Marketing Insight: Convert your high Open Rates to high Click Through Rates

Marketing Insight_Convert your high Open Rates to high Click Through Rates

Converting email Opens to Clicks or, in other words, increasing Click Through Rate, is quite a serious task for a marketer. Click Through Rate is a much more accurate metric to measure email engagement, when compared to Open Rate. In case you are sending campaigns with high Open Rates (likely due to the quality of your mailing list) but with low CTR, here are some variables that impact the Click Through Rate, and some useful tips to help your emails become more click-worthy.

First, have you tried segmenting your list, to find a target audience relevant to your message? Relevancy is the king in email engagement, and list segmentation tactics according to the recipients’ demographics or past behavior should be your No1 priority, before you decide who this email should be addressed to. Here’s some insight on how important it is to segment your list before you send a campaign.

Then, you should think if the text inside your message logically follows your subject line: now that you have their attention, do you offer what you promised for? According to the CAN-SPAM act as it was revised in March 2012, the subject line of a message should not mislead a recipient. So, in case you have them to open the message, you should deliver as promised.

Furthermore, another important variable that affects the CTR is the call-to-action. We advise you to have a single and simple call-to-action for you recipients so that they are not confused on what to do next, what to read and where to click. Giving recipients a clear focus reduces confusion and thus increases the probabilities of clicking through your message. The words you are using should be carefully chosen. If a passive phrase like “Read More” isn’t working, try some actionable phrases like “See the benefits” or “See what you can achieve”. Same goes with words like “Save 20%” or “save up to 20 USD, some times actual $ is more important than a percentage, especially for a price-driven target market.

Moreover, does the message cover the “what’s in it for me” question that your recipients often ask themselves? Do not neglect to give them a personal value, an incentive to go further into your message: a “limited time” incentive, a tip, an advice, an appealing offer, a coupon, something that they need and consider important. The right motive could drive them through your email message and keep them happy and satisfied.

Last but not least, and as equally important is the design of your emails. Is your design appealing to your target audience? Does your message render properly in all email clients? Is it easy for your recipients to respond to your call-to-action? Are images loading correctly to help conversions? It is considered very important to test a couple of versions to a test group of your recipients, to see if they respond better to one email design over the other, before you decide which email design could bring more clicks. Here are some insights on how important it is to try A/B testing to test different HTML versions of your newsletters to bring click-throughs. Testing could help you understand where to place your links, according to the recipients’ position preferences. Test different versions of the links, different buttons used, their position and how often they are repeated in your message.

Email newsletters are all about relevance and appearance. Make sure you are delivering dynamic content that is relevant to your segment. Test your design. Deliver what you promised. And share with us your results!

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