The 15 Best Online Form Builder Tools You’ll Try in 2020

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Online form builder

While you were enjoying your weekend sinking in your couch with a Netflix and Chill’d Ben & Jerry’s in your lap  I was testing some of the most popular subscription form tools out there to see what they’re worth and save you the trouble.

From designing stylish forms fast to creating graphical reports and complex workflows, keep reading to learn all about the crème de la crème of online form builders.

Oh! And if you can’t choose which one is the right for you, make sure to download the checklist I’ve made! It’s a list of all the things you should pay attention to before committing to an online form builder. It’s right there, on the box on your right!

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Best Online Form Builders

Ready to jump on the subscription form bandwagon? Keep your notepad at hand.

And start counting.

1. Moosend

Moosend online form builder

Self-love seems to be a big trend these days, and who am I to argue?

Joking aside, Moosend’s freshly released subscription forms are one of the best tools to get your hands on if you want to create professional and beautiful forms fast to grow your mailing list or display a call-to-action on your website. You just connect Moosend with your website through a plugin or custom code and you are good to go!

With Moosend you can create a new subscription form by choosing one of the numerous templates designed for you. Our template library offers various ready-made designs for different needs and industries, which also match with some of our landing page templates.

What makes Moosend forms great is how fast and easy you can edit and publish your design. Our drag & drop editor is made to make your life easier, while you can adjust any of the elements you want, like images, colors, and fonts.

On top of that, you can set your own visibility options to determine who and when sees your particular form.

Features to fall in love with? Countdown timers, the ability to use your own custom fonts, form versioning so you never lose your designs and our P.D.Q. rendering engine that makes your forms load faster than ever.

So far there are 2 types of forms available. The modal popup and the floating bar, and there are many more to be announced soon.

Moosend integrates with all your favorite tools like Zapier, WooCommerce, and Intercom.

Fresh and adapted for all screen formats and devices, Moosend forms are exactly what your marketing team needed to take off.


Moosend subscription forms are free. You can also choose one of the 20 monthly, 6 months or yearly plans offered. Prices start at $8.

2. Socital

socital online form editor

One of my personal favorites! This, relatively new in the game, platform is one of the most user-friendly, fun and stylish I’ve tried so far.

It’s very easy to add Socital to your website, without any technical skills required, and it’s also a very flexible builder even if you’re not familiar with such tools.

So, what about creating forms?

With Socital it’s templates all the way. Which means that you save valuable time and start off the right way. So, yay!

And you can choose between several different types of popups, such as cart abandonment and exit intent.

What had me at hello though was the way their editor guided me through creating my first form.

You start by choosing your goal for the campaign, your call-to-action, and the target audience. And then you are shown a handful of templates suitable for your needs. And let me say, the templates exceeded my expectations, being so good-looking and all.

So, once you have created a campaign you can start editing your template, having complete control over your design.

You can edit everything. From the text and styling to adding GDPR consents and advanced targeting rules. And then start running your campaign in a small amount of time.

Want more? Social tool helps you with your social media logins so you can the full picture of what’s going on with your customers.

Ivana Stevic, Socital’s Growth Marketing Manager gave us an extra tip:

“Facebook login allows you to collect consent-based rich data like names, gender,
interests and brand affiliation. It helps you create and serve to your customers
personalized product recommendations.

The Facebook name, gender and likes data serves for real-time dynamic and
personalized content on the Success Screen of every Socital pop-up through our
on-site recommendations feature.”

The tool’s interface is very straight-forward, so it’s hard not to come up with something good with zero coding skills.

Integration-speaking, Socital integrates with a bunch of tools, including Moosend!

I would totally recommend Socital for eCommerce companies and beginners who want to create stylish subscription forms fast and easy.


Socital offers 5 different monthly plans. Their prices differ depending on the type of support you choose, self service or gold support. The lowest price, if you choose self service, starts at €19.

3. Typeform

Typeform form builder

No need for introductions for this one. Typeform is one of the most popular form builders out there today, famous for its unconventional character that makes questions fun.

