Landing Page Examples: 14 Examples From Real Companies To Steal Today

I have the perfect mix of landing page examples to help you turn traffic into sales.

And, quite frankly, there are a few things I didn’t know about landing pages, all of which I’m sharing with you in the article below.

I appreciate the love you’ve been showing our blog and I need to turn up the value you’ve been getting from it, one post at a time.

landing pages examples

What landing page stats teach us

Before we dive deep into landing page examples, let’s review some quick stats.

  1. Did you know that business websites with 10+ landing pages get more than 50% more conversions compared to websites with fewer than 10 landing pages?
  2. If you have more than 40 landing pages (talk about targeting!), your business is expected to enjoy an increase in conversions of over 500%, especially if you are a B2B.

Practically, these stats show us that the more landing pages we have, the more likely we are to exceed your sales target.

This makes perfect sense because if you have many landing pages, you cater to more segments.

Essentially, you get a chance to laser-target your audience every time and present smaller audiences with the benefits they are interested in.

For instance, you can get truly niche with your primary and secondary buyer personas.

This also helps you with exploring the potential of other audiences; simply put up a few variations of the same landing page, adjust the copy, and then run ads and A/B tests.

See which one performs better and scale your actions. If you need more control over these actions, you are going to love these marketing calendar worksheets for your marketing plan.

What is a landing page? [trick question]

A landing page is designed to boost your conversion rates, in other words, to win you more customers or registrants.

This landing page is designed around converting visitors or nurturing leads by offering something for free in return (free demo, free ebook download, and so on).

landing page styles

Remember that a landing page has only one purpose as a page. So, when you think that it’s time to cram everything in because “THEY NEED TO KNOW!”, don’t.

You only need to have a single call-to-action, such as “sign up for our newsletter”, “request a live demo”, “sign up for a free trial”.

Why landing pages?

Because it’s the greatest way to catch your visitors’ attention and keep them entertained for a little while longer.

Landing pages are your best shot to convert those website visitors.

If your marketing plan goals match the ones below, you had better get to work:

Lead generation: Whether it is a Facebook ad, your newsletter, or the last stage of the checkout process, landing pages are designed to hook visitors into taking the desired action; register.

Lead nurturing: Get more out of landing pages. Target your signed-in users through website tracking, then lead them to a special landing page giving them access to special discounts.

Another idea is to present them with a popup which would lead to a Customer Happiness questionnaire.

Brand loyalty/User engagement: Segment your list through website tracking and find your most frequent users. Send them a link to open a page with special discounts or free giveaways to reward their loyalty.

It’s like you are handing out leaflets on the street and you get some people’s attention. So, users who clicked on the banner, and landed on your page are engaged.

Make sure your landing page is worth their time.

Otherwise, you will be doing a disservice not only to your brand, but also every other advertiser out there. You ruin it for yourself, you ruin it for everyone.

The point is to build trust among users; we need that positive reinforcement of clicking the link here will reward you there.

14 Landing page examples to steal today

Before we check out our top 10 landing page examples (check the next section) I thought I’d share with you a few cases by industry.

The idea is to prove to every marketer reading this article that landing pages are gold and your industry, too, can support that.

1. Landing Page Examples – Zoopla

Realtors can design a landing page for their prospects.

Lead generation remains quite important, even with an ever-growing demand for real estate in major cities.

real estate landing page example by zoopla

Whether you are collecting leads through your own dedicated website or through a property search platform such as Zoopla, you want to keep things simple: get that email, Linda!

An orange call-to-action button draws all the attention on the, arguably, minimal right-hand side of the page.

2. Landing Page Examples – Urban Outfitters

Here is a great way to differentiate your fashion brand and boost user engagement: start a loyalty program!

fashion ecommerce landing pages

In this example, Urban Outfitters prompts its shoppers and potential customers to subscribe to their rewards program.

Essentially, users are expected to create an account, after they’ve been given a quick overview of the benefits involved (see 1 through 4).

Even to someone with a short attention span like myself, there is only a single action to take; sign up.

