The 45 Best Marketing Blogs You Need To Follow In 2023

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The 45 Best Marketing Blogs You Need To Follow In 2023

Who needs beach reads when you can enjoy helpful posts from the best marketing blogs?

Not you, you hotshot marketer!

This summer, forget about soppy romances, cliche mysteries, and lukewarm thrillers.

Instead, lose yourself to the best marketing websites on the Internet that will help you become a better marketer and take your business to the next level while others are sweating over washy cocktails.

Best Marketing Websites For Email Marketing

Let’s find out the best email marketing blogs you need to follow!

1. Moosend

best marketing blogs

Come on, you knew this was coming. And you also know we deserve to be on the top of your best email marketing websites lists!

Not to toot our own horn, but here at Moosend we work hard to regularly give you the most up-to-date, helpful information to make your emails shine like diamonds in your subscribers’ inbox.

We cover everything from email tracking to newsletter ideas and effective tips to increasing your newsletter signup rate and from beginners’ guides and tips to advanced techniques.

Whatever you choose, our posts will help you craft better email marketing campaigns and boost your conversions using one of the most powerful marketing channels of the market.

We can boast some of the most in-depth email marketing posts of the Internet, like email list building, so make sure you follow us to discover a great resource for every marketer.

Most Popular Posts:

2. Email on Acid

Email on Acid email marketing blog

Email on Acid is an email service that streamlines the email testing process, an area of email marketing you should never neglect. And by following their blog you will learn a lot about picking the right content and testing it in order to create the perfect email marketing campaign for every occasion.

From A/B testing to different product trials, this is the right place to master the art of creating the most innovative emails for your business.

Their posts are divided into 4 main categories: Email Development, Email Marketing, EOA News, and Industry News to make your life easier.

Most Popular Posts:

3. Mailbakery

email marketing blog Mailbakery

As one of the best and most practical resources for email marketing, the Mailbakery provides original solutions for your business, focusing on the various forms of email content creation.

While they don’t post that often, being a creative brand that specializes in email template design and coding, they offer a great source of information and you can definitely learn a lot about email marketing by following their marketing posts.

Click on one of the various categories or use the search bar to find the right post for you.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For Content

Now let’s see what content blogs you can follow to improve your content marketing efforts.

4. Content Marketing Institute

content marketing institute blog

CMI’s marketing blog is without any doubt the holy grail of content marketing. So if content is your thing, you are already following this one.

They’ve been in the game since the beginning and their posts are constantly top-notch. Here you will find a vast source of posts including important benchmarks, studies, and other data that will help you keep up to date and evolve on content marketing.

Articles, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, and more! This is one of the best marketing websites out there and one that surely deserves your time.

Most Popular Posts:

5. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo online marketing website

BuzzSumo is a favorite tool among content marketers, providing data on the most popular content on the Internet.

While their blog also includes posts on influencer marketing, digital PR, and video marketing, content marketing is where they shine!

Their posts are powered by all the data they collect and analyze, turning them into an amazing source of information that helps readers keep up-to-date with all the latest trends.

Most Popular Posts:

6. Grow & Convert

Grow and Convert website

Grow and convert isn’t a beginners’ marketing blog. But it’s perfect for those that want to go far past the basics of content marketing.

I must say I miss the search bar since there’s no way to look up the topic of your interest, but they make up with their super-informative posts.

Offering in-depth guides and case studies, this website is both entertaining and educational and will surely become your go-to destination for some content marketing wisdom.

Most Popular Posts:

7. Animalz

Animalz blog

Allow me to express my love for this marketing blog.

I mean, did you see that design? The bold mix of fonts? What about the colors?

Design perfection apart, Animalz is a blog full of information about how to perfect your content marketing strategy, run by Jimmy Dally, former Head of Marketing at Vero.

Here you will find insightful content along with real-life experience in an easy-to-digest and informative format it’s hard not to love.

