25 Ways to Craft a Thank You Email for Your Customers in 2020

A single Thank you email is crucial to increase user engagement and brand loyalty.

Nevertheless, they remain largely underestimated and untapped.

Why is that?

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thank you email

Most businesses are missing out on ways they can reach out to their users and say “Thank you”.

Before we delve deeper let’s answer some basic questions! Skip question? Click here!

What is an automated Thank you email?

A Thank you email is a type of auto-generated email that is used strategically by businesses to establish special and/or personal customer relationships.

Why You Should Set up a Thank you email?

Depending on the type of automated Thank you email, it is always great to hear thank you for your business from a company one just purchased from, subscribed to, or engaged with, in a way.

Essentially, these emails increase interaction potential between businesses and customers/users/visitors, etc.

As a result, they can help boost brand loyalty across audiences automatically, without compromising on personalization, whatsoever.

When to send an automated Thank you email?

There are more occasions to say “Thank you” than most businesses imagine.

Below, we present a massive compilation of 25 occasions a business can send out an automated Thank you email.

It should be clearly stated, whatsoever, that, depending on the frequency of newsletters per business, the “recommended” number of “Thank you” email subtypes should vary.

In other words, automated “Thank you emails should make up no more than 20% of a business’ overall email marketing communication.

On occasion, this percentage could fluctuate to accommodate current needs (e.g. seminars, trade shows, etc).

Thank you Email Stats and Trends

Automated thank you email stats and trends infographic

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Every type of a Thank you email

How many reasons to be thankful for could there be for a business, in the first place?

That is what we asked, too, and after we did some research, this is what we dug out of our inboxes:

1. Thanks for signing up/ joining us

This is the quintessential Thank you email.

Whatever you do, make sure you set this one up before any other type.

When someone registers for your product/service, they engage with your business.

This is why you should be there on Day 1 to thank them for signing up or joining you.

Use this email as an opportunity to say something that does not require further action from them.

That is, your entire communication is primarily built on what you need your users to do: e.g. purchase, browse, or update their contact details.

It is both exciting and satisfactory to receive an email every now and then that simply thanks to the recipient for something.

Better yet, receiving an email that gives back to you on top of thanking you is an even more pleasant surprise.

At the beginning of your joint journey with your customers, make sure that you thank them for being there.

This will help extend the engagement level the user experiences upon registering.

Essentially, automated Thank you email helps you maintain those high open rates and click-through rates.

2. Thank you for signing up- you haven’t started [shopping] yet

borderlinx thank you email

Suppose that you have already sent a “Thanks for signing up” email.

In case some of your users have not taken action within what you consider a reasonable time period, send them this type of automated Thank you email.

What this does is thank users anew and at the same time, it offers to help them take action.

You can use this automated Thank you email to offer a discount coupon with a clearly stated expiration date.

This will motivate subscribers to engage with your page.

If it doesn’t, then this could trigger a Re-engagement drip campaign to reactivate users.

theSkimm thank you email

3. Thanks for becoming a member

Do you have multiple newsletters?

Has a user requested access to a specific service or group?

What a great occasion to thank them for joining the particular group and in your doing so, welcoming them.

In this type of email, you can explain to the new user what their potential in this group is, how they can get around, or how they can make the most of their new sign-up.

4. Thanks for sharing

You create content on a regular basis and share it across your channels.

Some of your subscribers will not open your email, some of them will open it but not click through it.

Another segment of your audience will engage with the CTA buttons in your email and a small, golden percentage of your audience will share them or forward these to friends.

This is the kind of users/subscribers you want to hold on to these are the most enthusiastic users of your business, your true brand evangelists.

Even if they are not so, their sharing your content means they appreciate your content.

This kind of Thank you email could trigger an automation that keeps track of total shares made by a user and ultimately reward them.

Once they have shared content more than 5 times in say, 6 months.

5. Thank you for registering for our event

Are you holding an event, e.g. a webinar or seminar?

Make sure you don’t get double-registrants by sending a confirmation email to those who just registered on the spot.

Make your event registrants a part of your leading team and invite them in throughout the process.

Don’t have people second-guessing whether they registered or not. Send an email right away.

Upgrade tip: It would be a great idea to funnel registrants further down by setting up an automated email sequence.

This would serve as a series of reminder emails or sneak peek emails, with content ranging from

“Save the Date” to “Here’s a backstage sneak peek” during the days counting down to launch date.

