Simplifying the sign-up process in Moosend

During the past few weeks we had been working on our sign-up process, so as to make your email marketing journey through Moosend as clear and simple as possible. We realized the need for a clear procedure for anybody who wishes to start sending email newsletters to his subscribers, especially if he is a marketer with no focus on technology – see, Email Marketing is not only for IT professionals or Digital Experts, but primarily for simple Marketers. So here’s how we thought we could help you out.

When you register in Moosend and confirm the email you receive by clicking on the relevant link, you are automatically entering an introductory page in your Moosend account, with simple instructions on how to get started. You first have to decide who the sender/senders of your campaigns will be, then create your mailing list, you import your subscribers, you send your first campaign with Moosend, and finally see your reporting. You have to complete every step to be able to proceed on the next, as you see in the screenshot below.

sign up process

This procedure we just added for new subscribers is so brief and yet informative and detailed, that there is no chance you miss something.

Moreover, we decided to set up a series of introductory emails, sent to all new marketers who register in our service. It is a set of 5 emails, with a detailed welcome email, and a series of 4 other emails, one sent every day after registration.

On Day 1, the subscriber receives details on how to create his mailing list and add subscribers, add some custom fields, and create a subscription form for his website. On Day 2, the subscriber receives tips on how to create his first email campaign and upload his html newsletter into our platform. On Day 3, we help him send or schedule his campaign, and reassure him on our delivery rates, to make sure his message reaches the Inbox. Finally, on Day 4, we are analyzing the reporting possibilities one has, after sending his email campaign with Moosend.

how to create a mailing list mail

We are very certain that this procedure was missing from our service. Not all marketers are tech savvy, therefore these actions would simplify the process of sending email newsletters through Moosend. We will be happy to receive your feedback by commenting underneath. Good luck with your campaigns!

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