9 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions To Streamline Your Business [2021]

Ready to embrace marketing automation software to streamline your operations in the most efficient way possible?

marketing automation software

If you’re tired of repetitive tasks and want to increase your lead generation, then automating your business will prove to be a precious ally.

But how can you do it? Well, with the best tools available on the market, you can really do wonders!

If you don’t know where or what to look for, today, we’ll compare the 9 top marketing automation platforms to run your email marketing and lead nurturing activities on autopilot.

Let’s scale to infinity! And beyond!

Marketing Automation Services Comparison

So, you’re looking into the best marketing automation platform, but you’re more of a table person?

No problem! Here are our quick comparison table and some of the qualities you need to consider when you are about to get your next big tool:

Free PlanPricingBest FeatureRatings
MoosendYes(Sign up here)$8/monthReady-made automated workflows
Constant Contact60-day trial$20/monthEvent invitations management
HubSpotYes$50+/monthVisual workflow editor
MarketoFree demoN/DCross-channel nurturing
MailchimpYes$15/monthMulti-step custom workflows
ActiveCampaign14-day trial$15/monthEvent tracking options
SendinblueYes$25/monthSMS autoresponder option
Keap14-day trial$79/monthIntegrated CRM and Email tool
PardotFree demo$1,250/monthSalesforce CRM Integration

To get the best platform for your business, though, you should also look for a tool that:

  • prioritizes easiness of use and saves time
  • can scale with your business as it grows
  • doesn’t break the bank
  • integrates with other apps to streamline your operations

With these in mind, let’s take a look at the best tools for your business!

1. Moosend – Best Email Marketing Automation Tool For SMEs

moosend email marketing automation software

Pricing: Free-forever plan (sign up here), paid plans start at $8/month

Best for: SMEs, eCommerce, SaaS, Publishers, Bloggers, Agencies

Unique feature: Easy-to-set-up automated workflows

Moosend is a free marketing automation software with features that will automate your efforts and boost your lead generation. How? Well, the service is equipped with an advanced workflow builder, pre-made email newsletter templates, landing pages, and forms, making it one of the best all-in-one marketing tools out there.

When it comes to automation, Moosend’s features are perfect for new email marketers. You can also set up your own workflow using various triggers, conditional steps, and actions. For example, you can create a welcome email or abandoned cart series triggered when you subscribers take action. And if you are pressed on time, Moosend has a collection of ready-made recipes to save you time!

Moreover, the platform sports advanced segmentation and personalization features to deliver converting messages. More specifically, its segmentation options allow you to group your audience based on demographics, preferences, and more. Similarly, personalization helps you deliver content tailored to your subscribers’ individual needs.

Overall, Moosend is a cost-effective platform with powerful marketing automation features, lead generation tools, reporting and analytics, integrations, and more, even when you sign up for the free forever plan.

Best Marketing Automation Service Features

  • Advanced marketing automation to streamline your business
  • Pre-made automation workflows to save valuable time
  • Personalization features to deliver more personalized content
  • Email list segmentation to group your audience more effectively
  • Landing pages and online form builder to boost your lead generation
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to monitor your performance
  • Integrations to connect your apps and increase your productivity


Moosend lets you sign up for a free forever plan without any commitments for unlimited emails per month up to 1,000 subscribers, create online forms, and as many automated workflows as you like. For additional tools, pricing starts at $8/month and gives you access to the landing page builder, SMTP server, and more.

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2. Constant Contact – Second Best Email Automation Service

constant contact automation tool

Pricing: 60-day free trial, paid plans start at $20/month

Best for: Non-profit organizations, Event Organizers, SMBs

Unique feature: Event invitation management

Constant Contact has risen into prominence due to its powerful event invitation management tools, which are not available on every platform. The email platform is easy-to-use, but it’s more on the basic side, which is good for beginners but limiting for pros.

Regarding its automation features, the service allows you to use autoresponders and email list management tools to keep everything organized. For new eCommerce store owners, Constant Contact also helps you segment your buyers based on their online behavior and purchase habits.

Moreover, the marketing automation software enables you to create automated workflows based on email interactions, which will target your customers more effectively. One limitation is that automation isn’t flexible when it comes to more advanced actions and multi-step workflows.

Overall, Constant Contact will help you create simple automation for your business. However, if you want more functionality and flexibility, you should consider a more advanced Constant Contact alternative.

Best Marketing Automation Platform Features

  • Simple automated workflows based on behavioral data
  • Advanced event invitations management tool
  • Online forms to increase your lead generation
  • Easy-to-use autoresponders
  • Email tracking feature to monitor performance
  • Integrations for social media and eCommerce platforms


Constant Contact doesn’t have a free plan, but it gives you a 60-day trial to test it out. After the trial period, the marketing automation service offers you two paid plans starting at $20 per month.