6. Thank you (on a special day)- e.g. Women’s day

Throughout the year, there are many special days celebrating members of society whose outstanding contribution has benefited our lives.

Depending on your brand personality or corporate values, you may want to send out a newsletter saying Thanks!

As a case in point, BuzzFeed, on the occasion of Women’s day earlier this year, sent out an email titled “Thank you” and featured the following article:

Buzzfeed thank you email

7. Thank you for dropping by

If you participated in a trade show or other type of expo, be sure to send out a newsletter to those who dropped by your booth.

You might want to slip in a photo as well, as this will jog people’s memory faster.

Also, you can use this Thank you email for those who dropped by your cafe or restaurant, as in the example below:

City Zen thank you email

8. Thanks – here’s an offer for you

Let’s say that you posted an awesome content upgrade that many people signed up for.

Now, these users were 100% engaged to get the upgrade.

Once they did, though, their engagement plummeted.

So, to grow that lead organically while there’s still time, it’s best you try to engage them anew with a tempting offer.

Make sure you send them a “Thank you for downloading our Black Friday cheat sheet” email.

Then, follow it up with a “Thanks – here’s an offer on our Black Friday growth hacking course!”

9. Thanks for the referral

Word of mouth is arguably one of the most powerful ways to promote a business.

And cost-efficient, for that matter.

Now, you can track which users referred their friends to you and grant them both a discount or other reward.

Buzzfeed thank you for the referral

10. Thanks for shopping/ for your order

LightInTheBox thank you email

Arguably, one of the most common Thank you emails is the one that reaches users right after they purchase.

To such an extent is this type of Thank you email common, that even customers expect to receive one.

And with Thank you emails claiming their spot among users’ perception, you can’t afford to fall behind.

In customer relationship matters, you are not competing against same-industry businesses.

You are competing against everyone out there in the market, doing things, selling, growing.

You need your business to be among those which drive changes, not the ones driven by change.

And this is becoming an increasingly easy task with email marketing automations.

thank you for the order email


11. Thanks for being part of our community/ anniversary

Whether this is your company’s two-year anniversary or simply a random day (or Thanksgiving!) share your gratitude with your community.

This is an email that is not intended to make you any money.

Bear in mind that not everything you do has to bring money back.

There is a great range of benefits your actions can harvest which are not expressed in dollars.

There’s a lot more currencies out there.

One of these, and a far-reaching one, is that of brand loyalty.

As you grow bigger, you want your audience to grow with you, not out of you.

It’s the little things that you share with your audience that help you build a relationship with them.

It’s no different than it would be in real life.

You still own a business, you still sell to real people, only the environment changes.

And since you can’t treat them to a slice of cake on the anniversary day, send them a sweet offer or other giveaway that should please them!

change.org thank you email

If your business is making a change, make sure you communicate that across your audience.

This would also work for charities and NGOs which could communicate what they have accomplished within X amount of time.

12. Thanks for your support

The Hydra thank you email

Your business held this major event for the first time, or organized an avant-garde exhibition of sorts.

You reached out to your followers and they were there for you.

Now, you are thanking these special people in your own way for the support and trust they put in you.

13. Thanks for your feedback

Sending out customer happiness surveys regularly is a good practice for every business.

This enables them to get a good understanding of their users’ experience with the brand and make improvements accordingly.

You can ask your users for feedback on their website navigation experience, online shopping experience.

Additionally, you could ask how their experience was with the available payment options, after-sales service, customer support, or fast delivery.

When it comes to actually getting feedback, nothing should be taken for granted.

You should not expect frustrated users to go into the trouble of articulating their stress with your business.

However, those who do articulate it, should be hearing back from you.

Set this type of automated Thank you email to go out as soon as they click “Submit” on your questionnaire.

Then, design the proper follow-up for every feedback case, whether personalized or automated.

14. Thank you for always reading our emails

There are all sorts of engaged users out there, so why not try to reward more of them?

There’s a percentage of people who swear by you, always read your email, always engage with the content you send out.

Why not get back to them for a change?

If having your emails read is important to your business, then make sure you thank them all!

Of course, keeping track of these actions manually and consistently is unfeasible.

So how about setting up a Loyalty sequence?

A loyalty sequence is an automation that keeps track of a specific action (e.g. email opens). Once the count reaches your designated mark (e.g. 10 email opens in the past 30 days),

the users who satisfy your criteria get this Thank you email.

15. Thank you for checking us out/ keeping an eye on us

Similar to the aforementioned type, you can set up an automation to reward frequent visitors to your website or a specific product category.