3. Landing Page Examples – OUAI

Here’s what I did; I searched for “hair styling products for curly hair” and I got a bunch of results, listicle articles from magazines and bloggers, primarily.

fashion cosmetics landing page examples

So when I dug a little deeper, I came across this landing page, which does not appear on the top menu of the website (see below):

landing page by OUAI

This page is so targeted that makes a curly-haired girl like moi feel included and catered to!

And MAY I SAY how I loved, loved, LOVED that the popup on this page features a woman with curly hair (see below)?

That’s the kind of harmony I need in my life!

fashion cosmetics landing page examples

4. Landing Page Examples – Slack

saas landing page examplesI’ve always loved the landing pages on! In fact, I’ve been looking for the previous version, too, which I liked so so much, but couldn’t find it.

Of course, it didn’t compare to how clean and relaxing even (!) the current landing page is.

A compact, three-line long tagline, followed by a short description of the service offered, and an email signup form.

That’s all it takes to enter the world of productivity!

5. Landing Page Examples – Eurowings

travel landing page examples

This one took me a little while to discover, but as soon as I googled for “flights to Naples low cost” this came up.

This is a landing page dedicated to inspiring travelers-to-be to experience the culture of Naples, providing further information on the destination.

And there, right at the heart of the landing page, against a darker background, there is a white CTA button which, like a Siren, is prompting the user to: Book low cost flights.

6. Landing Page Examples – Salesforce

What other way is there to show you are confident about the awesomeness of your product or service than offer it for free for 30 days?

Attracting customers with free trials are a brand’s best way to declare fabulosity, and we, at Moosend, should know.

landing page example by salesforce

I selected the landing page by Salesforce even though it has a plethora of landing pages to choose from, because apparently, lead generation is quite central to them, isn’t it?

All of their landing pages follow the same pattern as you can see.

What I really like about their landing pages is that they are on-brand and almost iconic.

Headings vary, describing the offering and on the right-hand side they offer, while the signup form is identical:

landing page example

By the way, as I was taking screenshots of these pages and all, I noticed that the exit-intent popups of the pages feature different copy:

landing page pop up  landing page pop up ab testing example

This could mean that Salesforce is A/B testing their popups, either in terms of image size (notice the zoomed-in version on the right?) or in terms of CTA.

7. Landing Page Examples – Halsey

landing page example by Halsey

I thought I should include an example from as many industries as possible, so here goes one for the musicians (struggling and not) reading this.


Now, on a side note, did you know you could start building your fanbase with email marketing, notifying your fans of your release dates, tour dates, causes you are supporting, collaborations you are working on, and other exclusive content?

Well, here is one more thing you can do! Create multiple landing pages to do any of the above or sell your own merchandise.

Here’s an email I got from Halsey’s marketing team the other day, reminding me I can pre-order my vinyl for her latest hit “Without Me” and prompting me to check out the official Halsey store.

landing page from helsey's store

Which I totally did, and it’s something between a landing page and an eshop, even though it’s still on pre-order.

I like how minimal this is and how the user’s attention is drawn to the product at hand.

8. Landing Pages Examples – Zendesk

landing page examples by zendeskZendesk has one of the most beautiful landing pages.

Although it is not exactly designed on-brand (the brand colors vary considerably), it remains SO pleasing to the eye.

By adding a simple Yes/No button, every one-off demo booking can turn into an ongoing relationship with your brand via newsletter. Smart!

9. Landing Page Examples – Moosend

landing page example by Moosend

You probably already know that there is an amazing AI tool that helps you improve your subject lines for free, right?

It so happens that we published it and we are very proud to share it with our users!

Yes, back to the landing page! Offering this service for free enables visitors to become acquainted with the quality of our service.

At the same time, thanks to Refine being closely associated with our offering (Email Marketing and Automation), it increases our authority over the competition.

Last, users are prompted to sign up to our newsletter either via popup or via a signup form on the page.

10. Landing Page Examples – Cascade

landing page by CascadeI’ve seen my fair share of “book a demo” landing pages but this one I liked because it allowed you to choose your time zone.