Most Popular Posts:

8. Contently


All aspects of content are covered here, so bookmark this one! From content strategy to storytelling to ROI and trends, Contently is a favorite destination for all things content.

Targeting multiple audiences from content strategists to freelancers, one of the best marketing websites for content offers great insights on a wide variety of topics.

What really makes this blog stand out is their real examples of the strategy behind some of the best-known content marketing campaigns that will definitely inspire you for your next move.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For Copywriting

Let’s find out the best copywriting-oriented blog to help you become better!

9. Copyhackers

Copyhackers copywriting content

It’s funny how Joanne Wiebe, founder of and head instructor for Copyhackers describes how she got involved with copywriting. Because Copyhackers was the first-ever copywriting blog I read and I also hated the word “copywriter” in the beginning.

And then I read what it means, by Joanne, and the rest is history. Or maybe it will be someday. Just wait and see. (Maybe start from one of my favorite posts on landing page copy?)

Copyhackers is an excellent source of copywriting advice and techniques, that will help you succeed with making your online venture profitable by mastering the art of copywriting.

From ads to email subject lines and more, Copyhacker’s in-depth guides and case studies will teach you how to use the right words on the right occasion to persuade and sell more.

Most Popular Posts:

10. Copyblogger

Copyblogger copywriting resources

One of the best marketing websites for copywriters, this blog has everything you need to hone your copywriting skills.

Copyblogger, with its talented team and over a decade of experience, is an incredible resource for content marketers looking to stay current in the industry.

Here you will find various posts covered in a clear and accessible way that will help you captivate and maintain your target audience with your latest copywriting techniques.

Hashtags under each post title will help you navigate easier!

Most Popular Posts:

11. ABC Copywriting

ABC content resources for inspiration

With a focus on web copy, ABC Copywriting is a blog for those who want to improve their copywriting skills and find the right words to make their storytelling powerful and compelling.

Informative articles and tutorials along with original advice that will help you find the right voice and words for any marketing strategy.

Most Popular Posts:

12. Ben Settle

Ben Settle website

From a leading email marketing expert, Ben Settle’s blog is full of strong, sharp advice for email marketers looking to up their game.

Discover important insights, great tips, and more, and learn how to sell with the power of words.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For SEO

Interested to find more about Search Engine Optimization? Check these blogs out!

13. Ahrefs

Ahrefs best digital marketing website

The Ahrefs blog is one of the most highly-rated SEO blogs on the Internet and for good reason.

With world-class content, this blog is packed with detailed tutorials, case studies, and opinion pieces that are a joy to read and contain actionable tips and usable advice, especially if you are just beginning your marketing journey.

Along with SEO studies and general and technical advice, topics include keyword research, link building, and various helpful articles straight from Ahrefs’ index of backlink data.

Most Popular Posts:

14. The Moz Blog

The MOZ blog

One of the best marketing blogs for those who want to stay on top of industry news, the Moz blog is successful partly because it’s both easy to understand and to apply.

It covers everything around SEO including insightful studies and best practices and it’s useful for both beginners and veterans of the game.

Most Popular Posts:

15. Backlinko

Backlinko one of the best digital marketing websites

If you want to learn how to develop a link building strategy that works, then Backlinko will become your favorite.

While SEO expert Brian Dean doesn’t post often, you’ll find out that his posts are pure gold, covering SEO in extreme detail and backed from real-life examples.

The Backlinko blog is all about quality and a great source of information for strengthening your website’s rankings.

Most Popular Posts:

16. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker website marketing

Dedicated to teaching all the tips and tricks for building an authority site, Authority Hacker offers actionable advice based on real experience.

Through this blog’s posts, you will understand all the why’s and how’s, learn valuable tactics and strategies, and excel in SEO in order to grow your online business.

Most Popular Posts:

17. ShoutMeLoud

Shoutmeloud SEO blog

ShoutMeLoud is a popular Indian-origin blog launched in 2008 by Harsh Agrawal, an experienced WordPress and blogging entrepreneur.

