8 Websites To Find Free Email Templates [2023]

8 Websites To Find Free Email Templates [2023]

Published By Alexandra Marinaki
May 9, 2023

Using the right HTML email templates will boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Not to mention that they can make your brand look professional and stand out from the competition.

So if you want to create dazzling email campaigns and nail email design, worry not! In this guide, we share the top tools with pre-made email marketing templates that steal the show!

You’ll also find valuable tips on which templates to choose based on your email marketing objectives. Cheers!

What Are Email Templates?

Email templates are ready-made email layouts marketers can use if they lack the resources to craft an HTML email campaign from scratch or just want to save time. In most cases, they are easy to customize based on the brand guidelines of each business.

Plus, many tools enable users to build unique email templates using intuitive email editors in simple steps. So if you have an eye for design and wish to do things your way, you can still benefit from those platforms.

Where To Find Responsive Free Email Marketing Templates

In this list, we’ve collected email marketing services and tools suitable for brands of all types, from small businesses and nonprofits to large eCommerce organizations, to help marketers build great emails effortlessly. Let’s explore them:

1. Moosend (70+ free responsive email templates)

email marketing templates

Best for: eCommerce, SaaS, Publishers, Bloggers, Agencies

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing solution offering 70+ responsive and customizable email newsletter templates, divided into different categories tailored to all needs. Moreover, with our sophisticated drag-n-drop editor, you can build beautiful email newsletters infusing them with your unique style.

And guess what? You don’t need any coding knowledge to edit and make changes to them. You can also create engaging landing pages and subscription forms in simple steps to power up your email marketing game until conversions come your way.

Moosend is also an automation solution like no other. Segment your email lists to deliver hyper-personalized email campaigns and monitor their progress in real-time.

Last but not least, if you decide to use this platform, you’ll worry less about your spam rate as Moosend’s sender reputation reaches 98%. Engagement to the max!

Get our templates!

2. Unlayer (600+ no-code responsive email templates)

free html email templates from Unlayer

Best for: Freelancers, Agencies

Unlayer is a great HTML email builder that helps you create beautiful-looking emails and landing pages with minimum effort. Their vast library of no-code email templates will suit both beginners and advanced users and the drag-and-drop editor makes the process of editing effortless.

The tool is ideal especially for agencies or freelancers who want plenty of options regarding template designs that are also well-crafted. It goes without saying that they are fully responsive across mobile devices.

Finally, the email templates created with the tool can be smoothly exported to 11 email service providers, such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

3. Stripo (1050+ Free HTML Email Templates)

Stripo email marketing templates

Best for: SMBs, eCommerce

If you’re not in the mood to obtain a holistic email marketing platform but you’re looking for new email layouts, then welcome to Stripo – the email design platform. What makes Stripo’s builder really stand out is its ability to add pre-made interactive elements such as CSS-animated buttons, GIFs, and countdown timers.

The platform sports one of the largest email template libraries, covering every context from cart abandonment emails to follow-up and transactional emails. To gain access to their premium templates, pricing starts at $15/month.

Once you’ve found a suitable email template for you, you can export it to the email service provider (ESP) of your choice. Stripo is integrated with over 70 email marketing tools like Moosend or Mailchimp.

4. BEE Free (1200+ Professional Email Templates)

BEE Free professional marketing templates

Best for: Freelancers, SMBs

Another great source for HTML email templates to attract your audience is BEE Free, offering more than 1200 choices for all design tastes. Finding the right template for the type of email you want to send is effortless. The descriptive menu enables users to check all the boxes they need to create the campaign they long for.

And if you’re not satisfied with the existing templates and want to build custom email templates from scratch, you can submit a project to their design team.

5. Litmus (27 Free, Modern HTML Email Templates)

Litmus email marketing and testing software

Best for: Marketers, Freelancers

Litmus is an all-in-one email marketing platform with additional email testing functionalities. They offer a selection of 27 modern HTML email templates that you can download and use freely.

