15 Responsive Ecommerce Email Newsletter Templates For Your Online Store [2023]

15 Responsive Ecommerce Email Newsletter Templates For Your Online Store [2023]

Every online store has the same problem: There’s never enough time to take care of everything!

And when it comes to email marketing, things can sometimes get tense. Especially, when you have to create numerous campaigns to promote your online business!

Today, we’ll help you simplify this process by giving you 15 responsive eCommerce email newsletter templates!

Sneak peek! Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Cart abandonment email newsletter templates.
  • Product promotion newsletter designs.
  • Special promotion template examples.

But first…

How To Get Moosend’s Ecommerce Email Newsletter Templates

To use Moosend’s templates, you need to:

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Access your Moosend profile.
  • Click on “Campaigns” and create a new one.
  • In the Editor, go to the Template Library.
  • Find the templates under “eCommerce,” “Cart abandonment,” etc.
  • Click on “Use Template” and start customizing it (no coding skills required).

Now that you’re ready, let’s see those email designs!

Cart Recovery Email Newsletter Designs

According to cart abandonment statistics, users abandon 69% of online carts. This is a staggering average that every eCommerce store owner needs to know in order to come up with immediate solutions.

The good news is that cart recovery email campaigns already have a 45% open rate. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a template to convert those abandoners!

1. Typical Cart Recovery Newsletter Template

ecommerce email newsletter templates

An effective cart abandonment email should have compelling copy and high-quality product images to get your abandoner to click on your CTA. With this example, you can show your potential customer what they’ll miss and get them back to your eCommerce website.

Why you need it:

This minimalist eCommerce email newsletter template is perfect for capturing your subscriber’s attention. The single-focused layout will remind them what they left in their shopping carts, while the CTA underneath will incentivize them to click and convert.

Moreover, since this is a plain template, you can add your brand’s color scheme and some appealing graphic design elements to step it up a notch!

2. Abandoned Cart HTML Email Template

cart abandonment ecommerce email newsletter templates

If you want to create a more complex campaign for your cart recovery sequence, you can easily use the above template.

Why you need it:

Give your potential customers all the necessary information to change their minds. What’s more, the “Need some help?” section will allow you to offer your recipients help the moment they need it. As a result, you will reduce friction by providing them with answers to common online shopping problems such as shipping costs, returns, and more.

3. Visual Cart Abandonment Template

cart abandonment email design

This email template lets you use the power of visuals to create a cart recovery campaign that’ll be a sight for your abandoners’ sore eyes.

Why you need it:

Plain text email campaigns are great but don’t forget that a picture is worth a thousand words! As you’ve probably seen, eCommerce email marketers leverage this practice to make their email campaigns more effective. With the above template, you can create something that will attract your potential shopper’s attention and lead them to conversion.

And don’t forget to harness the power of marketing automation to set up a winning cart abandonment series that will restore your lost revenue!

4. Social Proof Ecommerce Email Newsletter Template

newsletter design for ecommerce

Customize this template

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, social proof plays a major role in converting prospects into new customers. Your best marketing tool to do it is to use customer reviews and star ratings to show your audience that your products work as promised.

Why you need it:

Grab the above email design to give your abandoners more reasons to get your items. You can insert as many product blocks as you like to display multiple shopping cart items and even add an attractive image to make it more eye-pleasing.

The best thing about this layout is the customer review section, which will allow you to show your indecisive customers what other people have to say about your brand. Cool, right?

5. Cart Recovery Email Template For Multiple Items

cart recovery email design

Sometimes shoppers leave more than one item in their carts. Be it the extra shipping cost or the lack of a discount, don’t let them go away without showing them what they’ll be missing out on.

Why you need it:

If you have a small business that tries to increase its average order value (AOV), you need to find clever ways to get your audience to buy more. With this eCommerce newsletter template, you can show your potential shoppers all the items in their shopping carts.

This way, you will increase your chances of converting them, even if they purchase only one of your products. Also, make sure to create a compelling email subject line to give your open rates a boost!

6. Vibrant Cart Recovery Email Newsletter Design

ecommerce template for cart recovery

Combining simplicity with bright colors will give you an eye-catching email campaign to capture your recipients’ attention.  In our case, all you need is yellow!

Why you need it:

Use this template to restore your lost revenue by adding high-quality product images and CTA buttons that will be hard to miss. Furthermore, you can insert advanced elements like a countdown timer to make your message more urgent and improve your conversion rate.

Need help? Use Moosend’s email builder and workflow editor to power up your eCommerce email marketing with abandoned cart sequences that perform!

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Product Promotion ECommerce Newsletter Designs

Promotional email marketing campaigns are a must for every successful eCommerce business.

Creating messages with compelling copy and intriguing subject lines will help your subscribers move further down your marketing funnel and finally convert. To give you a helping hand, here are our best product promotion templates to stun your email list.

7. Structured Product Promotion Template

product promotion free email layout

Product placement campaigns need to have the right layout to be straightforward and converting. For that, you need to use a clean design to promote various products at once without confusing your readers.

Why you need it:

The above eCommerce newsletter template offers you all the white space you need to increase your engagement rate. The structure is very simple, yet it allows you to display numerous products without making the design feel stuffed.

Also, you can benefit from the additional content blocks at the bottom to share news and updates from your blog for better engagement!

