26 Types of Thank You Emails for Your Customers in 2023

26 Types of Thank You Emails for Your Customers in 2023

Published By John Desyllas
May 31, 2023

An automated Thank you email is crucial to increase user engagement and brand loyalty.

Nevertheless, they remain largely underestimated and untapped. Why is that?

Most businesses are missing out on ways they can reach out to their users and express their gratitude by saying “Thank you.”

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What Is An Automated Thank You Email?

An automated thank you email is a type of auto-generated email triggered by a user’s action, which is used strategically by businesses to establish special and/or personal customer relationships.

Some usual potential triggers include the user signing up for a newsletter or successfully making a purchase.

Why Should You Set Up an Automated Thank You Campaign?

Depending on the type of Thank you email, it is always great to hear thank you for your business from a company one just purchased from, subscribed to, or engaged with, in a way.

Essentially, these emails increase interaction potential between businesses and customers/users/visitors, etc.

It’s only natural to show your human side behind the website and express your gratitude when people exhibit interest in your company.

As a result, such emails can help boost brand loyalty across audiences automatically, without compromising personalization, whatsoever.

When To Send an Automated Thank You Email?

There are more occasions to say “Thank you” than most businesses imagine.

Since Thank you emails are triggered based on user behavior, they are always relevant and they are sent when the customer expects them. This is key!

It should be clearly stated, though, that, depending on the frequency of newsletters per business, the “recommended” number of Thank you email subtypes should vary.

In other words, automated Thank you emails should make up no more than, say, 20% of a business’s overall email marketing communication.

Occasionally, this percentage could fluctuate to accommodate current needs (e.g. seminars, trade shows, etc).

Every Type of Thank You Emails

How many reasons to be thankful for could there be for a business, in the first place?

That is what we asked and after some thorough research, this is what we dug out of our inboxes:

1. Thanks for signing up/ joining us

This is the quintessential Thank you email. Whatever you do, make sure you set this one up before any other type.

When someone registers for your product/service, they engage with your business.

This is why you should be there on Day 1 to thank them for signing up or joining you.

Use this email as an opportunity to say something that does not require further action from them.

At the beginning of the joint journey with your customers, make sure that you thank them for being there. So, this first email also works as a welcome email.

Craft your first thank you email 

It will help extend the engagement level the user experiences upon registering.

Essentially, an automated Thank you email helps you maintain high open rates and click-through rates.

Subject Line: Welcome to the Feedier blog! – Thanks for joining us

Feedier automated thank you email

In the above example by Feedier, their first thank you message is simple and elegant. They welcome the user to their newsletter and provide just enough details about what’s next. Neat and on-point.

Moreover, with the CTA that takes people back to their website they utilize real estate on their email that other companies wouldn’t. This is a great tactic to establish brand trust.

2. Thank you for signing up – you haven’t started [shopping] yet

Suppose that you have already sent a “Thanks for signing up” email.

In case some of your users have not taken action within what you consider a reasonable time period, send them this type of automated email campaign.

What this does is thank users anew and at the same time offer to help them take action.

Borderlinx thank you email promo code

As in the example, you can use this automated Thank you email to offer a discount coupon with a clearly-stated expiration date.

This will motivate subscribers to engage with your page.

Sometimes all they need is an extra push, an incentive.

If it still doesn’t work, then this could trigger a re-engagement drip campaign like the one below to reactivate users.

theSkimm example of automated email

3. Thanks for becoming a member

Has a user requested access to a service or group?

What a great occasion to send them a thank you message for joining and in your doing so, welcome them.

In this type of email, you can explain to the new subscriber what their potential in this group is, how they can get around, or how they can make the most of their new sign-up.

You can even use this thank you email to initiate the first step of your onboarding sequence or introduce them to your loyalty program.

Subject Line: Welcome to Cookie and Kate! ✨ We’re so glad you’re here.

Cookie & Kate welcome email example

The aim of this automated email is twofold.