So, whether you are having cronuts in the Americas or find yourself riding a wave in Australia you get to book a date, and pre-select the time you have available for the appointment (or your estimate for your level of familiarity with the service).

I also think it is a nice touch that there is a section outlining what one should expect for the demo.

This really helps manage expectations and avoid overpromising or dealing with under-delivery effects.

11. Landing Page Examples – MasterClass

landing page example by mastercall

Have you noticed how Instagram is now serving an ad after you’ve tapped past the first story on your Instagram account?

Well, this is the one I got just minutes earlier, so I thought I should share with you how Instagram story ads can lead to a landing page and drive conversions.

This is the ad I came across about the Free Masterclass of the influencer.

The call to action is “Reserve my seat” but, upon clicking we are driven to a landing page which provides more information about the what and the how of the masterclass.

Users are required to pledge their passion to reserve their seat by clicking “Reserve” for a second time (I could have done with a different call to action here, maybe).

Last, a quick registration process follows and the future learner only needs to choose their attendance date.
landing page examples  landing page examples

12. Landing pages Examples – Wrike

Wrikes landing page

Another whimsical way to use landing pages for lead generation is to offer free ebook downloads.

Offering free content in exchange for an email address is one of the greatest lead magnets ever known to marketers.

Trust me, they are worth all the extra work on your part.

In this case, we see Wrike’s ebook on High-performance tips for marketers. This will certainly resonate with a lot of marketing professionals with leadership potential and will quickly garner a handful of leads for Wrike!

One of the parts I like best here is the choice of color; white draws attention to the book and matches the custom fields waiting to be filled.

13. Landing pages Examples – Invision

Think about the effort that goes into designing, organizing, and launching a webinar.

You can’t afford all this time and energy to go to waste or half-perform.

landing page by Invision

You need it to succeed.

And, what they say is true, first impressions matter.

There is no other way to make a lasting good impression when you present your webinar than with a fantastic landing page.

I really like what Invision came up with for their design talk. It’s compelling, spot-on, and minimal.

Last, they get extra points for changing their CTA to “Unlock” – nice touch!

14. Landing Page Examples – Entrepreneurs’ Facebook Ads

landing page examples by the entrepreneur

How do you leverage a Facebook ad and your landing page?

Remember the red thread we talked about at the beginning of this article?

It’s like we are creating a visual chain:

The Facebook ad shows the offering and the caption describes the benefit for the user.

landing page examples

Clicking the link the user is taken to a landing page where they can find out more about the offer at hand or similar offers.

In the example of Masterclass, I got Dominique Ansel, the famous baker, because I had watched the entire video clip and the poor man has been following me around Facebook, begging me to allow him to teach me his madeleine biscuits, which would go down faster than popcorn, if I may add.

Then, I am presented with two options (really the same): either take the class or gift it to a friend. And then, I am prompted to enter my credit card details.

And, may I say, adding a video to your landing page brings your landing page to life.

Next up: Steal the style of on Facebook ads

landing page and facebook ads

In the case of, a Facebook user is presented with a value-for-money proposition: getting access to almost 1 day and a half of content in order to get social media certified for less than $20 seems like an honorable deal.

facebook ad

When clicking the ad, the user is transferred to a page describing the benefits and profit-making in social media while smartphone penetration is soaring.

It appears to be just another article until, right before the end, there is a link leading to the checkout page:

checkout pageAs soon as you click that link, you get to the original image with the Add To Cart button.

click here banner

Here is a landing page example for your website:

Suppose you are on Facebook and see an ad about 30% off on hair styling products and click.

Naturally, you expect to land on a page where the hero image reads “30% off hair styling products”.

If instead, there are just hair styling products without the “30% off” tag or just plain cosmetic products, you will experience a feeling of dissonance.

By agreeing to click on the link you expressed your desire to find out more about styling products on offer.

Now, arriving at a page that is not optimized for the ad it got the lead-in from takes its toll on your reliability as a brand.

Keeping your promises should permeate your branding, user experience, everything about you.

But this is real life, not just a blog post describing ideal situations.

