How to write a good subject line (Part 1)?

How to write a good subject line (Part1)

One of the most important things of your e-mail marketing campaign is to choose a good subject line. A subject line is the one that will make your recipients to perform the actions that you want, such as:

· open the email,

· read it,

· buy your product or

· make a click.

The subject line is something that must be given a lot of attention, same as the content. It’s a shame to have put such an effort to create a good email newsletter and not think a little bit about your subject line.

In this article we will try to help you and motivate you to think and come up with a good subject line.

A first tip that we can give you, is that your subject line should generate RIA: Recognition, Interest, Action.


Your recipients must understand that the email is coming from your company, in order to feel secure.

If not, probably your email will get ignored and deleted or even worse, marked as spam.

The top three factors that make an email recognizable is:

· the name,

· the subject line and

· the content that appears in the preview pane.


Now that your recipients recognized you, you must make them open your newsletter. Most people just read the subject line of hundreds of emails they get every day, and ask themselves whether it is worth opening it.

So you must generate the interest to make them open your email. But then, you must take into consideration that your subject line meets your content. You definitely don’t want to disappoint your recipients by giving them fake expectations.


The main purpose of your email campaign, after being recognized and evoked their interest, is to make your recipients take some action: buy something, download or click. So the subject line should give a small hint of what the recipients will read and create a sense of curiosity or desire.

But you must be very careful, cause you just don’t want to force your recipients perform the above actions, but what your main purpose should be, is to stay connected with yourreaders.


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