40+ Cyber Monday Subject Lines For Better Sales [2023]

40+ Cyber Monday Subject Lines For Better Sales [2023]

Published By Marilia Dimitriou
September 13, 2023

Are you about to create your promotional campaigns but have a hard time coming up with the right Cyber Monday subject lines for them?

Today, we will give you best sales subject lines you can steal or use as inspiration to make yours.

Also, let’s see some great tips and tricks to ace them and then discover some great examples and what makes them work.


Cyber MondayPost-Cyber Monday
  • More Cyber Week Deals ✅ up to 70% off ✅
  • LESS than 2 hours left for CYBER MONDAY SALE💛
  • Best of Cyber Flash Sale 👑
  • Trending This Week | Shop Cyber Monday Offers
  • SURPRISE! Cyber Monday arrives with more sale.
  • Get ready to get creating | Cyber deals continue.
  • Cyber Monday Reboot: 50% off is extended!
  • Up to 96% Off — Cyber Monday Deals at Sweetwater!
  • NEW Cyber Week DOORBUSTERS + 30% OFF
  • Your Cyber Monday Specials Are Inside 🎁
  • 💻 Cyber Monday Deals Are LIVE!
  • 🤖 Mind-bending Deals This Cyber Monday 🤖
  • C Y B E R M O N D A Y: Up to 70% Off 800+ Sale Items
  • These Cyber Monday sales are epic
  • It’s Cyber Monday! Further Markdowns and An Extra 15% Off Select Styles
  • Cyber Monday SALE! ⚡ Iconic Hair. Sublime Savings.
  • 💰CYBER MONDAY: Save Big on Cat Trees! 💰
  • FREE Gift With Purchase Ends Tonight
  • It’s Cyber Monday and the deals are here
  • Kind Of A Big Cyber Monday Deal
  • Cyber Monday Extended! Up to 50% Off Some of Our Favorites
  • Last chance to save ⏰
  • FINAL HOURS: 30% OFF SITEWIDE + Free Shipping 🛍️
  • FINAL HOURS! Cyber Monday Savings End At Midnight🛍
  • This is it. Cyber Week Sale Ends Tonight!
  • Cyber Monday is about to end
  • 30% off Cyber Week Sale is Ending!
  • Last Day for the Hottest Savings
  • FINAL HOURS ⏰: $64.99 Bailey Chukka 2 + CYBER WEEK DEALS
  • Cyber Week Sale: 30% off Sitewide
  • LAST CHANCE: Cyber Week Deals End Tonight! ⏳
  • Final hours on our once-a-year Cyber Monday Sale! 📅
  • HOURS LEFT to Save 20% with Cyber Week Saving ◆ Guaranteed for Christmas
  • Hurry! $50 off Infrared Devices Ends Tonight
  • The best post-cyber weekend sales
  • 🙀CYBER MONDAY Sale Extended! 🙀
  • ⏳ ENDS TOMORROW: 30% OFF + Up to 60% Off Sale
  • 6 HRS LEFT!⏰40-90% Off EVERYTHING🚨
  • These 🎁 deals are in stock, but not forever…
  • Extra 20% off sale: Cyber Monday final hours

How To Nail Your Cyber Monday Subject Lines

Crafting subject lines that make your subscribers click on your campaigns is essential to boosting your seasonal revenue. While it may seem complicated, you can always follow some simple tips to make them more effective.

  • Copy: Use valuable copy to entice your shoppers and show them the benefit of shopping from you.
  • Length: Make your subject lines between 20-40 characters to keep them straightforward.
  • Emojis: Leverage the power of emojis to attract attention and make your campaigns more unique.
  • Spam words: Avoid using spam words that will land your emails in the spam folder.
  • Preview text: Use extra text to give your subscribers more details about your offer, shipping, and more.

If subject line creation is giving you a hard time, you can use a subject line tester like Refine to help you out. Make sure to try it out.

Now let’s analyze some Cyber Monday subject line examples and why they work.

1. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Subject line: Cyber Monday Early Access: 40% off select faves

What works: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has a different approach, using numbers to capture the customer’s attention at first glance. As you can see, the brand injects their Cyber Monday subject line with the holiday discount to show the immediate benefit of shopping from them. Moreover, adding “Early Access” makes the campaign even more special for shoppers who want to avoid shipping delays and shop as early as possible.

2. Wendell August Forge

Subject line: CYBER MONDAY ◆ Save 20% Sitewide + Free Shipping Over $100

What works: Speaking of benefits, apart from inserting your amazing Cyber Monday discounts, you can also include additional incentives to make your offer stand out more in the inbox. Here, Wendell August Forge not only includes their offer but also lets subscribers know that they have free shipping with purchases over $100.

Free shipping is one of the best ways to attract customers during high spending seasons and minimize cart abandonment. After all, stats show that high shipping costs are the top reason for abandoned carts during checkout, so solve this pain point to get more sales and happy customers.

3. Fenty Beauty

Subject line: Moo, Cyber Monday is ALMOST over! 😔

What works: Fenty Beauty’s holiday subject line leverages another clever technique to increase conversions. As you can see, the brand includes the subscriber’s name to make the email friendlier to them. This is one of the simplest forms of personalization to make your messages more personal to your target audience. Furthermore, the brand uses urgency and emojis to make its campaign more effective and appealing.

If you want to use personalization like Fenty Beauty, capture your subscriber’s contact information before they join your list. To do that, create a beautiful newsletter signup form with the necessary fields, and you are ready to go.

4. Skull Candy

Subject line: Only for our VIP Customers 🤫

What works: Skull Candy’s Cyber Monday subject line relies on exclusivity (VIP Customers) to promote open rates. The brand lets potential shoppers know this deal is specifically for them, intriguing the recipients and making them want to learn more about it. As you can also see, Skull Candy has also added an emoji to make the subject line more unique, boosting the mysterious vibe and increasing its visibility in the inbox.

5. Dell

Subject line: Cyber Monday limited-quantity deals live 8AM ET.

What works: Here is another great Cyber Monday subject line example from Dell. The electronics business uses its copy cleverly to excite potential shoppers. More specifically, they use “limited-quantity deals” and a specific time to add urgency to their email marketing campaign. This risk-averse technique called FOMO is used by numerous businesses to inspire more conversions by showing prospective and current customers what they will be missing out on if they don’t engage immediately.

6. NYX

Subject line: 🗣️ Top Sellers for $5 or less + 2 free gifts 🎁

What works: NYX Cosmetics’ Cyber Monday subject line is split into two parts. The first informs shoppers about their amazing offer, allowing them to get their top seller at a low price. The second, and more important one, gives them 2 gifts. You can take advantage of the free gift effect during the holidays to encourage prospective buyers to click on your call-to-action and make a purchase. At the same time, you can give away products that you may have in excess and make your shoppers happy.

7. Fashion Nova

Subject line: ⚠️HOLY S#!T⚠️CYBER MONDAY IS EARLY‼️

What works: If your brand tone allows it, you can always create something more unique that will stand out in your subscribers’ cluttered inboxes. Fashion Nova took this chance to make a slightly different Cyber Monday subject line to increase their open rates. Apart from the emojis, the brand used the above expression to intrigue shoppers and boost excitement. If you want to craft a subject line like this but are skeptical about it, you can always censor it or come up with other variations.

Cyber Monday Subject Line Success

Now you are ready to sit down and create your unique subject lines. If you are pressed on time, steal some of the above examples. If not, use our tips to make yours effortlessly.

Moreover, if subject line creation is the bane of your existence, utilize your subject line tester for better results.

And if you want to step it up a notch, you can always use your email marketing platform to collect open rate data and perform A/B tests. You can do that by signing up for a Moosend account and using the dedicated tools to discover the best possible subject line for your audience.

Now it’s time to create!

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