emails… in just one of my email addresses. (By the way, does anybody else do that? I have set up 5 different email addresses and enter the most suitable one every time, e.g. for promotional material and content upgrades, for subscriptions and software licenses, and so on).

show me your florals mail

Attending a free workshop should require no extra incentives- I know, right?

Only, the majority of your users are working a 9-5 job, pick up the kids from school/hit the gym, and they have a personal life to factor in, so…

When life happens, your users’ goals might not quite work out for your subscribers.

This is where drip campaigns come in:

  • Drip campaigns can serve as a series of reminders for your subscribers.
  • Another example of email drip campaign perfection is that they help users keep track of the work, keep up with the content and the rest of the team, and feel good about themselves.

This is the Day 4 email I received just minutes ago (right in time for this blog post).

Becca is checking up on her subscribers with just the right amount of encouragement to get us going!

The greatest thing about this email drip campaign is that Becca had to take the time to set up this series of emails without having to repeat the process manually day in day out.

This way, she can focus on more creative tasks and development of processes.

becca day 4 email


7. Drip Campaign – RyanAir’s drip campaign for new offer launches

Arguably one of the most iconic tactics of RyanAir is that of mega seat sales.

But digital marketers over at RyanAir HQs don’t need to go through the same process every time.

This qualifies as one of the top email drip campaign best practices:

In the following drip email campaigns, subscribers are

i) first notified of the mega seat sale, valid for bookings by March 6th,

ii) then updated on the extension of the sale with no “book by” limitation, and

iii) lastly, the absolute latest by when the offer will stand.

Not for a second should you think that someone actively put together these emails every couple of days.

At least, they shouldn’t; not with all these drip campaign templates available!

ryanair's drip campaign

8. Drip Campaign – SkinnyDip’s website re-engagement drip campaign

It’s nice to be thought of, isn’t it?

That warm, fuzzy feeling when one of your fave brands checks up on you to find out if everything’s all right?

Whether you’re out and about, or feeling under the weather, or maybe to see whether you’re handling the breakup well (some would say there is a correlation between the amount of money you spend on clothing and your breakup phase, *smh*).

Well, this set of website re-engagement drip marketing campaigns is beautifully crafted, and very customer-oriented. Here’s what they sent me a couple of months ago:

skinnydip’s re-engagement drip campaign

Set up a re-engagement drip campaign to show you care about your customers. Build on this chance to revive your relationship with every drop out of your Highly Engaged segment members.

One of the most essential drip campaigns to set up is this. Help your subscribers find their way back to your e-shop and reward them with a sweet discount coupon!

discount coupon

*By the way, I usually advise that your coupon codes and discounts come with an expiration date, only, in this case, SkinnyDip just sent me over a code, and even though I checked my mailbox quite later I still managed to get my discount! *frantic laugh*

9. Drip Campaign – SkinnyDip’s cart abandonment email drip campaign

Aaaand no, we’re not done with SkinnyDip just yet.

This is another cart abandonment drip campaign that you could steal for your company.

As soon as I used my discount code but got caught up in work and didn’t complete checkout, I got an awesome reminder email that segmented me in automatically to the cart abandonment campaign

which gave me 10% off my next purchase- oh so lovely!

Truth be told, I haven’t always gotten these cart abandonment drip campaign emails.

This adds a veil of mystery to the process and keeps me intrigued to unveil the trigger pattern for the brand. But maybe that’s just me!

skinnydip’s cart abandonment email

Take this off the ground by personalizing images, too. Check out NiftyImages to find out more about automated personalization!

10. Drip Campaign – Qualaroo’s onboarding drip campaign

Thinking of how to use drip campaigns for onboarding subscribers or website users? Set up a simple drip campaign to show users what to do next!

No need to wonder what successful drip campaigns look like:

Number all of the steps you need your users to take a set up a drip campaign that is triggered based on their activity (or inactivity!).

Give your users a guided demo of the actions you want them to take! In the case of user onboarding for Qualaroo, from creating my account to building my survey and installing the code on my website, I enjoyed a smooth user experience!