On this platform, you’ll find some of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and transparent articles on subjects like business blogging, WordPress, SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing.

You’ll also find hosting recommendations, WordPress plugins and theme reviews, and case studies — making this blog a valuable marketing resource that’s worth exploring.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For Ecommerce

If you want to learn more about the vast world of eCommerce, then check the following blogs out!

18. Shopify blog

Shopify marketing blog

Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms out there, so it’s no surprise that their blog is also a great resource for all things e-commerce.

A tremendous blog for marketers of all levels, the Shopify blog offers all the latest tips advice, covered meticulously, while they also many times include real-life examples.

I also urge you to read the comments since it’s highly probable you’ll find some extra information on e-commerce marketing there too.

Most Popular Posts:

19. BigCommerce

Bigcommerce ecommerce marketing website

Providing some of the best and latest content on e-commerce, BigCommerce is definitely worth reading. If you’re looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level, then this blog’s posts will help you keep your business in top shape.

It’s slightly more technical than the ones I’ve mentioned before, but it undoubtedly offers some of the most insightful resources on the topic.

Most Popular Posts:

20. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand blog

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur, then you’re gonna love this marketing website. Run by one of the top influencers in e-commerce, A Better Lemonade Stand is the place to learn everything you need to build a successful e-commerce business.

Here you will find in-depth blog posts, videos, case studies and more to both keep you informed about the latest trends and also help you dive deeper into e-commerce and make each of your business decisions easier.

Most Popular Posts:

21. eCommerce training academy blog

eCommerce training academy

A blog to help you develop the right tactics for growing your e-commerce business from scratch, the eCommerce training academy blog offers effective tips and strategies aimed at any business person.

While the blog posts are all written by one person, they cover a wide range of marketing topics and are definitely worth your time.

Most Popular Posts:

22. Omnicovert

If you’re craving some fresh content around online eCommerce, visit Omnicovert. As a 3-in-1 conversion suite, their experience on online marketing is vast, hence the very in-depth articles with popular topics such as conversion optimization, website optimization, and customer retention, as well as more advanced ones.

One more thing I really like about the Omniconvert blog is its eCommerce Growth Show. Hosted by Valentin Radu, CEO, and founder of the company, it consists of 1-hour videos that bring in the spotlight the most famous experts from eCommerce, so stay tuned cause there’s a lot to learn from these guys!

Most Popular Posts:

23. Astra

Astra marketing blog for WordPress and ecommerce

The Astra blog concentrates on making building, owning and managing websites as easy as possible. It caters to individuals, small businesses, web design agencies and anyone who wants to learn about WordPress and how to run successful websites.

Astra posts most days and always has fresh content. There’s a mix of listicles, how-tos and ultimate guides covering every aspect of WordPress, themes, plugins and how to build and run websites.

Articles are informative, well-written and designed for a wide audience. They manage to explain concepts to beginners without being condescending, which is a definite bonus!

Most popular posts:

Best Marketing Websites For Social Media

Social media are one of the most popular marketing channels out there. You can find out more in the blogs below:

24. Social media explorer

Social Media Explorer marketing for Social Media blog

Keeping it short and sweet and full of great advice, reading the Social media explorer blog is a breeze.

Here you will find a series of great posts on social media’s impact on marketing and public relations, with valuable information for marketers and curious minds in general.

It’s one of the best blogs for bringing more information on the topic so do bookmark it.

Most Popular Posts:

Mari's blog best Social Media marketing website

Mari Smith, a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer is well-known for her expertise in social media marketing.

Her blog covers everything from Google+ to Instagram and Pinterest, personal branding, relationship management, and more but actually emphasizes more on Facebook, hence the nickname “Queen of Facebook”.

If you’re looking to grow your business with Facebook, learn the best contemporary practices and keep up to date with what’s happening with the platform, then you should definitely check out Mari Smith’s blog.