And I can confirm that. Typeform is visually attractive, with an Instagram-ish air around it.

Completely unique, this builder makes the difference by presenting questions one after the other instead of all at once.

It’s very easy to create a form on Typeform. Even for the not tech-savvy users since no coding skills are required.

It took me some time though to find my way around it. But once I got the hang of it things rolled along.

Because the builder itself guides you through the whole process one question at a time, and customizing your design is simple too.

Yes, the style its self can be a bit monotonous. But every design can stand out thanks to the amazing variety of backgrounds and images the builder offers to embellish your form.

If you have used other builders before you might find yourself missing the typical drag and drop convenience.

But by choosing Typeform you must be prepared for something completely different.

There’s a good number of features to choose from. Making a question required, apply calculations or use Logic Jump to add question branching, forks or conditional questions.

These types of forms create a unique user experience because they boost engagement and make the completion of forms a game. Conversational and out-of-the-box, Typeform forms are perfect for brands with an informal style.

Typeform allows its users to either create an online form from scratch or use one of their ready-made designs. This online form builder offers a wide range of over 60 templates for different industries or types of forms. They include quizzes, polls, surveys, and lead generation and you can also add images, gifs, and videos.

Conversational and elegant, these engaging forms offer a straightforward user experience.

Overall a great tool for companies with a young audience, ideal for creating cool forms without spending too much time.

Typeform integrates with all the popular platforms like Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce.


Typeform offers a free plan and 3 paid plans. Essential, Professional and Premium. They range from 30 to 70 EUR and you can choose between a monthly or yearly plan. If none of these cover your needs you can also require a custom plan.

4. Optimonk

Optimonk online form editor

Optimonk is probably one of the best choices for eCommerce sites who want to collect more emails and sell more.

And with their recently released shiny new editor that includes drag & drop elements and new ways to use popups, Optimonk is definitely one of the strongest players for 2020.

There are 4 different types of forms you can choose from: Popup, Sidemessage, Nanobar, and Fullscreen.

From then on you’ll be able to create a subscription form effortlessly. Just choose a template that matches your needs and customize it accordingly. You can do that either by selecting our campaign goals or going through the different categories, such as Black Friday, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Their editor is drag & drop and all you have to do is adjust, add and delete the various elements and setting to your liking.  Some of the key features that I loved about Optimonk were is the Countdown, Coupon, and Radio.

You can also try their lucky wheel gamification popup or one of their brand-new templates. So very professional and fresh.

Whatsmore, Optimonk has a very friendly, easy to understand dashboard. It offers a clear overview of your opt-ins, and you can play around and create the form you want without the need for technical skills.

There’s also the option of creating on-site messages through HTML and Javascript if that’s your cup of tea.

Optimonk also includes tools to track user behavior and display the appropriate on-screen, targeted, pop-up offer to keep your visitors hooked, impressively timed.

The platform integrates with all your favorite tools like Moosend, Marketo, Shopify, and Unbounce.


Optimonk offers 5 different plans, from free with unlimited campaigns to $199 per month, while there’s also an option for annual plans as well.

5. Wufoo

Wufoo cloud form editor

Wufoo is a popular choice and one that serves both the creative ones and those in need of some quick design. With over 400 pre-made templates it’s hard not to find one that suits your needs.

You’ll find the one you need in a jiffy. The templates are neatly organized into categories, while you can also use the search function to get there. Categories include lead generation, invitations, online orders, registrations, surveys, and tracking.

The editor is pretty simple, working on a drag & drop principle, so it’s very to move, add or remove any form fields.

You can also customize the looks of your form/ Wufoo lets you change the alignment, description and label placement or use the “theme designer” feature to customize any other elements on your form.

Wufoo also allows you to choose from a wide selection of fields for answers. This way the end-user fills out the form faster and easier due to the dynamics and simplicity of the form.

One of the features I loved the most is definitely the rule tool, which you can even use on the free plan. There are 3 different rules to create: Field, Page, and Form.