A positive first experience with your product or service is highly likely to elicit confidence in users, and consequently, positive reviews and referrals.

qualaroo’s onboarding

Better yet, 8 hours later, since I hadn’t interacted with the website nor had I installed it, I received the following email, inviting me to schedule a demo with a Qualaroo representative.

What more can a new user ask for?

schedule a demo with a qualaroo


11. Drip Campaign – Netflix’s Win-back drip campaign

At some point, your loyal customer was happy to do business with you. However, something happened and you had to see them leave.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are simple: your customer either found a better product for a better price, they forgot you’re in business or they don’t need your product anymore.

As competition can be tough for businesses with similar products and services, marketers need to be smart with their re-engagement tactics.

In this case, your best trick up your sleeve is a well-crafted win-back drip campaign that will be equally targeted and personalized to get your customer back.

Having an email sequence that will bring your customers back is one of the most important strategies to minimize your churn rate and promote the growth of your business in the most cost-effective way.

An amazing win-back drip campaign comes from Netflix, which sends a specific email sequence triggered after their customers cancel their subscriptions.

This is the first email in the series:

netflix drip campaign

While this is a cancellation confirmation email, Netflix uses it to start their win-back drip campaign.

By inserting a brightly colored CTA box that’s meant to restart their customer’s subscription, Netflix sets the re-engagement gears in motion.

Then, over the span of three months, the brand sends its customer a series of emails to attract their attention and show them all the new movies and TV series they are missing out by canceling their subscription.

netflix email drip campaign example

Showing their recently added shows along with the former customer’s top picks is meant to incentivize their former subscribers and show them exactly what they need to see to restart their membership and enjoy their favorite shows anew.

After a series of emails like these, Netflix finally delivers a targeted email to show the customer what they need to do to enjoy all the benefits highlighted in the previous email sequence.

email drip campaign netflix
To have a successful win-back drip campaign that will effectively get your subscribers to click on your CTA and turn again into loyal supporters of the brand you need the ultimate win-back campaign that will be simple and effective enough to minimize your churn and boost your revenue beyond measure.

12. Drip Campaign – Paul Mitchel’s Break Up/Unsubscribe drip campaign

Do you know what the movie “Marriage Story”, your subscribers and your eCommerce business have in common?


Well, you should have taken a hint when that one special subscriber of yours, who always opened and clicked on your emails, started giving you the cold shoulder.

Unfortunately, no matter how many amazing emails and offers you sent them, it still led to their disengagement with your business in general. But wait, what if this happens to the rest of your list?

Well, in this case, it’s time to call for the best mediator out there, and when I say mediator I mean that single email campaign that will fix your subscriber’s relationship with your business.

As we said before, there are many reasons why people abandon their carts, and, in this case, they are a hundred more why your subscribers stop interacting with your emails.

Worry not, though, because you still have one last trick up your marketing sleeve to get your subscriber to re-evaluate their relationship with your business and start anew.

So, here’s your email mediator:

unsubscribe email drip campaign
Upon receiving this email, Paul Mitchell’s subscriber comes across a sad face consisting of the brand’s products. This visual is a fantastic and creative means to show how the brand is affected by the subscriber’s sudden disengagement.

The visual, along with the break-up vibe of the copy, incentivizes their subscribers to rethink their relationship with the brand while demonstrating for one last time the products they once used to love.

By highlighting what the subscriber will miss out on if they stop receiving the brand’s emails, Paul Mitchell invites them to re-engage with the brand in a unique way that not only boosts e-commerce sales but also guarantees the brand’s long-term growth.

To sum it up, this email is an amazing example of an Unsubscribe drip campaign that not only informs subscribers that the brand will stop sending email updates but also offers the chance to re-engage with it by highlighting what they’ll miss out on if they don’t.

13. Drip Campaign – Weather-based Recommendations drip campaign

Turning weather into sales is a real thing and not something I made up just now.

If you are familiar with weather marketing, then you know exactly what this is about. If not, then, let’s find out together.

Well, weather marketing is all about sending emails whose copy and visuals are determined by the current weather conditions of your subscriber’s location.

