Halloween Website Ideas to Transform Your Website in 2021

Are your Halloween website ideas dated? We got your (hunch)back!

In the second part of our Halloween series, we are delving deeper into Halloween-specific tips for your communication, enriched with website inspiration and real-life examples from major brands!

Halloween Website Ideas

Since you have decided to join in the celebrations (or are still sitting on the fence about whether you should), consider that Halloween should be seamlessly integrated across your channels, including website and social media.

“Halloween” your logo!

Whether you choose to go for a spooky font for your blog, an inspired orange-black-grey combo on your logo, or a creepy pumpkin to replace an “o” in your name, remember: anything goes!

spooky font

(Source: dafont.com)

#2 Halloween Website Idea: Play tricks on your tagline

Following your logo makeover, you could get more playful with your tagline!

Last year, Ray-ban played on its iconic “Express Yourself”, “Never hide” taglines by sending out this newsletter with this Halloween email subject line:

“Be yourself. Just not on Halloween.”

famous men's hairstyles

Ray-Ban played on its motto, and so can you.

Follow the gooey thing oozing out of Ray-Ban’s pavement footprints. Come up with a sassy tagline and tag along with your Halloween email marketing!

You can also use a pre-made email marketing Halloween template to save time.

#3 Halloween Website Idea: Have your brand id haunt your communication

‘Tis the time to pick out the perfect shade of orange, mix in a little black and grey elements across our Halloween communication. Yes.

Overwhelming omnipresence and visual saturation, we agree.

While this color combo is a semantic representation of this major holiday, don’t let that get to your brand identity: add a splash of your brand color id in there.

For example, check out how Fortnum & Mason pulled it off- their iconic brand id color of eau de nil is discreetly present:

Fortnum & Mason halloween email example

#4 Halloween Website Idea: Woo them with your woo-ebsite

Now, your website interface is one of the most characteristic brand assets you have- which is why every now and then it could use some dusting.

Or undusting: leave a spider web at the corners. Have a spider c̶r̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ peeking out. Maybe both!

This is Halloween, you can’t afford to not be playful when you are inviting your users to be!

best Halloween website ideas

For a more maximal look, you could try animated webs, spiders, roaming ghosts, AND zombie hands, all in one. As Charles Bukowski put it, “If you are going to try, go all the way“:nice Halloween website idea

(Source: codecanyon.net)

Fancy this idea? you can bring it over to your site here! (Make sure you check out the animated preview!)

#5 Halloween Website Idea: Our Killer Halloween Website Ideas

Tricky Social Media icons

You could vamp(ire) up the social media share buttons or the social media follow buttons; turn them into scary icons- trust us, they won’t scare your users away!


Tricky social Media icons
Horrific exit-intent popups

You could also consider giving your exit-intent popup boxes a nice touch!

Horrific exit-intent popup for Halloween website

This is actually a nice and discreet idea for your Halloween website that will make a big difference for your visitors.

Boo-tiful website background

What about the background? It takes seconds to stir things up!

If you are on WordPress, go to your dashboard, then Appearance > Background and choose or upload your seasonal background.

As for the matching colors, most WordPress themes allow for color palette updates (simply click Appearance > Customize).

Halloween website background idea

How about this one?

You can check out more free Halloween website backgrounds here!

Are you using a different CMS platform? Don’t sweat it – just google background images adding the Halloween keywords and your blog host.

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