I know what you’re thinking. “Doesn’t this platform look a bit 1998-ish?”.

Well, yes. But let’s not forget that this is an online form builder aimed at businesses. And this is for the user to discover through the platform’s features. These include payment integrations, a selection of analytics tools and a powerful report designer to create custom reports.

Also, Wufoo allows you to sync your forms with your favorite tools, offering a bunch of integrations like CampaignMonitor, Stripe, and Squarespace.

Not a tool for complete beginners since it’s not as easy to use as others, but still a great choice for professionals, and at an affordable price.


Wufoo can be purchased in 4 pricing plans starting from $19 per month and all plans are billed monthly. There is also a forever free plan with sufficient features available, but not ideal for business purposes.

6. Convertful

Convertful form building tool

A great option for bloggers, eCommerce as well as agencies, Convertful is a powerful tool with brilliant on-site conversion solutions.

It provides a simple WordPress installation and it’s perfect for growing your business without taking too much effort.

Convertful is very easy to use, thanks to its cut-clean, user-friendly interface and compatible drag & drop builder that lets you create subscription forms that conform to your website.

And your design will perfectly match your brand’s tone because this tool lets you fully customize your designs.

The other great thing with Convertful is that you can create so many different things. Spin-to-Win and Scratch Card gamification, quiz funnels and Follow Coupon boxes and more. What a way to keep visitors engaged!

Additionally, Convertful offers the option of adding powerful displaying rules, such as display triggers, targeting, don’t show if and WordPress specific targeting.

Fast to implement and ready to run in a few minutes, Convertful is a great affordable option for both novice and advanced users who want to impact new lead on their website.

This online form builder works effectively with all major e-commerce platforms and email marketing software like Hubspot, Mailerlite, Moosend, and Sendinblue.


You can choose between 4 different plans. There’s a free plan, while paid ones start from
$9 per month. All plans include unlimited widgets, leads and form fields. There’s a 14-day trial for all paid plans.

7. Google forms

Google forms online form editor

Google forms is exactly what you’d expect from Google. A quick and most of all easy way to create and deploy subscription forms, with a smooth, intuitive builder.

This builder keeps it simple in the way that there are not many display customization options, but it does offer a range of options for the types of responses you want, such as short text, checkboxes, and drop-down menu.

Google forms offer a few different templates to customize and make your own in a few minutes, such as feedback forms and event registration forms. Concerning customization, you can change the color of the header and margins or upload a photo instead, or change the font of the survey questions.

Its strength lies in the options it offers for data validation, as well as helping you visualize the data collected. The results collected can be analyzed on the spot thanks to the charts automatically generated by the platform.

Also, I found it very convenient that I could connect responses to a Google Sheet so I could share it with my team, so 5 stars for flexibility here!

Overall, this is a perfect tool for basic data collection from your customers fast and easy, if this is what you’re looking for.


You can use Google Forms for free or you can choose one of the 3 G Suite plans, starting from $6 monthly, while there’s also a 14-day trial.

8. Paperform

Paperform form creator

Starting from scratch or choosing one of their templates, Paperform is a great tool for building beautiful, advanced forms that match your brand.

Things are pretty straightforward for the user here, with tons of different fully mobile responsive templates for you to choose from. There are wedding invitation templates, dinner reservations, customer feedback, and real estate leads, to name a few.

It’s as simple as creating a document! Forms on Paperform are easy to create, by simply typing free texts while you can also use the sub-menus to add images, align your content or add questions and response fields. You can also use more than 20 question types that the builder offers.

When you are done creating you can choose what happens after someone submits your form. Receiving an email or displaying a success message, it’s your call.

Also, you can create smart forms that interact with your visitors by using conditional logic and calculation fields.

A traditional online form builder with good loading speed, Paperform is a great choice for beginners, integrated with over 1000 third-party apps, including Moosend.


Paperform offers 3 different plans, starting from $15 per month or you can go for a 14-day Pro Trial.

