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Landing Pages

Create super flexible Landing Pages that support any marketing campaign and engage your audience from the first click.

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Everything you need to personalize your campaigns.

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Tips, tricks and how-to’s that will help you use all your favorite apps through our platform.

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Everything an agency needs to know that will help them engage and entice.

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Email Automation

Our field of expertise. If you can’t find an answer here, the answer doesn’t exist.

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Account Settings

Billing, personalization, special features made easy. Just click the link below.

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Campaign Editor

For all the information on our shiny new tool, look no further!

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General Info

Who are we? What can we do? What can we offer you? Do penguins have knees? Find all the answers in here!

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realtime analytics


We’ve got all the answers to your data-related questions, big or small.

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Email Campaigns

Send the perfect email at the perfect time and make it work every time!

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Don’t hesitate to read more, unless of course, you don’t want all your emails to end up in your inbox.

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Getting Started

All the help you need to get started with Moosend.

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Billing and Pricing

Check this section out if you’ve got any question about our prices.

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Mailing List

From importing contacts to creating segments, this is the section to check!

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Fun, funky and easy to digest, our webinars will solve any and all questions you may have. Make sure to book your free spot when the opportunity presents itself.

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Video Tutorials

The easiest way to learn something is watch someone else do it.

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