9 Event Invitation Email Examples To Learn From (+Useful Tips)

9 Event Invitation Email Examples To Learn From (+Useful Tips)

Planning and sending an event invitation email is easy… Said no one ever! Event invitation emails are supposed to bring in as many RSVPs as possible, so if you don’t nail them you risk having fewer attendees and a poorer return on your investment.

So, how do you create an effective event invitation email that drives people to participate and stands out in their inboxes?

Read on to learn more about:

  • the anatomy of a successful event invitation email
  • email examples from famous brands to draw inspiration and learn from
  • and how to set up your own event invitation campaign the easy way

4 Key Elements Your Event Invitation Email Template Should Have

Event invitation email campaigns introduce people to the event and explain to your target audience why it would be valuable to attend. They are the first touchpoint of a whole drip email series that includes reminder emails, follow-up and thank you messages.

The 4 key elements that make a successful event invitation email are the following:

  • Event details
  • Subject line
  • Email design
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)

Let’s explore them one by one.

Element #1 Event Details

Whether you’re running a virtual event or an in-person one, event details are an absolute must. Specifically, you need to include the:

  • Name of the event
  • Exact date and time
  • Duration of the event
  • Location

If your event is in-person, it’s important to state clearly the venue address. What’s more, you can include parking information for your attendee’s convenience or even embed Google Maps to help them.

In the case of virtual events, such as a webinar, incorporate the relevant links and ensure you provide the time in all necessary time zones (depending on your audience) to avoid confusion.

event invitation email

Last but not least, you can give them a compelling reason to attend (benefits, free bonus, etc.).

Element #2 Catchy Subject Line

Email subject lines are the single most important factor affecting the open rate of your emails. Being able to craft subject lines that stand out in subscribers’ inboxes is a major part of an effective email marketing strategy.

Creating the perfect subject line is not easy, but there are a few things that are proven to help. Overall, your subject lines need to:

  • emphasize your value proposition (what is the reader getting)
  • be personalized
  • create a sense of urgency (to drive action)
  • incite curiosity
  • include only the most important information (leave the rest for the inside of the email)

It is common knowledge among marketers that perfection cannot come without experimentation. What works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for others. So, you have to A/B test your subject lines in terms of personalization, emojis, shorter vs. longer subject lines, and language used.

There are also other tools to help you craft the ideal subject line. In case you’re using an email marketing service like Moosend, you get an A.I. subject line optimizer called Refine, that provides you with useful suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your subject lines in real-time.

Moosend refine subject line optimizer

Element #3 Eye-Catching Design

Your email design plays an equally important role in further exciting and encouraging the reader to click through the email and become a part of your event.

It is essential that your design be mobile-friendly since the majority of people open their emails on their phones. Moreover, apply the logic “less is more.” Don’t try to convince people to join you by adding more paragraphs.

Make sure that the information is easy to read, and that the messaging and design are on-brand.

Finally, if you decide to use visuals, ensure they match the message and do not distract the reader.

Element #4 Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

Last but not least, people need to know what action you expect them to take (e.g. register, RSVP, book a seat, etc.). As a result, your call-to-action button needs to be visible and actionable.

You can use a bright color so users can’t miss it. As for CTA placement, your button can be at the beginning of your email, at the bottom, or both to increase the chances of getting clicked.

You should also pay attention to the CTA copy. Sometimes it might be a better idea to say “Learn more” and simply direct them to your landing page, rather than say “Book your seat here” or “Buy a ticket”. Of course, you should A/B test what works best for your audience.

9 Event Invitation Email Examples To Get Inspired From

In this section, we’ve collected the most inspiring event invitation email examples to gain precious insight and help you create your own invitation email.

1. Apple

Type: Product launch invitation email

Subject line: Join us for a special Apple Event.

Apple invitation email campaign

Apple is known for its well-crafted event invitation emails and here we have an excellent invitation email sample. There is a strong focus on the visual side that both excites and creates mystery around the revelation. With only one word (“Unleashed”) and a CTA button (“Learn more”), Apple has created a stunning invitation.