9. JotForm

Jotform form builder

First, let me say this: JotForm offers the biggest collection of templates out there. In fact, they have more than 10.000 templates to choose from. So it’s hard not to find one that covers your needs. And the even more amazing fact is that they are all available on both free and paid plans.

With JotForm you can choose between 2 different layout options: an all-questions-on one-page form and a single question per page. Apart from using their templates you can also create a form from scratch or import an existing form.

The great thing about JotForm is that all its forms are fully mobileresponsive. In fact, the platform uses mobilefirst technology. This means that, apart from looking great on any device, you can also create forms on your smartphone.

Perfect for creating forms on the spot, JotForm is a fast, flexible, user-friendly online form builder with tons of added plug-ins and integrations such as Salesforce, PayPal and Insightly.

So if you’re looking to create a highly customizable form for free, this is the right tool for you.


Jotform’s Starter plan is free and caps out at 5 forms. Or, you can choose between its 3 paid plans, starting from $19 per month.

10. MailOptin

mailoptin form builder

Mailoptin is a WordPress plugin that makes your life easier if you need to grow your list. All you have to do is download and activate the plugin to start creating.

There are many different types of subscription forms to choose from, including popups, sidebars, and floating bars and, more great news, there are also several templates which you can customize to no end. This means changing the image, effect, borders, colors and even remove the plugin’s branding, which is a big plus if you ask me.

Mailoptin made it to this list thanks to its advanced trigger rules, its powerful reporting and built-in analytics offering quick visuals for your progress.

And of course the ability to carry out split testing to determine the best-performing forms of yours.

Lastly, Mailoptin integrates with a great number of CRM’s, WordPress solutions and popular email marketing providers such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and Moosend.

Offering the same features as other online form builder tools for a fraction of the price, Mailoptin is a polished quality builder, that does exactly what helps you grow your business without too much hassle.


You can download the plugin for free, with a nice selection for features. Alternatively, you can go for one of its 3 paid yearly plans, starting from $79.

11. Formstack

Formstack form builder

Formstack is one of the easiest form builders using conditional logic, and also offers a lot of help features within its builder. You can either create your very own form or use a template, through the drag & drop editor, It also comes with a “reorder content” button that helps you easily rearrange your fields.

You will also find a great set of features, such as custom branding and advanced reports, though most of them are only available on higher-tier plans.

Formstack is a very capable tool with a great theme builder that you’ll love if branding is your priority since you have complete control over your designs.

What actually won my heart though was its walkthroughs that you can access via the editor. They take you step-by-step through the platform’s different features and even explain why they are important for you. This is a big plus for an online form builder because it’s extremely useful to know how to make the most of a platform and create exactly what you need without wasting your time.

Last but not least, Formstack offers a wide range of integration options like Google Analytics, Paypal and Zapier and is ideal both for professionals and beginners.


Formstack offers 5 different monthly and annual paid plans, and prices start at $19 per month. And though the platform doesn’t offer a free plan you can still try any of its plans for 14 days for free.

12. OptinGun

Optingun form builder

Optingun is a tool for everyone. Whether you are in eCommerce or B2B you will find the right template for your needs.

Creating effective forms is very easy, with the help of the drag & drop editor. Just start by choosing a template and placing the elements of your choice where you’d like them.

Optingun offers a variety of different forms and dynamic features, such as One-click social signups, multi-frame forms, and consent collectors.

What also makes Optingun stand out as an online form builder is its ability to personalize opt-in forms using visitors’ names.

Of course, your favorite tools are all there too, since Optingun integrates with tons of different platforms, including Moosend.


Optingun offers 5 different pricing plans, including the Free Forever. Prices start at $9 per month and you can try any of them for 14 days.

13. Cognito

cognito form editor

The expert when it comes to using conditional logic, Cognito Forms is perfect for creating advanced forms on a budget.

While you can create your own form from scratch, Cognito Forms also has over 100 templates to choose from, and adjust their font, background colors, images, form width and more. They are all neatly arranged into categories, such as event registration, non-profits, and sales.