For this to work, you need to leverage the power of email marketing automation to set up a drip campaign that will draw weather data from your subscriber’s location and deliver specific recommendations corresponding to the current weather forecast.

So, when I received this email from Patagonia, it was 5 °C outside (41.0 °F for my Fahrenheit friends) and I was already debating whether I should buy a new pair of gloves or a nice scarf hat to go through the winter season.

To my surprise, Patagonia offered me exactly what I needed to buy to protect myself from the sudden low temperatures.

email example
The brand’s targeted message makes this drip campaign an example of personalized e-commerce email marketing at its finest.

The success behind it, though, lies in giving your customers tailored recommendations that will potentially fulfill a need that the customer has based on seasonal influences.

Of course, to get your subscribers to engage with your weather-based drip campaign you need to give them an amazing CTA that will draw their attention and make them buy no matter what.

email drip campaign examples

As you can see, going minimal is always the best way to do that, especially when you need to deliver multiple CTAs for different products.

drip campaign example

To boost your sales with weather-based drip campaigns, you should make sure that your recommended products actually much the weather forecast to avoid recommending, for example, bathing suits during a freezing day.

Collecting your subscribers’ geographical location is absolutely necessary for this drip campaign to happen, so when you create your subscription forms, don’t forget to let them fill in their location.

So, now that you know what weather marketing is all about, it’s time to “make it rain”!

14. Drip Campaign – Dollar Shave Club’s Cross-sell drip campaign

Coming up with the perfect plan that will incentivize your customers to buy more from you is one of the most difficult tasks that need the right planning, time and effort.

Well, what if I told you that you can skip all that with a nice cross-sell drip campaign?

Cross-selling is an effective sales technique that aims at recommending additional products to customers usually based on their order history and personal preferences.

Now, if you take that technique and turn it into an attractive email, you will get one of the most important email drip campaigns to boost your Average Order Value (AOV) and see your sales go through the roof.

To master the art of the cross-sell drip campaign, you have to nail your recommendations by offering something that will truly interest your customers and make them think that it will be a shame not to add it to their order.

An amazing example of a well-crafted cross-sell drip campaign comes from the brand whose landing page took the razor world by storm.

dollar shave email example

This cross-sell drip campaign from the Dollar Shave Club hits all the right notes, giving their customers an amazing opportunity to buy additional items that complement their initial order.

To work, cross-sell emails need to be smart and elegant. Don’t turn them into ugly promotional campaigns that will scream of “buy me now!” but into drip campaigns that will give emphasis on the “I think this item will also benefit you.”

Where Zapier comes in

Advanced users, you will be happy to find out that you can web-hook your apps with Moosend.

So, whatever third-party system you are using (such as Zapier or your own), you can send webhooks to your Moosend account and have emails triggered automatically.

Turn email drip campaign ideas into action

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned email marketer, it’s difficult not to see how important drip campaigns are when it comes to converting subscribers to your desired goal.

Taking the examples above into heart, you should be able to gather enough drip marketing ideas to develop a campaign that fits with your brand resonates with your audience.

Of course, you will need a marketing automation tool like Moosend to help you create your drip campaign and schedule when the emails will be automatically sent to the subscribers.

With Moosend, you can enjoy the best features of marketing automation without putting a dent in your budget.

Using our email marketing automation platform, you can be sure to manage your email list as well as develop and implement drip programs according to best practices.

Don’t take our word for it- Try drip campaigns yourself

See what drip campaigns can do for your business today:

Sign up with Moosend. The magic word is: FREE.

Every single feature that our paying customers are using, you can use, too. No Moosend branding, either!

For up to 1.000 unique subscribers, you can benefit from testing our platform and sending real campaigns to your customers forever! Check out our pricing page to find out more!

Head over to the Automation tab in your account, click “Create new automation”, and there you have it: a full list of preset email automation templates for you to get your hands on.

Select the drip campaign while keeping in mind the benefit sought and choose from our list of (currently) 18 drip campaign examples!

Set up your drip campaigns and wait for your drip campaigns to be triggered.

What are you doing with all this new money coming in?

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