How A/B testing can boost you campaign performance

During our conversations with customers, we often discover that the most inspiring part of the email campaign design for them is when they all come together to decide which version of their newsletter would be more appealing to their clients. They find it difficult to predict which title would work best for their newsletter subscribers, or which picture would urge them to click through to their website. A/B testing will give the answers they need – and sometimes the answers that they least expect.

ab test

The email census study from econsultancy revealed that less than 33% of email marketers test regularly their campaign  performance, the rest does an occasional test or doesn’t test at all. Moreover, 74% of the companies that tested regularly found the Email marketing Return On Investment to be excellent or good, double as much as the companies that don’t test at all.

When we announced the A/B split test feature we offered answers to those problems. Many of our customers did not know what this possibility could do to the performance of their email newsletter. For instance, you can use the A/B split test in case you find it difficult to decide which title would work best for your newsletter campaign, and deliver a better open rate. This feature helps you send two different versions of your campaign, like two different titles etc, only to a portion of your recipients’ list, a randomly selected “test group” for just a short time, and then automatically send only the best performing campaign, meaning the one opened or clicked the most, to the rest of your list. So this ‘test group” of recipients will give you their opinion, and they will show you which version of your product or service will work best.

So our clients can boost their open rate by testing how certain words in their subject line would work, how cleverly using punctuation or entering some subject line icons would affect the newsletter performance. But if you don’t test the changes, you will never know, will you?

When the open rate is not an issue, but the customer faces problems in transforming an open to a click-through, our advice would be to perform an A/B split test to check the impact of two different html files, with different messages/images, or different positions of the message/image, and see which one works best, meaning where your recipients will click the most, or revisit. Testing could help them understand where to place their links, according to the recipients’ position preferences. They can test different versions of the links, different buttons used, their position and how often they are repeated inside their message. The best performing campaign is the one that smashes!

Then sometimes one would normally wonder if it would be best if the sender of the campaign was a person’s name, or a company’s name, an “info” etc. Switching between different senders can often result in higher Open Rates. So, what we advise is to let your recipients decide. And even the most experienced email marketing expert would never expect the results driven by those tests.

When the winning campaign is finally sent, we are often facing questions like how accidental and random the result of an A/B test can be. When you deal with automated marketing tools, the results are just what they say they are: automated. And if you think you are just one click away from success, then you should let automation help drive the results. It doesn’t matter if you are an SEM or an SEO company that uses B2B email marketing methods, A/B testing is always the best solution! And here’s how a marketing tool like Moosend can be a useful ally to your success.

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