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3. HubSpot – Best Automation Platform For List Management

hubspot automation tool

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans start at $50+/month

Best for: SMEs, Agencies, Entrepreneurs

Unique feature: Visual workflow editor

HubSpot is among the best marketing automation software, mostly famous for its powerful customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. The service also offers an easy-to-grasp workflow tool to automate your repetitive tasks through a visual interface.

HubSpot’s automation software simplifies your lead nurturing process through a series of drip email campaigns. Moreover, you can assign specific goals to them to ensure that your email marketing strategy gives you the desired results. When it comes to the workflow editor, the platform has a simple visual builder that lets you build multi-stage journeys for your audience.

Apart from email marketing automation, HubSpot lets you copy values, score leads, and exchange data between HubSpot’s CRM tool or Salesforce.

All in all, HubSpot is a great marketing automation platform that combines different automation features for your marketing and sales teams. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a big budget, HubSpot might not be ideal for you.

Best Automation Tool Features

  • Visual automation builder and multi-step marketing workflows
  • Powerful CRM tool for effective lead management
  • Landing page builder tool to boost lead generation
  • A/B Testing tool to find the winning combination
  • Predictive Lead scoring option
  • Various CRM integrations and more


HubSpot has a free plan for 1,000 marketing contacts. To use the tool’s advanced automation features, though, you need to get a Professional paid plan starting at $800 per month.

4. Marketo Engage – Most Advanced Marketing Automation Software

marketo marketing automation software

Pricing: Free Demo, pricing is based on database size

Best for: Marketers, Entrepreneurs

Unique feature: Intelligent cross-channel nurturing

Marketo is a marketing automation solution that wants to improve customer experience and make the customer journey easier. To achieve that, the service lets you target your audience using behavioral tracking and powerful analytics.

Moreover, the tool offers powerful content personalization features to deliver experiences tailored to each customer through AI optimization. The software also gives you the tools to scale your lead scoring models through intelligent processes and provides you with a customer data environment that segments your target audience using integrated profiles and engagement history.

If you are interested in developing an omnichannel or multi-channel approach, Marketo has a cross-channel engagement feature that lets you engage with your customers on their channel of choice.

In general, Marketo is a great automation tool to power up your marketing efforts and simplify your marketing processes. However, it may be expensive for SMEs.

Best Marketing Automation Service Features

  • AI-powered content personalization
  • Powerful marketing data environment
  • Landing page builder tool
  • Dynamic lead nurturing tools
  • Marketing impact analytics


Marketo Engage only has a free product tour you can take. The software has four paid plans, but you’ll need to contact the sales team to learn more about each plan.

5. MailChimp – Fifth Best Marketing Automation Software

Mailchimp marketing automation aoftware

Pricing: Limited free plan, paid plans start at $15/month

Best for: eCommerce, Publishers, Small businesses

Unique feature: Multi-step custom workflows

Mailchimp is among the most popular tools for inbound marketing campaigns. Not only that but the software is one of the email marketing tools with the most integrations.

When it comes to automation, Mailchimp offers some personalization options with if/then/else logic. Nevertheless, compared to other platforms, its options aren’t as user-friendly or beginner-friendly as you’d expect. Similarly, the automation software is geared towards more experienced users due to its complicated automation workflows.

Moreover, Mailchimp lets you integrate your email marketing with your social media strategy for better management. List management and segmentation are also available, allowing you to customize conditional relationships for your contacts.

Overall, Mailchimp will give you the tools to create some solid automation workflows for your digital marketing strategy. Nevertheless, it might be difficult for inexperienced email marketers, unlike other Mailchimp alternatives.

Best Email Marketing Automation Tool Features

  • Advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting
  • Multi-step custom workflows to target your audience
  • Landing pages to increase your lead gen
  • Variety of integrations with popular apps


Mailchimp offers a limited free plan for 2,000 contacts per month. For more, pricing starts at $15/month, giving you access to additional advanced features.

6. ActiveCampaign – Best Automation Tool For Advanced Users

activecampaign marketing automation solution

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $15/month

Best for: eCommerce, SaaS, Publishers, Agencies

Unique feature: Event tracking options

ActiveCampaign isn’t the most beginner-friendly software to get started. However, its capabilities are ideal for someone who has worked with automation tools before. Regarding its features, ActiveCampaign offers some good personalization options based on if/then/else logic. This way, you can easily customize your content to create more effective email messaging for your audience.

Furthermore, ActiveCampaign’s automation builder is user-friendly, allowing you to create and automate follow-up email campaigns with multiple conditions.

