10 Sales-Boosting Black Friday Newsletter Templates [2023]

10 Sales-Boosting Black Friday Newsletter Templates [2023]

Looking for some sales-boosting Black Friday newsletter templates to save valuable time and effort? Then welcome to the sales email design den!

Today, we’ll shower you with some responsive email newsletter designs to craft the perfect Black Friday email marketing campaign.

More specifically, we’ll look at some designs that’ll help you promote your special offers in a beautiful and efficient way.

So without further ado, let’s see them!

Moosend’s Black Friday Email Templates

Moosend is among the best email template builders you can use to create beautiful designs for your brand. Not only that, but you have at your disposal various designs you can use for this Black Friday.

To get them, you need to register for a free Moosend account and then:

  • Access the email editor
  • Click on the Template Library
  • Search for the template you like
  • Start customizing the layout

Now that you know how to grab them, let’s take a look at some of the newsletter templates you can use for your eCommerce store, retail business, etc.

1. Black Friday Sale Email Layout

Use this simple and responsive HTML email template to boost your Black Friday sales, the easy way.

black friday newsletter templates

Customize this template

Why you need it: The above Black Friday newsletter template is perfect for your Black Friday email marketing strategy. For a quick sales campaign, you can add your logo, special discount, email copy, and call-to-action (CTA). If you want something closer to your branding, Moosend’s editor will let you add various advanced elements.

For instance, you can use countdown timers, GIFs, product blocks, and more to turn this template into the ultimate Black Friday sales email. Overall, this holiday email design has the right color palette and elements to help you craft a simple yet converting campaign in minutes.

2. Promotional Email Template

A beautiful and responsive email newsletter template to create the perfect Black Friday of Cyber Monday email campaign.

free black friday email design by moosend

Why you need it: You can grab this sales-oriented design to promote your Black Friday deals and special offers. From the colors to the product blocks, the layout will allow you to craft your promotional email in a matter of minutes. Through Moosend’s email newsletter editor, you can also add advanced elements to boost your click-through rate, such as countdown timers!

This way, your email will have a sense of urgency and motivate your email subscribers to shop your deals. Lastly, the yellow call-to-action buttons are perfect for attracting attention to the desired action and boosting your holiday season sales!

3. Holiday Shopping Email Design

Tired of black and yellow? You can use this Black Friday newsletter template to create some stylish Black Friday email campaigns!

moosend minimalist email design

Why you need it: The above newsletter design is quite different from the typical black and yellow layouts. You can grab it to send your email subscribers a unique campaign that favors minimalist design, big fonts, and beautiful visuals. On top of that, you can leverage the existing product blocks to promote specific items and give your audience all the information they need to convert.

This template is ideal for creating newsletters for the pre-sales holiday period and Black Friday weekend along with your primary Black Friday day messages! Last but not least, you can keep the social buttons to cross-promote between email and social media for better reach and engagement.

4. Best Black Friday Email Deals

Want to show your audience all your best Black Friday deals? Here’s the template you can use to make it happen!

moosend sales email design

Customize this template

Why you need it: You can grab this layout to easily promote your eCommerce store products. The above-the-fold product block is excellent for increasing your click-through rate and getting subscribers to your Black Friday sale landing page. Furthermore, you can easily customize the additional content blocks to give your audience more incentives to buy, such as free shipping! When it comes to colors, you can keep the yellow and dark brown palette to associate your campaign with the holiday. Lastly, make sure to add your logo, visuals, and copy to show your brand identity and charm your potential customers.

If you need help with your landing pages you can check our article with all the tips and tricks to create a converting landing page for your audience!

Stripo’s Free Black Friday Email Designs

Stripo is another cool template builder you can use to grab some beautiful holiday newsletter templates for your business. To use its Black Friday designs and send them to your email subscribers, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Now that you can easily export and import your designs, let’s take a look at some of the beautiful layouts you can use!

5. Simple Black Friday Layout

Need a quick design for your online store? This template is exactly what you need!

stripo black friday email templates

Why you need it: This Black Friday newsletter template is perfect for crafting a promotional email for your eCommerce business. It is easy to customize through Stripo’s email builder and then export to your email service provider. Moreover, since this is a design that focuses on a single visual make sure to use high-quality images and clear copy to communicate the benefits of your campaign.

Furthermore, with a clear CTA button, this template can turn into a beautiful Black Friday email that will intrigue and convert your audience. And don’t forget, to show them your special deals, your audience needs to open your email first! To boost your open rate, make sure to check some of the best Black Friday email subject lines for inspiration!

6. Product-Oriented Black Friday Email Design

Another cool design to get your audience back to your product pages and increase your holiday sales like a pro.

