9 Brilliant Event Email Newsletter Templates To Stun Your Attendees [2023]

9 Brilliant Event Email Newsletter Templates To Stun Your Attendees [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
February 23, 2023

Looking to promote your attendance rate or invite your friends to share the happiest moments of your life?

Today, we’ll help you nail your invitations with some cool event email newsletter templates!

Intrigued? Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll see below:

  • Webinar email templates.
  • Wedding invitation designs.
  • Christening layouts.

Without further ado, let’s see them!

Moosend’s Email Newsletter Designs

To grab Moosend’s event email templates, you need to :

  • Register for an account.
  • Create a new campaign from the “Campaigns” tab.
  • Go to the drag-and-drop Email Builder.
  • From the Template Library, choose the design you like.
  • Start customizing it by adding various elements.

The process is straightforward and fast, meaning that you can schedule your new email marketing campaign to promote your events effortlessly after a few tweaks.

Webinar Event Email Newsletter Templates

Hosting webinars is one of the best ways to educate and nurture your potential customers about new products, services, or features. To increase your registration rate, you can easily craft webinar promotion email campaigns for your list. Here are some effective designs to get started:

New Webinar Newsletter Example

event email newsletter templates

A black and white template with a splash of color to boost your registrations and provide your participants with relevant information.

Why you need it:

Customize the above design to create a simple yet informative email campaign for your webinar or online course. You can easily change the color scheme to match your business or event palette. Also, don’t forget to add bright CTAs to increase your click-through rate. Apart from that, make sure to create a dedicated landing page to boost your lead generation!

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Online Event Email Template Design

webinar email newsletter design

Take advantage of color and white space to craft the perfect message for your potential attendees.

Why you need:

Give your subscribers all they need to know about your upcoming event. Leverage the existing sections to show them what they’ll gain by attending and simplify the process by giving them instructions on how to join. Moreover, you can use the contrasting palette to make your message more attractive, add more visuals from Moosend’s advanced drag-and-drop template builder, and keep the above-the-fold call to action to increase your click-through rate and conversions.

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Multipurpose Event Newsletter Example

multipurpose event email design

Whether you plan a webinar or any other online event, you can use this design to showcase your activities and let your subscribers book a seat.

Why you need it:

This is a simple event newsletter template to summarize upcoming events for small businesses, nonprofits, startups, or even eCommerce stores. You can take advantage of the content blocks to inform your audience about the benefits of joining and increase your credibility through social proof. The white space here will help you boost your readability, while the use of bright colors will allow you to create a fancy result that will convert. Moreover, don’t forget to integrate your email efforts with your social media marketing strategy by adding social media buttons!

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Wedding Event Email Newsletter Templates

Apart from creating business newsletters, you can craft more personal messages for all those special moments, including weddings and christenings. Below, we’ll see some eye-catching layouts to make it happen. Let’s go!

Simple Wedding HTML Email Template

wedding invitation event email newsletter templates

Planning a wedding can be a very time-consuming process. Creating your wedding invitations, though, shouldn’t!

Why you need it:

Use this design to simplify your wedding invitations and focus on other more pressing tasks. The clean and elegant layout is perfect for creating beautiful invitations for your guests. Furthermore, you can play around with different color schemes to match your wedding theme. On top of that, make sure to add an RSVP button to find out the exact number of people attending your special event.

And since this is a responsive template, it will let your message look great on multiple mobile devices and email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

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Extended Wedding Email Design

Give your guests the best wedding experience with an extended email template that will leave them speechless.

Why you need it:

This email newsletter template is perfect for showcasing your entire wedding agenda. Grab the opportunity to share the big news and let your guests know about the activities that will take place on your special day. Also, you can add different CTAs to help your attendees find your venue, book their accommodation, and more. If you want to wow them, you can also insert some beautiful images. Grab some from free stock photo sites or, if you’re good at using design tools like Adobe’s Photoshop, create your own PSDs, export them, and import them to Moosend’s platform.

And don’t forget to craft a beautiful subject line to ensure that your guests will see and interact with your invitation.

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Christening Event Email Newsletter Templates

Like our wedding invitation layouts, you can celebrate your child’s christening with beautiful and responsive email designs. Let’s see them:

Blue Salopette Email Design Example

boy christening email design example

A simple layout to craft a quick invitation for your baby boy’s christening.

Why you need it:

Customize this design to come up with a little surprise for your attendees. Add your child’s name, a short description of the event, and a friendly greeting. Also, you can insert a CTA button like in our wedding invitation templates to find out how many guests will attend your special event.

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Little Prince Newsletter Design

email newsletter design for christening event

A beautiful alternative to creating an equally eye-catching email invitation for your personal event.

Why you need it:

You can instantly pick this newsletter example and customize it according to your needs. Take advantage of white space to make your message easier to read and add various colors to stun your guests. Of course, don’t forget to come up with a beautiful subject line to nail your christening invitation!

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Pink Dress Responsive Email Template

girl christening email template

A beautiful design example for your girl’s special day.

Why you need it:

You can grab this design, add the necessary information, and deliver it to your guest list. Make sure to use various graphic design elements to make it more appealing and don’t hesitate to change the color scheme if you want something more vibrant!

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Little Princess Responsive Email Template

pink newsletter design

This example is perfect for crafting a simple yet sweet invitation for your baby girl.

Why you need it:

Last but not least, we have the Little Princess email design, which you can use to inform friends and family about your daughter’s christening. Since the template is simple, you can add extra elements and an RSVP button to make your invitation fancier.

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Event Email Design Tips

To create converting business emails or special invitations, make sure to follow some of the best email marketing tips.

For business email invitations, marketers should include:

  • Advanced elements: Add countdown timers, videos, tutorials, and GIFs to make your events more attractive and urgent.
  • Concise copy: Use clear copy to inform your audience about your upcoming activities and benefits.
  • Vibrant CTAs: Increase your registrations with calls to action that are hard to miss. Choose bright colors and add actionable copy that will make your subscribers take action.

For your personal events:

  • Beautiful images: Use eye-catching images and visuals to make your invitations more personal.
  • Charming colors: Based on the occasion, use attractive color schemes to entice your guests.
  • RSVP button: Add an RSVP to learn who will attend your event to manage your attendees better.

Rock Your Events With Eye-Catching Templates

Ready to nail your events? Just grab your email marketing tool, a cool event email newsletter template, and prepare to create campaigns that will boost your attendance rate, nurture your audience, and give your guests something exciting to look forward to!

To start customizing the above designs ASAP, don’t forget to create a Moosend account first. It’s super easy and fast to do!

And if you need more specific templates, check out our holiday email templates (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.) to create more targeted event emails!

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