Welcome as well as thank each individual for becoming a new member. There is a quick orientation on what to expect, some useful usability tips, and links for additional resources for those “hungry” subscribers.

4. Thanks for shopping/ for your order

Arguably, one of the most common Thank you emails is the one that reaches users right after they purchase.

In fact, this automated thank you email type is so common that even customers expect to receive one.

By showing gratitude to your customers for making a purchase, you improve the post-purchase experience and leave a positive impression.

Moreover, you definitely want to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

These emails give you that chance, namely to show that your business is among those who drive changes, not the ones driven by change.

And this is becoming an increasingly easy task with marketing automation.

Subject line: Thanks for your order!

Postable thank you for your order email

Postable’s email manages to be unique in its own way since it features a playful gif along with essential information about the next stages of the order.

It also has a “cancel order” button included in case someone has a sudden change of heart. Consumers do appreciate this “freedom”.

5. Thank you for registering for our event

Are you holding an event, e.g. a webinar or seminar?

Make sure you extend your gratitude to the users that showed an interest in your event and eliminate the chance of getting double-registrants by sending a confirmation email to those who just registered on the spot.

Don’t have people second-guessing whether they registered or not. Send an email right away.

Subject Line: Successful registration for “Email Marketing Basics: Writing Effective Copy”

Zoho automated emal for webinar registration

As you can see, in this thank you email you want to thank people for registering for the event you’re hosting, provide some basic information about the event, and useful technical details, such as the supported browsers, webinar platform, etc.

Upgrade tip: It would be a great idea to move registrants a step down the funnel by setting up an automated email workflow. You can easily do that by signing up for a free Moosend account. Hop into the workflow builder and create your first thank you email automated sequence.

This would serve as a series of reminder emails or sneak peek emails, with content ranging from “Save the Date” to “Here’s a backstage sneak peek” during the days counting down to the launch date.

Pro tip: You can include buttons at the end of your email that users can click and add the event to their calendar. This certainly gives a professional look to your thank you email.

Email CTA buttons

6. Thank you email on a special day – e.g. Father’s day

Throughout the year, there are many special days celebrating members of society whose contribution has benefited our lives.

Depending on your brand personality or corporate values, you may want to send out a newsletter saying Thanks!

Automate such thank you emails for each different occasion to show your gratitude and highlight the importance of these people to your business.

Subject Line: Happy Father’s Day!

Bruno magli father's day automated email

In the above example, Bruno Magli grabs the chance to thank fathers across the world for being a “pillar” of the family supporting them every step of the way. The visual employed here is highly emotional and jogs happy memories.

While there is a discrete and small CTA, the main focus of the email is clearly to celebrate this special day.

7. Thank you for dropping by

If you participated in a trade show or other type of expo, be sure to send out a newsletter to those who dropped by your booth.

You might want to slip in a photo as well, as this will jog people’s memory faster.

City Zen thanks for visiting email

You can also use this automated Thank you email for those who dropped by your cafe or restaurant, as in the example above. By adding buttons in this email, you can invite people to rate or review your business.

8. Thanks – here’s an offer for you

Let’s say that you posted an awesome content upgrade that many people signed up for.

Now, these users were 100% engaged to get the upgrade.

Once they did, though, their engagement plummeted.

So, to grow that lead organically while there’s still time, it’s best you try to engage them anew with a tempting offer.

Make sure you send them a “Thank you for downloading our Black Friday cheat sheet” email.

Then, follow it up with a “Thanks – here’s an offer on our Black Friday growth hacking course!

9. Thanks for the referral

Word of mouth is arguably one of the most powerful ways to promote a business.

And cost-effective, for that matter.

You can track which users referred their friends to you and grant them a discount or other reward via an automated email.

Subject line: Thanks for spreading the MOO love!

MOO automated thanks for the referral

As in the example above, show how much you value referrals and extend your thanks while offering a generous discount or coupon.

Employ some good puns, if possible, and a nice image in your email to build trust with your audience.

10. Thanks for sharing

You create content on a regular basis and share it across your channels.