This email could also come with a special discount coupon for their first purchase.

As a result, you can increase your chances of conversions and keep your open rates growing uninterrupted!

To do this, simply customize the Loyalty sequence template in your Moosend account to keep track of  times your users browsed a specific page, any page, a product category on your site, and so on!

16. Thank you for choosing us

There are a plethora of viable alternatives out there in literally every industry and service or product.

Thus, sending out a “Thank you for choosing us” email is not to be overlooked.

But just because they chose you this time, does not mean they are not considering other options.

To protect your users from experiencing any kind of cognitive dissonance in the future, use this email to highlight the benefits of using your service or product.

More specifically, cognitive dissonance is explained as discomfort resulting from two clashing beliefs.

By sending out a benefit-oriented email, including, say, a price match guarantee, your customers rest assured that they can trust you with their shopping.

And there is no shorter way to referrals, other than word-of-mouth!

17. Thank you for booking

In the case of transport companies, booking is not the same as traveling.

You see, a booking is subject to change, therefore the actual trip might or might not take place.

Instead of having to wait until after your trip has taken place, what better occasion to thank your customers for choosing you other than the very moment they paid for their seats?

Use this type of Thank you email to provide your users with useful information for their flight/journey/trip, as well as check-in details, or cancellation and refund policies of the company.

This kind of convenience and user experience will reflect right back to your company!

18. Thanks for downloading

Those of you offering content upgrades on your website or blog, you might want to set up a “Thanks for downloading!” follow-up email to those who interacted with your content.

This will show users that their engagement with your page does not go unnoticed.

You might also want to keep track of their total number of downloads to send out exclusive or premium content, offer them additional discounts or access to offline events!

19. Thank you for attending the webinar

People signing up for your webinar or event is one thing, but attending it is another.

Most webinar platforms have this option built in: at the end of the webinar, an email goes out to everyone who activated their links.

Seize the opportunity to Thank them, maybe even quickly recap the content of the seminar, and share an email address where they can reach you for further feedback or questions.

Be there for your customers and be ready to interact at all times!

20. Thank you for your payment

Even in this time of tech-savviness and advancement, online payments –when not accompanied by a confirmation email– come with a certain feeling of unease.

But confirmation emails are boring. So why not dress your payment confirmation email up in a “Thank you for your payment” outfit?

This will turn the automated Thank you email into a case about the recipients themselves; the value returns to them.

They are being thanked, rewarded for something that they did – which really was of benefit to you, too.

21. Thank you for registering your product

Garmin thank you email

Another opportunity to reach out to your customers is when they register the product they purchased from you.

Connecting a product with your database is important, especially if more of your promotional or other actions rely on it, too.

This also makes a great

22. Thank you for applying to join […]

Imagine that you are holding a contest for a very special event, with only a few people getting in.

Or that you run a private club or group that only approves certain customer requests to join.

To avoid the implications a negative reply could have on brand perception and public image, you should always make sure you send a “Thank you for applying to join…” email.

Particularly for events which are on a first-come, first served basis, this type of Thank you email is rather indispensable.

23. Thank you for traveling with us

The equivalent of “Thank you for traveling with us” in everyday life is “Thank you for shopping”.

This could be used by transport services such as Uber, airline companies, trains or passenger ship companies, at the end of the trip.

In other words, transport companies could send out an automated Thank you email with a “We look forward to welcoming you on board” line.

Additionally, they could complement this email with a discount coupon for their next purchase, or a referral link to share with a friend of theirs.

24. Thank you for your contributions


tripadvisor thank you email

Companies which rely on user-generated content need to keep users inspired.

Therefore, they employ positive reinforcement among their users through the timely use of automated Thank you emails.

By rewarding positive user behavior, these companies manage to see it repeat itself in the future.

The Pavlovian theory (i.e. classical conditioning) has proven that applauding behavior serves as a motivation for the behavior to recur.tripadvisor monthly update

25. Thank you later email

polyvore subject line with emojis

Polyvore thank you email

This particular email is slightly different, but we don’t see how it would not be a good fit.

Instead of thanking your subscribers, spark up excitement.

Let them know right from the subject line that they will be thanking you in a little while!

All you have to do is make sure that the content you are sending out is carefully targeted and focused on the segment’s preferences.


That concludes our massive list of thank you email suggestions you can use today!

You can easily set up those with Moosend, and do not forget that we have a FREE forever plan where you can test all those thank you emails!

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