Free SMTP Server: How To Send Unlimited Transactional Emails

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol widely known as SMTP is a TCP/IP protocol used by professional and free SMTP Servers allowing you to seamlessly transmit emails across the web.

I guess you already knew that, but I had to start this article somehow.

free smtp server

Besides that, I am here to show you how to send unlimited transactional emails to your email subscribers using a free SMTP server.

But before we get all geeky let’s answer a couple of questions first, shall we?

P.S: If you are here to learn how to use Moosend’s SMTP Server click here 😉

What is an SMTP Server?

An SMTP Server can be described in layman terms;

As a piece of computing machinery that makes sure that your email gets delivered to the right email address across the world wide web. Simple enough, right?

To understand it even better you can directly correlate it to the current brick and mortar mailing system.

In that case, the SMTP Server acts as the mailman of our traditional mailing system.

And if you are a fan of flashy diagrams take a look below of how emails flow through the internet:

free smtp relay server

What SMTP Server should you use?

As a business, you’ll have a plethora of choices available when it comes to choosing your SMTP server. And it’s crucial that you make the right choice to ensure high email deliverability rate.

SMTP servers are generally divided into two usage categories.

The first one which is also the most common path most businesses follow is to use a third party SMTP server for their needs.

And the second one is to self-host an SMTP server which means you will need to build the whole infrastructure to support your needs. This includes hardware and software.

Let’s dissect what types of providers can provide you with a professional and/or free SMTP Server.

There are actually various types of providers that can provide you with an SMTP server.

These are:

  • Email Service Providers aka ESPs like Moosend.
  • Website Hosting Providers
  • Free Email Providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc
  • ISPs aka Internet Service Providers

And if you are looking for a professional service, it’s a no-brainer that you should choose a service provided by an ESP(Email Service Provider).

Some of the ESPs offer you free packages which allow you to test their services although they come with a lot of limitation especially in terms of monthly email sendings.

Not with Moosend though as we allow you to send unlimited emails as long as you are subscribed to one of our paid plans even to lowest tier which is 10$/month.

smtp server unlimited emails

Our specialization and support in the field of email marketing will surely come handy for you and your business.

Continue reading to learn how to use our SMTP Server today and serve unlimited emails to your email subscribers, without hiccups!

Is a Free SMTP Server a wise choice?

Using a Free SMTP Server sounds like a wise choice, right?

You are not paying anything and still, you are using a service, which sounds great if you are just starting your business, where your budget is close to zero.

Depending on your requirements using a free SMTP server makes total sense up until your business starts to grow.

For example, let’s say you are using Google’s Free SMTP Relay Server you’re only allowed to send about 3,000 emails every month, they might sound like a lot but if you have a growing eCommerce business that’s not gonna cut it!

Not to mention that you will be likely using servers that potential spammers might use making your deliverability rates fall through the roof.

In order to ensure higher sending limits and increased email deliverability, it’s mandatory to use a dedicated and professional service.

The following section shows you how to use our own SMTP service to send unlimited emails up to 2,000 email subscribers with only $10 per month!

What are the benefits of an SMTP Server for your Business?

Using a quality SMTP Server like the one Moosend provides, you are in for a treat!

The benefits include:

  • Simple to set up and configure
  • You will be able to easily send large sums of emails to your subscribers without any problems at a reasonable pricing point.
  • Deliver your transactional emails at lightning speeds
  • Successfully deliver your emails to your subscribers’ inbox
  • Easy Analytics Tracking: track bounces and opens
  • Automatic re-send if your email fails to get delivered the SMTP will keep on trying

Does Moosend provide a free SMTP server?

Unfortunately, our SMTP Server is currently only available to paid plans although fear not as you will only need to spend 10$/months to have access to it!

You can sign up by clicking here.

Moosend’s SMTP relay server will allow you to send UNLIMITED EMAILS.

Moosend’s SMTP Server vs Google’s

Before showing you how to actually configure both Moosend’s and Google’s SMTP Server, I believe we need to have a good old fashion face-off!

moosend vs google free smtp server list

As mentioned above to use our SMTP Server you will need to enroll in one of our paid plans starting only at 10$/month.

How to use Moosend’s SMTP Server

We at Moosend provide you with a cutting-edge SMTP service that allows you to quickly integrate it with your website to send transactional emails and/or with any other applications you already use.

With the use of our world-class infrastructure, you will be able to transactional emails at lightning speeds whilst maintaining great deliverability rates.

The greatest part of all of our services is that you can take advantage of them even in our lowest tier plans!

So make sure you register today, otherwise, you will not be able to use our SMTP services!

To register simply click here! (No credit card required!)

Moosend’s SMTP Server Pros

The pros of using our service will help you grow your business on auto-pilot!

Let’s take a look:

First, it connects to any system, the SMTP connection is so easy that even a 4-year-old can do it, and it doesn’t matter what system you have, you only have to use the correct SMTP settings!

Just plug the following details(which you can find below) to your favorite email client or web application to send emails using our delivery infrastructure.

Second, you will NOT have to blow off your budget on additional development costs!

Third,  you will be able to handle all the necessary tasks required for the optimal operation of your website:

  • Account Confirmations
  • Order Confirmations
  • Invoices
  • Password reset messages

Fourth and final,  SMTP Servers are primarily used to send transactional emails. So you do not have to use your own IP to send thousands upon thousands of emails, and in order to keep your IP safe, you can use Moosends IPs utilizing our world-class infrastructure.

Moosend’s SMTP Server Cons

There are actually no cons in using an SMTP Server to deliver transactional emails, although if you desire even higher deliverability speeds you will need to deviate from an SMTP Server and use our UI or API.

