7 Free Cyber Monday Email Templates [2023]

Cyber Monday email templates

7 Free Cyber Monday Email Templates [2023]

If you just started planning your holiday email marketing but need to make the process faster, you should use some great Cyber Monday email templates to craft your sales messages effortlessly.

Today, we’ll look at some great pre-made designs you can customize on the spot to save valuable time and effort. Also, let’s see how you can craft your custom templates and save them for future use.

Without further ado, let’s see what we have for you today!

Crafting Custom Cyber Monday Templates With Moosend

Moosend’s email marketing platform will let you import templates from various template builders like Stripo, Bee, etc. However, if you feel like creating your custom templates, you should hop into our drag-and-drop editor and start creating asap.

Here’s what you need to do:

Moosend’s email template builder has various elements to construct the perfect message for your needs. For instance, you can add images on the spot, videos, GIFs, product blocks, and more.

Below, you can find some responsive Cyber Monday email designs created with Moosend’s email builder.

cyber monday email templates

Stripo’s Free Cyber Monday Email Templates

Stripo is a template builder with many pre-made Cyber Monday campaign designs. You can easily pick a design and customize it to fit your branding.

To send them to your audience, though, you need to export your email design and import it to your email marketing service provider of choice.

Moosend already integrates with Stripo. All you need to do is sign up for an account and connect the two apps. Here’s an easy tutorial you can follow:

Now let’s check out the templates we collected for you!

1. Simple Cyber Monday Newsletter Template

A great and simple design to create a quick sales campaign for your online business.

stripo free cyber monday template

Why you need it: The above template will allow you to craft a beautiful promotional message for your target audience. You can take advantage of the layout and white space to increase visibility, as well as add your incentives in the header for more clicks and conversions.

Moreover, you can easily add your copy in the middle of the design to show your subscribers the value of interacting with your email. Lastly, for better conversions, you can insert a dedicated CTA button to promote your click-through rate.

2. Dark Cyber Monday Email Design

A template reminiscent of Black Friday to promote your Cyber Monday Sale.

dark cyber monday email newsletter design by stripo

Why you need it: Grab this pre-made Cyber Monday email template to craft a fancy promotional message for your audience. The color palette is ideal for sales campaigns, allowing you to add multiple products/incentives to convert your audience.

Moreover, you can leverage the last content block to cross-promote between other channels and give your customers more benefits. For instance, you could easily customize it into a “Refer-a-Friend” section or add a store locator if you have a physical shop.

3. Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals Template

If you want to make them urgent, go with a countdown timer!

Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals design by stripoExclusive Cyber Monday Deals Template by stripo

Why you need this: This newsletter template is perfect for online stores that want to promote a single item. You can use the visual on the right to add an intriguing product image to show it to your shoppers. Then, use the left content block to add your value proposition. Here, you can use the countdown timer, an advanced element that will add a sense of urgency to your Cyber Monday offer.

In addition, customize your footer, adding extra information such as your returns policy and an unsubscribe button. Lastly, you can keep the social button to cross-promote between email and social media for better reach.

4. Cyber Monday Deals Email Template

A great pre-made design with a splash of color to create campaigns that will charm your audience.

Cyber Monday Deals Email Template by stripo

Why you need it: This beautiful newsletter template is perfect for eCommerce stores and retail businesses. You can take advantage of their header to add a description of your deal through an eye-catching visual.

Furthermore, Z layouts are great for increasing the readability of your email campaign. Here you can use it to promote your Cyber Monday deals, adding high-quality images and converting call-to-action buttons.

5. Chic Cyber Monday Design 

Another elegant design you can easily customize for your eCommerce business and more.

 Chic Cyber Monday Email Template by stripo

Why you need it: If you have multiple Cyber Monday deals to promote, you can use the above pre-made design to craft the perfect promotional email marketing campaigns. You can easily take advantage of the layout to add your coupons or promo codes above the fold for better engagement and click-through rates.

Furthermore, since this template is more generic, you can easily use it to create a campaign either for Cyber Monday or small business Saturday. Don’t forget to add all the right elements like a sense of urgency and the right Cyber Monday subject line to increase the performance of your message.

6. Single-Focus Cyber Monday Newsletter Template

Use this design to target the biggest sale event of the year effortlessly.

Single-Focus Cyber Monday Email Template by stripo

Why you need it: Grab this responsive email design to craft a dedicated Cyber Monday email campaign for your target audience. You can use the layout to promote a single item or show your audience your sitewide discount code and why they need to shop from your website.

Moreover, when you create your email marketing message and import it to your ESP, add an intriguing email subject line with emojis for better visibility and open rates.

7. Cyber Week Sale Email Design

A minimal HTML email template to promote your Cyber Monday discounts and products.

Cyber Week Sale Email Newsletter Template by Stripo

Why you need it: Use the above responsive template to boost your online sales. You can easily add eye-catching visuals to excite your customers and show them your amazing discount codes.

Furthermore, take advantage of the product block section to showcase your best offers and add a convenient call-to-action button to ensure they will grab your offers. Lastly, this will also work as a Black Friday email template. All you have to do is add the right copy and images.

Streamline Your Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategy

In this post, we saw some of the best Cyber Monday email newsletter templates to help you craft the perfect sales campaign for your business. Whether you make a VIP or a teaser email, you can use the above pre-made designs to save valuable time and effort.

After you are done, sign up for a Moosend account to deliver them to your email list and boost your holiday season revenue effortlessly. You can benefit from the platform’s email marketing automation feature to deliver your content at the right time and use the A/B Testing tools to optimize them for better results this year and the one after that.

The biggest shopping holiday of the year is getting close! Get ready, and don’t hesitate to check out some Cyber Monday email examples to get inspired!