Top points:

  • Stunning design increases the chances of social sharing among users
  • Short and focused message


Type: In-store event announcement email

Subject line: The first annual IKEA Midsommar event is happening now!

IKEA event invitation email example

IKEA has come up with an informative email marketing campaign to get its audience to join its Midsommar celebration. Here, the brand has opted for a simple design, using white space and copy to communicate the benefits of taking action. As you can see, IKEA provides all the necessary information to get the subscriber to click on their CTA and enjoy access to exclusive events and more. Regarding the call-to-action button, you can also see how the brand has chosen a blue color to make it stand out in the design to increase its click-through rate and conversions.

Top points:

  • Use of white space to increase readability
  • Informative email copy
  • CTA that stands out in the email design

3. Moosend

Type: Webinar invitation email

Subject line: A Nightmare on Black Friday

Moosend black friday webinar invitation email

Here is the webinar invitation our own Moosend used to announce the upcoming event. As you can see, there is a Halloween-y vibe and the visuals match that vibe, as well as the copy. Only the important information is present and the key takeaways of the event are summarized in bullet points. The CTAs stand out immediately, while the CTA copy encourages readers to take action.

We also sent a reminder email featuring a nice countdown timer that promotes a sense of urgency and drives action.

Top points:

  • All important details of the event are at the top (plus all timezones)
  • Visuals and email design are in alignment with the theme of the webinar
  • The use of bold letters makes email copy skimmable
  • CTAs both above and below the fold to increase chances of registration

4. Gibney

Type: Conference invitation email

Subject Line: Save the Date! Gibney at NDEO Conference this Fall 🍁

Gibney conference event invitation campaign

Gibney sent this campaign to its email list inviting people to register for this networking event. Details about the conference are provided in detail, and while it may be too much information, the important parts are in bold. The CTA button is big and noticeable, while the image at the top promotes togetherness.

Top points:

  • Actionable subject line (with emoji to stand out)
  • Big, bold CTA

5. Ignite Visibility

Type: Webinar event invitation

Subject line: [Free Event] Elevate your SEO skills (in one hour)

Ignite Visibility event invitation example

Ignite Visibility has created a great all-around event email invitation. Starting with the subject line, it has everything the reader needs to click (i.e., “free event”, “in one hour”). Moving on, we have a strong event name (The most advanced SEO Webinar of all time) that excites readers about the value they are going to get if they attend. Apart from that, the agency uses images of the speakers to familiarize attendees with the people of the event and make the campaign a little friendlier. Finally, all essential information is in bullet points to promote readability.

Top points:

  • Strong event name and catchy subject line that emphasizes value
  • White background to make text easily readable
  • Simple email newsletter design

6. GrowthHackers

Type: Conference event invitation

Subject line: Save your Spot for GrowthHackers Conference 2022

GrowthHackers conference invitation

GrowthHackers takes the opportunity to promote its conference through a simple and effective email invitation campaign. What stands out here is the use of personalization (Hey, Marilia!) to make the email friendlier and more personal to the recipient. Moreover, the tone of the copy further boosts these two elements, choosing informal language to make the message more relatable to the target audience. While the copy is a bit lengthy, GrowthHackers uses bold to highlight the important points and then adds a green CTA to make sure the recipient will click and save their spot.

Top points:

  • Beautiful header visuals to set the mood
  • Friendly email copywriting
  • Vibrant CTA button to boost CTR

7. Coborn’s

Type: In-person event invitation

Subject Line: You’re Invited To Our Coborn’s For The Holidays Event!

Coborn's in-store event invitation example

Coborn’s is a grocery store brand and this is the type of event you would expect from them. A big get-together where people can discover recipes, explore ideas for decor, and get event-exclusive coupons to save more! The main points are summarized in bullets, everything is clear and the date is in bold so people don’t miss it.

