Not another ”Best time and day to send your email”

Please raise your hand if you have ever read a guide on choosing the best time and day to send an email. In case you are in the office with a bunch of people around you, just raise your finger a little bit. Come on!

time to send your email

Ok great! What you are reading, is not another guide like those.
The reason is simple. Because most of them are wrong. If you keep on reading, what you will find is the right questions to ask yourself before selecting 2-3 alternative times and days to test. As a small extra little something, we will give you evidence why you should totally forget the rule of ‘Mid-week, mid-day’

Question 1: Which time my users are not sleeping?
This is the first and simplest question to answer. With more than 35% of emails being opened within an hour of their arrival, you probably should not prefer to send your email during sleep. As you may have noticed, I used the word ‘’probably’’ In this topic, there are no ‘must’s! Ex. Which time is the most appropriate for a dating site to schedule its emails? That’ right! 🙂

Question 2: What do I want my users to do?
This is a more complicated issue to discuss, and is strongly connected with all the other questions. But still, it’s common sense. Are you calling to action or just want to let the users know about something? Are they capable of performing this action the exact time that you are sending the email by their device? Are they willing to? Does it request too much energy? You are the master of your industry, nobody else can answer these better than you.

Nothing more than simple questions that are extremely important to understand your audience and how it acts. Ex. Which is the best time for a food ordering app to email? Exactly! 🙂

Question 3: Does my audience have a somehow homogenous daily program?
That’s it an easy one. Think of your audience. Does your average user have a similar daily program with the rest of your users? In case the answer is yes, you should combine the understandings of the previous questions and ask yourself, which would be the optimal time to send an email, taking into consideration the call to action? Ex. What if you are trying to sell a webinar to a private tutor? That’s a tricky one right? I will help you. Private tutors work until late and sleep when the children are at school.
But that is the good scenario. What if you are selling shoes? Everybody wants shoes! In this case, avoid the averages. An average means nothing with a low fluctuation!

Question 4: What does the competition do?
You should of course study your competition but mainly do your homework. Where do you stand in front of your competition? Are you cheaper? Do you have better quality? Do you focus on a niche? These are all questions you answer when email marketing means more than an informational newsletter for you. Ex. Let’s say you are operating a travel agency and you notice that all the competition is sending special offers between 1 and 3pm. You are not cheaper but you focus on young audiences. Would you position yourself in this time slot? That’s right! 🙂

I know all these are not the spoonfeeding you had used with all those do’s and don’ts around this topic. And what I am going to do for you is proving why you should not follow them:

1) Averages mean nothing without fluctuations

Most of the articles use their databases to crunch some data and come up with some averages. But there is always an average between two numbers, even between 1 and 1 billion. Before trusting an average, you should search for this magic number called fluctuation and actually showing if this average actually represents what most of people are doing.

2)Not everybody sells shoes

The databases that are mostly used contain lots of different audiences by multiple industries, countries even different continents. If you want some fancy data to put in a presentation, you can use it. But if you are trying to find some useful piece of information, this is not what you are looking for.

3)It’s not only you reading the same guide

This is the ‘aha’ moment of this guide. Let’s enjoy it for a moment. 🙂

This was not another ‘’Best time and day to send your email’’ guide which we prepared with love and sympathy for your fellow marketer. Feel free to give us your opinion and feedback as a comment, we sincerely appreciate that!

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