In other words, I totally understand that having to design a landing page every time takes the spontaneity out of creating an ad on the spot for the pain at hand.

So, if it’s the end of the month and you are still struggling with your KPIs, your blog registrations, your monthly sales target, your live demo bookings, or your user engagement rates, you just need to take action.

Here’s my suggestion:

Don’t compromise on your monthly targets which, in the long run, could hurt your professional reputation and your self-esteem or even create tension within your team.

Try to take as much out of the process yourself, leaving little to be done by the design team.

In other words, write down what needs to be on the landing page and where.

For example, for a 404 landing page, you need your logo and a 404 designed on-brand.

But what if you made a landing page that was more than just 404?

I just typed “hi” at the end of the Starbucks website URL to get this.

What I love about the Starbucks 404 landing page below is that it is not a dead-end landing page:

starbuck's 404 page

Note how there is a list of possible causes listed at the top, which could be very helpful for older audiences.

Then, there is a list of actions the user can take with direct links to the home page or the site map.

These guide the user into taking another action so that they don’t quit on a negative note.

Also, there is an option to contact Starbucks via a contact form.

Last, we see a signup form to join their email list.

Judging from the design of the page, the 404 landing page has more than one call-to-action but, I believe that the primary one is that of the newsletter subscription.

The rest are like the branches of the tree to help direct users who lost their way.

click here banner

Implementing a landing page

Landing pages thrive in that they offer targeted information on a single topic. Right.

To design and implement the perfect landing page you need to align your copy with it.

Better yet, your copy needs to be an integral part of your landing page design; this will build a stronger association in users’ minds.

Imagine this as a circle where your tagline meets your copy meets the creative of the banner ad meets the creative of the landing page meets your tagline.

So, before you ping the task over or asana/trello/slack your designer(s), send them a list of copy ideas.

Copy is central to designing the best landing page, because it sets the focal point.

Plus, doing so will give your design team plenty of time to draft ideas and draw some inspiration online.

Within 10 to 30 minutes, you should be able to arrange a quick meeting to create landing pages which build on the copy or creative of the ad or banner that leads users to them.

For example, suppose you are to publish a gif banner.

Let’s say that the copy of the banner is “Is your hair dry and thin?”(1st slide)- “It doesn’t have to be this way.” (2nd slide)- “All you have to do is ask.”(3rd slide)

This is where your taglines come into play.

If your tagline is, say, “The hair genie” then you should bake that in the banner ad.

Following this, the landing page could feature a genie in a bottle. Or wishes in the form of doodles. Or different hairstyles doodles of healthy, beautiful hair.

Now, on your part as a Marketing expert, you should make sure that the content and everything that goes into the page is readily provided.

It’s amazing what this little preparation time can do for your creatives’ results!

What makes a landing page successful?

It goes without saying that the landing page copy and landing page visuals play a cardinal role in the success of a page.



I almost left that out, because I think it’s SO basic that everyone does that.

But, yeah, don’t forget to design a landing page that is optimized for all device types.

It’s not cool to lose leads because your landing page is not mobile or tablet responsive.

Not cool at all.


Essentially, we are trying to establish a governing principle among your tagline-copy-banner-landing page; a “fil rouge”, so to speak.

These components should all be on-brand; copy, imagery, style, colors, everything should exude your branding and brand personality.

It should create a story in the brains of the consumers so natural and flowy, that it shouldn’t even feel like they are being stalled with another click, rather that they are turning the page of their favorite book.


When designing your landing page, you must consider the user journey.

In other words, think of the type of banner your users came through: was it a remarketing banner? Was it first-time visitors? Or maybe they were multiple-time visitors but no conversion?

In every case, make sure that each of the respective landing pages comes with its own targeted, unique copy.

click here banner

Over to you: How to use landing pages for your business

  1. Repurpose content you already have to create an ebook, pdf, quotes for users to download.
  2. Create multiple versions of the same content to appeal to different customers. Improve your targeting, that is.
  3. A/B test a variety of offers and see which best resonates with your audience.
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