The platform also sports event tracking options. This way, you can boost your webinar marketing and manage online events without getting involved in every step of the process.

All in all, ActiveCampaign will help you automate your marketing processes and hyper-personalize your content. However, it is more suitable for advanced users, unlike some other popular ActiveCampaign competitors.

Best Marketing Automation Software Features

  • Drag-and-drop flowchart builder
  • Event tracking options and hyper-personalization
  • In-built CRM to assist marketing and sales teams
  • Reporting and analytics for eCommerce platforms


The email marketing service doesn’t offer a free plan, but it does have a free 14-day trial to test it. After that, ActiveCampaign has four premium plans that start at $15/month and offer you email marketing, online forms, automation, and more.

7. SendinBlue – Best SMS Marketing Automation Option

sendinblue sms marketing automation software

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans start at $25/month

Best for: eCommerce, Publishers, Agencies

Unique feature: SMS autoresponder option

SendinBlue is a tool that combines the power of email with other marketing channels like SMS. The automation workflow builder is also easy-to-use and has simple and advanced features.

Users can create triggered drip campaigns based on behavioral data, such as email engagement or website activity. This way, you can target your audience with the right message. Furthermore, you can use the test workflows feature to try your flows before they go live.

Another notable feature is the marketing automation software’s segmentation and personalization options. For example, you can use the tool to show personalized content to your audience based on set criteria like gender or engagement level.

All in all, SendinBlue is a very straightforward automation service but lacks on the integration side.

Best Email Automation Service Features

  • SMS autoresponder messages
  • Landing page builder tool to capture leads
  • A/B testing to discover the winning variation
  • Transactional email and SMS messaging


SendInBlue’s free plan is only for 300 emails per day for unlimited contacts. After that, paid plans start at $25 per month and give you more features and increasing your email sending limit.

8. Keap – Best Automation Tool For Data Management

keap sales automation service

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $79/month

Best for: Startups, SMBs, Entrepreneurs

Unique feature: CRM and Email Integration

Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a marketing automation software that promotes itself as a small business and enterprise solution. The tool is also known for its CRM and automation integration, which allows you to create marketing campaigns that perform.

More specifically, Keap has combined sales and marketing, giving you an integrated solution to streamline your operations. While this is great for small businesses, it might not be ideal for larger enterprises.

Furthermore, the automation builder is quite flexible, letting you create automation workflows that will simplify your tasks.

Overall, Keap is a good option for SMEs, but it will take time to learn. For an easier-to-use platform, you can sign up for a Moosend account to avoid steep learning curves.

Best CRM and Email Automation Features

  • Integrated sales and marketing automation
  • Simple reporting and analytics tool
  • Smart subscription form builder
  • Phone line and text messaging


Keap has a 14-day free trial you can use to test the service. After that, paid plans start at $79 per month and give you access to easy automation, CRM, and more. However, for the marketing and sales automation tool, you need to get Keap Pro at $149/mo.

9. Pardot – Best Marketing Automation Solution For Entrepreneurs

pardot marketing automation tool

Pricing: Free demo, paid plans start at $1,250/month

Best for: Entrepreneurs

Unique feature: Integration with Salesforce CRM

Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B automation solution for big companies. Compared to the rest, the tool is the most expensive out there. So, if you don’t have the budget, Pardot is a no-no for small businesses.

Regarding the features, Pardot boosts your lead management efforts through AI-powered tools. Segmentation also allows you to create and customize dynamic lists for smarter list management.

Apart from that, the software lets you target each contact with real-time alerts and activity tracking for better engagement. The Salesforce CRM integration also works in tandem with Pardot to monitor customer insights without interrupting your workflows.

Overall, while Pardot gives you access to an array of tools, it isn’t ideal for SMEs with low budgets, unlike other budget-friendly email marketing automation services.

Best Marketing Automation Software Features

  • Activity tracking option
  • Real-time alerts
  • ROI reporting
  • Integrations with popular apps


Pardot only has a free demo that you can find on the tool’s website. Paid plans start at $1,250/month with the Growth plan for up to 10,000 contacts billed annually.

Streamline Your Tasks With Marketing Automation

Automating your tasks is not optional but rather necessary to thrive in a fast-paced business environment. Thus, marketing automation is the next step to a blooming marketing strategy.

Streamlining your operations through dedicated automation software might sound like a lot. But trust me. When you get the hang of it, you’ll boost your productivity and engage your audience more efficiently than ever.

So,  if you’ve already made up your mind, go get your automation platform! If not, why not give Moosend a try?

You can easily sign up for a free Moosend account without any commitments and see how you and Moosend can scale your business the easy way.

Time to automate the future, one workflow at a time!

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