Most Popular Posts:

26. Social media examiner

Social Media Examiner marketing resources

One of the top sources for digital marketers for years now, Social Media Examiner helps businesses learn how to best use social media, blogs, and podcasts effectively.

The blog offers unique insights on the topic while also providing all the latest social media marketing news and research. You will find useful content here, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user.

Most Popular Posts:

27. Ask Aaron Lee

Ask Aaron Lee blog

With a unique voice and approach to social media marketing, Aaron Lee is a social media manager that uses his experience as an entrepreneur to help you fully utilize social media to grow your business.

Follow his blog for a whole host of actionable tips and advice that will help you create effective digital strategies for your business from scratch.

Most Popular Posts:

28. Rebekah Radice

Rebekal Radice social media marketing blog

Rebekah Radice’s award-winning blog covers social media strategies, listicles, tips, and advice to help readers get the most from each platform.

What’s great is that she shares not only written content but infographics, videos, and podcasts too, so you’ll love this blog if you’re a fan of other types of media for learning.

Even if you are an experienced marketer, you will definitely learn something new by reading Rebekah’s blog.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For PPC

Discover more about PPC in the following marketing blogs.

29. PPC Hero

PPC Hero Digital advertising resources

The blog of Hanapin Marketing, one of the leaders in the search market space, provides readers with some top-class informational posts aiming to educate them on the various techniques of pay-per-click management.

Along with learning the basic how-tos, you will also dive into the finer skills of PPC with the help of effective strategies straight from the Hanapin Marketing team without taking the risk yourself!

Most Popular Posts:

30. WordStream

Wordstream PPC website

The Wordstream blog offers a huge range of content, for both beginners and advanced marketers.

If you’re after improving your PPC results, then this blog’s full of detailed in-depth guides are what you’re looking for.

Thanks to Wordstream sharing their awesome knowledge around this topic you will learn all kinds of valuable information on PPC and you will also love their big data articles from the SaaS tool they have.

Most Popular Posts:

31. Clix Marketing

Clix PPC Marketing blog

Clix Marketing consists of a team of experts at using PPC and their blog is full of actionable tips you will love, specializing in issues like problem-solving, optimization, and growth strategy.

Whether you’re looking for PPC tactics, display advertising, or any other topic around PPC, these guys got you covered!

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For Growth Marketing

If you are a growth marker in the making or want something to get inspired, check these out:

32. GrowthHackers

I know, I know, the design isn’t that promising. But GrowthHackers is one of the best marketing websites to follow, providing great content on every aspect of growth marketing.

In fact, founder Sean Ellis coined the term growth hacking so enough said!

As a go-to forum for sharing and reading blog posts as well as connecting with other growth geniuses, this is a great platform to learn & digest some a-class growth hacking tips and advice.

Most Popular Posts:

33. Andrew Chen

Subscribing to Andrew Chen‘s newsletter is a must. Because this guy is one of the startup world’s prominent experts on product.

Based on real data and experience, his long-form essays will help you boost revenue and get your startup on the right track.

Most Popular Posts:

34. Noah Kagan

As one of the biggest names in marketing and Chief Sumo and AppSumo of Sumo Group, Noah Kagan offers first-class content aimed at your business’s success.

Sharing effective strategies, insights, videos, tool suggestions, and more, this is a great destination for discovering new interesting information on growth marketing that will work for your benefit. An extra favorite for taco lovers!

Most Popular Posts:

35. Drift


Covering a huge range of topics, Drift is a cheery blog that offers practical advice on using all kinds of digital marketing tools to take your business to the next level.

What’s more, with its pictures of real people, success stories of their own clients and case studies it makes the whole reading experience pleasant and personable so don’t miss it.

Most Popular Posts:

Best Marketing Websites For General Marketing

In the following blogs, you’ll find a variety of general marketing tips and insights. Let’s see:

36. Hubspot

Hubspot Best marketing blog

The Hubspot blog is one of the most popular sales and marketing blogs out there, boasting millions of visitors per month.

