Open Rates

After sending an email marketing campaign the first thing you want to know is:

How many people have opened the newsletter? This is what we call open rate.But how do we calculate an open rate in

open rates equation


Well, if you see that your campaign has 15% open rate that means that from every 100 emails sent, 15 recipients have opened and probably read your newsletter.

The next question you will obviously ask is: and 15% open rate is a good percentage? Was my campaign successful?

There isn’t a specific answer for this, cause there is a lot of parameters you have to take into consideration e.g.

– The nature of your business: food services, technology, home and garden, real estate, travel, etc.

– Profit, non-profit company

– Targeted or spam list

– Size of the list

Generally speaking a percentage of 15%-20% is considered as a successful campaign.Find below an average Email Campaign Statistics listed by Industry:

email campaigns statistics

As you can see depending on the industry varies the percentage of open rates.

You may wonder why the percentages are so low. Well the answer is simple:

People are too busy to open every email of the tons they receive every day. The most common behavior of the recipient is to see the sender and the subject of the email and delete it, if its’ not in their interest.

So, because of this and as mailing lists get bigger and bigger we have seen a tremendous decrease in open rates.

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