Some of your subscribers won’t open your email, while some of them will open it but not click through it.

Another segment of your audience will engage with the CTA buttons in your email and a small, golden percentage of your audience will share them or forward these to friends.

This is the kind of subscribers you want to hold on to. These are the most enthusiastic users of your business, your true brand evangelists.

Even if they are not so, their sharing your content means they appreciate it.

This kind of Thank you email could trigger an automation that keeps track of total shares made by a user and ultimately reward them.

Once they have shared content more than 5 times in say, 6 months.

11. Thanks for being part of our community/ anniversary

Whether this is your company’s two-year anniversary or simply a random day (or Thanksgiving!) share your gratitude with your community.

This is an email that is not necessarily intended to make you any money.

Bear in mind that not everything you do has to bring money back.

There is a great range of benefits your actions can harvest which are not expressed in dollars.

There are a lot more currencies out there. One of these, and a far-reaching one, is that of brand loyalty.

As you grow bigger, you want your audience to grow with you, not out of you.

It’s the little things that you share with your audience that help you build a relationship with them.

It’s no different than it would be in real life.

You still own a business, you still sell to real people, only the environment changes.

And since you can’t treat them to a slice of cake on the anniversary day, send them a sweet offer or cool giveaway that should please them!

Subject Line: Thanks for being part of the Hearthstone Community, [name]

Blizzard automated appreciation email

Blizzard has created a stunning Thank you email to show their appreciation to the members of the community. From visuals to email copy everything is just great.

As you can see, they highlight the value of having such invested and engaged players in the community. On top of that, they include the player’s name in the subject line to make them feel more involved.

12. Thanks for your support

Your business has held a major event for the first time or organized an avant-garde exhibition of sorts.

You reached out to your followers and they were there for you.

Now, you are thanking these special people in your own way for the support and trust they put in you.

This is the case with the email below.

Ministry of sound thank you email

You could also be thanking your audience for their support during times of crisis, such as the recent COVID pandemic.

A business cannot exist without customers, so it’s essential to give them a special thanks for being there.

Subject Line: A Thanks For Your Support ❤️

Meowingtons thank you email with offer

Meowingtons’ email shares the love and appreciation of the company towards their loyal customers during difficult times. As you can see, it is in plain text which is usually perceived as being more personal and intimate.

13. Thanks for your feedback

Sending out customer satisfaction surveys enables businesses to get a good understanding of their users’ experience with the brand and make improvements accordingly.

You can ask users for feedback on their online shopping experience, after-sales service, customer support, etc.

However, getting feedback shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Therefore, it is essential to say thank you when people spend the time to provide you with invaluable feedback.

You can set this type of automated Thank you email to go out as soon as they click “Submit” on your questionnaire, survey, or reach out to you.

Be sure to design the proper follow-up template for every feedback case, whether personalized or automated.

Google maps thanks for your feedback

Google Maps does a good job letting you know how important your feedback is. It’s good to make users part of the process and constant improvement.

Ecommerce stores for example can benefit a lot by doing this since real customers provide the best insights on how to get better.

14. Thank you for always reading our emails

There’s a percentage of people who swear by you, always read your email, always engage with the content you send out.

If having your emails read is important to your business, then make sure you thank them all!

Of course, keeping track of these actions manually and consistently is infeasible.

So how about setting up a loyalty sequence?

A loyalty sequence is an automation that keeps track of a specific action (e.g. email opens).

Once the count reaches your designated mark (e.g. 10 email opens in the past 30 days), users who satisfy your criteria get this Thank you email.

15. Thank you for checking us out/ keeping an eye on us

Similar to the aforementioned type, you can set up an automation to reward frequent visitors to your website or a specific product category.

This email could also come with a special discount coupon for their first purchase.

As a result, you can increase your chances of conversions and keep your open rates growing uninterrupted!

To do this, simply customize the Loyalty sequence template in your Moosend account to keep track of times your users browsed a specific page, any page, a product category on your site, and so on!