Top points:

  • Simple and clean design
  • Important info in bold

8. Amy Mascott

Type: Virtual conference invitation email

Subject line: I’m hosting a virtual event–and YOU’re invited! 🎟 🥳

Amy Mascott blogger event invitation

Here we have an event email invitation example from Amy Mascott. She’s chosen a plain text style to make the invitation feel more personal and important. There are hyperlinks to every detail readers might need, while all the event details are included in the clickable image at the center. She encourages subscribers to forward this to their friends and other people who might be interested (i.e., other teachers). This way, she helps increase event attendance and visibility. Even if some of them end up not registering, they are sure to check out the next events.

Top points:

  • Plain text style to boost the message’s effectiveness
  • Email copy that encourages users to share it with friends
  • Hyperlinks to all essential information

9. MeUndies

Type: Live online event

Subject Line: You’re Invited: IG Live Astrology Event 🌌

MeUndies live instagram event example

To promote your collaborations, you can easily craft a stunning event invitation email featuring your new partnership. Here, MeUndies has come up with an eye-catching email design that uses color to attract attention. Moreover, the copy focuses on providing all the necessary information, such as a summary of the event and the special activities offered. The brand makes sure to include the When, Where, and Who to ensure that the subscriber is aware of the event details. Lastly, the CTA at the end is clear and visible to make recipients click on it and get a reminder.

Top points:

  • Vibrant email design to excite the subscribers
  • Clear email copy with all the necessary event details
  • Visible call-to-action button

How To Set Up An Event Invitation Email Campaign With Moosend

By this point, you must have gotten a pretty clear idea about how you want your event invitation emails to look.

So, it’s time to see how you can set everything up, from creation to sending the actual campaign.

Step 1: Create a free Moosend account

The first thing you need to do is create an account with Moosend. It only takes a few minutes and it’s completely free. You don’t even need to provide credit card information.

After you’ve created your account, log into the platform to begin crafting your event invitation campaign.

Step 2: Create a new campaign and set the basic settings

Moosend create an event invitation email

From the platform’s main page, hover over the “+” button and click on “New campaign.” Then select “Regular” from the popup that appears.

Now, you’ll need to set some basic settings for your new event invitation campaign. Insert a name for your campaign, design a catchy subject line and preview text and select the email address the campaign will be sent from.

Moosend basic campaign settings

Note: If you wanna jump straight to action, you can skip this and go straight to the “Design” tab, after inserting a campaign name.

Step 3: Choose an email list

If you already have an email list of addresses, just select the one you need.

In case you don’t have an email list, you can import existing contacts you have into a new list. Just go to “Audience”, then select “Perform bulk actions” and finally click on “import members into list.”

Moosend import members into your email list

You’ll be presented with various options. Select the one that suits you best and import your contacts.

Moosend new list import options

Once this is done, you can jump into designing your actual email campaign.

Step 4: Start designing your event invitation

Here you have two options. Either create a unique template from scratch or select one of the available ones. The second option is ideal to save time and help you give your focus only on the things that matter.

If you choose to go with a pre-made email template, you can find it in the “template library” in the categories “Invitation” or “Webinar.”

Moosend select an invitation email template

Select the template you want and click on “Use template.”

You can drag-and-drop additional Items in the design if you want, or customize the existing ones.

Moosend edit invitation template

Change the background color/image to suit your event, customize the copy and event details and add countdown timers, GIFS or social sharing buttons to make your design more effective.

Step 5: Preview your invitation campaign

Once you’re done with your customizations, you can preview your email and see exactly how it’s going to look in subscribers’ inboxes.

To do that, click on “Preview” from the top bar.

Moosend preview invitation email campaign

Check that everything is ok and that you haven’t made any grammatical errors, and click on “Update campaign and continue” on the top right side.

Step 6: Schedule Delivery and Send

In this step, you need to select whether you want to send the campaign right away or schedule it for a later date.

Here there is also the option to resend the campaign automatically to people that won’t open it.

Once you’ve made your choice, click next and send your invitation!

Event Invitation Emails Made Simple

As a marketer or business owner, you have to worry about a lot of things when planning for an event. However, it all comes down to understanding what your audience wants and having the tools to create unforgettable invitations that engage your audience and convince them to attend.

If you want an email marketing service that’s easy to use, provides advanced automation and has affordable pricing, give Moosend a try for free and see the results for yourself!