10 Halloween Email Newsletter Examples + Tips [2023]

halloween email newsletter examples

10 Halloween Email Newsletter Examples + Tips [2023]

Published By Alexandra Marinaki
February 22, 2023

Wondering how to craft the perfect email marketing campaigns to increase your sales during this holiday season? Today, we’ll look at some of the best Halloween email newsletter examples and valuable tips to make it happen.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the US and beyond, with 58% of Americans celebrating Halloween and the average spending being about$92.12 per person.

Considering how powerful email marketing is, it should be one of your go-to strategies this year. So without further ado, let’s see some converting email examples to get inspired!

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1. Modcloth’s Pre-Halloween Deals

Subject line: A b🎃🎃tiful style guide

Halloween email newsletter examples

Modcloth is a clothing brand that took advantage of the pre-holiday season to increase its sales with a Halloween guide newsletter.

Why it works: Modcloth used the pre-Halloween period to educate its audience about the trending styles. This allows the brand to showcase its products, give its audience styling tips to achieve the perfect look, and, simultaneously, prompt them to “Shop Halfway to Halloween.”

This Halloween campaign lets the brand get some early sales and gives its audience useful tips that promote engagement and increase brand loyalty.

2. Bath & Body Works Early Holiday Sale

Subject line: Open for your fall essentials checklist

bath and bodyworks early halloween email newsletter campaign for more sales


Bath and Body Works uses this campaign as part of its early Halloween sale strategy to get its subscribers to stock up on holiday goods as early as possible.

Why it works: This Halloween campaign is simple and spooky, with the right amount of color to attract attention to the product. The copy reflects the holiday theme, and it is short, allowing the subscriber to move to the call-to-action quickly to take action.

While the button could have been a different color, the message is clear, and potential shoppers can instantly recognize the benefit of getting this early Halloween deal. Crafting and sending promotional emails as early as possible is a great way to be one step ahead of your competition and get more sales.

3. Club Kiddo’s Halloween Email Newsletter Example

Subject Line: Boo Ya!

Halloween email newsletter example by Club Kiddo

Club Kiddo is an apparel brand that crafted a newsletter to showcase Halloween products to potential and existing buyers.

Why it works: This brand has a Halloween-themed email design that screams spooky. They showcased their relevant products with smart design elements in a simple but clever way.

Look at the design’s color scheme: dark orange and black, the top Halloween colors. The great thing about the layout is that the subscribers’ attention goes straight to the product recommendations. Besides, the copy is short, fun, and to the point, same as the subject line: Boo Ya!

4. DesignModo’s Special Offer

Subject line: Halloween Discount! Slides Framework 30% OFF

Halloween email campaign

Ready to send a special discount to subscribers with an email that is highly likely to convert? Then, look at DesignModo’s Haloween email campaign!

Why it works: If you want to offer an irresistible incentive to buyers and prospects this season, such as a discount code, you don’t necessarily need an extravagant Halloween email design. All you need is to send the right message and add a straightforward subject line to communicate the benefit of taking action.

The marketers focused on writing clear, descriptive email copy and gave us a simple Halloween email newsletter example that horrifies readers using a creepy font and a Halloweeny color scheme. Plus, the orange CTA button is short and straightforward, prompting readers to click and convert.

5. Rover’s Dog Toys

Subject Line: 👻 Halloween toys your dog will love 🎃

Halloween email campaign by Rover

Who said that Halloween is just for humans? This Halloween newsletter motivates you to buy some boo-tiful toys from Rover for your fluffy friends. It’s a new kind of treat they’re going to love!

Why it works: It all starts with the subject line; the ghost and pumpkin emojis get you in the right mood, and the copy aligns with the subject line, which helps you increase your open rates.

So once the subscriber opens the email, they will run into a cute newsletter design with Halloween visuals – see the bats and spiders hovering around – and fantastic product photos. The color palette with light orange and black elements embraces the holiday spirit. Last but not least, the lines “Squeak if you dare” and “No tricks all treats” are meant to make it more fun to engage with.

6. Harry’s Content Blast

Subject line: Ding dong! Here with tips, tricks, and treats

Halloween email campaign by Harry's

Harry’s, a brand selling grooming and shaving products, shared a fabulous newsletter with subscribers at the top of the funnel!

Why it works: This is an excellent Halloween email newsletter example for B2B and B2C businesses that want to nurture their audience during Halloween without pushing sales directly. How? By putting together unique Halloween content. Have you ever wondered how zombies or wizards shave or groom themselves? Then, this is your chance!

If you succeed in attracting your subscribers’ attention through similar content, they’ll be more than happy to click on the CTA.

