Moosend Trust Centre

Trust is at the core of our efforts and processes. That's why thousands of marketers trust Moosend with their customers data. 

Security & Data Storage

Security is at the forefront of our processes.

As data keepers, it is our primary concern that nothing will surprise us. We have put all necessary processes and software in place to ensure that all data on Moosend is safe and secure always.

EU Data Center

Your data is stored safely within the EU.

We have partnered with a global infrastructure provider and host all of our customer data within the EU.
Under no circumstances do we, at Moosend, share data with third parties.

GDPR & ISO-27001 Compliant

We adhere to widely accepted standards and regulations.

With us, you are collaborating with a GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 regulated business. Click here to learn more about the complete set of regulations and certifications we adhere to.