These email templates cover 4 major categories:

  • Product launch templates
  • eCommerce email templates
  • Product marketing templates
  • Transactional email templates

6. TOPOL (110+ Pre-Made Responsive Email Templates)

TOPOL HTML templates

Best for: eCommerce, Design teams

TOPOL is an online email builder and editor offering more than 100 email templates for free. The email designs are professionally-looking, colorful and fun and they can surely help businesses engage with their audience.

The platform offers various export options. You can either download the HTML or export it directly to your email marketing platform.

All the designs render well on any mobile device and in the most popular email clients.

7. Dyspatch (15 Open Source Email Templates)

Dyspatch open-source email templates

Best for: Bloggers, eCommerce

Dyspatch is a no-code, interactive email builder and visual editor. It gives businesses across all industries the tools to design fast-loading transactional and promotional emails.

Specifically, the platform offers 15 open-source email templates, including welcome and confirmation emails, newsletters, etc. You can also effortlessly create your own custom email templates without any coding knowledge.

What you’ll find interesting regarding Dyspatch is the loading times of emails created with the platform. Due to its mobile-first approach, they load faster than traditional emails.

8. Brevo (40+ email templates)

Brevo free responsive templatesBest for: eCommerce, Publishers, Agencies

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) provides users with 40+ responsive email templates to use the drag and drop way without coding skills. The platform also includes the WYSIWYG HTML email editor for more advanced users wishing to write their own code.

Additionally,  Brevo offers SMS capabilities and a landing page builder to maximize your lead generation. Finally, through its SMTP service, you’ll be able to send transactional emails at critical moments during the buyer’s journey.

How To Choose The Right Template For Your Email Campaigns

Sometimes, it gets hard to decide which templates to use out of the available choices. Here are some steps to follow:

Define your Email Marketing Goals

First off, consider what you want to achieve through your marketing campaigns. Do you want to boost brand awareness or increase your sales at a certain period? These answers will help you pick the template style that works best each time.

For example, if you want to send a promotional campaign, you need an outline that showcases your products beautifully, with a clear call-to-action button. Here’s a template example by Moosend:

Moosend email template example

 All yours!

On the other hand, a welcome email should be more straightforward, with less copy and more gist.

Choose the Best Tool for You

At the end of the day, it’s not just about templates. If you need a platform to streamline your email marketing, you need to check every detail to get the tool that works.

Before you make your final call, browse their templates to see the variety they offer and if they suit you. And remember, you can always integrate your email marketing platform with external email template libraries if you don’t want to restrict yourself.

Follow your Brand Guidelines

And of course, make sure that the templates you use fit your brand style. Once your subscribers open your email campaigns, they should be able to recognize that you are the sender before you take their breath away!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment from time to time to spice up your brand outlook as long as it complies with your branding efforts.

Email Marketing Templates For Every Taste!

As you can understand, there are tons of templates covering every industry and need, no matter your style. So the next time you’re about to send a rather loose email, remember that there’s no excuse to cut down on email quality, especially when email platforms make crafting designated emails a piece of cake!

Ready to find the templates your customers will adore? Browse Moosend’s template library with professionally designed and perfect-looking templates to increase your KPIs. Try it today for free!

Email Marketing Template FAQs

And now, time for some quick questions around this topic for marketers in a hurry:

1. How Do I Create an Email Marketing Template?

You can either employ a designer to help you or use a template builder. Most email marketing platforms enable you to craft email templates from scratch in simple steps, even for professionals with no design and coding experience.

2. What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing Templates?

Professionally designed email marketing templates enable you to increase customer engagement. This can ultimately boost your conversion rates in the future, contributing to your business ROI.

3. Where Can I Get Email Marketing Templates?

Here, we’ve collected some top tools offering email marketing templates that make a difference: 1) Moosend, 2) Unlayer, 3) Stripo, 4) BEE Free, 5) Litmus, 6) TOPOL, 7) Dyspatch, 8) Brevo, 9) Mailchimp, 10) Campaign Monitor, 11) ActiveCampaign and 12) Constant Contact.

4. How Can I Add a Template in Gmail?

Go to “Settings” on your Gmail account and find the “Advanced” tab. Enable the section “Templates” and click “Save Changes.” After you’ve written the copy, move to the three dots below, select “Templates” and “Save as new template.”

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