Why you need it: The above Black Friday template will let you lead your potential shopper back to your website. You can use the first content block as a teaser for your Black Friday deals, leveraging the above-the-fold CTA for more click-throughs. Moreover, you can use the following product blocks to showcase your best deals and make sure that your audience is aware of them. You can power up your sales by using some simple FOMO tactics like setting a time limit or using urgent language, such as “Sale ends in X” or “X is almost out of stock.”

Lastly, consider interactive elements like GIFs to make your design more unique and fun to engage with. Adding a GIF to your campaign is both easy and effective!

7. Informative Black Friday Newsletter Template

Did you know that you can promote more than your deals during Black Friday?

Why you need it: This design is great for showing your customers your products and off everything discounts. The countdown timer on top will give your click-through rate a boost while the red CTA stands out on the black background. You can use every part of this Black Friday design to get your subscribers to buy.

However, you should also grab the opportunity to promote your seasonal content by linking relevant articles to inspire your shoppers. Creating sales emails is great, but giving your audience extra value is better as it’ll help you build meaningful relationships with your customers!

BEE’s Black Friday Newsletter Templates

If you’re looking for more designs, you can grab some from BEE, another email template editor tool.

As with Stripo, you can get your newsletter templates to Moosend’s platform, simply by exporting the layout as a ZIP containing the HTML design and images. Now let’s check some of the cool Black Friday email templates you can use:

8. Minimalist Sales Design

Not all Black Friday templates need to be, well, black!

bee free black friday layout

Why you need it: If you don’t want to craft just another dark Black Friday campaign, you can use the above design to light things up a bit! The minimalist design and white space are perfect for presenting your products in a beautiful and structured way. Moreover, you can leverage the power of color psychology to make your email more appealing and converting.

Use red, blue, pink, and everything in between to give your audience a fun Black Friday message that will charm them. You can easily customize the above design for the Black Friday day sale, the Black Friday weekend, or the Cyber Monday sale. It’s up to you!

9. Premium Black Friday Email Newsletter

Use graphic elements alluding to Black Friday to power up your email design.

bee pro sales email design

Why you need it: This is one of BEE’s premium Black Friday newsletter templates. To get it, you can either sign up for a free trial or sign up for BEE Pro. As a premium design, you can take advantage of advanced styling and graphic elements to rock your promotional layout. Moreover, this layout has a beautiful color palette, using blue and orange to make individual elements stand out more. Take a look at the CTA buttons, for instance.

The blue background is perfect for making them stand out and inviting subscribers to click. Lastly, the single-column structure will allow you to promote individual products, creating a sales message that’s more focused.

10. Black Out Friday Newsletter Layout

Take advantage of the holiday colors to create the ultimate Black Friday email!

BEE pro email newsletter for Black Friday

Why you need it: You can use the above template by BEE Pro to craft a stunning campaign for your audience. Take advantage of the black background to make your fonts and CTAs pop! Choose bright colors to make your design more vibrant and add high-quality visuals and graphics to make it more appealing. Before you send your campaign, make sure to check everything using an email preview tool. This way you’ll make sure that your email displays well on popular email clients like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Now that we saw some beautiful designs to get started, let’s see a few Black Friday email tricks to help you out.

Design Tips For Black Friday Email Campaigns

Crafting the perfect Black Friday email campaign isn’t rocket science! But if it feels that way, let’s see a few easy tips to make them simple:

  • Email copy: Black Friday is all about sales but don’t forget to use language that will highlight the benefit your audience will receive and the pain points it will solve. Avoid being too salesy to convert your audience and make them loyal customers, not one-time shoppers.
  • Visuals: Furnish your campaigns with beautiful graphics and high-quality visuals of your products. Be careful, though, not to add large files as this will lead to email clipping. The optimal email template size for your campaign should be between 20 and 102 KB.
  • Color palette: Black, red, and yellow are some of the dominant Black Friday colors (like orange is for Halloween!). You can use black for your backgrounds to make your colorful CTAs stand out.
  • Urgency: Leverage countdown timers and the fear of missing out to give your campaign a sense of urgency for better sales.
  • Social proof: Loyal shoppers know you but new customers might have their doubts. Offer them some peace of mind by adding testimonials and star reviews to increase your brand credibility.

You can see all these in action in numerous successful Black Friday email examples. So don’t forget to take a look at them for inspiration!

Black Friday Newsletter Templates To Win!

Now you are ready to create your Black Friday email campaigns! While there are some who might say that you shouldn’t use pre-made templates because they are generic, customizing them efficiently will save you time and effort during a very busing time of the year.

The above designs are perfect examples of layouts you can customize on the spot to fit your branding. Add your logo, images, brand colors, and unique touch, and you’ll have a converting promotional email to charm your audience.

Now, hop into your template builder or give Moosend a try by registering for an account!

It’s time to make this Black Friday gold!