7. Uber’s Halloween Email Example

Subject line: Start the night big with UberXL 👻

Uber Halloween email campaign

Want to send an informative newsletter to customers before Haloween arrives? Uber did it by adding the holiday theme to its brand narrative.

Why it works: With this email, Uber informs the client about a service, UberXL, which can be super handy for them during Halloween. The subject line is enough to help them understand the point of this message. Throughout the copy, they can find more clarifications related to the service with a few Halloweeny references.

As you can see, they did not opt for massive design changes for this holiday email but added a cute visual that steals the show. You can follow this direction, too.

8. LendingTree’s Funny Twist

Subject Line: Let us help you get rid of all your credit card debt…

email campaign by LendingTree

LendingTree created an exciting plot twist to their Halloween email campaign. Let’s see!

Why it works: When you come across the subject line, you don’t necessarily expect another Halloween email marketing campaign. However, when you open this message you receive a spooky but woo-nderful surprise.

Readers who click on this email will probably have lots of fun and consider reviewing this service more in-depth. This is a great inbound marketing technique to boost your brand awareness and give a brief description of your service to generate new leads. Just make sure to make your subject lines scary good to intrigue your email list and promote your open rates and conversions.

9. Lush Night Spell

Subject Line: Need to calm a sugar high?

Halloween email newsletter example by Lush

Lush Cosmetics always goes big on Halloween, preparing unique hashtags and visuals. Here, they took advantage of the Halloween theme to promote their products.

Why it works: This is an excellent example of how a B2C eCommerce business can go Halloweeny even if they don’t offer relevant products/services, in this case, shower goods made for better sleep. A few nice copywriting and design ideas can help you do the trick.

Here, they used grey and purple tones to create a darker vibe, serving, apart from Halloween, the night-sleep vibes, as well. Do you have a similar idea to boost your Halloween email marketing strategy? Then, go for it!

10. iFit’s Branding Exception

Subject Line: NEW SERIES: Haunted Bayou in New Orleans!

iFit newsletter campaign for Halloween

If you’re serious about branding and don’t want to alter your design, you can step into iFit’s shoes for a while.

Why it works: Here, iFit demonstrates a traveling experience avoiding any Halloween design twists. Instead, they went for more natural language with a few spooky twists.

The aftermath: You don’t have to go the extra mile and add a jack-o-lantern figure inside your email if you don’t feel like it. Even slight changes can make a difference if they serve the campaign’s goal.

A Few Tips For Spooktacular Halloween Email Marketing Newsletters

If you read the Halloween email newsletter examples carefully, then you’ve probably spotted some good practices for your email marketing strategy during this holiday season. We’ve gathered them all here:

1. Halloween Email Subject lines

In the examples we shared above, we also included the Halloween subject lines to give a few ideas of how yours should look. Remember, the subject line is significant to make readers open the email. Overall, it should be short and reflective of the email content.

If you want to embrace the Halloween spirit, you can add scary emojis and wicked words. However, you know your brand and audience better than we do, so insert those elements thoughtfully.

2. Horrific Newsletter Design

Ready to adopt the Halloween style to craft creepy emails? Again, choose a color palette including orange, grey, and black. Insert images such as pumpkins, witch hats, and spider webs that can add an evil look to your email. You can also include a funny animated GIF to delight your email readers!

However, you can also go for a more toned-down design if you think your audience will appreciate it more, with slight tweaks that will woo them!

3. Spooky Halloween Copy

Want to experiment with more fun and witty copy and see how your buyer personas respond? Then this is a great opportunity for you! Use puns and funny lines and see how these initiatives perform.

When writing the copy, remind yourselves of the goal of this email to ensure that your message is clear. Scary words are not enough.

4. Scary CTA

If you want to make your readers take extra action after reading this email, design a CTA that converts. Make it pop out from the rest of the text so that readers don’t miss it.

Plus, if your landing page is a lead magnet, for example, a sign-up form, make sure to build a consistent experience and design with the email. This way, readers won’t get confused and will provide you with the info you’re craving for!

If you need more tips and best practices, check out our Halloween email marketing strategy for more spooktacular results.

These Were Our Halloween Email Newsletter Examples, Folks!

Now that you’ve seen all these emails and probably got inspired by most of them based on your industry and target market, it’s time to get to work. Allow yourselves to get creative and dare to scare them all! It will probably benefit you and your digital marketing strategy in the end!

If you wish to build great Halloween emails quickly, create a Moosend account today and use one of our pre-made templates to reach out to customers asap! Now it’s time for some Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

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