If you are a developer, this is a great tool for you since Cognito Forms supports features as calculations and webhooks, as well as CSS styling.

Fairly customizable, Cognito’s forms help you get more responses to long forms with page breaks, progress bars, and conditional pages.

Also, Cognito Forms offers calculated fields, data encryption, secure payments and a great set of reporting tools, making powerful forms easy and simple to create.

This online form builder integrates with a bunch of third-party apps such as Zapier and WordPress so you can transfer your data to where it’s best for you.


Cognito Forms offers 3 paid plans starting at $10, or you can go for the free plan. There are also discounts if you decide to prepay $100 or more.

14. Formsite

Formsite form builder

While it’s not the most attractive platform I’ve come across, Formsite is one of the most popular choices when it comes to form building.

As one of the more basic tools, Formsite is often used for creating simple contact forms or feedback forms and this is something you understand by the moment you enter the editor.
However, it also offers all the essential features you need for designing unique web forms too.

I must say though that it’s more of a tech-savvy users’ platform. If you aren’t familiar with form logic you might find it hard to get your way around this tool, since there are no wizards or fancy drag & drop tools to get you started.

On the other hand, if you’ve just beginning to learn how to create forms, Formsite offers over 100 ready-made templates to use, as well as a wide range of question types to help you.

What I really appreciate in this online form builder is security. The platform lets you secure your form data by encrypting the text in specific form fields. This way responses appear unintelligible to people without permission to view them.

You can also use encrypted fields to directly accept credit card or ACH data.

What else can you do with Formsite? Hm, let’s see. You can link multiple forms together, take your users’ responses from one form to another so they don’t have to refill them or combine the results of multiple forms to compare data.

Overall, Formsite is great when it comes to making the most of the data you collect, and I would definitely recommend this platform for advanced users that want to create professional forms.

Formsite integrates with a bunch of apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce and Zapier.


Formsite lets you choose between 4 different plans, monthly or yearly, starting at $19.95. There’s also a free plan including 5 forms per month and 10 results per form, and you can also get a Pro trial for free for 14 days.’


Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder is an affordable and effective form creator that doesn’t restrict you on features like submission, upload, storage, etc. It is a great tool for building beautiful & professional forms that can match your brand. You can create your form either by choosing it’s from 250+ templates or via its drag & drop editor.

Moreover, it comes with ultimate tools that give you the freedom of unlimited submission, embedding, payment, Webhook, & much more.

One of the best things about Pabbly is that it offers all these features without charging any additional fees. If you get a form with Pabbly Form Builder, you’ll pretty much get everything.

You can easily customize its templates according to your needs and get more responses by sharing these forms on any social media platform or embed it into your site as their forms are mobile responsive.

Pabbly also offers several advanced features like calculated fields, conditional logic, multi-step forms, captcha, page breaks, data encryptions, secure payments with SSL encryption and many more.

Pabbly Form Builder allows you to collect one time and recurring payments via PayPal or Stripe and it is integrated with a bunch of third-party apps such as PayPal, Stripe, Pabbly Email Marketing, MailChimp, GetResponse, Dropbox, Google Analytics & more to automate your workflow.

Overall, it is a great tool for both professionals and beginners.


The pricing of this form builder is just $15/month with all the conversion rate optimization features, so if you are looking for an affordable and all-around form builder then feel free to give it a try.

Closing Thoughts

So many options, so many possibilities! It’s amazing how many tools there are out there to help you achieve your goals, even if you’ve never used a similar platform before.

And while all the tools I’ve listed are great, the one you will choose completely depends on your particular needs and objectives.

So, before making up your mind I suggest you take advantage of the free trial all builders offer.

You can start by trying Moosend subscription forms for free today! I’m sure you’re gonna love them 🙂

And for some solid advice make sure you download the file I’ve created for you on right with the top 6 things to consider before choosing an online form builder. Enjoy!

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