The ultimate Email marketing guide for beauty & cosmetics companies

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The industry of semi-pharmaceutical, beauty and cosmetic products is in extreme rise with lots of players entering the market every once in a while.  We have gathered plenty of data for this industry sector, so along with the tips and advice, you will be getting some more inside info and data to use as a starting point.

It may be distinguished as an independent industry but it still lies on e-commerce, as products are being sold online. What is different is the nature of the products and the decision making process that alters the way we should approach it.

cosmetics industry

Where to find the emails

If you are following this series of industry specific guides, you will notice that gathering the email addresses of new users and fans is always the first topic to start with, as it is by nature, the most important. We have brainstormed in the past and referred to some ideas on how to bring the people in, and collect some email addresses, but the main point to notice is that all the channels should cooperate for this purpose:

– Owned digital media / Owned Online Assets

In this industry, it would be a huge mistake not to invest on your social media and blog. Running special offers, creative contests or other email catching concepts works pretty well. Also, search engine friendly content creation will not only bring you sales but also lots of subscribers. Try to create content that is useful and that people want to read and do not forget to follow up. Follow these steps and you will get on a rapid growth trajectory.

– Paid digital media / Online Advertising

As a beauty and cosmetic products e-shop, you often use all kinds of paid media. Search engine marketing (SEM) is really important if you are looking for a steady sales pipeline. It is obvious that you will follow the standard paid solutions, like Social Media Advertising or Google Adwords. In addition, we would recommend you to advertise in relevant digital magazines and blog posts from influencers. Those techniques are hugely important as they can both drive people to your online store as well as curate your quality content. As your website grows, you will need to cut off on the paid media, and start depending more on organic reach of your site.

– Opting-in

Putting email collection forms and call-to-action buttons (CTA) in different parts of your website will help you track data about your users. However, if your offering is poor or infrequent, it may end up bringing high spam rates, so you have to keep a proper strategy in place to keep in touch with your subscribers.

Also, collecting the right data right from the start may seem tedious, at first, but ends up being a great deal in the long term. Things like gender and potentially areas of interestregarding your products, are absolute musts to run a successful and targeted email campaign.


Sending high quality personalized emails to your subscribers is considered to be part of the standard package. That is why we need to collect other information too, except for the email itself. Let’s see how we can segment our mailing list to achieve a great deal of personalization:

– By gender

Knowing if a subscriber is male or female directly influences the products that he/she is interested in. Cosmetics can often be offered as gifts, so knowing the gender will not be a barrier on what we can sell, in our strategy to promote gift-packages. But for more fast moving every day products, knowing the gender could be most crucial.

– By age

Just consider the scenario of promoting anti-ageing products to a 18-year old girl. Will this convert?

– By area of interest

The beauty and cosmetics industry includes many different product categories such as vitamins, semi-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, baby related products etc. Knowing your subscribers priorities and interests, along with the rest of the criteria, can bring you a really high level of personalization and skyrocket your conversions.

– By his/her buying behavior

This is always a big weapon in e-commerce. By using our world-class segmentation feature, you are able to connect data like demographics (age, gender etc) with thebehaviour on your newsletter (how many times people opened a specific email or what links people click or what devices they use etc) and then narrow them by connecting this with their buying behaviour, utilizing our User Actions possibilities. The patterns that are created around buying behaviors can segment subscribers in the most effective way and actually explain us why and how they purchase our goods. A proper interpretation of buying habits can lead to predicting what our users will look for next, and change our marketing strategy accordingly.

To understand the importance of personalization, our case studies has shown that personalized campaigns score an average open rate of around 21% when the non personalized get only 14,6% – That’s a 5% difference in open rates!

What our data analysis revealed

Here are some industry best practices for you to follow, from data gathered from email campaigns sent by Moosend:

– Prefer Monday and Friday

We drilled down to data from this industry sector to find out that those two days perform the best. We expected to see Friday amongst the days that are best to send email for this sector, but Monday is a new addition in eCommerce and has to do with the time the user re-opens the email to do the purchase. Meaning that opening the email on Monday could reflect a purchase in Thursday or Friday. That is the reason why email marketing and ecommerce analysis do not match.

– Email mostly between 12pm and 2pm

This time slot was by far the most effective according to our analysis and it does not surprise us at all.

– Prefer long subject lines

That was the unexpected one in the list. In this industry, long subject lines work better. We mean really long, between 80 and 160 characters.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will be super excited if you decide to become a part of our email marketing world!

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