8. Spotlight Promotion Ecommerce Email Newsletter Template

single product promo eCommerce newsletter layout

Creating dedicated email campaigns for specific products is a great way to give more details about their benefits. So grab the opportunity to showcase new items using an attractive email campaign.

Why do you need it:

The Spotlight Promotion layout will allow you to design a focused email that’ll increase your conversion rates and give your potential shoppers a unique experience. What’s more, this eCommerce template is responsive, meaning that it will look great on multiple devices, and email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Can’t wait to see it? Head to the designer and customize this template now!

9. Essential Ecommerce Newsletter Design

email newsletter template for ecommerce store owners

A great promotional email needs to combine eye-catching images, valuable copy, and multiple CTAs to intrigue potential buyers and lead them to your product or landing pages.

Why you need it:

Every eCommerce store should have a multi-purpose email template in their quiver for a quick product showcase. With the Essential template, you can promote different items, add your CTAs, and even get your audience to connect with you through social media buttons.

10. Elegant Ecommerce Email Newsletter Template

ecommerce email marketing design

To charm your subscribers, come up with fresh ideas that will make them click on your calls-to-action. If you want to intrigue them, why not create a beautiful product promotion campaign that will remind them of a magazine page?

Why you need it:

With the Elegant template, you can design something unique to break free from the typical eCommerce email layouts. Grab the opportunity to add some attractive visuals and bright colors to make this email an experience rather than another product promotion.

Special Offers ECommerce Email Newsletter Templates

Of course, we couldn’t forget about special offers! Using these types of emails is crucial to increase your revenue and promote your customer retention efforts!

Ready to capture your shoppers and deal-hunters with the following designs?

11. Minimalist Offer Design Example

minimalist email design for online stores

Sometimes less is more! Get your eCommerce email strategy running with a minimalist email design that will make your CTAs shine brighter than diamonds!

Why you need it:

With the above template, you can promote a limited offer to your potential shoppers using eye-catching visuals and calls-to-action that your subscriber won’t miss.

Also, due to the lack of elements, you can add as many content blocks as you like and play around with different color combos to create a mesmerizing result.

12. New Offers On The Block Newsletter Design

ecommerce store email design for offers

Simplicity and minimalist design are great but sometimes you need to go big to get the conversion rates you desire. For that, you can design an attractive email campaign featuring numerous special offers and discounts to lead your subscribers back to your eCommerce website.

Why you need it:

The layout is perfect for promoting a variety of items in a beautiful and structured way. White space is definitely a plus here as it beautifully brings all the different content blocks together.

With some brilliant images and valuable email copy, you can make this example a powerful conversion tool! Plus, with the right colors, you can easily turn it into a Black Friday campaign!

13. Dedicated Offer Ecommerce Newsletter Template

monthly offers ecommerce template

Promoting multiple items at once is a great practice to increase your AOV. Nevertheless, if you truly want to charm your customers, make sure to create campaigns with dedicated offers.

Why you need it:

First of all, this is one of the most elegant eCommerce email newsletter templates in our library! Secondly, you can easily customize it here to create eye-pleasing campaigns for your store without changing much.

Also, the color scheme is great for making a lasting impression. However, if you want to create something unique, use your brand colors to make your campaign more memorable!

14. Bold Offer Email Newsletter Design

bold email newsletter template for ecommerce

Vibrant colors and sharp images are a fantastic combo to get your message across and keep your customers glued to their inbox!

Why you need it:

This bold example will give your audience something completely different. The structure is great for adding multiple products, while the CTAs are strategically placed to maximize your click-through rate. Don’t hesitate to customize it to suit your needs, adding high-quality visuals and compelling copy to get them closer to taking action!

15. Flat Colorful Product Promotion Template

Last but not least, we have a beautiful product promo design to show your subscribers your new items and give them amazing discounts.

Why you need it:

Use this colorful eCommerce design to promote your new products in a cool fashion. Compared to other templates, this is a more toned-down example that you can easily customize for an older audience.

Design Tips For Ecommerce Newsletters

From your welcome campaigns to your transactional emails, your eCommerce messages need to be clear, concise, and value-packed. To do that, here are some simple marketing tips to nail your email design every single time regardless of the type of email you deliver:

  • Email copy: Keep it short and sweet, highlighting the value your customers will get by taking action.
  • Visuals: Use high-quality images, GIFs, and videos to make your messages more attractive.
  • Layout: Use clean designs to increase the readability of your copy and your subscribers’ engagement with it.
  • CTA Buttons: Place them strategically and pick the right colors to make them stand out.
  • Urgency: Add countdown timers to incentivize your audience to take action the moment they open your email.
  • Social proof: Equip your eCommerce campaigns with customer reviews and star ratings to boost your credibility.

Of course, don’t forget about your subject lines! If you need some help, don’t hesitate to use a great subject line tester for better open rates!

Start Creating Converting Ecommerce Emails

Now that you know the secret to successful eCommerce campaigns, it’s time to pick the right template to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into loyal shoppers!

Hop into Moosend’s email builder, choose the designs you like, and start customizing them today. All you have to do is sign up for a Moosend account!

Your subscribers are looking forward to receiving your amazing deals and offers! Don’t keep them waiting!