Raise Your GDPR Compliance Score With Double Opt-in

GDPR double opt-in available from Moosend

“Double opt-in”, “single opt-in”,” GDPR”, are few of the words making headlines at the moment. The marketing circles have been buzzing with the latest GDPR practices and how these are changing the way of doing things in every marketing practice. If you are actively involved in the marketing business, chances are you have probably already heard of or discussed about the new data protection regulation. 

GDPR is definitely affecting businesses throughout Europe, as well as businesses that have European citizens’ personal data, and the countdown has officially started. In our GDPR myth-debunking series of articles, we are exploring the new changes brought about by the GDPR.

Today’s article is about GDPR email marketing, and what Moosend has done to ensure GDPR compliance for its direct and indirect customers: with double opt-in taking up significant room in the list!

Not long from now, marketers will be required to prove end-user consent of subscription to their mailing lists. For email marketing experts, one of the easiest ways to prepare for these new regulations is to have your end-users confirm their subscription once they enter their email address to your signup box.

Haaaave you met double-opt in?

Double opt-in is an opt-in setting whereby an individual, upon signing up, receives an email with a verification link. To confirm that is was actually them who entered their email address to the signup box, the individuals need to click that link. Subsequently, the individual is usually notified that they have joined the online community/newsletter, etc.

Today we are happy to announce that we are launching double opt-in mailing lists throughout our plans and accounts with us.

In addition to single and double opt-in mailing lists we are introducing a third type which will make your GDPR compliance a whole lot easier. Soft double opt-in allows you to include new (:non-verified) email addresses in your mailing lists, and run your email marketing activities. In the meantime, users can confirm consent just before receiving your communication.

About Soft Double Opt-in

Essentially, soft double opt-in enables you to reach end-users who have opted-in by consenting offline (e.g. to an event or conference) or externally.

This means that, even though they have not verified their accounts, they can receive a marketing campaign. However, prior to the campaign hitting their inbox, they will need to click an automatically generated verification link. This will in turn allow the marketing campaign to reach the end-user.

Provided that users have been made aware of and have agreed to their data being used for the given email purposes, and them retaining their right to opt out at any given moment, soft double opt-ins make it easier on the businesses to gradually verify their lists throughout .

So, using these settings, when people are added or self-subscribe to your mailing lists, they’ll receive a confirmation email. They will need to click a confirmation link on this email before they added to your mailing list or emailed.

As this change is massive and affects several aspects of your account, from mailing lists, to campaigns to billing we have collected a list of changes below:

What’s happening to my mailing lists?

Mailing lists now have a list settings menu, where you can find and manage the opt-in settings of their mailing list. For example, you can set it as single, double, or soft double opt-in and manage confirmation emails sent to your subscribers.

What happens if I add a member in a double opt-in mailing list?

All members are initially added to a double opt-in list as non-verified. At that point, they will automatically receive the verification email so they can verify their subscription consent. Then, they become “verified” members.

Can I add members to a double-opt in mailing list if I already have their consent?

All means of adding members to your lists now come with a checkbox which, when checked, adds the subscriber as having given consent outside our system. When the checkbox is not checked and the mailing list is double opt-in, then a confirmation email will be sent out to the subscriber to confirm their subscription.

This applies to adding members through the Platform UI, every means of batch importing members to a list and the Moosend API.

Do I need to verify people who are already subscribed in my mailing lists?

No. Of course not. Double opt-in mailing lists is a good practice but not mandatory in any way.

Having said that, by May 2018 when the new GDPR regulations come in effect, you will need to have a way to prove your subscribers’ consent. Using our new soft double opt-in setting in your mailing list gives you a bit of sanity till this happens.

In addition, if you do choose to re-verify your previous subscribers, our campaign wizard and our email designer have a new personalization tag available, which can be used to re-verify a member.

Will I pay for members that never verify their subscription?

No way, Jose! For your double opt-in lists, you don’t pay a penny for any subscriber that hasn’t confirmed their subscription. Similarly, you cannot email those subscribers either. You don’t have to do anything for that to happen – we handle it on campaign dispatch level.

Here is a list of changes that apply to your double opt-in mailing lists. The following changes do not apply to single or soft double opt-in lists.

Essentially, unverified members will…

  • …not be counted towards the plan of a user
  • …receive no emails from users until they verify
  • …not trigger any list related automations
  • …not be exported from mailing lists
  • …and finally, unverified members will not appear in mailing lists or mailing list totals

In short, unverified members do not exist for lists.

Where can I find my subscription forms?

Subscription forms have been moved to the main mailing list menu. You an find your subscription forms there. Start sending

Where can I find the unsubscribe settings?

Unsubscribe settings have been moved to your account menu.

I’m a power user and have API integration. What do I do?

You can use our REST API without any problems. We have made changes to our API to allow you and your development team to pass verification via API.

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