10+2 tips to writing a subject line that… clicks!

10+2 tips to writing a subject line that… clicks!

Subject line is the one thing that gives you a unique chance to talk to your customers/subscribers. We don’t want you to miss it and we are certain that you hate to write emails in vain. So, here’s a list of tips to help you craft a subject line that rocks… ehm we mean, clicks! If you own an ecommerce store you might want to use 1 out of our 300 original email subject lines for sales!

1. Never forget to write one

This is your first touch point with your customers, the reason that will make them click, the point where they decide if they are going to read your email… or not.

2. Set the value right from the beginning

If you show it, they’ll take it. If you offer something helpful, or a service on a discount, let them know so they thank you if they take advantage of it.

3. Don’t use “RE:” and “FWD:”

It is only going to cause confusion as to who is it from, how come it is a “Reply” or how this emails was forwarded to them. Then it can only get your customer angry or irritated. Not good. Not advisable. Don’t use it.

4. First things first

Write the subject line first and then concentrate on the content. In that way, you can’t go out of the lines, you will better focus on what you have to write and you will immediately find your CTA and actions that you need your customers to take.

5. Personalize it!

Use the recipient’s name so that it is more likely for them to open the email. If you know where you send this email, use this information to get to them. I t works most of the times!

6. Left is good!

Just like the “ancient” SEO rule says, place the important stuff on the left of the title. Small or bigger mobile device, laptop or tablet, your customer will identify the important piece of information just because he will be able to read them first.

7. We have all the time in the world to read your email in every detail…

So, don’t feel like blogging endlessly. Instead, try writing  like you are talking to one of your best friends about something that you really want them to have. Trust us, that works miracles on the path towards a great Click Through Rate (CTR). Now, as far as concerning the subject line, keep it short here too! 6-8 words are enough, if you think that in an ordinary inbox, you can read up to 60 characters. But, don’t neglect mobile devices: Only 25-30 characters are shown on a mobile device, so, keep it short here too!

Check also some great networking subject lines in this awesome post here!

8. But what is it about?

Have I told you that your customers have little time to read everyone’s emails AND also get their jobs done and live their lives? So, clearness here is the key. Don’t waste their time: Communicate your message clearly and give your customer the luxury to understand whether he needs to read it or not. This saves you time, too. Don’t try to be clever. Be straightforward.

9. Use words to remember

Make it easy for your customers to remember some your very well thought choice of words. So, even if they can’t read it now, make it easy for them to search your email later on.

10. Give it a good thought

Common words like hello and thanks, don’t have a place. Keep the important stuff here and leave the rest out.

11. Don’t ask

…. for their time (“Do you have a minute to read this?”), but tell them what YOU can do for them, how much of a difference your email will make to their inbox!


12. Use A/B Testing

Create two subject lines and AB Test them (yep, Moosend does that for you too, see?). That way, you know that you will send the best performing subject line to most of your subscribers.

As you send out your email campaigns you will see what really works for you and what doesn’t at all. Every campaign you send will grow you wiser and your audience smarter and more demanding. You will always try to balance those two and we at Moosend will always keep you one step ahead. Stick with us 😉
Have a tip for us? Something that you used and really made a difference?

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