16. Thank you for choosing us

There are a plethora of viable alternatives out there in literally every industry and service or product.

Thus, sending out a “Thank you for choosing us” email is a necessity. It empowers buyers for their choice and potentially turns them into repeat customers.

Just because consumers chose you this time, it doesn’t mean they are not considering other options.

Use such emails to build brand trust and show each individual customer that they made the right choice.

And there is no shorter way to referrals, other than word-of-mouth!

Subject Line: A message from our Co-Founder & CEO.

Casper automated thanks to the community

In the example above, Casper’s own CEO thanks subscribers for their “vote of trust” in the company.

This well-versed thank you note serves in showing the human side of the business, which strives to provide an optimal experience to its customers.

17. Thank you for booking

In the case of transport companies, booking is not the same as traveling.

You see, a booking is subject to change, therefore the actual trip might or might not take place.

So, what better occasion to thank your customers for choosing you than the very moment they paid for their seats?

Use this type of Thank you email to provide your users with useful information for their flight/trip, as well as check-in details, or cancellation and refund policies of the company.

This kind of convenience and user experience will reflect right back to your company!

Subject Line: Thank you for booking with us!😊 Safe travels🙏

Philippine airlines thanks for booking

This is exactly the case with Philippine Airlines’ thank you email. While the email body is pretty standard, they have a nice subject line to make it more unique. Also, the use of emojis is impeccable.

18. Thanks for downloading

Those of you offering content upgrades on your website or blog might want to set up a “Thanks for downloading!” follow-up email for those who interacted with your content.

This will show users that their engagement with your page does not go unnoticed.

You might also want to keep track of their total number of downloads to send out exclusive or premium content, offer them additional discounts or access to offline events!

Subject Line: Your content has arrived!

Sproutsocial automated thank you email

19. Thank you for attending the event (webinar, seminar)

People signing up for your webinar or event is one thing, but attending it is another.

Most webinar platforms have this option built-in: at the end of the webinar, an email goes out to everyone who activated their links.

Seize the opportunity to thank them, maybe even quickly recap the content of the seminar, and share an email address where they can reach you for further feedback or questions.

Be there for your customers and be ready to interact at all times!

Subject Line: Thanks for showing up ❤️

Moosend webinar thank you email

Moosend’s email is a good example of what we’re talking about.

After thanking the people for attending, they have included a link with invaluable extra resources for those who want to act upon what they learned in the webinar.

Finally, there is a nice CTA button allowing users to watch the webinar again at their own leisure. This is definitely a nice option to have.

20. Thank you for your payment

Even in this time of tech-savviness and advancement, online payments –when not accompanied by a confirmation email– come with a certain feeling of unease.

But confirmation emails are boring. So why not dress your purchase email up in a “Thank you for your payment” outfit?

This will turn the automated Thank you email into a case about the recipients themselves.

They are being thanked for something that they did – which really was of benefit to you, too.

Indiegogo thanks for payment example

As you can see in the above email by Indiegogo, the focus is on congratulating the user for his payment rather than a dull confirmation of the payment details.

21. Thank you for registering your product

Another great opportunity to reach out to your customers and say thank you is when they register the product they purchased from you.

Connecting a product with your database is important, especially if more of your promotional or other actions rely on it, too.

You can leverage this email to provide some useful tips on how customers can use your product/service.

If you want to give your sales a boost, you can also infuse your email with relevant product recommendations. This is known as cross-selling.

Garmin example of automated thank you

Here, Garmin welcomes new customers to the family and thanks them for registering their product. They also include useful information about how to use the newly-purchased activity tracker.

22. Thank you for applying to join […]

Imagine that you are holding a contest for a very special event, with only a few people getting in.

Or that you run a private club or group that only approves certain customer requests to join.

To avoid the implications a negative reply could have on brand perception and public image, you should always make sure you send a “Thank you for applying to join…” email.

Particularly for events that are on a first-come, first-served basis, this type of thank you email is rather indispensable.

