6 Email Marketing Trends for 2014 you shouldn’t be missing

EACH year, we review the latest trends in Email Marketing to help define technologies, techniques and practices which will give options for companies to grow their businesses through email during the new year. For all Email Marketers, 2013 was the year of mobile. We all saw a huge growth in opens and clicks from mobile devices during 2013, something that was also confirmed in our recent yearly reports, published in our 2013 Infographic.

For 2014, we have some points to note down, and some Email Marketing trends to highlight. And it will be interesting to see, in a year from now, how things will have changed for the modern marketer.

  • Integrated Marketing

How Email Marketing integrates with other marketing channels will be one of the biggest challenges during the new year. We see a lot of interest from marketers to see how to integrate various marketing channels, test marketing activities through different media and set up a long term plan for their marketing strategy. So Email Marketing reporting will have to be ready to integrate with various other tools and metrics to be part of an overall marketing view and approach to the customer.

  • Video Emails

Email is about to become more interactive, incorporating video and other interactive elements. A study by MarketingProfs recently indicated that video in email is a growing trend. Right now, only a quarter of marketers include videos in their email campaigns, but that proportion is likely to change in the near future. Marketers seem to be aware of the need to turn to this option, and by the end of the year we believe that the percentage of those that embrace video will increase.

  • Personalization

Marketers will focus even more this year on finding ways to personalize their message to the customer. Companies that stick with the “batch and blast” mentality will soon be looking like the “dinosaurs” of the email marketing world.  Personalizing the Email Experience is a tough undertaking for the marketer, a useful tool which brings higher reports on engagement and increases the rates of opens and clicks.

  • Mobile friendly newsletters and landing pages

mobile versus desktop stats

In a world like the one you see right above, imagine a user that finds it difficult to read through your email while on the go, or even worse he cannot quickly download your webpage after clicking on your links, or cannot easily find his way on your landing pages without page zoom or endless scrolling. Problem. As Email is making the transition from the traditional desktop environment to mobile devices, it is becoming a more time sensitive, personal communication channel, so getting the mobile experience through responsive email design is considered most critical. This year many marketers seem to focus on solving these issues. In case you haven’t done it already, now is the time to catch up with the lost pace.

  • Behavioural email marketing

Event-triggered emails set the example of behavioural email marketing. Previous customer behaviour triggers a targeted and relevant email campaign which results in what the marketer has predicted (and hopped for): converting in any way, like purchasing a product or revisiting an abandoned shopping basket. That’s why this year behavioural emails will be on top of digital marketing priorities, and tools like Moosend’s advanced segmentation filtering will be assisting in this effort.

  • Quality of content

Content is the king for many marketers. Original content, targeted content, updated content, tailor-made content, quality content. So Email has to give proof of content, meaning that we all have to be careful of what we include in our Email proposals, how we address those proposals to our target audience, who we are addressing them to and how to make our recipients come back for more. Good content never ceased to be a serious focus on Email marketing.

We may have missed some important insights, you are welcome to add below any other elements you think that will bring Email Marketing to the new era. Good luck with your campaigns this year!

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