Top 7 Cyber Monday Email Examples To Get Inspired [2023]

Cyber Monday examples

Top 7 Cyber Monday Email Examples To Get Inspired [2023]

Since one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year is around the corner, it’s time to get inspired by looking at some of the best Cyber Monday email examples.

In this post, we will see some exciting email marketing campaigns from brands like Lenovo, LG, and Fila and find out what makes them work. Both eCommerce stores and retailers can use them to get inspired, so make sure to keep notes!

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Lenovo

Subject line: Cyber Monday Starts Early!

An early access Cyber Monday email campaign with a sense of urgency to power up sales.

cyber monday email examples

Why it works: Lenovo has designed a clever campaign for the holiday season, combining great deals with beautiful visuals. The brand also uses countdown timers to give its message a sense of urgency. This way, subscribers opening this email will be influenced by the timer and hurry to grab today’s offers before they end. Moreover, the copy highlights the benefit they will get (Save up to 77%), leading them to click on the call-to-action button underneath.

Lenovo’s email design also includes a “Tomorrow’s Hot Doorbusters” section to prepare its target audience for what’s coming up next and make sure they grab the offers. Lastly, you can see how the brand rewards loyal customers by offering them 2x rewards. That’s a great way to make your already engaged shoppers buy more and feel valued.

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2. Fila

Subject line: 30% OFF EVERYTHING + $25 Off Orders $100 or More: Our Cyber Sale Finale.

An eye-catching promotional email with irresistible offers.

cyber monday deals by fila

Why it works: This beautiful Cyber Monday email example by Fila has everything a subscriber needs to make a purchase. Firstly, the brand has included high-quality visuals of the products. However, these aren’t your usual product images but pictures of the models wearing them. This makes the campaign more personal and friendlier while demonstrating the items the shopper can purchase in real life.

Moreover, Fila places their offer at the heart of the campaign to ensure the subscriber doesn’t miss the fantastic Cyber Monday deal. And to make it even more converting, it uses additional copy to provide more reasons for purchasing in the form of +$25 off their order. Lastly, the sportswear business uses its Cyber Monday subject line to showcase what the recipient will find inside.

If you have difficulty coming up with compelling email subject lines, you can use a subject line tester like Refine to help you.

3. LG Electronics

Subject line: Cyber Monday deals are extended!

A simple and effective campaign to increase your sales and give your customers more time to shop.

LG electronics cyber monday email example

Why it works: This example by LG Electronics is one of the essential messages you can create to extend your Cyber Monday deals and let your shoppers purchase more. Regarding the copy, the brand uses a bold headline to inform them that the deals have been extended and that special prices are now available.

Moreover, LG has added a call-to-action button to lead customers back to their website but also inserted their product categories for those looking for specific items. To ensure customers will have a great experience, the electronics brand lets them know they can complete their shopping with Klarna and pay later. Lastly, it highlights the free shipping option, a clever tactic to minimize cart abandonment.

4. EM Cosmetics


Another great Cyber Monday email example of promoting your deals and converting your audience.

em cosmetics cyber monday email marketing campaign

Why it works: EM Cosmetics has put together an eye-catching Cyber Monday sale campaign to encourage shoppers to make a purchase. Firstly, the brand adds a free shipping disclaimer in its header to show the benefit before they reach the value proposition. Then, it leverages visuals to present its Cyber Monday discount code as clearly as possible. The call-to-action button is strategically placed underneath to increase its click-through rate.

While these elements are enough to get your shoppers to make a purchase, EM Cosmetics adds another section to boost the effectiveness of its message. As you can see, it gives a free gift to entice customers and make them place an order to enjoy this extra benefit. And to make the message even more efficient, the email footer includes vital information to give customers a better online experience.

5. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Subject line: 30% off + free Extra Lip Tint

Celebrate the holiday season with a great Cyber Monday offer and gift.

Bobbi Brown Cyber Monday campaign with free gift

Why it works: Bobbi Brown’s Cyber Monday email examples is equally simple and effective. Instead of cluttering its campaign, the brand went for a short message highlighting all the benefits of grabbing this Cyber Monday VIP offer. The copy is also short and to the point, strategically placed above the fold to attract more attention. Moreover, the black CTA button works perfectly, standing out on the gold background and making it more eye-pleasing.

As you can see, Bobbi Brown structures their email campaign around the offer and free gift. The subject line also works in tandem with the email design and copy, informing subscribers about the offer and gift. Lastly, the online store adds extra details in its email footer to make the customer experience smoother, including an alternative payment method, its return policy, and social media buttons to increase engagement.

6. Red Bull

Subject line: Last call to save up to 70%

An eye-catching campaign to save your customer’s last-minute shopping day.

red bull cyber monday offers campaign

Why it works: Here is another excellent eCommerce campaign that reminds us of all those converting Black Friday email campaigns we checked in our previous post. Red Bull uses advanced elements to capture the recipient’s attention, adding a beautiful GIF in the header to make it more exciting. The copy is powerful enough to get customers to check the offer, using urgent language. Moreover, it uses its trademark blue and red to create a beautiful antithesis and make the important elements like the offer and the CTA pop out.

Moreover, Red Bull also leverages its email footer section to insert additional information that will power up the customer experience. For instance, they included their EU free shipping and 30-day refund, two things that can influence whether a customer will make a purchase or not.

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7. Burrow

Subject line: We love the cyber: take up to $1,000 off everything

Power up your holiday revenue with a Cyber Week sale email campaign.

cyber week deals email by burrow

Why it works: If you want to increase your sales, you can craft a limited-time Cyber Week campaign to maximize your profit like Burrow. The brand has a beautiful email design using vibrant colors and valuable copy to communicate its fantastic offer. The CTA is conveniently placed under the offer to increase its click-through rate. On top of that, the color of the button works perfectly with the background.

Moreover, you can see how Burrow added a section with their popular products to inspire customers and show them what others are buying. Lastly, the yellow CTA matches the email design and catches the shoppers who didn’t click on the first one.

How To Craft The Perfect Cyber Monday Email Campaign

Creating the perfect sales message for your target audience is essential to get more clicks and conversions. To do it right, here are some simple yet effective tips you need to follow.

  • Start with a template: Since this is a very busy time, you can use a pre-made Cyber Monday template to save time and effort.
  • Add an intriguing subject line: Make your campaigns stand out with the right subject lines. Use emojis and urgency to stand out in the inbox and boost your open rates.
  • Create irresistible copy: Ensure that your copy shows the benefit of shopping from your store. Make a value proposition that will be hard to miss.
  • Insert a converting CTA: Choose the right copy, color, and placement to catch your subscribers’ attention and convert them into customers.

Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your campaigns using data from last year, including the open rate, conversions, and bounce rate. This will help you understand your email list better and create messages tailored to their needs.

Following these simple tips will help you make a great email marketing campaign for your audience. If you need more tricks to ace them, you can check out our email marketing tips guide.

Cyber Monday Email Campaign Inspiration

Now you are ready to get started! Check out the above Cyber Monday email examples and take down the elements you found interesting. Then, hop into your email builder and start creating your promotional messages.

You can either start from scratch or customize a Cyber Monday email template. Add countdown timers, choose beautiful fonts, irresistible coupons, eye-catching graphics, and converting copy.

Moosend is a great email marketing service that allows you to create the perfect message for the biggest sale of the year. Register for a free account and try it out today.

Time to set your Cyber Monday email marketing strategy in motion!