Here you will find data-driven blog posts, case studies, guides, and more, highly actionable and incredibly detailed, and learn invaluable lessons on inbound marketing.

Most Popular Posts:

37. G2 Crowd Learn Hub

G2 marketing website

G2 is not only a powerful software review website but a great source for marketing learning.

They cover pretty much everything, including marketing, sales, design, and productivity while they also host posts of top SaaS-industry guest bloggers.

Most Popular Posts:

38. Seth Godin

Seth's blog

This is a one-of-a-kind blog, and a love or hate situation. As a fan of “less is more”, I must admit I love Seth Godin’s words. Seth Godin, best-selling author, teacher, and speaker runs one of the most popular blogs and writes some of the most shareable posts on marketing.

Don’t let the old-school blog design fool you. Seth is one of the web’s first and most brilliant, beloved marketing bloggers, and his daily (yes, daily) wisdom should be at the top of your blog subscription lists.

Most Popular Posts:

39. Neil Patel

Neil Patel best digital marketing blog

Another one that doesn’t need an introduction here. Neil Patel, a digital marketing expert, and a leading online influencer is the founder of several tools for search engine marketers and the owner of one of the most popular marketing blogs.

His posts derive from his own vast experience in the area and are exceptionally detailed and concentrated, let alone quite comprehensive even for absolute beginners. Frequently updated, his blog includes tips and valuable information on content, revenue, link building, and more.

Most Popular Posts:

40. Wistia Blog

Wistia online marketing

As a video platform’s blog, this is an excellent resource for video marketing, containing tips, news, and case studies chock full of useful content.

If you want to get started with video creation and video marketing then the Wistia blog is a good place to start, also offering a number of technical know-how videos you’ll love.

Most Popular Posts:

41. GetFeedback blog

GetFeedback digital marketing content

Planning to send a survey to your customers?

Then the GetFeedback blog is the place to be. Insightful advice on how to get started with consumer surveys for all devices and how to collect data from your customers to drive higher open and engagement rates.

Most Popular Posts:

42. CXL blog

CXL online marketing content

Covering topics from conversion optimization to data-driven growth, the Conversion XL blog delivers well-structured, actionable optimization ideas, and advice that will help you improve your business.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the CRO world, then you’ve come to the right place.

Most Popular Posts:

43. EnticeHQ

enticehq marketing blog homepage

Greg Digneo is the guy behind TimeDoctor’s phenomenal growth in blog traffic. In this blog, Greg shares insights that helped him grow the TimeDoctor (the time tracking application) blog to over 120,000 visitors per month.

Most Popular Posts:

44. MyWifeQuitHerJob


If you want to start an online business, MyWifeQuitHerJob teaches people how to build wealth with an online business by starting an eCommerce store for under 10 bucks with zero technical knowledge and not having to carry any inventory at all. The blog has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and MSNBC.

And it also offers free resources to help you on your eCommerce journey!

Most Popular Posts:

45. VistaCreate blog

VistaCreate marketing and productivity blog

VistaCreate is a free online graphic editing tool that allows small business owners to create stellar visual content for various marketing purposes — social media marketing, print marketing, presentations and demos, ads, and more!

The VistaCreate blog, on the other hand, provides plenty of content to ensure small businesses feel confident about their design and marketing efforts. Divided into rubrics, the blog content circles around marketing, design, and productivity topics, often spiced up with fun articles and product announcements. It’s a perfect mix of education and entertainment!

The best thing about the VistaCreate blog is that its authors focus on making every article packed with value. Every post is filled with actionable tips and tricks, real-life examples, tutorials, and insights from industry professionals. On top of that, the blog regularly features original research, reports, and other unique content.

Most Popular Posts:

Let The Readings Begin!

You’re all set!

The creme de la creme of marketing blogs for all topics is at your hand, so use them wisely!

Any recommendations? Always happy to discover new marketing blogs, so bring them in!

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