23. Thank you for traveling with us

The equivalent of “Thank you for traveling with us” in everyday life is “Thank you for shopping”.

This could be used by transport services such as Uber, airline, train, or passenger ship companies at the end of a trip.

In other words, transport companies could send out an automated Thank you email with a “We look forward to welcoming you onboard” line.

Additionally, they could complement this email with a discount coupon for their next purchase, or a referral link to share with a friend of theirs.

Alitalia automated thank you for flying

This is what Alitalia does in the above example. Apart from thanking their customers for their choice, they promote a customer survey as well as their loyalty program.

24. Thank you for your contributions

Companies that rely on user-generated content need to keep users inspired.

Therefore, they employ positive reinforcement among their users through the timely use of automated Thank you emails.

By rewarding positive user behavior, these companies manage to see it repeat itself in the future. Applauding behavior serves as a motivation for the behavior to recur.

Tripadvisor thank you email for contributing

This is the case with Tripadvisor which employs a beautifully structured email template. It is personalized, detailed, and it features nice badges to motivate users to keep up the good work.

They even provide you with a monthly insight into the impact you’re making in helping other members of the community. People helping people that is!

Tripadvisor automated update email example

25. Thanks for swinging by (masked cart abandonment)

Browsing an online store doesn’t feel the same as being there in person.

So you’ll want to thank potential customers for browsing your store and interacting with it, and let them know that you have their back in case they decide to purchase.

This adds a personal touch to the experience.

Toywiz automated cart abandonment email

Toywiz here has done an awesome job “masking” this cart abandonment email into a “thanks for browsing our store” email.

The user is thanked for his interaction with the store rather than “pushed” to purchase.

This is certainly a “different” approach to usual cart abandonment campaigns.

Browse cart abandonment templates

26. Thank you for entering the giveaway

An excellent chance to interact with your audience and promote brand visibility is through a thank you email after a user enters a giveaway.

This email can strategically contain social media share buttons to increase the giveaway’s reach to a potentially untapped audience.

This in turn can help a business build a larger email list.

Subject Line: Thank you for entering the giveaway 💞

Notebook therapy automated welcome email

This is kind of a personal story. While I was browsing NotebookTherapy’s website I came across this giveaway. After entering, I received this cute and well-crafted thank you email.

It feels so intimate and it captures the user’s attention right away. It is very “eye-pleasing” and emojis make it appealing and unique.

23 Thank you email subject line ideas to get you started

1. Thank you 🙏

2. Thanks for signing up!

3. Thank you for your payment

4. Thanks for being part of the community, [name]

5. Thanks for showing up ❤️

6. To show our thanks — here’s 10% off

7. Popping in to say thank you.

8. Thank you for entering the giveaway 🎁

9. As a thank you 🤗 an extra 40% off the best [product]

10. Thank you for your order!💙

11. Thanks for a brilliant year! ⭐️

12. Thanks a mil for subscribing

13. Thank you for traveling with us ✈️

14. Thank you for shopping with [company name]

15. Thanks for joining us!

16. Thanks for chatting with us today!

17. 🧡 Thanks to you, we’re [action to be taken]

18. Thank You for Your Interest in [company name]

19. We’re thanking you with this surprise offer

20. You’re awesome, [name]

21. A big fat thank you!

22. Thankful ❤️️

23. It makes us happy that you chose us

As you have probably noticed, some of the above subject lines contain emoji symbols.

That’s because they attract users’ attention and research suggests that they yield higher click-through rates.

But how do you marketers decide upon the right subject line?

Well, there are AI-powered tools able to predict how a subject line fares and even make useful suggestions.

Such a tool is Refine, Moosend’s free subject line tester.

Get inspired by the above ideas, add your own creative “splash” and run it through Refine to see “the future”.

Moosend refine free subject line tester

Automated thank you email stats and trends infographic


That concludes our massive list of thank you email suggestions you can use today!

You can easily set them up with Moosend by signing up for a free account where you can test all those thank you emails and fancy subject lines!

Did I say thank you for reading through this post?

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