Six simple ways to drastically reduce Spam complaints

Six simple ways to drastically reduce Spam complaints

One of the first priorities of an Email Marketer is to keep his subscribers happy and reduce spam complaints. Spam complaints hurt your company’s reputation, so next time you try to reach your subscribers’ inbox, your messages “hit” the spam folder. Here you will find a few tips to drastically reduce the amount of complaints you’re receiving, and keep your messages where they’re supposed to be, the Inbox.

1) Be clear on your intentions during sign-up

Make sure that your subscribers know exactly what to expect from you during the sign-up process. You can have a clear overview of your newsletter (even a sample of the last issue), what it involves, a notification of how often they will be receiving it and what it hides in it for them. This way you do not keep any unpleasant surprises for your subscribers, and you keep them happy and content. And keep your promise; consistency will increase the credibility towards your brand, and reduce the possibilities of having many spam complaints. You may end up getting fewer subscribers, but those who do subscribe they know what they’re doing.

2) Don’t send too often

 Frequency has a huge impact on the perception of how “spammy” your email is. If your subscriber keeps seeing your messages appear in their Inbox really often, you will greatly increase the chances of him complaining. Sending too many messages can bring you good revenue, but at some point soon this will end up into high rates of unsubscribes, and finally turn some of your most active and engaged subscribers into complainers. Just put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and ask yourself about the true value of the new mailing, which is being sent so soon after the previous one. In case it is not that necessary, it is better to be proactive than greedy.

3) Personalize your newsletters

The more information you have on your subscribers, the better you can target your mailings and earn your customers’ trust. So you have to be careful on what you send and who you send it to, as we’ve mentioned in the past.  Personalizing your email newsletters will increase engagement, and lower spam complaints by reminding the user that they did sign-up to receive messages from you. By using Moosend, you can include the name of your subscribers, their address, and many other custom fields that you might have captured during the sign-up process, so that they know that your email is sent for their eyes only. By personalizing the Email newsletter, you will be able to create a unique experience for your subscribers, and reduce the possibility of them complaining.

4) Target and segment your audience

Do not treat your subscribers as they are all the same, because they are not. Try to send targeted offers to specific groups and segments of your list, according to their past behaviour. With Moosend, you can specify those that have clicked on specific URLs in the past, so you know that they are interested in specific offerings, and combine them with other demographic characteristics, such as gender etc, to better filter your target audience. Chances are you will have better open rates, and fewer complaints.

5) Study those complaining

 Try to study those that complain according to various parameters such as their source of sign-up, the time they have stayed as active subscribers, their Life-Time-Value during their stay, what they have read the most or if they have clicked, what they received when they complained, or other demographics you have from your custom fields during sign up. This might be one of the most useful researches you will do on your subscribers’list. And you might need to do the same with those who unsubscribe.

6) Have great content

Make sure you have your subscribers’ attention, by doing your best to offer them great content through your email newsletter. Try to have a unique offer, try to differentiate from your competitors and do not be a “me-too” option for them. Make sure you “sell” this unique proposition you have for them properly by pointing out how unique an offer is. If your propositions are just as many others out there, soon you’ll have them complaining.

As you see, with just a few changes to your email campaigns, you can help reduce the amount of complaints you receive. Just make sure you are proactive – as reacting is not an option here.

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