17+1 Irresistible Subject Lines for Valentine’s Day


Now that you have found your campaign’s lovable subject and the marketing tactic that you want to follow, let’s focus on the details.

The most important detail of all is your subject line. The phrase that promotes your offer before the user even interacts with your campaign. It doesn’t matter how impressive your template is or how awesome your promo may be if your subject line fails to communicate the right message then your open rate will be low.

And how does a  successful subject line for Valentine’s Day look like? Well, that varies from campaign to campaign. If you communicate a last minute offer, you shouldn’t have the same subject line with a campaign that you launched a few weeks before Valentine’s.

Generic Subject line Optimization tips:

  • Be short and direct.
  • Be captivating. Hook the recipients and make them eager to read your email.
  • Use segmentation and personalization to increase your open rate.
  • Use A/B testing to find the best headline in terms of open rate.
  • Use scarcity and urgency wherever it is applicable.

Have a look below at 17+1 possible “heartbreaking” subject lines, that will help you convert love into money within a heartbeat:

  • Choosing your Valentine is not enough. [Percent number] % off to all love gifts
  • Love deals with [Percent number] % off

These subject lines are focusing on the special offer while making you aware of the Valentine’s Day importance.

  • Valentine’s offer for your eyes only- [Percent number] %OFF your next purchase

This is a subject line that implies exclusivity to the recipient. You can send emails with subject lines like this, to people that belong to a group of dedicated customers. You can also attract lost clients to make them feel special again. It’s a good alternative if you like to use simple, direct subject lines that emphasize on your offer’s discount.

  • Your soundtrack for V-day is here!

You can use this subject line to emphasize on the product without giving away an exclusive discount.

  • Love at first bite – Amazing [product] offers for V-Day

If you are into the food industry, you can use a similar example like the one above. It is direct and interconnects you offer with Valentine’s Day.


  • Cupid’s requested and we delivered [number] of suggestions to make your day special!

This subject line implies that you fulfill a request that “Cupid” aka your customers, in that case, have asked.

  • Cupid won’t be around much longer- [number] days left to claim your offer!
  • Last notice from [brand name] – Cupid arrives on Sunday
  • Cupid made us do it – [percent number] % OFF EVERYTHING! Just for today
  • Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts by [Brand Name]
  • Feel the love – Free delivery ends [in an hour/today]

The above five subject lines are using scarcity and urgency. These are 2 of the most known psychological tricks that you can use in your email marketing campaigns.

When using urgency, you have to make your newsletter recipients feel like that they need to act quickly ; otherwise they will lose a great offer. When using scarcity, you have to make your newsletter recipients feel that your product is running short and might be out of stock soon.

if you want to learn more about urgency and scarcity, you can read this post by the VWO team or this one by Neil Patel.

  • Love will tear us apart [brand name] will bring us together.
  • Not your usual Valentine’s deal- Buy one [Product name] and get one for free
  • Not just another Valentine’s gift. Enjoy your [brand name/product] with 20% discount
  • The [brand name] Anti-Valentine’s day list is here.


anti2.2 (1)

The above subject lines use the powerful trigger of curiosity to help you increase your open rate.

If you use this properly, you can entice your users to pen your newsletter and buy your products or services.

  • Love at first sight- [number] offers to make you fall in love again.
  • 10+1 gifts that will make [her/him/you] fall in love
  • Are you Looking for a change this Valentine’s day? [number] of suggestions to look fresh!

Embrace your offer by using the appropriate “love” lines that everyone falls for. Expressions like: “Love at first sight” will help you hook your newsletter recipients when they open.

So these were just some tips on subject lines for Valentine’s day.  Fell free to test any of the above subject lines and please let us know about the results.

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