SMTP Server Setup with Moosend

Now that you have a Moosend account, make sure to activate it through the activation email we send you, before continuing.

All you need to do is to log in to Moosend’s email automation platform, copy a couple of configuration lines and insert them to your application of your choosing. Simple as that!


free smtp server configuration

Let’s take a quick look at how to do that. Our super awesome support team has created a step by step process to help you out.

And if you have any trouble with any of the steps make sure to pop into our live chat on the right bottom corner of your screen and ask as any SMTP related questions you might have!

If you are pressed for time click here to jump to the configuration settings!

SMTP Relay Server – Finding the Configuration Info

First of all, you will want to find all the configuration information in order to set up your SMTP Server.

To do that click on the Mailing lists button which is located just on the left side of your dashboard.

free smtp server set up

Then select the mailing list which you intend to send the transactional emails to.

Feature Mention: With Moosend you do not have to worry about how many lists you can create as we allow to go crazy and create unlimited email lists, no matter in which plan you are currently subscribed to!

free smtp server installation

After you select your desired email list you will have to access the Direct SMTP settings which enclose all the information you will need to get up and running in no time!

To do that search for Direct SMTP on the mailing list settings bar.

free smtp server configuration

SMTP Relay Server – Getting the Configuration Info

Now you are presented with all the necessary information to connect your Moosend Account to your website or SMTP relay client.

free smtp server configuration information

You will need to get your Mailing List ID.

free smtp server mailing list

Note from our support team: Keep in mind that it is very important to include the Mailing List ID when trying to connect, as this ensures that all your recipients are added to the same mailing list. If not used, multiple mailing lists will be created which is something you probably want to avoid.

You can clearly see the hostname:

free smtp server hostname

The SMTP Port:

free smtp server port

And your SMTP Username:

free smtp server name

Finally, you are also able to see your SMTP Password which you should not disclose to anyone!

free smtp server password

With all that information you should be able to hook up our SMTP service to your website and/or application and start sending transactional emails that actually get delivered!

Moosend’s SMTP Server Settings

To sum up, here is all the info you are going to need:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Secure Connection: TLS
  • Username: Your Moosend Account Name
  • Password: Your Moosend Account Password
  • Port Number: 25

Attention: You need a Moosend Account to use our SMTP Server/Service. Click here to register for free! Although you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans to unlock the SMTP Server feature.

Using Google’s Free SMTP Server

If you are just starting out with, Google provides you with a Free SMTP Service for you to send emails!

It’s a great starting point for you to understand how SMTP works, although there are some cons when it comes to using this service in contrast to using a fully-fledged SMTP Server from an ESP.

Google’s Free SMTP Relay Server Cons

One of the main disadvantages you will encounter is the ability to not send more than 100 emails every day.

This can be a pain if you already have a growing business and you are striving to scale it in the long-term.

Although the limit on your email sending sounds like a make or breakpoint, the following disadvantage could actually harm your business.

Since you are using a Free SMTP server, that means that other people are also using that server.

And if these people are using that service to send spammy emails. This can have a negative effect on the reputation of the server.

Ultimately, harming your deliverability rate. Which is something you want to avoid!

Google’s Free SMTP Relay Server Pros

On the other hand, there are also some advantages when it comes to using their free SMTP server.

  • Unlikely to see any service disruption due to their humongous infrastructure
  • Easy to set up and integrate

If you are still eager to learn how to do it, I’ve got your back!

Let’s take a look at how to set up Google’s Free SMTP Server, shall we?

Google’s Free SMTP Server Set-Up

To get started you will need to have a Gmail account(duh?).

And also have 2FA(2 Factor Authentication) activated.

After enabling those you will need to create what Google calls it an App Password.

This will be used later on to verify your SMTP Server Configuration.

When creating the App password make sure to select Custom from the dropdown list and set a distinguished name.

google free smtp server

And you are done! Now you can use that SMTP server on your website or application by using the following configuration info:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Secure Connection: TLS or SSL
  • Username: Your Gmail Email Address 
  • Password: Remember the App Password we created? This is where you use it.
  • Port Number: 587 if you are using a TLS Authentication and 465 if you use SSL

Pretty straightforward and now you will be able to utilize Google’s Free SMTP Server.

But we are not done yet!

How to Send Emails Using Google’s Free SMTP Server

Here is a nice “hack” you can do by using Google’s SMTP Server.

Let’s say you have a business/website email address that your website hosting provider gave you.

You can actually use Google SMTP Server to send emails through that address and also receive any incoming messages to your Gmail account.

To do that:

Simply create another App Password as we did before.

Navigate to Gmail Setting and click on Account and Import.

And click on Add another email address.

google smtp server add email address

Now you will be prompted to this window here where you will need to add your custom domain email address.

google smtp server custom domain

Click next and now we will add Google’s SMTP Server Configuration Info.

Complete the following form with:

  • SMTP Server Name,
  • Select the appropriate port number depending on your security protocol
  • your username which is your Gmail address
  • the App Password you generated
  • and finally your security protocol

free google smtp server information

Click Add Account and you are set!

Bonus: Here is a guide to help you send large volumes of emails through GMAIL!


That concludes our article about Google’s Free SMTP Servers and Moosend’s paid one and why you should opt in!

It is evident that as a business you will definitely need to consider a more sophisticated SMTP approach.

Moosend is one of the few ESPs that allows you to send unlimited emails through our SMTP Server even on the lowest tier of plans!

Make sure to register for a free account and subscribe to our 10$/month plan with us and enjoy our SMTP Services.

This will allow you to scale your business much easier.

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