Announcing Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for CS-Cart

cs-cart integration

CS-Cart is now the latest feature on Moosend’s platform!

We went further for this plugin and we are bashfully excited with the result: our robust integration for your CS-Cart shop ties your real-time customer behavior facts to your Moosend account.

From there, it directly flows into the action plan you design on our foolproof workflow builder, and triggers actions either on a time basis or a customer lifecycle basis.

What’s inside

With your data on CS-Cart platform worth money, you can’t be missing out any more:
Get started with our powerful website tracking and intelligent email automations which do the trick: your customers’ journeys, the pages they view, the time they spend on every page, their spending  history, etc.

Get even more by acting on this information: see where your subscribers stumble and smoothen the process by checking which automation gets triggered the most. If cart abandonment workflows are triggered, maybe this means that unexpected costs appear at checkout, payment methods do not work, etc.

Everything your eshop records, we track it for you.

Install now Moosend’s plugin for CS-Cart.

Moosend for CS-Cart: The Deep Data Integration to Grow your Eshop and Revenue

We’ve gone past Big Data and right into Deep Data, namely data we collect from ecommerce shops which is deeply actionable and meaningful.

Whatever the challenge concerning your ecommerce shop, Moosend reveals the antidote to the challenge with its latest plugin.


You are standing before an easy-to-set-up plugin that endows your marketing with unlimited possibilities and releases hours on your workday.

We at Moosend are efficiency-oriented in everything we do. This is why we created a bank of preset automated workflows called Recipes; instead of having to design every workflow from scratch, you can simply select one of our fully customizable email sequences. Get started right away:


It doesn’t get any clearer than this: Every serious business is running cart abandonment automations. This workflow gives you the opportunity to bargain with your customers before they quit on you altogether. This is your chance to give back a discount coupon for the purchase at hand, or their next one. Remind those who forgot to complete the checkout process, delight those who changed their minds about the shipping fees, earn more pleased customers.

cart abandonment workflow


Whatever changes in your customers’ profiles is a change in their custom fields and a different segment in your lists. Imagine the power of being able to scale all these changes automatically and sync these emails with other segments dynamically.


When they sign up to your newsletter send a “Welcome” email, when they make their first purchase send a “Thank You” email, when it’s their birthday wish them “Happy Birthday”, when it’s been a year since their first purchase or any other anniversary that could be meaningful to your business, send a relevant campaign. All of these campaigns make you look better than your competition and as customer-oriented as possible.

moosend's automation recipes


How smooth is your onboarding sequence? You didn’t answer fast! Streamline your onboarding with a series of perfectly triggered emails which go off every time your subscribers engage with your campaigns.


Get instant feedback from your customers and review your service to them. As soon as they place an order, given a delivery estimate of a few days, trigger an automation to reach out to your customers and ask them what they think of your offering. This is a way to streamline your services and achieve maximum customer satisfaction across your audience. Look for the “Survey customers” recipe.


Being nice never goes out of style; reward your most loyal customers and reinforce their positive predisposition towards your brand. Have them automatically re-segmented into a group of highly dedicated individuals, either in terms of engagement with your brand or in terms of purchases made. Use Loyalty sequence part 1 and 2 to include this to your email marketing strategy.


“Is it rainy, Josh? Looks like you’ll be needing an umbrella today! Here’s a few deals I picked out for you today!”- Imagine receiving this email: you’ll get the chills. This is the level of email marketing and deep data integrations with Moosend: Chills Level.

Integrate your CS-Cart store with Moosend today and add recurring value to every automation you build on our platform!

Please remain seated. We’re ready for take-off.

What is important to your business? Is it page views? Is it purchases or add-to-cart events? New registrations maybe? Whatever it is, it’s in your Moosend account. (Which, by the way gives you a 3-month free trial, unlimited campaigns for up to 5.000 unique subscribers JUST TO GET STARTED).

Here’s a list of events you can track- with unlimited combinations and potential for your business:


How often do users visit your site? Which pages do they view or spend more time on? Build on this information by adapting your email marketing strategy accordingly. Do you need a better Welcome email sequence or a new Onboarding workflow? Find out from our reports and take (informed) action, not wild guesses!


How many purchases has this segment made over this time period? Or the other way around: how many subscribers on your mailing list have made X purchases over the past month? Maybe they qualify for a discount, or an invite to a prestigious offline event!


What action to you wish to take place automatically every time someone adds a product to their cart? Is it a cart abandonment sequence or dynamic re-segmentation to a list of “Engaged users”? Get moving now!


What would you like to do with new registrants? Welcome email sequences are one way to go about it, but you can do a lot more with this infomation: send a special coupon, send out special emails offering to help users find their way around your website/eshop, or have them automatically enter the Onboarding sequence! What’s it gonna be?

As soon as you integrate:

✓ Excel at your own pace

You’ll love this integration because you’ll be able to go past the first few basic steps of this integrations like you probably do when you install a plugin. With Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for CS-CART, you’ll be hand-held all the way to the Advanced level of automations, with the help of our experienced and agile support team.

✓ Examine customer journeys

Moosend’s behavioral tracking can help you segment subscribers as they go. This way you get insights on what your users see when they are on your website, or discover patterns in consumer behavior. You can then examine these patterns and come up with implications based on your observations that elicit valuable feedback, that even thorough focus groups would not wield that information.

✓ Unlock advanced segmentation in real time

While your subscribers’ preferences change, their segments change automatically. More specifically, Moosend’s plugin for CS-Cart intuitively follows every subscriber on their journey and the moment their interests start to change and browse different pages, it re-segments them directly to the respective audience so as for them to receive the appropriate information.

Segment your mailing list(s) by:

  • Total pageviews per product,
  • Total purchases made per user,
  • Total spending on a specific product,
  • Total spending on the website,
  • Latest purchases, and so on, and so forth.

Design your own automation from scratch and thus create elaborate, technical, sophisticated, elitist automations that best reflect your business. Here’s a quick list of how you can implement website tracking and advanced segmentation:

  • Those who abandoned their cart -> Send them a series of reminders
  • Those who are new subscribers -> Send them a welcome email sequence
  • Those who purchased anew -> Send them a “Thank you” email sequence, including “Other items you might like”, etc.
  • Those who have spent a year on your mailing lists -> Send them a “Happy anniversary!” workflow
  • Those who have been loyal customers for longer -> Send them a reward email

mailing list segment

When triggered, you can also have these workflows take a different action, such as “Segment to a list”, “Unsubscribe from a list”, etc. We don’t mean to sound tacky and all, but “If you can dream it, you can do it!”.

Psst! Don’t worry if you can’t come up with a way on your own- we are always here to help you in the process with a quick tip or a workaround. Seriously, what else could you ask for?

Your eshop can take you further and higher – with DDI

It’s much more than a trend; it’s the new norm. Deep data integration is what empowers you to add a few blocks daily on the foundations of your branding, by helping you establish solid relationships with your customers. It also helps you to engage potential customers to a greater degree and get more conversions: with cart abandonment workflows you increase checkout conversions by 65%, welcome emails boast a 320% higher revenue compared to other emails, to name a few.

You want a piece of this pie.

And with Moosend, it costs you next to nothing.

Signing up? This way, please.